NDRRMC Update on Sitrep 1 re Effects of LPA East of Mindanao by gegeshandong


									        •    Alert levels have been raised in the following rain gauge stations due to
             increased water levels: Binahaan watershed (Pastrana) at alert level 3; San
             Benito, Dagami Station at alert level 2; and Sta. Elena in Tanauan and San
             Joaquin, Palo Station, both at alert level 1

       REGION X
        • Strong continuous rains
        • CDRRMC Surigao is experiencing light to moderate rains
        • LDRRMC Tago, Surigao del Sur reported that the Tago River is about to overflow
        • Kalinawan River and Lake Mainit, both in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, are closely
           being monitored due to continuous rise in water level affecting large areas of rice
           field and some residential structures
        • Barangay Alipao in Claver, Surigao del Norte is underwater


                    LOCATION                         INCIDENT                   REMARKS
       REGION V
       Bombon, Camarines Sur Hiway                Flooding      (Feb. Still passable to all types of
                                                  12, 2012)           vehicles
       REGION X
       Brgys 19, 20 and Santiago, all of Flashflood                    Residents in the said areas
       Gingoog City                                                    were evacuated
       Municipalities of Alegria, Claver and Flooding                  Residents in the affected
       Tubod, Surigao del Norte                                        areas were evacuated


       REGION X
        • On or about 2:00 AM, February 12, 2012, a flashflood occurred at Brgys 19, 20
           and Santiago, all of Gingoog City, due to strong continuous rains. As a result, a
           number of families were evacuated as listed in the table below:
                                              AFFECTED POP               EVACUATION
                                             Families Persons              CENTER
                 Gingoog City (3 Brgys)
                 1. Brgy 19                 33            172        Sta. Rita Church
                 2. Brgy 20                 14            40         Sta. Rita Church
                 3. Brgy Santiago           102           487        Brgy Hall
                                    TOTAL   149           699

        • Evacuation was conducted in following LGUs in the Province of Surigao del
           Norte due to flooding:
                                            No. of     No of Evacuees
              PROVINCE      MUNICIPALITY                                       Evacuation Center
                                            Brgys    Families Persons
                            Alegria           2          109       406     Brgy Hall
             Surigao del    Claver            1          45        225     Brgy Hall
             Norte          Tubod             1          12        39      San Pablo Day Care Ctr
                            TOTAL             4          166       670


                  LOCATION                     STATUS                 REMARKS
     Region V
     Junction DM-Legaspi-Sto.
                                             One lane       Other lane closed due to
     Domingo-Tabaco-Tiwi- Cam Sur
                                             open           landslide; clearing ongoing
     Brgy Rd, KM573-100, Tiwi, Albay
     Albay West Coast Rd (Paclas Sec.)
                                             Impassable     Flooded
     KM 491-493
                                                            deformed spillway - Polangui-
     Ligao-Tobaco Rd                         Impassable     Nasisi Prov’l Road as alternate

  • NDRRMC Operations Center maintains a RED ALERT STATUS and continuously
     monitored and disseminated 24 hour Public Weather Forecasts and Weather Advisories
     to all OCD Regions through SMS, facsimile and website for further dissemination to
     their respective Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (LDRRMCs)
     from the provincial down to the municipal levels.
  • Representatives from PAGASA, DILG, DSWD, DPWH, DOH, PCG, PNP and AFP are
     present at the NDRRMC OPCEN
  • Issued a Press Release dated 12 February 2012, 9:00 AM, about the Preparedness
     measures undertaken re Low Pressure Area and uploaded the same at the
     NDRRMC website
     • Continuously providing NDRRMC OpCen with updates on Weather Advisories for
       Tail-end of a Cold Front and Low Pressure Area (LPA), General Flood Advisories,
       Gale Warning and 24-Hour Weather Forecast
     • Detailed PAGASA Personnel at the NDRRMC OpCen for prompt coordination with
       their bureau especially with the Weather Forecasting Section, Weather Division
  B. Department of Health (DOH)
     • DOH HEMS Operation Center is still on Code White Alert and informed all Mindanao
       RHEMS Coordinator; stockpiled available medicines; pre-positioned medical
       response and health assessment teams; established a health network with PHO,
       DRRMCs, and DOH Medical Centers; and all DOH Representatives are closely
       coordinating with respective MDRRMCs
  C. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
     • DSWD field office staff is closely coordinating with the Social Welfare and
       Development (SWAD) teams in all the areas under their jurisdiction for any significant
       reports relative to the weather disturbance
     • PMB-DROMIC is closely coordinating with the DSWD-FOs concerned for significant
       reports caused by this weather disturbance
  D. Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)
     • Continuously disseminate weather updates and advisories to the LGUs; advises
       MLGOOs (Municipal Local Government Operations Officers) to go on 24-Hour duty
       and submit reports to DILG regional office if needed; and will implement pre-emptive
       evacuation in high risk areas if situation demands
  E. Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
     • Instructed the District Engineering Offices of Mindanao deploy Maintenance Point
       Persons (MPP) on sections prone to flooding and landslides. Likewise, prepare
       equipment to be used in the field such as road grader, bulldozer, backhoe, payloader,

       and dumptrucks in preparation for the weather disturbance that may hit their area of
 F. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
    • Sent out advisories to WESMINCOM and EASTMINCOM and major services;
      prepared DRTUs; liased with NDRRMC Operations Center, prepositioned forces
    • 8th ID covering the Islands of Cebu, Bohol, Biliran, Leyte and Samar are in close
      coordination with LGU DRU response units and Regional OCDs with established
      communication lines for information sharing. Air assets of TOG8, two (2) Philippine
      Navy boats in Tacloban and Catbalogan, five (5) rubber boats for Samar and Leyte
      with trained personnel for WASAR and medical team with van ambulance with oxygen
      tank on board normal goes with DRU together with a fire truck and firemen are on
    • As of Feb 12, the following assets of the 901st BDE were deployed in Albay and
      Catanduanes: 1 M35 truck and 4 EPs in Libon; 1 KM450 and 4 EPs in Oas; 1
      KM250, 1 KM450 and 8 EPs in Polangui; 2 KM250 and 4 EPs at APSEMO; and 1
      KM250, 1 KM450 and 15 EPs at Casagwa – 2 KM450 and 8 EPs are at H2IB for
      possible deployment in Ligao
    • NAVFORSOL assets were also deployed in Oas, Albay (1 M35 and 4 EPs) and
      APSEMO (1 M35 and 5 EPs on standby)
 G. Philippine National Police (PNP)
    • Directed all PROs to undertake precautionary measures and to submit regular
      situation reports to the PNP National Operations Center. They were likewise directed
      to coordinate with their respective RDRRMC and PDRRMC for other preparations
    • Issued a memorandum to all Regional Directors in regions likely to be affected and
      directing all BFP units personnel to be on standby
 I.   Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)
      • Coast Guard Action Center have directed all Coast Guard Districts to ensure high
        state of preparedness of their respective Stations, Detachments, and Operational
        Control Units and Disaster Response Assets; directed all District Commanders to take
        more proactive steps or measures in notifying or recalling fishermen before the onset
        of or during severe weather conditions

 J. Manila International Airport Authority
    • Cancelled a total of 22 local flights bound for Legaspi, Naga, Roxas and Surigao
      on February 12, 2012 due to bad weather

 • OCD V Opcen is on standby alert and continues to disseminate weather
   advisories to member agencies, media and concerned LDRRMCs for appropriate
 • Preventive evacuation was ordered in some areas in Polangui, Albay that are at
   risk for flooding
 • Suspended classes at pre-school level in the whole of Albay on February 13
 • PDRRMC Albay issued advisories and warnings to BDRRMCs for further
   dissemination to residents advising them to take precaution and be vigilant for
   possible occurrence of flood particularly those living near riverbanks and
   mountain slopes

 • OCD VII immediately issued Weather Advisory related to floods and other water-related
   disasters to all LDRRMCs, PNP Central Command, TARSIER (Bohol), and Kabalikat
   Civic Communication Group
 •   Regional Response Unit like Central Command – AFP, PNP, PRC, BFP, DPWH, and
     PCG were placed on heightened alert to allow preposition and mobilization of SAR
     equipment and volunteers
 •   PIA VII instigate SMS Full Blast Alert in support to the “end to end” early warning
 • RDRRMC8 continues to disseminate weather advisories to member agencies,
   media and concerned LDRRMCs and advised to take appropriate actions;
   coordinated with TOG8-PAF for possible rescue operation
 • PDRRMC Leyte raised warning level 3 and ordered the localities covered by the
   Binahaan watershed to conduct evacuation of residents living in highly
   vulnerable and identified flood-prone areas
 • CDRRMC Tacloban is conducting land survey of the landslide and flop-prone
   areas in its AOR
 • OCDX remains at Red Alert Status and maintains a 24/7 monitoring and dissemination
   of 24 hour Public Weather Forecast, General Flood Advisories, and Gale Warnings
   through SMS to RDRRMC member agencies, LDRRMCs, and local radio/TV stations in
   the region.
 • BDRRMC and CDRRMC Gingoog conducted validation and assessment to the
   flood-stricken areas
 • CSWD Gingoog provided relief assistance to the evacuees
 • RDRRMC Operation Center maintains a 24/7 monitoring and continues to disseminate
   24 hour Public Weather Forecast, General Flood Advisory, and Gale Warning through
   SMS to RDRRMC member agencies, LDRRMCs, and local radio/TV stations in the
 • PIA CARAGA assisted in disseminating advisories to its 172 networks
 • LDRRMCs of Surigao and Tago, Surigao del Sur is closely monitoring all flood
   indicators and advised all residents to be alert for possible landslides and flashfloods
 • LDRRMC Jabonga, Agusan del Norte declared Alert Level 1 and readied their
   evacuation centers for possible evacuation
 • All other LDRRMCs are on blue alert (Level 1) but no evacuation was issued
 • DILG, DSWD, DOH, DPWH and 36th and 29th IB of the AFP are on stand-by and
   monitoring the area


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