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									                          CPD Social Care Team

                       A two day course
Suitable for:             All front line workers and managers in relevant
                          work settings, focusing on those working with
                          young people and adults.
Course Aims:              This introductory course will give an overview of
                          Autistic spectrum Disorders and associated
                          conditions, considering then impact on the
                          person’s life and the role of workers in
                          supporting people to lead fulfilled lives.
Learning Outcomes:                Participants will be able to:
                                        Explain what Autistic Spectrum
                                          Disorders (ASD) is, including
                                          Aspergers Syndrome, High
                                          Functioning Autism, Autism &
                                          Learning Disability and other
                                          associated conditions
                                        Demonstrate an understanding of
                                          the history of treatment of Autistic
                                          Spectrum Disorders, including the
                                          current government agenda
                                        Consider how ASD impacts on the
                                          life of the client and how this can
                                          influence behaviour, some of
                                          which may be challenging or
                                          difficult to understand
                                        Consider ways of communicating
                                          effectively with clients who have
                                        Consider their role in supporting
                                          clients who have ASD in order to
                                          lead fulfilling lives
Prerequisites/preparation None
This course provides      QCF – Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults):
knowledge for:            U it 28 – Introductory Awareness of the Autistic
                          Unit 26 – Understand how to support individuals
                          with Autistic Spectrum Conditions
Training Provider:        Faiers Training
Places available:         20
Dates:                    17th & 18th January 2012
                          28th & 29th February 2012
Time:                     9.30 to 4.30
Venue:                    The Credon Centre
Closing date for          5 weks before course date.

Please send              Training.Administration@newham.gov.uk
completed applications   Training Administration,
to:                      CPD – Social Care Team,
                         The Credon Centre,
                         Kirton Road,
                         London E13 9BT
                         If you have any queries regarding your application
                         please contact CPD Social Care Admin on 020 3373
                         6004 or 020 3373 6575
Cancellation Policy      Cancellation policy:
                         Please note that late cancellation and failure to
                         attend result in a cancellation fee of £100
                          Cancellation    Manager to inform CPD Social Care
                          more than 4     admin in writing.
                          weeks prior     (training.administration@newham.gov.uk)
                          to course       No fee
                          Cancellation    Manager to inform CPD – Social Care
                          within      4   admin in writing
                          weeks of the    (training.administration@newham.gov.uk)
                          course date     £100 per day fee applies
                                          A manager can substitute another
                                          applicant up to 3 days prior to the course
                                          No fee
                          Cancellation    If a participant cannot attend on the day
                          on the day      of the course they should notify their
                                          manager immediately.
                                          The manager should then inform admin
                                          by telephone no later than 30 minutes
                                          after the start of the course and this
                                          should be followed up in writing.
                                          £100 per day fee.
                                          In exceptional emergency circumstances
                                          such as illness, care for sick dependents
                                          or bereavement the cancellation fee will
                                          be waived at the discretion of the LODT

                          Late            Participants are expected to attend the
                          arrival/early   complete course. The trainer may refuse
                          leaving         entry to late arrivals and this will be
                                          counted as non attendance. This also
                                          applies to people leaving a course early.
                                          £100 per day fee.


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