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        Suzanne Collins

                      PART I: THE TRIBUTES
                            CHAPTER 1 (0:00:00 – 0:35:00)

                      Match the characters with their descriptions.

1. Gale                                 _____ A. used to run an apothecary
2. Effie Trinket                        _____ B. a previous District 12 victor
3. Madge                                _____ C. has her name entered in the reaping once
4. Haymitch Abernathy                    _____ D. Madge’s father
5. Peacekeepers                          _____ E. Katniss’s hunting partner
6. Katniss Everdeen                     _____ F. killed in a mine explosion
7. Primrose (Prim) Everdeen              _____ G. reads out the names of the tributes at the
8. Katniss’s father                     _____ H. doesn’t need to sign up for tesserae
9. Katniss’s mother                     _____ I. the narrator of the novel
10. Mayor Undersee                       _____ J. guard and keep order in District 12

                           Match the places with their descriptions
1. the Seam                              _____ A. the black market in District 12
2.   Panem                               _____ B. a poor part of District 12 where Katniss
     and her family live
3. the Capitol                           _____ C. the reaping is held there
4. the Hob                               _____ D. the country where the novel is set
5. the square                            _____ E. the ruling city of Panem

                       THE HISTORY OF THE HUNGER GAMES
                Complete the gaps with the words and numbers listed below.
1, 12, 13, 13th, 24, Capitol, victor, girl, Panem, uprising, Dark Days, arena, boy,
North America, tributes, Hunger Games
(A)_________, which was created on the territory of what used to be (B)_________,
originally comprised (C)_________ districts centred around the Capitol. During the
(D)__________ the districts rebelled against the (E)__________. (F)_________ were
defeated and the (G)_________ was completely destroyed. (H)__________ are a reminder of
the Dark Days. In punishment for the (I)__________ each of the 12 districts is required to
provide two (J)__________, one (K)_________ and one (L)_________ to participate in the
event. The (M)__________ tributes are imprisoned in a vast outdoor (N)__________. Over a
period of several weeks they have to fight to the death until only (O)_________ of them
remains. He or she becomes the (P)__________.

                          CHAPTER 2 (0:35:00 – 0:59:12)
                               Choose the correct answer.
                 1. Katniss becomes a tribute because ____________.
                  a) Prim bursts into tears and begs her to step forward
                     b) she doesn’t want Prim to steal all the glory
                        c) she volunteers in order to save Prim
                    d) her mother persuades her to take Prim’s place

      2. In reaction to Katniss’s bold act, the people of District 12 ____________.
                                    a) laugh at her
                              b) pay her their silent respect
                                    c) applaud her
                                   d) whistle at her

 3. Katniss’s previous encounter with Peeta Mellark took place at the time when she
                        and her family were dying of ____________.
                                         a) cold
                                        b) the flu
                                     c) pneumonia
                                      d) starvation

                       4. Peeta Mellark is a _____________ son.
                                      a) butcher’s
                                       b) grocer’s
                                       c) baker’s
                                      d) Peacemaker’s

           5. Peeta saves Katniss and her family by giving her ____________.
                                          a) bread
                                         b) a rabbit
                                        c) a blanket
                                        d) medicines

                             CHAPTER 3 (0:59:12 – 1:23:54)
                                     Complete the gaps.

►While she is kept in the Justice Building, Katniss has several visitors:
-   The first two visitors are (A) ____________ and (B)____________.
-   (C)______________, who brings Katniss (D) _____________.
-   (E)______________, who gives Katniss (F) _____________.
-   (G)______________, who instructs Katniss to get a (H) _____________ to fight with in
    the arena.

►Katniss and Peeta travel to the Capitol by (I) _____________. They are accompanied by
(J) _____________ and (K) ______________.

►During the journey, Katniss notices that the (L) _____________ which she has received
from (M) _____________ is in the shape of a mockingjay. The mockingjay can replicate
both (N) ____________ whistles and (O) ____________ melodies.

►At supper, (P) _____________ compliments Katniss and Peeta on their table manners.
After the meal, they watch (Q) ______________ on television.

►(R) ____________ admonishes Katniss and Peeta for making fun of (S) _____________,
their mentor. He is the one who is supposed to (T) _____________ them, line up their (U)
_____________ and dictate the presentation of any (V) ______________.

                             CHAPTER 4 (1:23:54 – 1:48:00)
                                      Do the crossword.


                        2. He vomits all over himself on the train.

         4. Katniss learnt about edible plants from her mother’s ____________.

         5. The baker traded bread for the _____________ hunted by Katniss.

      7. This flower reminds Katniss of the time when she started gathering plants.

                    9. The first animal that Katniss killed on her own.

                 10. The rich people who back tributes with their money.

               12. Katniss throws it into the seam between the wall panels.

                      13. The fruit that the mayor was very fond of.

                     15. Katniss throws them out of the train window.


                       1. Katniss was named after a ___________.

            3. Katniss drinks hot ___________ for the first time in her life.

 5. Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta not to resist whatever their ____________ do to

                                   them in the Capitol.

6. Peeta waves and smiles at the people at the train station in the Capitol because chances

                         are that one of them is ____________.

             8. Haymitch's advice to Katniss and Peeta is: ‘Stay _________!’

11. Haymitch makes a __________ with Katniss and Peeta; if they don’t interfere with his

                                   drinking, he’ll help them.

14. Haymitch says that the ___________ on Peeta’s cheek will make him look tough in the

                 CHAPTER 5 (1:48:00 – 2:11:08)
             Match the characters with the quotations.

A. Cinna

B. Flavius

C. Katniss
D. Octavia

E. Peeta

F. Venia

1. _____ “I’ll rip off your cape if you’ll rip off mine.”
2. _____ “Of course you don’t, you poor darling!”
3. _____ “It didn’t show. I’m sure no one noticed.”
4. _____ “Sorry! You’re just so hairy!”
5. _____ “With all that alcohol in him, it’s probably not advisable to have him around an
      open flame.”
6. _____ “I asked for District 12.”
7. _____ “Portia and I think that coal miner thing’s very overdone.”
8. _____ “I think he said for us to hold hands.”
9. _____ “Excellent! You almost look like a human being now.”
10. _____ “We don’t have much cause to look nice in District 12.”
11. _____ “You’re not afraid of fire, are you Katniss?”
12. _____ “No, don’t let go of me!”
13. _____ “If there’s one thing we can’t stand, it’s a whiner!”
14. _____ “Who did your hair?”
15. _____ “Remember, heads high. Smiles. They’re going to love you!”

                                CHAPTER 6 (2:11:08 – 2:34:55)
                                   Choose the correct answer.

1. Effie and Haymitch ______________.
a)    leave Katniss and Peeta at the Training Centre and return to District 12
b)    stay at the Training Centre but are separated from Katniss and Peeta
c)    split up their roles; Effie acts as an advisor to Katniss, Haymitch coaches Peeta
d)    stay with Katniss and Peeta until the beginning of the Games

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