MMA finds a voice in Internet radio UFC veteran and crew pull no

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					                       MMA finds a voice in Internet radio
       UFC veteran and crew pull no punches, deliver raw commentary daily

Las Vegas, NV – Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the country,
and fans are hungry for news about their favorite MMA fighters from inside and outside
the cage.

This is what Las Vegas local Pride and UFC veteran Frank Trigg along with co-hosts
Gorgeous George and Goze provide their rapidly growing fan base daily from 9-10 am
PST during their Internet-based radio show - TAGG RADIO. The raucous trio gives
listeners the latest MMA news, in-depth interviews, fight predictions and analysis in a
laid-back repartee akin to the “Man Show.”

And colorful banter aside, the site and the show produces rather intriguing discussions
appealing to MMA diehards and casual fans alike.

“We bring together people who are not only passionate about MMA but extremely
knowledgeable from a first-hand perspective,” said Brian Garcia, a.k.a Goze. “We’re the
only daily radio show featuring a professional fighter as a co-host.”

And they make sure all aspects of the sport are covered. In addition to interviewing top
fighters like Randy Couture, Matt Serra, Ken Shamrock, Babalu Sobral and Royce
Gracie, the TAGG RADIO crew has also featured some of MMA’s top personalities and
key players like judges, coaches, cut men and other experts.

Listeners have tuned into interviews with the likes of UFC judge Richard Bertrand,
MMA journalist Loretta Hunt, the UFC broadcast team: Joe Rogan, Mike Goldberg,
Eddie Bravo, and Bruce Buffer, and established women fighters like Lisa King of the
Oxygen Channel’s Fight Girls series. This Thursday, the guys will host internationally
known UFC referee “Big” John McCarthy.

The show launched in April and has already produced an avid following. The guys
attribute the show’s success to the fact that it’s really much more than a radio show – it
gives fans the chance to really get to know their favorite fighters.
Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments and can also log in to a
chat room (TAGG RADIO Combat Chat) where featured fighters have been known to
show up to rap candidly with fans.

The website also offers a forum, fighter rankings and a free archive of all past shows.

One other aspect that sets TAGG RADIO apart from other radio shows and further displays the
team’s commitment to the sport and its development is the fact that the show sponsors local
fighters like Frank Trigg, Tiki Ghosn, Gilbert Melendez, Cub Swanson, Michael Guymon and
“Fight Girls” fighters Felice Herrig and Lisa King.

“No other radio show sponsors local fighters,” said Goze. “We feel we owe it to the
MMA community to support new talent and take established talent to new places.”

Brothers Goze and Gorgeous George were inspired to launch the show after their friend,
Ryan Bennett, who was considered a pioneer in MMA broadcast radio, was killed in a car
accident. Bennett co-hosted a show with Trigg. After the accident, the brothers convinced
Trigg to return to the radio waves and the trio was established.

Trigg is a veteran MMA fighter having competed in notable promotions such as Pride
FC, UFC, Shooto, WFA and Icon sport. Trigg has won world titles at WFA and Icon - at
two different weight classes. He's currently ranked #9 on the TAGG RADIO top ten

A former professional gambler, Gorgeous George hails from Orange County, Calif., and
has been an avid MMA fan since the early 90’s.

A top Myspace blogger and featured writer for, Goze boasts a cult
following in the MMA community which has been further established by his interviews
with top fighters such as Phil Baroni, Mayhem Miller and Frank Trigg, to name a few.

For more information and to tune in, visit


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