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                                                  Day 8: Afro-cuban Religion & Arts           Accommodations
sierra del                     santa              Day 9: Escambray mountains, Santa Clara
                               clara                                                          Comfortable, well-located hotels with private
              zapata           escambray
                                                  Day 10: Santa Clara, Che Guevera monument
            marshlands                                                                        bathrooms throughout.
 vinales                          mts.            Day 11: Havana — Tropicana Cabaret
                       trinidad   cuba            Day 12: Havana — a last glimpse,
                                                                                              Discover Cuba – a Caribbean gem, now
                                                  Hemingway’s home
                                                                                              less forbidden and naturally enticing for all
                                                  Day 13: Depart Havana
Fact File                                                                                     who desire to find a cultural oasis of warm,
• 13 land days                                                                                generous people. Cuba’s riches go beyond
                                                  Departure Dates & Prices                    it’s vibrant culture and famous white sand
• Maximum 16 travelers                            Nov 06 – Nov 18, 2011    -   $3795 USD      beaches and offers a rich natural landscape
• Start and finish in Havana                      Dec 03 – Dec 15, 2011    -   $3795 USD      which includes no less than 4 UNESCO World
• All meals included                              Dec 17 – Dec 29, 2011    -   $3895 USD      Heritage Sites and 2 UNESCO Biosphere
                                                  Jan 07 – Jan 19, 2012    -   $3895 USD      Reserves. Be inspired by Cuba’s soulful
highlights                                        Jan 21 – Feb 02, 2012    -   $3895 USD      art, musical rhythms and vibrant dance.
• Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites –           Feb 11 – Feb 23, 2012    -   $3895 USD      Reconnect with Havana’s heyday of the
  colonial Trinidad, Old Havana, Cienfuegos and   Feb 25 – Mar 08, 2012    -   $3895 USD      1950’s with a performance at the Tropicana
  Vinales Valley                                  Mar 10 – Mar 22, 2012    -   $3895 USD      cabaret.
• Visit 2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves - Sierra      Apr 14 – Apr 26, 2012    -   $3895 USD      Enjoy a walking tour through the streets of
  del Rosario & Zapata Marshlands                 May 12 – May 24, 2012    -   $3895 USD      old Havana; visit a cigar factory; walk along
• Escambray Mountains                             Jun 09 – Jun 21, 2012    -   $3895 USD      paths in search of native bird life in the na-
• Attend the Tropicana Cabaret                    Jul 14 – Jul 26, 2012    -   $3895 USD      tional parks; lay back on white sand beaches;
• Vintage car tour                                Aug 11 – Aug 23, 2012    -   $3895 USD      attend the Tropicana Cabaret show; and most
• Visits to a primary school, maternity home,
                                                  Nov 10 – Nov 22, 2012    -   $3995 USD      importantly, make contact with the Cuban
  seniors centre
                                                  Dec 01 – Dec 13, 2012    -   $3995 USD      people who are eager to talk to visitors. Our
                                                  Dec 15 – Dec 27, 2012    -   $3995 USD      adventure maximizes our interaction with the
• Cultural interactions and musical               Jan 02 – Jan 14, 2013    -   $3995 USD      local people so you can learn first-hand what
  performances                                    Jan 19 – Jan 31, 2013    -   $3995 USD      life in Cuba is really like. Join us as we go in
Daily Itinerary                                   Feb 09 – Feb 21, 2013    -   $3995 USD      search of the fascinating culture of Cuba.
                                                  Feb 23 – Mar 07, 2013    -   $3995 USD
Day 1: Arrive in Havana
Day 2: Havana city sights
                                                  Mar 09 – Mar 21, 2013    -   $3995 USD      U.S. TRAVEL TO CUBA
Day 3: Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve
                                                  Aug 17 – Aug 29, 2013    -   $3995 USD      ElderTreks is a Canadian based company
Day 4: Viñales Valley, caves, tobacco fields
                                                  Sep 14 – Sep 26, 2013    -   $3995 USD      and does not hold a license that allows U.S.
Day 5: To Zapata Marshlands, river cruise                                                     citizens to legally visit Cuba. Therefore, any
Day 6: Cienfuegos and Social Cuba                 Activity Level: 2                           U.S. citizens that participate in this tour
Day 7: Trinidad tour, Ancon beach                 Comfort Level: Some long drives.            are soley responsible for any possible legal
                                                                                              implications thereof.

                                                                                                                    Nostalgic Havana
                                                                                                                    tour in style.

Lost World Of
The Mayans
Guatemala, Mexico,
honduras &
  Exploratory Trip

               Celestun         Merida          Cancun
                                                              Daily Itinerary                                Accommodations
                                                              Day 1: Arrival in Cancun, Mexico               Comfortable hotels with private bathrooms. 1
                                 Chichen Itza                                                                night in basic jungle lodge with possible shared
                              Uxmal                   Tulum   Day 2: Ruins of Tulum overlooking the
                                                              ocean                                          bathrooms.
                                                              Day 3: Chichen Itza, the Convent of Izamal,
                            Mexico                            To Merida
                                                              Day 4: Lagoon of Celestun, the Mayan site      ElderTreks’ 19 day journey to the Lost
                                                              of Uxmal and Campeche
                        Calakmul                                                                             World of the Mayans is probably the most
                 El Mirador                                   Day 5: Campeche tour; To Calakmul              exhilarating Mayan trip you will ever
 Palenque              Tikal         Belize                   Day 6: Calakmul tour; To Palenque              encounter. This fantastic adventure includes
                                                                                                             the great Mayan cities of Tikal (Guatemala),
         Yaxchilan                    Caracol                 Day 7: The impressive Mayan site of
             Petexbatun                                       Palenque                                       Copan (Honduras), Caracol (Belize),
               Aguateca                  Livingston                                                          Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Tulum
                                                              Day 8: Boat journey to the Mayan site of       (Mexico). We also journey to seldom-visited
             Guatemala                                        Yaxchilan. To Petexbatun, Guatemala
         Chichicastenengo            Quirigua                                                                Calakmul, Tikal’s great rival. We even travel
          Lake        Guatemala
                                                              Day 9: The Lost World of Aguateca. To          by helicopter to the almost inaccessible El
         Atitlan Antigua City            Honduras             Flores                                         Mirador, which boasts having the largest
                                                              Day 10: Exploration of Yaxhá and Tikal         pyramid in the world (by area). El Mirador
Fact File                                                     Day 11: The Mayan site of Caracol, Belize      can only be reached by an extremely hard trek
• 19 land days                                                                                               for several days through dense jungle and
                                                              Day 12: Helicopter to El Mirador               camping overnight, or by helicopter. We also
• Maximum 15 travelers
                                                              Day 13: To the Carribean town of               explore Yaxchilan and Aguateca, accessible
• Start in Cancun, Mexico and finish in                       Livingston via Río Dulce                       by boat from our jungle lodge and Quirigua,
  Antigua, Guatemala                                                                                         with the highest Stelae, which includes the
                                                              Day 14: Boat to Puerto Barrios, to Quiriguá
• All meals included                                          mayan site; To Copan, Honduras                 controversial Stelae referred to in the “end
highlights                                                    Day 15: Exploring Copan; To Lake Atitlan
                                                                                                             of the world” predictions for Dec 21, 2012.
                                                                                                             The demise of the Mayan civilization - the
• Explore Tikal and it’s main rival, the seldom-              Day 16: To the colorful market of              end of the world as foretold in the astrology
  visited Calakmul                                            Chichicastenengo                               and beliefs of the Mayan, have long created
• Visit 13 magnificent Mayan sites including                  Day 17: Lake Atitlan; boat trip; To Antigua,   intrigue and mystery.
  Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tikal, Calakmul, El                 city tour
                                                                                                             Our Central American journey includes so
  Mirador, Caracol and Copan
                                                              Day 18: Exploring Antigua                      much more than Mayan ruins. We explore
• 9 UNESCO sites                                                                                             lagoons and rivers teeming with birds as well
                                                              Day 19: Depart Antiqua
• Helicopter journey to El Mirador                                                                           as monkeys, crocodiles, turtles and much
• Visit the colonial gems of Antigua,                         Departure Dates & Prices                       more. Experience the Caribbean culture of
  Campeche and Merida                                                                                        Livingston and the traditional mountain
                                                              Jan 11 – Jan 29, 2012 - $5995 USD
• Hear the call of howler monkeys                                                                            cultures of Lake Atitlan and Chichicastenengo,
                                                              Apr 25 – May 13, 2012 - $5995 USD
• Superb bird watching at most Mayan sites as                                                                featuring it’s vibrant and colorful Thursday
                                                              Sep 27 – Oct 15, 2012 - $5995 USD
  well as river excursions along Rio Dulce and                                                               market. And we cannot forget about the
                                                              *Dec 08 – Dec 26, 2012 - $5995 USD
  the lagoon at Celestun                                                                                     colonial gems of Merida, with the oldest
                                                              Jan 09 – Jan 27, 2013 - $6195 USD
                                                                                                             cathedral in the Americas, the seaside fortress
• Search for crocodiles, toucans, macaws,                     Apr 24 – May 12, 2013 - $6295 USD
                                                                                                             of Campeche as well as it’s beautiful central
  hummingbirds and monkeys                                    Sep 28 – Oct 16, 2013 - $6395 USD
                                                                                                             square and Antigua, a colonial masterpiece
• Visit the colorful market in                                * Mayan “End of the World” departure
                                                                                                             surrounded by 3 volcanoes.
                                                              Activity Level: 2/3 *Some (optional)           We hope you can join ElderTreks’ unique
• Enjoy the laid back Caribbean culture of
                                                              steep climbs of temples.                       journey to the Mayan world that promises to
                                                              Comfort Level: Some roads can be               be nothing short of memorable.
• Boat journey on Lake Atitlan, surrounded by
  volcanoes                                                   rough and dusty. Some long drives. Hot and
                                                              humid in the jungle.
                     Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
                                                  Day 3: Tortuguero National Park                 Costa Rica is an oasis of natural wonders —
                                                  Day 4: Fly to San José, Poas Volcano,           volcanoes, rainforests, white sand beaches,
                                                  Arenal                                          coral reefs and wildlife — all within a world-
                                                  Day 5: Explore Arenal Volcano Park,             renowned system of national parks that pro-
                                                  hike along the Arenal Hanging Bridges,          tects more species of mammals and birds than
                                                  Eco-Termales Hot Water Springs                  the continental U.S.A. and Canada combined.
                                                  Day 6: To Monteverde, Arenal Lake boat
                                                                                                  Our trip features Costa Rica’s natural
                                                                                                  wonders, experienced through an active
                                                  Day 7: Monteverde Cloud Forest, nature
Fact File                                                                                         program of hikes, river safaris and optional
                                                  walk, bird watching, Butterfly Garden
                                                                                                  horseback rides. See the famous Monteverde
• 13 land days                                    Day 8: Guachipelin - Cattle Ranch Stay
                                                                                                  Cloud Forest, where you might spot a
• Maximum 16 travelers                            Day 9: Horseback excursion to Hot Springs,
                                                                                                  resplendent quetzal as you hike along jungle
                                                  Oropendola waterfalls
• Start and finish in San José                                                                    trails and over suspension bridges.
                                                  Day 10: Playa Panama
• All meals included
                                                  Day 11: Corobici River floating excursion       At Arenal Volcano, watch lava flows as they
• Includes one flight from Tortuguero to San                                                      snake down the mountainside, and walk
                                                  Day 12: Return to San Jose, coffee tour
  José                                                                                            on the famous Arenal Hanging Bridges.
                                                  Day 13: Depart San Jose
highlights                                                                                        Visit nearby Eco-Termales Hot Springs
                                                  Departure Dates & Prices                        for a satisfying soak in the thermal pools.
• Explore Tortuguero National Park and its                                                        The highlight for many is the boat journey
  jungle canals                                   Dec 19 – Dec 31, 2011 -     $4095 USD
                                                                                                  through the extensive, wildlife-rich canal
• 2 UNESCO Sites - Guanacaste and the Tala-
                                                  Jan 30 – Feb 11, 2012 -     $4195 USD
                                                                                                  system of Tortuguero National Park.
  manca Mountain Range
                                                  Aug 01 – Aug 13, 2012 -     $4195 USD
                                                                                                  For active nature lovers seeking pristine
                                                  Dec 24 – Jan 05, 2012/13-   $4195 USD
• See Poas Volcano                                                                                rainforest, exotic wildlife, active volcanos
                                                  Jan 30 – Feb 11, 2013 -     $4295 USD
• Explore Arenal Volcano Park — hiking                                                            and superb birding, Costa Rica is the perfect
• Bird watch in Monteverde Nature Reserve                                                         adventure destination.
                                                  Activity Level: 3
• Enjoy the world-famous Eco-Termales Hot         Comfort Level: Some rough roads and
  Water Springs
                                                  long drives. The weather is hot and tropical,
• Take a boat ride on Arenal Lake                 spurts of rain make it refreshing.
Daily Itinerary                                   Accommodations
Day 1: Arrive in San José
Day 2: To Caño Blanco via Braulio Carrillo        Comfortable hotels/lodges with private
National Park, boat ride to Tortuguero National   bathrooms.

   Arenal Volcano
                 Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
                                              Daily Itinerary

                                              Day 1: La Paz, drive to San Carlos and     Each winter, Gray whales migrate south

                                                                                         from their arctic feeding grounds to

                     sea of                   embark ship
                     cortez                                                              breed and rear their young in Baja’s shel-

                                              Days 2-4: Bahia Magdalena,                 tered lagoons, making it one of North
                                              Zodiac excursions, gray whales

                        isla santa                                                       America’s premier whale watching sites.
                                              Day 5: Los Cabos, Gorda Banks, whale

                         catalina                                                        During our days in the breeding lagoons
                                              and dolphin watching

                                                                                         of Bahia Magdalena, we venture among
       san                                    Day 6: Islas Los Islotes and Espiritu
                                                                                         the Gray whales in Zodiac landing craft.

     carlos                  isla san jose    Santo, snorkeling, kayaking
                                                                                         This gives us a water-level perspective
        bahia                                 Day 7: Exploring the Sea of Cortez,
     magdalena               isla espiritu                                               for whale watching that is a rare privilege
                                 santo        whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking
                        la paz                                                           in the natural world. It also positions us
                                              Day 8: La Paz, disembark ship              perfectly for the increasingly common,
                                                                                         friendly encounters with these mammals
                       los cabos              Departure Dates                            that we’ve shared with our guests.
                                              *Jan 21 – Jan 28, 2012                     Our expedition offers naturalist-guided
Fact File                                      Jan 28 – Feb 04, 2012                     walks on uninhabited desert islands,
                                              *Feb 04 – Feb 11, 2012                     swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking in
• 8 days
                                               Feb 11 – Feb 18, 2012
• Start and finish in La Paz, Mexico                                                     the Sea of Cortez. The itinerary remains
                                              *Feb 18 – Feb 25, 2012
• All meals included                           Feb 25 – Mar 03, 2012                     flexible to make the most of whale
• Travel aboard the expedition ship, the      *Mar 03 – Mar 10, 2012                     watching and wildlife sightings.
  National Geographic Sea Bird                 Mar 10 – Mar 17, 2012                     Whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds such
 highlights                                   *Mar 17 – Mar 24, 2012                     as blue-footed boobies and frigate birds,
                                              Not exclusive to ElderTreks.               huge cardon cacti, mangroves and sand
• Visit Bahia Magdalena — one of the main     *Runs in reverse
                                                                                         dunes are among the wonders you’ll
  breeding areas for grey whales
• Explore two of the most beautiful islands
                                              Price From: $5240 USD                      experience.
  in the Sea of Cortez — Islas Partida &      Activity Level: 1
  Espiritu Santo                              Comfort Level: Seas are rarely
• Search for humpback whales and dolphins     rough. Zodiac landings required.
  at the Gorda Banks sea mount
• Observe the great diversity of bird life    Accommodations
  — verdins, woodpeckers and Costa’s          Aboard the National Geographic Sea
  hummingbirds                                Bird, all cabins with private bathrooms.
• Snorkel with sea lions
• Swim, snorkel and kayak at the Sea of       National geographic
  Cortez                                      sea bird
                                              There are 31 outside cabins with
                                              windows or portholes (lower deck
                                              only) aboard. Each cabin has a private
                                              bathroom, climate controls and ample
                                              space for storage.
                                              Special Features: Zodiac landing craft,
                                              kayaks, snorkeling gear, wet suits,
                                              guest email station, video microscope,
                                              hydrophone and Splash-Cam.
                                              Meals are served in the dining room
                                              with fine views through panoramic
                                              Maximum: 62 passengers, Registry:
   Zodiac excursion from our ship             United States, Length: 152 feet.

 4 itineraries available - call or visit                                                 Exchange a curious glance with a blue-footed
                               equator                                                       Otavalo        boobie, admire stunning tri-colored marine
                              bartolome                                                                     iguanas and watch the ever-playful sea
                     santiago n.seymour                                                                     lions frolic in the surf. The non-preditorial
         fernandina rabida                                                                                  environment of Darwin’s Galapagos has
                                   baltra                                          ECUADOR
                             santa plazas
                              cruz                                                                          created a non-threatening, relaxed and magical
                            santa fe
                                                                                                            connection with wildlife unlike any other on
                                        cristobal                                                           earth.

                        floreana                   espanola
                                                                                                            Our 13-day Galapagos adventure starts and
                                                                                                            finishes in the colonial capital of Quito, nestled
                                                                                                            in the Andes. Enjoy a visit to the Otavalo
Fact File                                              Departure dates                                      Market and a train journey through spectacular
                                                       Coral departures - every Wednesday                   mountain scenery. The short flight to Baltra
• 13 days
• Maximum 36 travelers aboard the Coral,               Legend departures - every Thursday                   delivers us to our comfortable yacht. Watch for
  Maximum 100 travelers aboard the                     Price from: $4195 USD                                dolphins riding the bow, like oceanic messengers
  Legend - solo travelers on Legend only               Additional costs: National Park fee $100 USD         taking us to our next equatorial volcanic island,
• Start and finish in Quito                            and transit control fee $10 USD.                     each with its unique endemic species perfectly
• All meals included on ship only                      Fuel surcharge may apply.                            adapted to its environment. Pink flamingos,
• Includes 2 internal flights                                                                               Galapagos penguins, giant tortoises and a
                                                       *Dates are not exclusive to ElderTreks. You may be   myriad of birdlife, including the fish-stealing
highlights                                             joined by other international passengers.            frigate and the enormous albatross, are just
• Visit Charles Darwin Research Station                Activity Level: 3                                    some of the wildlife we encounter during our
• Search for unique wildlife including: blue-          Comfort Level: 2 days over 9,000 ft. in              naturalist guided adventure.
  footed boobies, tri-colored marine iguanas,          Quito. Sea can be rough when crossing to the         Cool off with a refreshing ocean dip, or snorkel
  Galapagos penguins and giant tortoises,              western islands. Zodiac landings required.           with stingrays and view the fantastic underwater
  just to mention a few                                                                                     world of sea turtles, dolphins, fluorescent
• Swimming and snorkeling                              Accommodations                                       tropical fish and colorful coral gardens, before
• Enjoy island excursions led by naturalists           7 nights on a small ship in the Galapagos (all       departing for your next evolutionary marvel.
• Explore Otavalo market and colonial Quito            cabins have private bathrooms). On land,
• Enjoy a scenic train journey through the Andes       comfortable accommodations with private
                                                       bathrooms throughout.                                IMPORTANT NOTE:
Daily Itinerary
                                                                                                            Few Galapagos journeys include the
Day 1: Arrive in Quito                                                                                      seldom-visited western islands. Some
Day 2: City tour of Quito                                                                                   ElderTreks Galapagos departures include
Day 3: Otavalo market, train to Ibarra                                                                      this hard-to-get-to region, making our
and Salinas. Overnight in hacienda                                                                          trip unique and remote, and providing a
                                                         M/V Coral I and M/V Coral II
Day 4: Explore Cuicocha Crater Lake,                                                                        Darwinian experience second-to-none.
Cotacachi village. Return to Quito                                                                          Extensions
Day 5: Fly to Galapagos                                                                                     (all based on double occupancy)
Days 6-11: Galapagos Islands - Four
                                                                                                            Amazon Rainforest
possible itineraries. For more details
on the specific itineraries, please either                                                                  5 land days: Start and finish in Quito.
contact our office or visit                             M/V Legend                                          Price: from $1005 USD
Day 12: Fly to Quito                                   For solo travelers                                   Includes 2 flights.

Day 13: Depart Quito                                   Single accommodation is available                    Machu Picchu - from $1395 USD
                                                       onboard the Legend only. Please call                 6 land days: Start and finish in Cusco, Peru.
If you would like to extend your time in the           our office for more details. No single
Galapagos, please call our office for more                                                                  Domestic flights not included.
                                                       supplement surcharge if willing to share.
                 Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
                                              Day 11: Uros Islands and Taquile Island
                                              Homestay                                             Machu Picchu.
                                              Day 12: Taquile to Puno                              We begin by exploring the capital city of Lima before
                                              Day 13: Cross the Altiplano to Cusco                 departing along the coastal desert to Barranca
                                              Day 14: Cusco to Salkantay Lodge in                  and the 4500 year old ruins of Caral. Spectacular
                                              Soraypampa, start lodge-to-lodge hikes               mountain scenery begins as we head inland to the
                                              Day 15: Hike to glacial lake, Salkantay Lodge        Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca with the city
                                                                                                   of Huaraz nestled between. The exceptional scenery
                                              Day 16: Hike to Rio Blanco valley, Vilcabamba
                                                                                                   is matched by the feat of engineering of the Chavin
                                              Range, Wayra Lodge
                                                                                                   Culture in creating the tunnels and temples from
                                              Day 17: Huayraccmachay to Colpa Lodge at             1200 BC. See Chiclayo and Trujillo and the ancient
                                              Collpapampa                                          Mochica’s Lord of Sipan, the pyramids at Tucume
                                              Day 18: Hike Santa Teresa River Valley,Llactapata    and the adobe temples of Chan Chan. Visit the heart
                                              Inca Trail, Lucmabamba village, Lucma Lodge          of the Inca empire, Cusco and climb the Sacred Val-
Fact File                                     Day 19: Lucabamba to Machu Picchu Pueblo             ley’s fortresses of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo. From
                                              (Formerly known as Aguas Calientes)                  Puno we travel by boat to the unique reed “floating
• 23 land days                                                                                     islands” of the Uros people and stay in a family
                                              Day 20: Explore Machu Picchu, train to
• Maximum 12 travelers                                                                             guesthouse on Taquile Island where we can hike
• Start in Lima and finish in Cusco                                                                over terraces and past small villages with tranquil
                                              Day 21: Sacred Valley to Cusco
• All meals included                                                                               views over Lake Titicaca.
                                              Day 22: Cusco City tour, Sacsayhuaman
• Includes 2 internal flights                 and Tambo Machay                                     Our 6-day lodge-to-lodge trek combines superb
                                              Day 23: Depart Cusco                                 scenery, comfortable lodges and great food while
highlights                                                                                         avoiding the crowds of the “other” more common
• 6 day Salkantay Inca trail trek             Departure Dates & Prices                             Inca trail. Meet the local Quechua of the Andes as we
• Hike the stunning northern mountains                                                             traverse from high Andes to lush river valleys through
                                              Sep 08 – Sep 30, 2012 -       $7995 USD              nine different bio-zones. Discover remote ruins along
• Ancient Chan Chan , Caral and Chavin        Sep 08 – Sep 30, 2013 -       $7995 USD              the trails connecting these ancient routes and end
• The old Inca capital of Cusco                                                                    your trekking day in the best of ElderTreks’ adventure
• Meet Taquile Indians                        Activity Level: 5
                                                                                                   style - with a glass of wine in a warm jacuzzi! Our Peru
• 7 UNESCO sites including Machu Picchu       Comfort Level: 12 days over 9,000 feet.              trekking program is an adventure on many levels, one
                                              Some rough/winding roads and long drives.            of the most strenuous and certainly one of the most
• Lord of Sipan and Princess of Cao museums
Daily Itinerary                               Accommodations
Day 1: Arrive in Lima                         Comfortable hotels/lodges with private bath-
                                              rooms. 1 night homestay with limited facilities on
Day 2: Lima City Tour, 4500-year-old Caral
                                              Taquile Island. Single occupancy is not guaranteed
archeological site, to Barranca
                                              on a few nights.
Day 3: To Huaraz, travelling between
Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca        Peru offers some of the most impressive
Day 4: Chavin de Huantar (UNESCO)             archeological sites in the world and equally
Day 5: Callejón De Huaylas, Hike              stunning opportunities to hike past breathtaking
Day 6: To Trujillo                            mountain peaks, glacial lakes and lush river
Day 7: Chan Chan-Chimu culture, Temple        valleys. Visit the ancient lands of the Caral,
of the Moon-Moche culture                     Chavin, Chimu, Moche and Inca. Trek in
                                              the highest mountain range outside of the
Day 8: “Princess of Cao” Museum, El
                                              Himalayas, the Cordillera Blanca with 22
Brujo To Chiclayo
                                              summits of over 19,000 feet. No Peru hiking
Day 9: “Lord of Sipan” burial site and        adventure is complete without hiking a true Inca
museum                                        trail. Our ultimate 6-day lodge-to-lodge Salkantay
Day 10: Fly to Lima and Puno, Lake            Inca Trail will give you that journey, culminating
Titicaca                                      in a visit to the UNESCO World heritage site of

                                           Daily Itinerary
                                           Day 1: Arrive in Lima                         Starting in Lima, we begin our adventure
                                           Day 2: Lima city tour,                        with a flight north to the charming,
                                           fly to Cajamarca in the northern Andes        mountain city of Cajamarca. See the ancient
                                           Day 3: Cajamarca city tour, Cumbemayo
                                                                                         Cumbemayo Aqueduct and Inca Baths and
                                           Aqueduct and Inca Baths
                                           Day 4: Kunter Wasi Ruins, To Chiclayo         continue on to Chiclayo and Trujillo to learn
                                           Day 5: Pyramids of Tucume, Royal Sipan        about the ancient Mochica’s Lord of Sipán,
                                           tombs – Mochica culture                       one of the most important archaeological
                                           Day 6: El Brujio, Princess of Cao Museum,     discoveries of the last century.
                                           To Trujillo
                                           Day 7: Chan Chan — adobe city of the          Visit the Pyramid of the Moon at Trujillo
                                           Chimu, Temple of the Moon, fly to Lima        and the temples of Chan Chan. Travel south
                                           Day 8: Pachacamac Temple, to Ica              to the Paracas Peninsula, where we take a
                                           Day 9: Ballestas Island wildlife reserve,     boat to the volcanic islands of Ballestas,
Fact File                                  Nazca Lines scenic flight                     a wildlife refuge for sea lions, Inca terns,
• 22 land days                             Day 10: To Arequipa
                                                                                         Humboldt penguins and large flocks of
• Maximum 16 travelers                     Day 11: Arequipa city sights, Santa
                                           Catalina Monastery                            gannets and pelicans.
• Start in Lima and finish in Cusco
                                           Day 12: To Colca, hot springs                 Enjoy a 30-minute flight over the Nazca
• All meals included                       Day 13: Cruz del Condor Colca Canyon,
• Includes 3 domestic flights                                                            Lines — remnants of a civilization that
                                           Mirador del Choquetico to Puno
                                                                                         prospered almost two thousand years
                                           Day 14: Lake Titicaca, Uros floating
highlights                                 islands, Taquile Island, hike to village,     ago. Explore the UNESCO Cultural World
• 6 UNESCO World Heritage/Cultural Sites   homestay                                      Heritage Site of Arequipa, discovering
• Ancient Chan Chan                        Day 15: Visit weavers, return to Puno         its city sites on foot. Travel to the Colca
                                           Day 16: To Cusco                              Canyon, where we visit Cruz del Condor
• Arequipa
                                           Day 17: Cusco city sights                     to watch condors gliding over the rugged
• Nazca Lines scenic flight                Day 18: Sacred Valley — Ollantaytambo,
• The old Inca capital of Cusco                                                          canyon rim.
                                           Pisaq hike
• Machu Picchu                             Day 19: Train to Machu Picchu, tour           Visit the floating islands of Uros on Lake
• Lord of Sipan and Princess of Cao        Day 20: Machu Picchu, return to Cusco         Titicaca en route to Taquile Island, where
  museums                                  Day 21: Chincheros village weavers
                                                                                         we explore hilltop shrines and commune
                                           Day 22: Depart Cusco
                                                                                         with the Taquile Indians. Explore the old
                                           Departure Dates & Prices                      streets of Cusco, lined with Incan-era stone
                                           Mar 13 – Apr 03, 2012 - $5995 USD             walls. Travel by train down the gorge of
                                           Oct 03 – Oct 24, 2012 - $5995 USD             the roaring Urubamba River to Machu
                                           Mar 13 – Apr 03, 2013 - $6195 USD             Picchu — a phenomenal archeological site,
                                           Activity Level: 2                             only recently declared one of the Ancient
                                           Comfort Level: 12 days over 9,000             Wonders of the World. For the more
                                           feet. Some rough/winding roads and long       adventurous, hike the steep trail up Huayna
                                           drives.                                       Picchu for a spectacular view over the ruins
                                                                                         of Machu Picchu.
                                                                                         ElderTreks’ Peru adventure is easily one of
                                           Comfortable hotels/lodges with private
                                                                                         the most comprehensive journeys to this
                                                                                         diverse Andean paradise and includes six
                                           1 night homestay with limited facilities on
                                                                                         UNESCO sites.
                                           Taquile Island.

                                                   Day 7: Fly to El Calafate                     Begin in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos
   viña del mar                                    Day 8: Perito Moreno Glacier
    valparaiso         santiago                                                                  Aires, Argentina where we learn the tango
                                  buenos aires     Day 9: To Torres del Paine National           and visit the expansive Tigre Delta by river-
                                                   Park, Chile, estancia visit                   boat. Fly to the “end of the earth”, Ushuaia,

                          ARGENTINA                Day 10: Nordenskjold, Grey Lakes              and explore the Beagle Channel and Tierra
                                                   Day 11: To Puerto Natales                     del Fuego National Park. We visit Magellanic
   frutillar           lake                        Day 12: Fly to Puerto Varas                   and gentoo penguin rookeries.
puerto varas           llanquihue        South
                                        Atlantic                                                 Patagonia is a nature lover’s delight for its
puerto montt                             Ocean     Day 13: Volcanoes, Laguna Verde
                                                   Day 14: Fly to Santiago de Chile              incredibly remote and beautiful scenery and
                                                   Day 15: Valparaiso, Viña del Mar              unique fauna. Visit Los Glaciares National
                                                                                                 Park and cruise by boat along the Perito
                                                   Day 16: Maipo Valley, wine tasting
                        perito moreno                                                            Moreno Glacier and cross into Chile to
                        n.p.                       Day 17: Depart Santiago
          glacier                                                                                Torres del Paine National Park. Explore the
                                                                                                 Chilean Lakes region, discover Laguna Verde
   del paine n.p.        el calafate               Departure Dates & Prices                      and see the vibrant green Petrohue Falls
    puerto natales        tierra
                          del fuego n.p.           Jan 07 – Jan 23, 2012 -    $6795 USD          before flying to Santiago. Explore the sights
          punta arenas
                                                   Jan 05 – Jan 21, 2013 -    $6995 USD          of Santiago and enjoy wine tasting in the
                    beagle gable is.               Activity Level: 2                             world-famous Maipo Valley to round out
                                                   Comfort Level: Some long drives.              this amazing adventure.

Fact File                                          Accommodations                                Extension
                                                                                                 Iguazu Falls
• 17 land days                                     Comfortable hotels with private               3 land days: With 275 cascades spread in a
• Maximum 16 travelers                             bathrooms. Single occupancy may not be        horseshoe shape, the water falls 264 feet in
• Start in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finish in      available all nights.                         a thunderous roar. See it from the Brazilian
  Santiago, Chile                                                                                and Argentine sides.
                                                   Stunning glaciers, turquoise lakes, extinct
• All meals included                                                                             Start and finish in Iguazu.
                                                   volcanoes, Zodiac adventures, wine tasting
• Includes 4 domestic flights                      and tango lessons are just a few of the       Price: from $995 USD
                                                   amazing highlights of this Patagonia          Easter Island See page 106
highlights                                         adventure!                                    Cruise Tierra Del Fuego See page 105
• Perito Moreno Glacier
• Torres del Paine N.P.
• Visit a working estancia
• Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel
• Magellanic and gentoo penguins
• Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Tronador
• Wine tasting

Daily Itinerary
Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 2: Buenos Aires city sites
Day 3: Tigre Delta
Day 4: To Ushuaia, End of The World
Day 5: Tierra del Fuego, Beagle Channel
Day 6: Gable Island, Martillo Island —
penguin rookery, zodiac tour

                   Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
Torres Del Paine

                                                      highlights                                           nights Eco-Camp in large 2 person domes with floors
                                                                                                           and twin beds and shared facilities. Single occupancy
                               buenos aires           • Buenos Aires walking tour                          not guaranteed for all nights.
                                                      • Hike in Mount Fitz Roy

                     ARGENTINA                        • Explore Perito Moreno Glacier                      Travel to the end of the world and experience the most
                                                      • Hike in Torres del Paine                           stunning panoramas on earth — snow-capped peaks,
                                                      • Experience life on a working estancia              arid plateaus, crashing glaciers and turquoise lakes are
                                                                                                           among Patagonia’s greatest natural wonders. Our 16-
                                                      • Visit penguins at the Strait of Magellan
                                                                                                           day adventure travels through one of the planet’s wild-
                                                      Daily Itinerary                                      est spaces, revealing nature in its primordial splendor.
                                                      Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina             We begin by exploring the sophisticated capital of
                                                      Day 2: Buenos Aires city sites                       Buenos Aires, before flying to Calafate. Spend three
                                                      Day 3: Tigre Delta                                   days in Fitz Roy National Park hiking through gorges,
             eco camp                                 Day 4: Fly to El Calafate, drive to                  alongside glaciers and through forests to reach the
   glacier                             south          Chalten, Fitz Roy National Park                      famed Mount Fitz Roy.
   national fitz roy                 atlantic
   park      calafate                                 Day 5: Trek to Mount Fitz Roy                        Explore the Las Colonias Peninsula from our remote
  torres del                                          Day 6: Hike to Laguna Torre                          Eco-Camp. Our facilities include triangular framed
  paine n.p.
                                                      Days 7-8: Eco Camp Las Colonias                      geodesic dome structures- each one 12 feet in diam-
                  punta                               Peninsula                                            eter- equipped with standard twin beds and wooden
                                                      Day 9: Perito Moreno Glacier in Glacier              floors.
                                                      National Park — a UNESCO World                       Explore Glacier National Park — a UNESCO World
Fact File                                             Heritage Site, estancia                              Heritage Site — and spend a full day along the edge of
• 16 land days                                        Day 10: Life on a true working ranch, the            the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the greatest natural
• Maximum 16 travelers                                estancia                                             attractions in the Americas.
• Start in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finish in Punta   Day 11: To Torres del Paine National
                                                      Park, Chile                                          Crossing into Chile, breathe the “cleanest air in the
  Arenas, Chile                                                                                            world” at Torres del Paine National Park and hike up
                                                      Day 12: Grey Glacier, Pehoe Lake,
• All meals included                                  Salto Grande Waterfall                               to the viewpoint to take in the awesome granite spires
• Includes 1 domestic flight                          Day 13: Trek through Torres del Paine                of the Blue Towers. Our journey concludes in Punta
                                                      National Park, Tower Peaks views                     Arenas.
                                                      Day 14: To Punta Arenas                              Extension
                                                      Day 15: Penguin reserve, Exploring                   Cruise Tierra Del Fuego
                                                      Punta Arenas, Sara Brown Museum
                                                                                                           5 days: Explore the southernmost region of
                                                      Day 16: Depart Punta Arenas                          Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Sail through
                                                      Departure Dates & Prices                             the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel
                                                                                                           exploring fjords, glaciers, bays and islands.
                                                      Jan 26 – Feb 10, 2012 - $5695 USD                    Start in Punta Arenas, finish in Ushuaia (or
                                                      Nov 01 – Nov 16, 2012 - $5795 USD                    vice-versa).
                                                      Jan 26 – Feb 10, 2013 - $5895 USD
                                                                                                           Price: from $2484 USD
                                                      Activity Level: 5                                    Machu Picchu Lodge-to-Lodge Trek,
                                                      Comfort Level: Some rough roads                      Peru
                                                      and long drives.                                     7 day extension trekking to Machu Picchu in
                                                                                                           stunning Andes mountain scenery, without
                                                      Accommodations                                       the crowds while staying in comfortable
                                                      Comfortable accommodations. Due to the               lodges. Start and finish in Cusco.
                                                      remoteness and the unique accommodations,            Price: from $2850 USD
                                                      larger groups may be required to share bathroom
                                                      facilities for up to 5 nights. But it’s well worth   Easter Island See page 106
                                                      it — the areas and experiences are fantastic! 2      Iguazu Falls See page 103

                   Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
                                                                                                                           New Itinerary

     CHILE            BOLIVIA                        Daily Itinerary
             LAGUNA                                  Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires               Visit four South American countries —
             COLORADA                                                                            Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia: regions
      CALAMA       PARAGUAY                          Day 2: Buenos Aires city sights
                                                                                                 with fascinating indigenous cultures, active
                      PURMAMARCA                     Day 3: Ferry crossing to Colonia, Uruguay
      atacama                                                                                    volcanos and geysers, sublime landscapes and
      desert                                         Day 4: Fly to La Rioja, Villa Union
                        SALTA                                                                    snow-capped peaks. Walk through numerous
                                                     Day 5: Talampaya National Park              pre-Columbian villages and ruins, visit superb
                      ARGENTINA                      Day 6: The Triassic Park of                 wine regions or search for guanaco and vicuna
                    BELEN                            Ischigualasto, dinosaur fossils             herds roaming the high altiplano.
                      LA RIOJA                       Day 7: Miranda Gorge, Mythical Inca
                                   URUGUAY           Ruins of Shincal                            Drive over spectacular Andean passes and trek
          TALAMPAYA &                                                                            through remote gorges and valleys — home
          ISCHIGUALASTO                              Day 8: The Indian Ruins of Quilmes
          N. PARKS                   COLONIA                                                     to estancias (ranches) which bring to life the
                                                     Day 9: Quebrada de Las Conchas, Wine        romanticized images of the hard-working
 SANTIAGO         BUENOS AIRES                       Vinyards of Cafayate
                                                                                                 Gauchos — reminiscent of the Wild West of
                                                     Day 10: Cafayate - Wine Experience          the mid-1800s.
Fact File                                            Day 11: Las Flechas Gorge, town of
• 22 land days                                       Cachi                                       What makes this journey even more
• Maximum 16 travelers                               Day 12: Cachi - Los Cardones National       impressive is the fact that these hidden
• Start in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finish in        Park - Salta                                treasures remain virtually undiscovered by
  Santiago, Chile                                    Day 13: Salta                               tourists.
• All meals included                                 Day 14: Humahuaca Gorge, Leon and
• Includes 2 internal flights                        Volcan Village visits, Purmamarca
highlights                                           Day 15: The indigenous villages of the      Easter Island 5 land days: Visit this isolated
• Explore Colonia, Buenos Aires, Cachi, Salta, and                                               volcanic island known for the large sculpted
                                                     Day 16: Traversing the Andes                heads found throughout the island.
  San Pedro de Atacama
                                                     Day 17: The Atacama Desert, Moon            Start and finish in Hanga Roa.
• Talampaya National Park
• Shincal Inca Ruins                                                                             Price: from $995 USD
• Torino Winery                                      Day 18: Atacama Desert, Tatio Geysers
                                                     Day 19: Bolivia: geysers and the            Iguazu Falls See page 103
• Traverse the Andes
• Atacama Desert                                     flamingos of Laguna Colorada                Cruise Tierra Del Fuego See page 105
• Valley of the Moon                                 Day 20: Puritama Hotsprings                 Machu Picchu Lodge to Lodge Trekking
• Tatio Geysers                                      Day 21: To Calama, fly to Santiago          See page 105
• Laguna Colorada                                    Day 22: Depart Santiago
• Search for Andean condors, flamingos, caracara,
  guanacos, vicunas, foxes and wildlife of the       Departure Dates & Prices
  altiplano                                          Mar 14 – Apr 04, 2012 -   $6995 USD
                                                     Mar 14 – Apr 04, 2013 -   $6995 USD
                                                     Activity Level: 2/3
                                                     Comfort Level: Some rough/dusty,
                                                     winding roads and long drives.

                                                     Comfortable hotels and lodges with
                                                     private bathrooms. may not be available
                                                     all nights.

                                                                                                 Easter Island

                  Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
Ischigualasto Park
                                                                                                   Iguazu Falls

Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
   Iguazu Falls

                                                 Daily Itinerary
                                                                                            Cruise along the gentle tributaries of the
                                                 Day 1: Arrive in Manaus
                                                                                            Amazon; witness Iguazu Falls’ crushing
                                                 Day 2: Manaus — Indian Museum,             strength as torrents fall through the Devil’s
          AMAZON                                 Opera House; start of Amazon River         Throat; travel to the Pantanal, one of the rich-
                                                 safari                                     est biological zones on earth; and finish the
                                                 Day 3: Anavilhanas Archipelago             journey in Rio, one of the world’s most beauti-
                                                 Day 4: Praia Grande,                       ful cities.
                       BRAZIL                    Jacareubal region
                                                                                            We cruise along the Amazon up to
                                                 Day 5: Return to Manaus and fly to         the Anavilhanas Archipelago aboard a
                                                 Campo Grande, Pantanal                     comfortable riverboat. The Amazon Basin is
   bolivia                                       Day 6: Drive to the Pantanal, a
               Pantanal                                                                     a river-sea and vast forest covering over half
                                    rio de       UNESCO Natural Heritage Site               of Brazil. The region is one of the earth’s
                                   janeiro       Day 7: Pantanal Wilderness Adventure,      greatest natural masterpieces and features
       paraguay                                  birdwatching                               50,000 miles of navigable waterways, the
                     iguazu      ATLANTIC        Day 8: Hiking, horseback riding and        earth’s largest forest and over 15,000 animal
                      falls      OCEAN                                                      species.
                                                 canoeing in the Pantanal
                                                 Day 9: Pantanal — wildlife exploration     In the Pantanal, the world’s largest inland
Fact File                                        Day 10: Fly to Iguazu Falls                wetlands, we search for wildlife by day, and
• 15 land days                                   Day 11: Iguazu Falls —                     rest comfortably in an eco-lodge by night.
• Maximum 16 travelers                           Argentine side, walk over falls            Our journey continues south to Iguazu Falls
• Start in Manaus and finish in Rio de Janeiro   Day 12: Iguazu Falls — Brazilian side,     for a panoramic view from the Brazilian
                                                 fly to Rio de Janeiro                      side and an up-close, misty look from the
• All meals included
                                                                                            Argentine side. Iguazu certainly lives up to
                                                 Day 13: Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado,
highlights                                       Tijuca Forest tour
                                                                                            its name, which means “big water” in the
• 4-day Amazon Cruise                                                                       local Indian dialect.
                                                 Day 14: Rio de Janeiro —
• Travel to Anavilhanas Archipelago              Sugar Loaf Mountain                        Changing scene from Brazil’s natural
• 5 days in the Pantanal — premier wildlife      Day 15: Depart Rio de Janeiro              wonders, we move to the urban highlights
  viewing                                                                                   of Rio de Janeiro and spend three exciting
• Iguazu Falls - view from Brazilian and
                                                 Departure Dates & Prices                   days in this “Cidade Maravilhosa” touring
  Argentine sides                                Mar 06 – Mar 20, 2012 - $4995 USD          the major sites and relaxing in the tropical
                                                 Sep 18 – Oct 02, 2012 - $5195 USD          climate.
• Enjoy 3 days in Rio de Janeiro
                                                 Mar 05 – Mar 19, 2013 - $5395 USD
                                                                                            Extension Price: from $1495 USD
                                                 Domestic (group) flights are not
                                                 included but must be purchased in          Lencois Maranhenses
                                                 conjuction with this trip. Please budget   5 land days: The only desert in the world
                                                 approx. $1,400 USD.                        with thousands of small lakes, this area
                                                                                            is truly unique. Take a boat trip along the
                                                 Activity Level: 2
                                                                                            Preguicas River, visit local Indian fishing
                                                 Comfort Level: Some rough roads            villages and explore the restored colonial
                                                 and long travel days.                      city of Sao Luis. Start and finish in Sao Luis.
                                                 Comfortable hotels and lodges with
                                                 private bathroom. Features 3 nights’
                                                 compact bunk-bedded accommodation
                                                 on the Amazon Clipper (a riverboat) and
                                                 4 nights at an ecolodge.

                                                  Departure Date & Price
                                                                                              Canaima National Park, which feature
                                                  Oct 30 – Nov 15, 2012 - $6295 USD
                                                                                              a unique geological feature known as
                                                  Oct 30 – Nov 15, 2013 - $6395 USD
                                                                                              “Tepuis“ or tabletop Mountains. We see
                                                  Activity Level: 2/3                         many of the parks’ spectacular waterfalls
                                                  Comfort Level: Some rough roads             and rivers which beautifully carve and
                                                  and long travel days.                       shape the stunning landscape of Canaima.
                                                                                              We will enjoy these beautiful surroundings
                                                  Accommodations                              during our scenic flight and a 3 hour boat
                                                  Comfortable hotels/lodges with private      journey through Canaima’s jungle enroute
                                                  bathrooms. Features 1 night camping at      to Angel Falls. We overnight on the river
Fact File                                         Angel Falls with shared facilities.         which offers the opportunity to see the
• 17 land days                                                                                breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise on
                                                                                              Angel Falls.
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start and finish in Caracas, Venezuela          Venezuela is a destination with snow-       Unlike many tour operators, ElderTreks
                                                  capped peaks of the Andes, abundant         provides plenty of opportunity to see
• All meals included
                                                  wildlife in the Llanos, beautiful           Angel Falls by scenic flight, on foot and
• Includes 7 internal flights                     coastline, lush jungle, indigenous          by locally made canoes. At almost 1
highlights                                        tribes, interesting colonial history and    kilometer high, the sheer size and height
                                                  friendly South American hospitality.        of the falls does not translate into mere
• Travel to Venezuela’s Andes Mountains           Venezuela’s greatest natural attraction     words or through photos and must truly
• Spectacular wildlife viewing on the Llanos      is the world’s highest waterfall,           be seen up close to be fully appreciated.
  grasslands                                      magnificent Angel Falls. Not only
                                                                                              From the world’s highest waterfalls,
• Search for wildlife in the Orinoco Delta        is Venezuela one of South America’s
                                                                                              to the peaks of the Andes Mountains,
• Visit the Pemon villages of Kavak and           undiscovered travel gems, but a must
                                                                                              the lush jungles, indigenous tribes and
  Kamarata                                        see destination for adventure travelers.
                                                                                              abundant wildlife make this journey
• Explore Canaima Lagoon                          From the capital of Caracas, we fly to      nothing short of an absolutely epic
• Witness the spectacular beauty of Angel Falls   Mérida, which boasts typical Andean         adventure.
  by scenic flight, on foot and by river boat     culture and scenery, and is situated
                                                  high in the mountains. The snow-
                                                  covered peaks of the Andes create the
Daily Itinerary
                                                  perfect backdrop to the wildlife rich
Day 1: Arrive in Caracas                          plains of the Llanos.
Day 2: Caracas sites, cable car
                                                  We will encounter indigineous
Day 3: Fly to Mérida, sightseeing
                                                  tribes, including the Pemón Indians
Day 4: Mérida sights, Santo Domingo
                                                  of Canaima and also the Warao or
Days 5-6: Llanos plains, Hato El Cedral
                                                  “Canoe People” of the Orinocco Delta.
Day 7: Fly to Maturin                             The Delta is an intricate labyrinth of
Day 8: Orinoco Delta, Warao village               waterways weaving through the jungle
Day 9: Orinoco Delta, river excursion             and supports extremely rich and varied
Day 10: To Ciudad Bolivar                         wildlife including jaguar, puma, ocelot,
Day 11: Uruyen Lodge                              red howler and capuchin monkeys,
Day 12: Kavak, Pemón village                      capybara, giant otters, manatee and
Day 13: Canaima — Sapo and Hacha Falls;           pink dolphins and anacondas as well as
Angel falls flight                                extensive birdlife.
Day 14: Angel Falls by motorized canoe,
                                                  We cap off our trip with a visit to the
hike to base of falls
                                                  world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls,
Day 15: To Ciudad Bolivar
Day 16: Caracas                                   situated in the vast, pristine jungles of
Day 17: Depart Caracas

                  Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
Angel Falls, Venezuela -
The world’s highest waterfall
                                                                                                                      New Itinerary

                       alaska               tok       dawson city
       denali                                                                                Yukon and Alaska are truly one of the last true
    national park
                                                                                             frontiers! Your adventure begins on the Inside
                                                                                             Passage in Juneau, where we journey through
                  chitna                            yukon
                                                                                             fjords to Haines, keeping an eye out for Orcas
                                        kennicott                                            and Humpbacks. Visit historic Fort Seward
   anchorage                  wrangell- st. elias
                                                    junction      whitehorse                 and learn about totem poles. Continue north
                               national park                                                 to Canada’s Yukon Territory, to Kluane NP
                                                                                             which, along with it’s cross-border Wrangle-St.
                                                                                             Elias NP, share the largest non-polar icefield
                  fjords                                            haines                   in the world. Enjoy majestic mountain tops,
                                                                                             dazzling coastal scenery, the highest summits
                                                                                             and largest glaciers in North America (5000
                                                                             juneau          of them) and endless horizons of blue sky and
                                                                                             sheer space, great for hiking. Journey to a
Fact File                                           McCarthy; Wrangle-St. Elias N.P.         land of wolves, grizzly bears, caribou, moose,
 • 15 land days                                     Day 10: Hike to Root Glacier; Tour       mountain goats, Dall sheep and abundant
 • Maximum 12 travelers                             Historic Kennicott mine                  sealife including whales trawling the coasts
 • Start in Juneau, finish in Anchorage, Alaska     Day 11: Spectacular 3 hour small plane   and eagles soaring in the vast skies above.
 • Includes 2 small plane mountain flights          mountain flight to Denali; Game drive
                                                    through Denali National Park             Visit Whitehorse and Dawson City and
 • All meals included
                                                    Day 12: To Seward; visit Exit Glacier    experience the nostaglia of Gold Rush fever, as
highlights                                          Day 13: 9-hour Kenai Fjords National     well as a husky kennel, Klondike Steamship,
• Search for Grizzly & black bears, caribou,        Park boat cruise - Exit Glacier, whale   Sam McGee’s cabin and a natural history
  mountain goats, Dall sheep, Bald eagles and       viewing possible                         museum with skeletons of giants that once
  more in Denali, Wrangle - St. Elias & Kluane      Day 14: To Anchorage; Farewell dinner    ruled the north such as Wooly mammoths,
  National Parks                                    Day 15: Depart Anchorage                 sabre-tooth tigers, and giant sloths, lions and
• Enjoy hiking almost every day                                                              bears. Visity remote McCarthy - Kennicott
• Enjoy 2 spectacular small plane flight-seeing     Departure Date & Price                   where we hike to Root Glacier and explore the
  excursions                                        Jul 31 – Aug 14, 2012 -   $7895 USD      historic abandoned Copper mine. Explore the
• Experience Goldrush fever in Dawson city          Jul 31 – Aug 14, 2013 -   $7995 USD      maritime beauty and stunning coastline at the
• Visit McCarthy & historic Kennicott                                                        Kenai Fjords N.P. with it’s abundant wildlife
  abandoned copper mine in Wrangle-St.Elias
                                                    Activity Level: 3
                                                    Comfort Level: Some long drives.         and one of the best places to see whales.
  National Park
• Be impressed by Kennicott, Root & Exit                                                     Experience the North with a variety of
  Glaciers                                          Accommodations                           spectacular hikes, drives, small plane flights
• Kenai Fjords, Seward boat excursion               Comfortable lodges with private          and boat journeys as well as the intriguing
• Enjoy a 9 hour Kenai Fjords boat excursion        bathrooms.                               history of the famed Klondike Goldrush.
• Several opportunities for whale watching                                                   Stake your claim by experiencing the North
                                                                                             in a unique journey many dream of, but few
Daily Itinerary                                                                              will ever experience. Finish in Anchorage
Day 1: Arrive into Juneau, Alaska                                                            with our Farewell dinner or continue
Day 2: To Haines via fast ferry, possible whale                                              with a flight to world-famous Katmai NP,
watching                                                                                     staying in a comfortable lodge with visits
Day 3: To Haines Junction, Yukon                                                             by floatplane to Brooks falls, home of the
Day 4: Hiking in Kluane National Park, Yukon                                                 highest concentration of Grizzlies (Brown
Day 5: Whitehorse - husky kennel, Beringia                                                   bears) known for their shear size, upclose, in a
Museum, Klondike steamship, McBride (Sam                                                     setting that is likely unparalled in the world.
McGee) Museum
Day 6: To ‘historic’ Dawson city                                                             Grizzly Bear Extension
Days 7: Dawson City tour; Tombstone N. P.                                                    2 or more days - fly to Katmai & Brooks Falls
Days 8: To Tok, Alaska
Day 9: Drive to Chitna, flight-seeing to                                                     Price: from   $1550 USD

                Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •
                                                Wilderness, estuarine river, bear watching
                                                                                                 differs slightly depending upon the time of
     juneau            alaska                   Day 4: Stephens Passage, Dawes Glacier,
                                                Ford’s Terror, gold rush history
                                                                                                 the tidal currents, the weather conditions,
                                                                                                 wildlife viewing opportunities and the wishes
         ford’s terror                          Day 5: Ford’s Terror by kayak and on foot        of our clients.
                                                Day 6: Holkolm Bay, Tlingit culture,
            dawe’s glacier                      Captain’s Ball                                   This glacial wilderness supports a diversity of
                                                Day 7: Gastineau Channel to Juneau               wildlife as varied as the landscape. On water,
               scenery                                                                           there is the probability of seeing humpback
                 cove                           Departure Dates & Prices                         whales, orca, porpoise and stellar sea lions as
    petersburg                                                                                   well as numerous sea birds. On land, we may
                                                *Jun 03 - Jun 09, 2012
                                                *Jun 24 - Jun 30, 2012                           see black bears, brown bears and mountain
Fact File                                                                                        goats, just to name a few.
                                                 Jul 01 - Jul 07, 2012
• 7 days                                                                                         There are some great halibut holes along the
                                                 Jul 15 - Jul 21, 2012
• Maximum 13 travelers                                                                           way, and during the right time of year there is
                                                *Jul 22 - Jul 28, 2012
• Start in Petersburg, finish in Juneau                                                          the possibility of seeing salmon. We average
                                                 Jul 29 - Aug 04, 2012
• All meals on board included                                                                    three to four hours of travel per day, allowing
• Travel aboard a classic motor yacht, the
                                                Price from: $3850 USD                            plenty of opportunity for exploring by foot and
  M/V Catalyst (equipped with Zodiacs           Based on twin share.                             by kayak.
  and kayaks)                                   Dates are not exclusive to ElderTreks.
                                                * Reverse itinerary                              M/V Catalyst
highlights                                      ElderTreks strongly recommends you arrive        The 74-foot Catalyst was the first
• Hike on glacial moraines                      in Petersburg at least one day before your       oceanographic research vessel of the
• Witness crashing icebergs at Dawes Glacier    cruise departure. We will be happy to assist     University of Washington. In 1932, the
• See breathtaking scenery of mountains,        you with hotel reservations.                     M/V Catalyst cruised through the Inside
  fjords and glaciers                                                                            Passage and across the Gulf of Alaska.
                                                Activity Level: 2
• Journey into Ford’s Terror                                                                     During WWII, the Catalyst patrolled the
                                                Comfort Level: Sea can be rough.
• Search for humpback and orca whales,                                                           Aleutian Islands for Japanese submarines.
                                                Zodiac landings required.
  grizzly bears, sea lions and Bald eagles                                                       It has cruised the waters of Alaska, Baja
• Experience the beauty & wildlife of           Accommodations                                   California and Hawaii.
  Alaska’s Inside Passage up close;                                                              The yacht was constructed of white oak, Alaskan
  Our classic yacht provides a natural          Aboard a motor yacht, the M/V Catalyst.
                                                                                                 yellow cedar, Douglas fir, teak and Australian
  experience which is not possible on a         Cabins 1 & 6 – twin share, private
  large cruise ship                                                                              ironwood. Classic accommodations include cozy,
                                                bathrooms with shower.
                                                                                                 private staterooms, a tidy galley and a warm
                                                Cabins 2 & 3 – twin share, shared
Daily Itinerary                                 bathrooms and shower.
                                                                                                 wood-paneled salon. With the heartbeat of her
                                                                                                 slow-turning, rugged diesel engine chugging
Day 1: Petersburg - board the M/V               Cabin 4 – small single, shared bathrooms
Catalyst, to Frederick Sound, Thomas Bay,                                                        in the background, the pace aboard a Catalyst
                                                and shower.
Baird Glacier, kayaking                                                                          cruise is relaxed and unhurried.
                                                Cabin 5 – quad share, shared bathrooms
Day 2: Frederick Sound, the Brothers            and shower.                                      Registry: Alaska, Tonnage (GRT): 110 tons.
Islands, whale watching is possible every day
Day 3: Admiralty Island - Kootznoowoo           This cruise offers a diverse view of southeast
                                                Alaska, from fishing towns to wilderness
                                                solitude, from islands to glacial fjords. Our
                                                goal is to provide the most remote wilderness
                                                experience possible while enjoying the
                                                amenities of our wandering home. Aboard
                                                the M/V Catalyst, the dynamic between
                                                passengers and crew is more intimate than
                                                cruise ships, adding considerably to the
                                                quality of the adventure.
                                                While we have a planned itinerary, each trip        Dawes Glacier

                                               Daily Itinerary                                  This natural history sailing trip explores Gwaii
              Skidegate                        Day 1: Arrive in Sandspit, overnight             Haanas National Park Reserve in the southern
                                               Day 2: Skidegate Haida Reserve longhouses        Queen Charlotte Islands. These islands form
                                               and totems; traditional lunch at a local home;   a unique archipelago situated (50 miles/80
            moresby                            board the Island Roamer and set sail, visit      kilometers) west of Prince Rupert on British
              burnaby                          abandoned Haida villages along the way; (the     Columbia’s Northwest coast. Often referred to as
              narrows                          schedule is flexible and subject to weather      Canada’s own “Galapagos”, the Queen Charlotte
                                               conditions and wildlife sightings)               Islands have a unique vegetation, wildlife and
            queen                              Day 3: Juan Perez Sound, Lyell Island,
          charlotte                                                                             cultural history that has evolved in relative
           islands                             Windy Bay                                        isolation over the last several thousand years.
                                               Day 4: Hotspring Island, Burnaby Narrows
                                               Day 5: Sgan Gwaii, Totems of Ninstints —         Evidence suggests that parts of the islands
                                               a UNESCO World Heritage Site                     were not glaciated during the last 10,000 years,
                                               Day 6: Sgan Gwaii and its wildlife               offering refuge for animals and plants. The
                                                                                                area is geologically active and has seen massive
                                               Days 7-9: Sailing in the Queen
Fact File                                                                                       fluctuations in sea levels. The islands are the
                                               Charlotte Islands
                                                                                                epicenter of Haida culture, and Gwaii Haanas
• 10 days (8 sailing days)                     Day 10: Depart Sandspit late afternoon.
                                                                                                was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage
• Maximum 16 travelers                                                                          Site. During this spectacular adventure, you will
• Start and finish in Sandspit                 Departure Dates & Prices                         have the opportunity to visit sacred sites, feel
• All meals on board included                  * May 12 – May 21, 2012                          the solitude of the wilderness and experience the
• Travel aboard the Island Roamer, a           * May 19 – May 28, 2012                          wildlife and of course Haida culture.
  comfortable sailboat (equipped with          * May 20 – May 29, 2012
  Zodiac and kayaks)                           * May 27 – Jun 05, 2012                          The Island Roamer
                                               * May 29 – Jun 07, 2012                          The Island Roamer is a custom 68-foot ketch,
highlights                                     * Jun 06 – Jun 15, 2012                          launched in 1983. The boat’s design, safety and
• Visit Ninstints, the world’s best standing   * Jun 14 – Jun 23, 2012                          comfort make it particularly well-suited for
  collection of original totem poles &         * Jun 22 – Jul 01, 2012                          providing wildlife and wilderness trips for up to
  UNESCO site                                  † Jun 30 – Jul 08, 2012                          16 guests. It features 8 private cabins (double
• Visit Hot Spring Island and relax in the     † Jul 07 – Jul 15, 2012                          occupancy), 3 heads with hot showers, a large
  warm pools                                   † Jul 14 – Jul 22, 2012                          comfortable lounge with an extensive library and
• Explore intertidal life in Burnaby Narrows   † Jul 22 – Jul 30, 2012                          a well-equipped galley. The boat is large enough
• Learn about Haida culture and history        † Jul 29 – Aug 06, 2012                          for comfort and privacy and small enough to
• Look for whales, bears, deer, bald eagles,   † Aug 05 – Aug 13, 2012                          create a good rapport among the passengers and
  sea birds and much more                      † Aug 12 – Aug 20, 2012                          crew.
                                               † Aug 19 – Aug 27, 2012
                                                                                                The Island Roamer is a certified Canadian
                                               * 10 day itinerary - $4750 CAD                   Ministry of Transport passenger vessel.
                                               † 9 day itinerary - $4400 CAD
                                               Please call for USD price.
                                               Plus Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax.
                                               Price includes the park entry fee.
                                               Dates are not exclusive to ElderTreks.
                                               On the boat, you may be joined by other
                                               international passengers.
                                               Activity Level: 2
                                               Comfort Level: Sea can be rough.
                                               Zodiac landings required.
                                               Aboard the Island Roamer. Cabins are small but
                                               comfortable, with shared bathrooms. The first
                                               night is spent in Sandspit.

                                             Days 5-6: Heli-hiking; exploring the
                                             Day 7: Depart by helicopter to the heli-
                                             pad; bus to Banff or Calgary airport

                                             Departure Dates & Prices
                                             Jul 12 - Jul 18, 2012
                                             Jul 24 - Jul 30, 2012
                                             Jul 27 - Aug 02, 2012
                                             Jul 30 - Aug 05, 2012                      Imagine hiking in a pristine area surrounded by
                                             Aug 02 - Aug 08, 2012
Facts & highlights                           Aug 05 - Aug 11, 2012
                                                                                        stunning and surreal landscapes in the Canadian
                                                                                        Rockies. Your accommodation is in comfortable
• 7 land days                                Aug 11 - Aug 17, 2012                      lodges. Your guides are fully certified, professional
• Start and finish in Banff, Alberta         Aug 14 - Aug 20, 2012                      mountain guides with years of training and
• All meals included                         Aug 17 - Aug 23, 2012                      experience. YOU choose how rigorous or how
• Includes shuttle from Banff to helipad     Aug 20 - Aug 26, 2012                      relaxing your day will be. And the final touch - you
   and helicopter flight to/from lodges      Aug 23 - Aug 29, 2012                      are delivered and picked up from this magical
• Hike in pristine, remote wilderness        Aug 29 - Sep 04, 2012                      wilderness by helicopter. The scenery, the service,
• Helicopter flights to/from lodges to       Dates are not exclusive to ElderTreks      the experience does not get any better. Welcome
   hiking areas                              $4830 CAD                                  to heli-hiking! We are offering a superb 7-day heli-
• Tailor your own hikes — easy or hard,
                                             Please call for USD price.                 hiking journey in the Columbia Mountain Range.
   long or short
                                             Plus Canadian 13% Sales Tax.               Located on the western side of the great swath of
                                                                                        the Rocky Mountain Trench, the Columbia’s are
Daily Itinerary                              Mandatory pre-night in Banff. Please
                                                                                        technically not part of the Rockies, but run parallel
                                             consult a trip specialist to book.
Day 1: Depart from Banff by bus to                                                      to it and are a stunning and little-known collection
helipad; helicopter flight to your lodge     Activity Level: 1-5                        of peaks and ranges.
in the Bobbie Burns range; afternoon         Flexible. You choose your activity level
                                                                                        A typical day of heli-hiking: after a great sleep
helicopter and hike                          Comfort Level: Terrain varies              and hearty breakfast, our helicopter delivers us to
Days 2-3: Full days of heli-hiking;          depending on hikes chosen by you.
                                                                                        one of several possible starting points. We set out
exploring the Bobbie Burns range                                                        hiking and exploring, always at a comfortable pace,
Day 4: Fly to Grizzly Ridge and trek to      Accommodations                             with long or short, strenuous or leisurely hikes to
the Bugaboo Lodge                            2 comfortable lodges in the                choose from. Our guests, not our guides, set the
                                             mountains, all rooms with private          pace. Our guides are in constant communication
                                             bathrooms.                                 with the lodge’s helicopter, so we may take two or
                                                                                        three different hikes during the day. Our golden
                                                                                        rule is flexibility and adaptability.
                                                                                        Each day we immerse ourselves into different
                                                                                        terrains, which could include being dropped in
                                                                                        a meadow beneath a stupendous glacial cirque
                                                                                        for a morning hike followed by a picnic lunch.
                                                                                        With the help of our helicopter, we begin our
                                                                                        traverse around a cobalt lake, all the time soaking
                                                      Choose the hikes                  in the mountain beauty and solitude. In the late
                                                                                        afternoon, we fly back to the lodge for a massage,
                                                      which match your                  an outdoor hot tub soak or a sauna, a well earned,
                                                      ability, from easy                beautifully prepared dinner and some story
                                                      to challenging.                   swapping while sipping wine by the fireplace in our
                                                                                        comfortable lodge. We hope you can join us and
                                                                                        enjoy the magic that is heli-hiking.

                Call for our detailed itinerary: North America 1-800-741-7956 • UK 0808-234-1714 •

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