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					Navarra is a beautiful region in northern Spain bordering with Eastern
Pyrenees right near France. Navarra is a perfect vacation spot for
everybody filled with tons of outdoor activities, historical cites, and a
soothing temperate climate.

When it comes to history Navarra has it all. Some of these historical cites
include the Canada Real de las Provincias, the Santiago Path, the
Ignacio-Javier Loiola Path, Cathedral wineries, the historic path, aand the
Euskal Herria Path. Each of these cites provide not only education, but a
lot of fun for the whole family! Something Navarra is none for is the
Festival of San Fermin held in its capitol, Pamplona. The festival is on July
7th and it is the running of the bulls. During this festival Navarra is packed
with dancers, street performers, and entertainment for millions of people.

Navarra has excellent restaurants and is known for its special dishes such
as Iberian pork cheeks, glazed pork belly and fine potato purée, Filet of
hake on a base of cream of leeks and foie, cordon of beet and
strawberries, and much more. These dishes were all tasted and rewarded
at the Navarra Food Festival in New York and Washington D.C.

Lastly, for fun and adventurous (some safer than others) activities for the
whole family are very common. Navarra is known for outdoor sports like
cross-country skiing, climbing, caving, canyonning, and paragliding.

Overall, Navarra is a phenomenal place to stay! Hope you enjoy your trip!
El vino es muy importante para Navarra.

El festival de San Fermin es muy divertida
El festival de San Fermin es muy popular.

Es el pasillo historico de Navarra, Spain.
Sustantivos de Navarra es muy intersante.

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