The Diary of Anne Frank written by Anne Frank by dffhrtcv3


									The Diary of Anne Frank
 written by: Anne Frank
       Tiffani Ray
       Mrs. Ebert
          About Anne Frank
• Is a young girl who
  goes into hiding
  during the holocaust
• Birthday: June 14,
• Nickname: In school
  she was called miss
  quack quack by her
  teachers because of
  witty remarks.
          Anne Frank cont.
• She is a very deep
  person with a kind
  heart and soul.
• She was liked by
  many people in
               Anne Frank cont.
• She was 13 years old when
  she went into hiding with her
• She is very opinionated
  especially in the beginning of
  the book.
• She is sad that she can’t go
  outside, see her friends, or
  do most of the normal things
  teenagers do.
• During the book, she feels
  alone and completely
  different from everyone else
  in the “Secret Annex”. Until
  she starts talking to Peter.
         Anne Frank cont.
• After talking to
  Peter, Anne had a
  complete attitude
• She was more
  open, happier,
  understanding, and
     Before Going Into Hiding
• In 1933 the franks
  left Frankfurt.
• The family split.
• The Mrs. Frank
  took the girls with
  her to Aachen and
  lived with Mrs.
  Frank’s mom.
 Before Going Into Hiding cont.
• They frank family
  reunited in the
  spring of 1934 in
• Anne lived a normal
  life even after new
  laws made her
  change schools.
               Secret Annex
• The Frank family went
  into hiding into the
  secret annex when
  Margot, Anne’s older
  sister, was called to go
  to a concentration
• The secret annex was a
  small part of an office
  building where Otto
  Frank, Anne’s dad. used
  to work
                 Secret Annex
• The secret annex door is
  hidden behind a small
• The book case leads to a
  stairway which goes to
  the secret annex.
• The secret annex would
  be a hard place to live in.
• The Frank family has a
  hard time living in the
  very limited space of the
  secret annex.
                In Hiding Rules
1.   Share what you have
2.   Little to no talking
3.   If you talk whispers only
4.   No flushing during work
5.   No running water during
     work hours
6.   Little to no movement
     during working hours
              House Guests
• Otto Frank: Anne’s
  father, an optimistic
  ,helpful, leader, and a
  hopeful, kind-hearted
  person. His nickname
  is Pim.
• Edith Frank: Anne’s
  mom, a kind, confused
• Margot Frank: Anne’s
  older sister, an odd,
  lonely, sad girl.
          House Guests cont.
• Peter Vandaan: A shy,
  thoughtful, opinionated,
  and honest young man.
  In the book he becomes a
  friend of Anne’s.

• Mrs. Vandaan: A
  flirtatious, stingy, and
  disagreeable person. Her
  nickname is petronella.
            House Guests cont.
• Mr. VanDaan: He is an
  intelligent, opinionated,
  temperamental smoker.
  He can’t stop smoking. He
  fights with his wife
• I think it’s ironic that The
  VanDaans have
  completely different
          House Guests cont.
• Moschi: Peter’s loving
  affectionate cat.
• Dussel: A dentist who
  thinks he is all that. He
  claims he is good with
  children, he doesn’t
  know a thing about
  children. He has a bad
  personal hygiene. He
  is a controlling person.
          House Helpers
• Miep Gies
• Mr. Koophuis
• Mr. Kraler
           Household Fights
• The Vandaans
  always fight over
  everything no
  subject is off-limits.
• The Vandaans and
  the Franks fight
  about Anne and her
          Household Fears
• Anne is afraid of
  the bombs.
• Peter is afraid of
  the being captured.
• Mrs. Frank is afraid
  of being the war
  never ending.
       Household Hopes

• War to end
• Going outside
• Having a
    Household Hopes cont.
• Having a
• Having a
  normal life
              In The End
• All of the people in
  the secret annex
  died except Otto
• Anne and Margot
  died just a few days
  short of the end of
  the war.
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