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									Samantha Paige Davis                                                                                                ℡

  C O M P U T E R S K I L L S - Strong background in computer programming, database management,and applications
  including Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.

Master of Public Policy
School of Public Affairs-American University,Washington, DC
    • Graduate Council- Chair of Community Service Committee

Bachelor’s of Science & Technology Business Adminstration
California University of Pennsylvania , California, PA
Honors: Overall GPA: 3.678/4.0, Magna Cum Laude, Board of Governors Scholar
                                                                                                     December 2009

Intensive Spanish & Liberal Arts Program
CEA Study Abroad, Veritas Universidad, San Jose, Costa Rica
    • Studied spanish, photography and completed over 40 hours of volunteer work
                                                                                                           Fall 2009

International Affairs Program
The Washington Center, Washington, D.C
Honors: New York Diversity Scholar
    • Studied International Development and Campaign Management
                                                                                                      Summer 2009

Program Intern
Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families-Silver Spring, MD
                                                                                               September 2010-Present
    • Writing publications: Healthy Men, Healthy Community Newsletter, HMHC Annotated Bibliography and
        Making the Links;
    • Assisting in the planning and implementation of Grantmakers' 25th Annual Conference;
    • Updating Website, adding significant resources on child, youth and family issues to its content;
    • Handling logistics (scheduling, set-ups, invites) for webinars, and creating materials and mail outs for
        conferences and funder’s briefings.
Project Manager
Windows of Hope-Mlk Mural, City of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh, PA-
    • This project provided at-risk children with the tools and training to research and design positive and
        historically significant artwork, which they themselves painted onto the boards that the city installed onto the
        windows of abandoned homes in low-income communities.

    •    Planned and implemented a community service project, partnering with the City of Pittsburgh and
         3 well known local NGO’s
    •    Sought donors, receiving over $30,000 of funding (in-kind and monetary support)
    •    Worked with 100 youth, artist and volunteers, painting 150 plywood boards that were installed on the
         windows and doors of 60 units in low-income communities in Pittsburgh
    •    Recruited 40 volunteers that dedicated in total over 400 hours of service
    •    Wrote press releases and engaged in several interviews conducted by local media

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Samantha Paige Davis                                                                                             ℡

Substitute Teacher
St. Benedict, St. Agnes-Catholic Schools   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
                                                                                          February 2009-June 2010
    •   Led classes of 20 plus students in all academic subjects, grades K-7 ;
    •   Carried out existing lesson plans and facilitated day to day schedule;
    •   Prepared extracurricular activites.
Americorps Member
Americorps Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                               January 2009 – August 2010
   • Commited to 675 hours of service hours at a local NGO and 30 additonal volunteer hours;
   • Provided mentoring/ tutuoring to and developed and implemented community service projects with ups of 30
   • Recruited 15 volunteers to participate in community service events;
   • Sough grant opportunities for service projects
Early Childhood Development Research Assistant:
Save the Children Washington, D.C                                                          June 2009 - November 2009
    • Sat on the planning committee for the 4th Annual ECD Conference-in Dakar, Senegal. Reviewing and
         selecting proposed presentations and writing samples on innovative guides and tools for ECD in Africa.
         Responsible for maintaining communication with, responding to questions and updating presenters,
         prospective attendees and journalist on any changes, creating excel spreadsheets, databases and matrices;
    • Assisted in the development of the conference web site, creating documents and contributing to effective
         visual imagery;
    • Sought creditable companies, negotiated prices and secured purchases of necessities for the ECD Conference.
    • Coordinated webinar series with Save’s directors, alliance members, and specialist of the ECD programs;
    • Researched significant ECD issues and drafted an issue brief for the Policy and Advocacy Department;
    • Researched indicators, monitoring and evaluation techniques for ECD.
Program Development Intern:
Visions In Action Washington, D.C                                                            June 2009 - August 2009
    • Led the planning of VIA’s 20th Anniversary Gala, reserved venues, invited speakers, negotiated pricing,
         arranged catering, modified guest lists, etc;
    • Organized two successful fund raising events;
    • Sought grant opportunities primarily from corporate donors and met with prospective partners from other
         NGO’s, drafting plans for possible collaboration with AfriCare to start an educational project in Kenya;
    • Researched issues in Sub-Saharan Africa for potential projects/programs.
Lead Teacher:
Schenley Heights Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                                     June 2002 - August 2008
    • Tutored/mentored and taught over 100 children from low-income communities in Pittsburgh
    • Planned and organized class activities in reading, writing, math, computers, theology and music;
    • Attended trainings conducted by certified education professionals on a monthly basis;
    • Worked with staff, parents and students to maintain a fun, well-structured, educational environment;
    • Prepared a poetry curriculum for grades 2nd-8th, consisting of delivery skills and various writing styles;
    •     Prepared a curriculum of the art and history of mime for grades K-4th.


                            •    Volunteer- Women for Women International-Washington, D.C 2009
                            •    Volunteer- Alajuelita Orphanage- San Jose, Costa Rica 2009
                            •    President - Young & Gifted Gospel Choir - California, PA 2008
                            •    Member- Theta Iota Chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota National Honors Society 2008
                            •    President- African American CAS Symposium-Pittsburgh, PA 2005-2007

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