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 165-185 Cottage Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 (617) 889-2002                                                        2011 Fall Newsletter

                                                     New Site Staff                            want to see happen with the reconstruction.
                                                                                               The insurance company has stated they will
                                                                                               forward $75,000 to the Association for repairs.
                                                           The Board would like to
                                                                                               Contracts for the new garage drop ceiling and
                                                           welcome Amber David as our
                                                                                               the new lighting have been signed and work
                                                           new site coordinator.
                                                                                               has commenced on some of the projects.
                                                          Amber       has      experience
                                                                                               To speed up projects, the Association has also
                                                          throughout            numerous
                                                                                               taken out a line of credit so that the deposit
                                         industries and has years of office experience.
                                                                                               requirements can be fulfilled for each project
                                         She is new to the property management
                                                                                               contract. The line of credit allows the
                                         industry, and in her brief experience, she has
                                                                                               Association to draw only what is needed and
                                         already demonstrated her ability as a hard
                                                                                               pay down the line once the insurance money is
                                         worker who is willing to do what it takes to get
                                         the job done. Amber has also been excellent at
                                         letting owners know that when she does not
                                                                                               All expectations are that repairs will be
                                         have the answer, she will get it and contact the
                                                                                               complete within the next 6 weeks. However,
                                         resident with the appropriate response. So
                                                                                               we ask that owners be patient during this
                                         please be patient while she learns about Mill
                                         Creek as well as condominium property
Sandro Frattura                                                                                As a reminder, any owner who has damage
Jonathan Merin                                                                                 that exceeds $20,000 in their individual unit
Stephanie Carrigg                        In addition, the site has hired a new
                                                                                               will   need    to    contact    Crowninshield
Greg Duff                                maintenance technician, Albie Sheridan. Albie
                                                                                               Management and notify Morgan Gager so that
Rachel Vaughan                           has been working in property maintenance for
                                                                                               you can be added to the master policy claim.
                                         more than 10 years and has extensive general
                                         maintenance experience. Albie has brought an
Site Staff                               extremely positive attitude and work ethic to            Property Lighting Plan
Albie Sheridan - Maintenance             the position and we are very pleased with his
Amber David – Site Coordinator           performance during the last few months.
                                                                                                           Over the next few days, residents
Management Company                                                                                         will see additional lighting being
                                         A special thank you to both Albie and Amber
Crowninshield Management Corp.                                                                             added to the rear of building 175,
                                         during their response to the 175 flood and the
Morgan Gager, Property Manager                                                                             new pole lights around the circle
                                         extra hours they worked to try and make sure
18 Crowninshield Street                                                                                    and new lighting along Cottage St.
                                         the situation was contained and owners were
Peabody, MA 02169                                                                             The new lighting will brighten up the complex
                                         notified of what was going on. If you see them
(978) 532-4800 x333                                                                           and Cottage St. This was one of the projects
                                         around, please give them a warm welcome to
millcreek@crowninshield.com                                                                   that owners voted to implement.
                                         the Mill Creek community.
 In this issue…
                                                Financial Summary                                        Water Heaters
   New Site Staff
                                                                                               The site office has received a few reports of
   Financial Summary                                       During this time of the year
                                                            the Board starts to look at        water heaters that have started to leak. This is
   175 Garage Ceiling                                      the annual expenses and            a very serious issue and owners need to take
                                                                                               the proper pre cautions with their water
   175 Interior Repairs                                    create the budget for 2012.
                                                                                               heaters. The average life of any water heater is
   175 Insurance Claim Update                                                                 about 7 years, though their lifespan will vary
                                          At this time, it is too early to determine any
                                                                                               depending on model. It is recommended that
   Insurance Deductible Update           condominium fee increase for 2012. Owners
                                          will receive new coupon books within the first       all owners check their water heaters regularly
   Snow                                                                                       and look for any water dripping or signs of
                                          two weeks of December for fiscal year 2012.
   Water Heaters                                                                              failure. With each building
                                                                                               containing over 70 water heaters,
   Dishwasher Detergent                    Insurance Claim Update                             the chances of one failing on any
   Property Lighting Plan                                                                     given     day     and      needing
                                          The last few weeks have been a busy week in          replacement is high.
   Parking                               terms of the insurance claim. The local
                                          inspectors have started to direct the electrician    When replacing a water heater,
   Permits
                                          and the garage ceiling contractor on what they       owners may want to look into
           Mill Creek has a new website for unit owners! www.millcreekchelsea.com
  165-185 Cottage Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 (617) 889-2002                                                                   2011 Fall Newsletter

 various tankless options. Tankless options have
 many advantages. They are more costly to
                                                                      Permits                            To utlizie the 10 limited spaces that are available
                                                                                                         to Mill Creek residents, residents must sign up
 purchase, but in the long term they are far less                                                        at the Mill Creek site office and receive a special
                                                     Owners on the second floor that are ready to
 expensive to operate and maintain.                                                                      parking pass. To receive a passs, owners must
                                                     begin repairs are required to get all applicable
                                                                                                         show proof of residency, give the site a copy of
                                                     Building Permits filed prior to any work
     Insurance Deductible                            commencing. The Board is encouraging
                                                                                                         your vehicle registration, show a photo ID and
                                                                                                         agree to the parking guidelines set forth by the
                                                     individual unit owners to visit the Chelsea
                                                                                                         owner of the parking lot.
              Some good news regarding the           Building Department personally in order to
              insurance policy & deductible for      procure these permits. As a reminder, when a
                                                                                                         Special thanks go out to our neighbor for
              2011-2012, the insurance agent         contractor or owner secures a permit, that
                                                                                                         providing the additional parking that will help
              was able to get the policy             permit must be posted on the front door of
                                                                                                         alleviate parking confusion at the site.
renewed while saving the Association                 your unit at all times. The building inspector
approximately $6,000 and reducing the                may require two permits, a demolition permit
                                                                                                         As a reminder, residents are not permitted to
deductible down to $5,000 per incident. This         and a construction permit, before your
                                                                                                         park in anyone’s deeded space without
was a major surprise to us, especially in light of   contractor can start the repair work. These
                                                                                                         permission from the owner of the space.
what just happened in 175.                           permits have fees associated with them that the
                                                                                                         Residents risk getting their vehicle towed when
                                                     Building Department will explain.
                                                                                                         they are parked in another owners space.
The new insurance company is CNA Insurance.
Bonacorso Insurance Agency is still the              The Association reserves the right to fine any
insurance agent and they can be reached at           unit owner who does not have proper permits in           175 2nd Floor Repairs
(781) 273-3200. In addition, at this time banks      hand prior to any work commencing. The
are sending out their annual proof of insurance      Association also will consider fines for any unit   The Association is in the process of collecting
request. If you receive one of these letters from    owner who has a permit but has not correctly        bids for the 175 2 floor repairs. Once bids have
your bank, you can contact Bonacorso Insurance       posted it. Should the Association become aware      been received and approved, reconstruction
directly and they will get you the proper            of work proceeding in a unit, and the permit is     work will begin as soon as possible. Despite
documentation.                                       not posted, the Association will contact the        being told by the Building Inspector that no
                                                     Building Department to inquire as to whether        work could be done in units until the 2 floor
        175 Garage Ceiling                           permit(s) are on file. There will be no warning
                                                     issued. Please understand this is a very serious
                                                                                                         hallway sheetrock was repaired, the 175 owners
                                                                                                         made it known, at the meeting, that the building
                                                     issue and no further work can occur at Mill         inspector has given out building permits to
The Association has now settled on Lake
                                                     Creek without proper permitting.                    contractors doing work in individual units.
Contracting to repair the 175 garage ceiling.
Lake Contracting received the proper building
permits on October 12 , and will begin work on
                                                                      Parking                            If owners are waiting to begin work, we
                                                                                                         recommend that you go individually or with
October 15 . The first step will be the full
                                                                                                         your contractor to the city hall and apply for a
demolition of the metal garage ceiling frame.                     A recent memo has been displayed
They will then install the new drop down ceiling                  in building 175 notifying owners of
supports and tiles.                                               a temporary parking solution while
                                                                  the 175 garage is closed. Our
During the construction there will be a                           neighbors on the corner of Cottage
construction dumpster place onsite. Residents        St. have been kind enough to let owners at Mill
need to understand that the construction             Creek use their parking lot during off-business
dumpster is for construction debris only. No         hours.
other items can be discarded into the dumpster
at anytime!! Owners will also need to stay out of
the garage during the demolition due to risk of                                       Dishwasher Detergent
injury. Generally, work is not allowed during the
weekends, but the Association has allowed
them to start work on the weekend in an                 Have you noticed that your dishes are not as clean as they were just a short time ago when they
attempt to fast track the repairs.                      come out of the dishwasher? Do you know why? Is it the detergent or the dishwasher?

Once the repairs are completed and the Building         Turns out that a new government mandate has required that all phosphates be removed from
Inspector ahs approved the garage for use,              dishwasher detergents. Phosphates have been a key ingredient in dishwasher soap for decades,
residents will be allowed back in the garage for        but as a result of a new government mandate, companies have removed the ingredient in all of
parking.                                                their dishwasher soap products. As a result, you may need to experiment with different
                                                        detergents until you find one that does the trick.

             Mill Creek has a new website for unit owners! www.millcreekchelsea.com

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