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					MCB Hawaii Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)


  Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) is
  designed to ensure victims and witnesses of crime are treated with fairness and
  dignity and are afforded their rights throughout the criminal justice process – from
  the first report of a crime through any period of confinement adjudged by a court-

  The Marine Corps VWAP instruction is contained at Chapter 6 of the
  LEGADMINMAN, click: MCO P5800.16A.

  Victim Witness Liaison Officer

  Captain Kristy N. Milton is the Victim and Witness Liaison Officer (VWLO) for MCB
  Hawaii and acts as the Commanding Officer, MCB Hawaii’s manager for the VWAP
  Program aboard the air station. In that capacity, Capt Milton chairs the VWAP
  Council, manages and maintains a list of all unit Victim Witness Assistance
  Coordinators and other base Victim Witness Representatives, provides liaison with
  local civilian services for victims of crime, tracks all services provided and is the
  central point of contact for the base program.

  Pursuant to Marine Corps Directives, each office or agency which provides services
  to victims and witnesses (see list below) appoints a Victim Witness Assistance
  Representative and each unit (Battalion and Squadron level and above) appoints a
  Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator (VWAC). The VWAC and other
  representatives are responsible for that unit or office’s part of the base VWAP.

  Capt Milton can be contacted at (808) 257-7085 or click here to email her.

                 Base Services For Victims and Witnesses

  Chaplain                                             (808) 257-5138
  The MCB Hawaii Chaplain offers counseling, religious ministries and related services
  to victims & witnesses upon request.

  Legal Assistance                                     (808) 257-6738
  The MCB Hawaii Legal Assistance Office provides legal assistance for family matters
  such as divorce and child support and can provide referral to civilian attorneys when

  Prosecution/Military Justice Office                  (808) 257-6750
  The MCB Hawaii Legal Service Center, Military Justice Office provides legal advice
  and support to all MCB Hawaii tenant commands in the prosecution of Marines and
  Sailors in general, special, and summary courts-martial. Rights and services
afforded by the military justice office to victims and witnesses during the criminal
trial process include:

The right to be present at all public court proceedings, the right to be contacted
about the proposed dismissal of any and all charges, the right to be consulted on
decisions not to prosecute, the right to be contacted regarding the proposed terms
of any negotiated plea, and the right to be notified of the acceptance of a guilty
plea, or any conviction, sentencing and imprisonment of the accused.

MCB Hawaii Criminal Investigation and Law               NCIS – (808) 257-1777
Enforcement                                             CID - (808) 257-1305/06
                                                        PMO – (808) 257-7114/2123
NCIS, CID and PMO provide investigative services for criminal offenses. Criminal
investigators and law enforcement personnel are responsible for providing victims
and witnesses of crimes with the initial information under the VWAP and ensuring
they have points of contact for all available services and assistance under the

Victim Advocacy Support Program                     (808) 257-7784/8857
MCB Hawaii’s Victim advocates respond to sexual assault and domestic violence
incidences 24/7 by providing supportive and advocacy services for the
victim. HOTLINE: 216-7175

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator                      Ms. Brenda Huntsinger

                                                     (808) 257-7777
Ms. Huntsinger, as the SARC, coordinates all the Sexual Assault Prevention and
Response (SAPR) activities about MCB Hawaii and is a point of contact for victims of
sexual assault.
Correctional Facilities (Brig)                        (808) 472-5610

Military brigs house inmates before, during, and after the trial. An accused service
member assigned to a MCB Hawaii command will placed into pretrial or post-trial
confinement at the Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, Detachment Pearl Harbor
(NAVCON Brig Miramar). As a victim or a witness, upon request you will be
afforded the right to receive notifications regarding changes in the status of an
inmate including: release, parole, transfer, and death.

Medical                                             (808) 473-0247
MCB Hawaii Branch Medical Clinic provides medical services for military personnel
and their dependents.

                               Victim’s Bill of Rights

      The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity
       and privacy.

      The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.

      The right to be notified of court-martial proceedings and any scheduling
          changes which will affect their appearance at court-martial.

         The right to be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense,
          unless the court determines that testimony by the victim would be materially
          affected if the victim heard other testimony at trial.

         The right to confer with trial counsel.

         The right to available restitution.

         The right to be notified of the apprehension of an accused, the initial
          appearance of an accused before a military judge, the release of the accused
          pending court-marital, and trial proceedings (including entry of guilty pleas).

         The right to receive information about the conviction, sentence,
          confinement, and release of the accused.

MCB Hawaii Unit Victim and Witness Assistance Coordinators (VWAC’s)
A Unit VWAC is the command’s primary point of contact for victim and witness
assistance matters. In conjunction with the VWLO, VWAC’s coordinate victim and
witness assistance matters within their individual units. Victims and witnesses
should not hesitate to contact their unit’s VWAC for more information, assistance, or
to help get in contact with victim and witness assistance services.

HQBN                   (808) 257-3294

1/12                   (808) 257-2164

           3d Reg       (808) 257-5512
1/3                    (808) 257-2290
2/3                    (808) 257-2581
3/3                    (318) 359-5413

           MAG-24      (808) 257-3222
HMH-363                (808) 257-4420
HMH-463                (808) 257-5708
HMH-362                (808) 257-9220

MCAF                   (808) 257-2013
MALS-24                (808) 257-1900
3 RADIO BN             (808) 257-2652
4 Force Recon          (808) 257-8942
MARFORPAC              (808) 257-8365

CLB-3               (808) 257-1558
CLC-35              (808) 257-1600
                                   Victims of Sexual Assault

   Victims of sexual assault are entitled to specialized assistance and services under the
   Marine Corps Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program. More
   information on the Marine Corps SAPR Program is contained on here.

   Please contact MCB Hawaii’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), Brenda
   Huntsinger (808) 257-7790 for assistance.



                                    VWAP Overview
                             DOD VWAP Council Webpage
                    Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice Website
                            Military and Civilian Resources
   National Information and Referral Resources for Crime Victim/Survivor Assistance
    Marine Corps VWAP instruction, Chapter 6, Legal Administration Manual (MCO
                            USMC VWAP Conf 2010 Binder

                                Transitional Compensation

                            Transitional Compensation Overview
                                     MARADMIN 314/00
                                     MARADMIN 398/04
                                     MARADMIN 202/06

VWAP Forms

DD2701   –   Initial Information for Victims and Witnesses of Crime
DD2702   –   Court-Martial Information for Victims and Witnesses of Crime
DD2703   –   Post-Trial Information for Victims and Witnesses of Crime
DD2704   –   Victim/Witness Certification and Election Concerning Inmate Status
DD2705   –   Victim/Witness Notification of Inmate Status
DD2706   –   Annual Report on Victim and Witness Assistance
DD2698   –   Application for Transitional Compensation

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