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					Google adsense approval tricks
If you follow this tricks before applying for google adsense account, your adsense account will approve. Some blogger is
not approved for adsense account but they don,t know why. But if you build your blog correctly, your account will be
approved. Just follow this tricks and you can approve your adsense account every time.
1. Create a blog or website.
2. Post unique content.
3. Your blog address should be top level domain. (Like: .com)
4. Choose content for your blog, which are very popular. (Like: Health care/ news)
5. Optimize your site or blog in all search engine (Like: Google, Yahoo)
6. On page optimization must be completed.
7. Your blog should be nice to look.


What Do You Need To Get In?
    Somewhat Traffic.
    6 Months Old Domain if you’re Indian.
    Suitable Content
I’m Not gonna write the whole policy of Google Adsense. Because i’m Going to tell you how to get Google Adsense Approval?
So Many of Us are still waiting for Google Adsense approval and getting failed because of Strict Policies.
So here is what you have to do:-
    Go To
    Sign Up for an Account.
    Upload 2-3 PDF Files.
    Upload Avatar.
    Fill up your Profile.
    Submit Application to Google Adsense through Docstoc.
    Accept TOS.
    Wait 2-3 Days.
If everything is done as it should be your Google Adsense Account will be approved within 2-3 Days.
Here is a Video:-

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