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									What is Cognos 8.2 ReportNet
 Cognos 8.2 ReportNet is a eSchool-integrated reporting tool.
 Functionality is similar:
    Pre-defined reports
    Web-based report access to real-time information.
    Customizable interface for users to select prompt values.
    Multiple report output formats including PDF and Excel

3. Cognos Report Viewer
 Getting Started
      Logon to eSchoolPlus+.
      Click on       (Located on the left side under the
       eSchoolPlus+ folders).
      When you see the below screen, logon to ReportNet using the
       same user name and password as you use in eSchoolPlus+.

    Cognos Connection Default View

•    Successful login brings you to the screen above
     •    Public folders: Those folders that all users with permissions may access
     •    My Folders: Your personal workspace
•    You will see only the folders to which you have access
•    View can be toggled to detail or list view using the tools in the upper right corner of
     your screen
•    All districts and users can access the Standard DOE Public Reports Folder. Security
     and report templates are maintained by the DOE
•    Each district has its own Reports folder in which customized reports specific to the
     district created by either DOE or district staff. Security for this folder is controlled by
 Standard DOE Reports Folder
   IWR Reports have been
    converted to ReportNet templates
    and are organized by report area:

           Attendance Reports                       Guidance
           Career and Technical Ed.                 Labels
           Discipline                               Mark Reporting
           DOE HQT                                  Medical
           Dropout                                  Special Services
           DSTP                                     Student Information
           Transportation                           Unit Count

Standard DOE Reports are currently being validated. If you find errors with
report templates, please submit a techfix.

Navigating Folders in Cognos Connection
 Folders can be navigated just as they are in
  Windows Explorer. Simply click through each
  folder to access sub-folders. Folders are indicated
  with the yellow folder icon appearing to the left of
  the folder name:
 Report files are indicated with a report icon
  appearing to the left of the report name:

  Using the Toolbar
    The Toolbar is located in the upper right corner of
     your screen. Depending on your access to the
     folder you are in, you will see some or all of the
     icons shown below:

Refresh                Create   Create
Current     Toggle      New      New          Create   Cut   Copy
           Between               Job           New                                            Order
Screen                 Folder
          List View                            Page
          and Detail                   Create                       Paste
             View                    New URL                                        Set
                                     Link (Not                                   Properties

Home Button:
 Located at the upper right corner of the Cognos
  Connection screen, the “home” button will take you
  to the initial screen you see when you login.
 Click the down arrow and you can set any screen
  as your home screen.

    Running Reports Interactively
      To Access Report Directories, navigate through folders as you
       would in Windows Explorer. Folders are indicated with the yellow
       folder icon appearing to the left of the folder name:       Report files
       are indicated with a report icon appearing to the left of the report
           name:                                            Home

                                                           Report Actions Toolbar
Current Navigation Location

Running Reports Interactively
Executing Reports
 Option 1: Click Directly on Report Name
    This will execute the report and display it your
    default format based on your preferences. You
    will be prompted for any parameters the report
    has in its template.
 Option 2: Run with Options
    This option will allow you to choose formats:
    HTML, PDF, Excel, Comma Delimited, and
    XML. You may also select the language and
    delivery method. For delivery method, please
    choose “View the Report Now”. You will have
    the option to save reports from your screen.
    Choosing “Save the Report” saves a version to
    the ReportNet server, not your directory.
Running Reports Interactively:
Entering Prompt Information
 As with Cognos Impromtu, ReportNet enables customization
  of reports giving users the ability to filter reports by entering
  pre-defined prompt values such as: Current Building, Grade,
  or various date fields. Some prompts may be required,
  others are optional.
    Required prompts are indicated by an asterisk. Optional
      is indicated by the word “Optional”
    Users may have the option to select more than one option
      depending on the prompt.
    Prompts may be entered on various pages. Users will
      click through a navigation bar at the bottom of the page to
      access pages. The navigation buttons are Cancel, Back,
      Next, and Finish. Upon completion of the prompt pages,
      the report will execute and deliver in the format selected.

  Customizing Your Preferences

 At the upper most right-hand portion of your screen, you should see an
  option directly to the left of “launch” with a down-arrow to the right of it.
  Choose the down –arrow and select “My Preferences”.

  Customizing Your Preferences
 You will arrive at a
  page enabling you to
  customize you
  personal settings as
  shown to the right.
 Notice the default
  number of entries in
  list view is set to 15.
  Make it 99.
 Most of these
  options can probably
  left unmodified, but
  you may consider
  changing your report
  format to pdf. You
  will still have the
  option to generate
  reports in other
  formats such as
  Excel or PDF, but
  this will be the
  default setting.               12
Report Viewer Example
Running a Homeroom Listing Report
 Step 2: Navigate to Public Folders>Standard DOE Public
  Reports>Student Information Reports
 Step 3: Click the “Run with Options” button to the right of the
  Homeroom Listing Report:
 Step 4: Make sure your options appear as below:

 Choose “Run”

Report Viewer Example
Running a Homeroom Listing Report
 Step 5: Complete Prompt Page 1 and Select “Next”

Report Viewer Example
Running a Homeroom Listing Report
 Step 6: Complete Prompt Page 2 and Select “Next”

Report Viewer Example
Running a Homeroom Listing Report
 Step 7: Complete Prompt Page 3 and Select “Finish”. The report
  will then execute and open in pdf format.

Sample Report Page
To save you report, choose File>Save As and place it in the directory of your choosing.

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