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									1. Weather        ..........    Tammy Chan (1)
2. Sports         ..........   Tracy   Chan (2)
3. Home affairs   ..........   Janice Ho     (16)
4. Crime          ..........   Phoebe Lee (24)
5. Crime          ..........   Yuki    Lee   (25)
6. Crime          ..........   Mandy Leung(26)
Chan chui ting(1)
This is the world News. THE affairs occurrence is in November of
In the British north in the past two days because of is encroached
upon by the Strong breeze and pouring rain and cause flood
disaster, three people the Misery died, having another three people
the disappearance.
The British Royal air force started out the helicopter, will be
stranded the extrication in the region of the flood disaster
severity .The flood disaster alarm that everyplace sends out
amounts to 70 many times more.
The flood disaster that the pouring rain causes drowned several
power plants, causing to count ten thousand inhabitants the Mayday
can use. Because the weather still has no amendment evidence,
repairing the work can't carry on, these inhabitants have to
continue to suffer the bitterness of cutting the power the severed
Have three elder deaths up to now .The bad weather not yet passes
by; possibility of 12 days of future still has the pouring rain to
strike.                                        Chan chui ting(1)

     The new was about sports. Lt was happened on Tyrone Hill in
 Philadelphia. NBA legend Charles Barkley comes crashing gown
 after failing to block a shot by the Tyrone Hill.

    The –year–old Houston Rockets’ great ruptured a tendon in his left
knee and had to be helped off the court by teammates. The injury spells
the end of ; his 16 –year career in the NBA, although he was due to retire
at the end of the season. He will need surgery to repair the damage to his
 knee and is likely to be on crutches for several moths.

 “ I guess the big fella in the sky wanted me to finish right where I
 started , there were a lot of people here tonight who saw me play

 my last game .” said Barkley.                   2D Tracy Chan ( 2 )

         LEE YIM TING F.2D (25)
    The news was about trespassing . It was
happened on 5thOctomber,2004 in England. The
man was called Jason Hatch.
     On Tuesday HK time at London’s Buckingham
palace a member of Father 4 Justice Group broke at
the Buckingham palace, he lasted for five hours ,
police kept watching him . He is the Father of 4
Justice group which strives for father’s right to visiting
their kids .
    He stood at the balcony where the royal family
appears on ceremonial occasions . Finally the police
arrested him.

        2D Phoebe Lee(24)
 The news was about Crime.It was happened in Jakarta
   At 17th September,04,Thuesday,In
Jakarta,there was a bomb
attack.Indonesian police have found
letters outlining the suspect`s plans for a
deadly suicide bomb attack on the
Australian embassy in Jakarta.
 A few days before,the police had found letters for their parents said that
they were going to carry the suicide bombing out . National police chief
General Dai Bachtiar said after an emergeney cabimet meeting . General
Bachitar said police had discovered by suspected Islamic extremists
believed to be behind the attack . A car bomb outside the gate of the
embassy on Thursday killed nine Indonesians and more than 180others.
 A joint Australian Police and Indonesian police investigation
is focusing on Malaysian bomb makers.
                                                 2D Phoebe Lee(24)
     The news was about crime .It was happened
in September 14,Tuseday in Hong Kong .

   The part of the electron was stolen in the car
of Kowloon bay.

    The driver lost nine boxes of electrons, about
HK $500,000. The driver asked for help , and a
policeman was investigating it . The van driver was
very sad because he lost about $500,000
electrons .

    The van driver went to toilet and a robber
stole the electrons.

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