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Update re: Catastrophic Impairment Determinations
While striving to increase efficiency and comply with the new regulations, we are ensuring that our work remains
scientifically valid and respectful of the person.

Our services and the referral process
We provide determinations regarding all catastrophic criteria. These include: mental and behavioural impairments,
brain injuries/cognitive impairments, bodily impairments and combinations of multiple impairments utilizing a multi-
disciplinary team of highly experienced experts.

We conduct catastrophic impairment determinations in a variety of contexts. These include: completion of the initial
OCF 19 (signed by team physician or neuropsychologist as appropriate); review of an OCF 19 submitted by other
practitioners; provision of an opinion subsequent to an insurer denial of an application; and review of another multi-
disciplinary team’s catastrophic impairment reports.

We also provide testimony at arbitration and court.

We complete initial screening with each referral. Initial screening includes: high-level review of the available, relevant
file material; clinical screening interview; and administration of broad psychological assessment instruments. Fees for
the screening process are clarified in advance.

We consult with you to determine if further assessment/examinations are required. The screening provides
preliminary understanding of the patient’s pre-injury status, injuries, and identification of the impairments to be
considered. A proposal for multiple or single discipline specialized expert assessments/examinations and costs is
prepared and reviewed with the referral source.

The context shapes the funding options. Some may involve OCF 18 applications to the insurer for prior-approval.
Alternatively, the referral source may assume responsibility for payment.

We continue to welcome referrals to determine catastrophic impairment. To make a referral, please contact Brenda
Donahue or Jacqueline Swart, or use our web-based referral form at www.kaplanpsychologists.com/refer.

                                Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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