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                                                                                               ISO 14001-2004
                                                                                              Reg.No. RE91 / 3105

Tel: 07109 –263850 (P)                                                                Chief General Manager (GT)
   : 07109 –262737 (O)                 KORADI TRAINING CENTRE                         Koradi Training Centre,
   : 07109 –262167 (F)                (ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 UNIT)         Koradi, Nagpur- 441111.

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 No. KTC /Gr-I / Fl.No. 151/ 0404
 The Chief General Manager, Mahagenco,
                                                                           Date: 10.04.2010

               (O&M) Nasik/ Bhusawal/ Koradi/ Khaperkheda/ Parli/ Chandrapur/ Uran/ Hydro/ Paras
               (Project) Bhusawal/ Koradi/ Khaperkheda/ New Parli
               (Hydro), Mahagenco, Mumbai.
 The Chief General Manager (F&A/RC/P&P/Works/Stores/Civil-I/II), Mahagenco, Mumbai/Nagpur
 The General Manager (O&M), Mahagenco, Pophali
               (Project) Mahagenco, Paras
               (Hydro), Mahagenco, Pophali.
               (T.I.& C.) Mahagenco Nagpur
 The Supdtg Engineer (O&M), Mahagenco, HPC, Pune/ Nashik,

 Sub:       Standard Work Procedures for TSCs and pending tasks list.

            Please find enclosed herewith the standard procedures for routine training related
 activities/ office works and the list of various letters sent to TSCs by KTC indicating the tasks
 pending at TSCs for needful actions.

             It is requested to take review of these activities and inform this office the current
 status of these at the earliest.

 Enclosure:              1. Standard Work Procedures
                         2. List of pending tasks.

                                                             Chief General Manager, (Trg.)
                                                       MAHAGENCO:KTC: Koradi.
 Copy submitted w. r. to,
        Director (Projects)/ (Operations)/ (Finance),MSPGCL, Mumbai
        Executive Director (O&M)-I/II, MSPGCL, Mumbai /Nagpur
        Executive Director (Projects)-I/II, MSPGCL, Mumbai/ Koradi
        Executive Director (HR)/ (Finance), MSPGCL, Mumbai
 Copy forwarded w. c. to,
        CGM (Technical), MSPGCL, Mumbai
        CGM (HR) MSPGCL, Mumbai
        CGM (Training) MSPGCL, NTC, Nasik – along with statement/details related to pending tasks
 Copy to,
        SE (Trg), NGTC, MSPGCL, Nasik
                 Statement/details related to pending tasks

S.N.                                        Subject Matter
 1     Applicability of Standard procedure for office working at all TSCs in
       In view to ensure proper establishment of TSC and regular supervision over activities
       at TSC, it is necessary to assign specific responsibility to supervise each TSC to
       identified staff in MTC. Written order for incorporating such responsibility in work
       distribution chart of MTC shall be necessary. Such MTC staff shall regularly follow up
       with TSC in all day to day matters.
 2     Posting of AEs at KTC and sanction of permanent staff at all TSCs:
       KTC has already submitted standard staff pattern along with tentative work
       distribution. Now concerned TSC & MTC shall follow up for posting of appropriate,
       eligible & competent staff at TSC. The initial training of such staff and regular
       updation of knowledge related to working of TSC in respect of design of training
       courses, management & conduct of training, ISO activities and functional activities
       need to be ensured.
 3     Urgent Meeting at Nasik Training Centre for discussing E-Learning Trial
       implementation Plan in Offices/TSCs under NTC jurisdiction:
       Meeting is scheduled to be held at NTC on 16.04.2010. Please arrange to invite M/S
       Data Guru representation, HO training Cell representative, all TSC Coordinators in
       NTC jurisdiction, MIS Team representative from NTPS. Separate circular giving
       agenda of meeting may be circulated.
 4     To depute IT Team members for implementation of E-learning Project at
       Khaperkheda, Koradi, Paras & Chandrapur:
       It is necessary to ensure that software related issues are identified timely by forming
       a functional team & software team so as to finalise the software specifications for
       training activities. Software agency is expected to install their software on LAN so as
       to make it available for self learning study & on line examination to all concerned
       staff during their day to day routines. Similar exercise shall be necessary for TSC at
       Nasik, Uran, Bhusawal, Parali & Hydro also.
 5     Trial run of E-learning Software for self Learning sessions & on line
       examinations at TSCs Khaperkheda, Chandrapur, Paras, Koradi:
       Similar exercise shall be necessary for TSC at Nasik, Uran, Bhusawal, Parali & Hydro
 6     Preparation for Conducting Self Learning Sessions, On Line Examinations,
       after proper TNA of all sectional staff in all power plants/ offices:
        Sample TNA with all TNA exercise is conducted at Koradi TPS & for this exercise KTC
       has appealed to depute all staff who have undergone special training at Yashada
       (Total 21 staffs). Most of these staff personally witnessed this TNA exercise. Now
       TNA of sample batches in Operation, BM, Account, Senior Management and one
       common batch for computer course is to be conducted at each TSC with a view to
       identify their present level of competence & their learning needs. This will be limited
       TNA exercise prior to conducting on line examination and to start self learning
       sessions on related topics.
 7     Conducting TNA (Training Need analysis) of all sections in all power plants/
       offices in Mahagenco:
       As per L.T. Training policy, every TSC is to arrange initial TNA & regular six monthly
       TNA. All preparations for these shall be therefore necessary.
 8     Submision of First Initial TNA Report on BM-II Section at KTPS Koradi
       conducted by Internal TNA Team of Mahagenco:
       The TNA report needs to be discussed widely so that we can standardize the method
       of conducting sectional TNA. The TNA internal team is also to be developed &
       expanded by training of more staff so that for regular TNA we can deploy these
       specially trained staff. As such it is proposed to include the ISO lead auditors and
       other similar experts in TNA team at local level.
 9     Urgent Meeting of all TSC Coordinators at KTC Koradi on 05.04.2010:
       It is necessary to review why Trainig coordinators from Nasik, Parli, Hydro & Uran
       have not attended this meeting.
10   Regarding Special courses on “Training for Trainers”:
     It is necessary to conduct these courses for every Training faculty & coordinator. As
     such, whenever there are about 15 to 20 Nos of participants are available in any TSC
     (duly enrolled as FOST members), such course for “Training for Trainers” needs to be
     arranged on request from such TSC.
11   Posting of AEs at KTC/ NTC and sanction of permanent staff at all TSCs
     As explained at Sr.No. 2 above
12   Three Months free Trial of E-Realia Software for e-learning of M/S Deeksha:
     M/S Deeksha is now expected to give on line trial of their software by making available
     all facilities on internet as well as on LAN of power stations at Khaperkheda,
     Chandrapur, Koradi & Paras. First they shall install software at Khaperkheda and
     conduct trial process for one batch and then it shall be followed at other TSCs. MIS
     Team & TSC/ MTC team shall jointly finalise the requirement of software for training
     needs based on experience during trial run.
13   Three Months free Trial of E-Realia Software for e-learning of M/S Data Guru:
     M/S Data Guru is now expected to give on line trial of their software by making
     available all facilities on internet as well as on LAN of power stations at Nasik, Parli,
     Bhusawal, Uran & Hydro. First they shall install software at Nasik TPS and conduct trial
     process for one batch and then it shall be followed at other TSCs. MIS Team & TSC/
     MTC team shall jointly finalise the requirement of software for training needs based on
     experience during trial run.
14   Procedure for allowing reimbursement of charges for mobile & internet usage
     to approved Training Coordinators & nominated Group Leaders of Functional
     It is necessary to establish proper mechanism to ensure day to day administrative
     control on the training activities. MTCs are expected to scrutinize the cases of payment
     of Honorarium for training courses conducted at TSC. The responsibility can be
     assigned to specific staff at MTC to review by calling reports from TSCs.
15   Assigning responsibilities to handle & utilize Functional FOSTs activities to
     respective offices of Executive Directors to ensure effective coordination of
     activities related to Performance issues, Quality Policy and Root Cause
     Although FOSTs are established through actions initiated from TSCs/ MTCs, it is
     ultimately related to performance Monitoring exercise. The Group Leader of each
     functional FOST is expected to be given facility of reimbursement of mobile & internet
     charges now. It is necessary to utilize these FOST mechanisms for day to day
     brainstorming in every section. As such active involvement of section head, concerned
     SE & station administration shall be necessary. Hence proper order of appointment of
     FOST members & functional team for each functional area is expected with approval of
     respective station head. TSC/ MTC shall continue to play their effective role for
     teaching & learning contributions in FOST activities as designed. MTC/ TSCs to take up
     this with concerned station heads.
16   Timely use of Consolidated Budget for TSCs and utilizing it effectively for
     proper establishment of TSCs:
     First priority is establishing TSC office with entry of all daily records of inward,
     dispatches, emails, faxes etc including courses, participants, honorariums, expenses
     etc. TSC team is expected to mobilize capabilities to conduct all RC & induction courses
     and arrangements to conduct TNA & FOSTs activities. Hence proper utilization of
     budget is first step. Simply submitting proposals is not enough, they should be able to
     materialize orders & contracts on fast tracks.
17   Submission of TSC Budget for 2010-11:
     Please ensure that every TSC has prepared Training Calendar for 2010-11 as per
     budget provision made. Budget proposal is already submitted to HO vide letter under
     reference KTC/Gr-III/ Budget/0268 dated 09.03.2010 & is being pursued for approval
     to cover Long Term as well as short term plans for TSC. Training Calendar shall be
     subsequently revised after sectional TNA to cover actual training needs.
18   Compilation & Circulation of Event Analysis Reports to all Power Stations:
     As decided in MORM, all power stations to send Event Analysis Reports to KTC Koradi.
     It may please be ensured that all Event reports are timely submitted.
19   Arranging six days Awareness Induction Training Course                     for New
     All TSCs are to arrange IL training of Artisan C as per syllabus circulated with KTC
     Letter. Please send course program immediately.

20   Nominating Engineers for 3 days special course at KTC on “Finance for Non-
     Financing Executive with focus on Regulatory Matters” scheduled to be held
     in April 2010:
     These two batches are arranged specially for all class I engineers. It was already
     written to all Power stations/ offices to prepare two batches. Now first batch is planned
     from 19 to 21 April & second from 27 to 29 April. Please depute staff as per quota
21   Proper establishment of TSCs & managing amongst Sectional FOSTs, TNA
     Teams & TSCs for performance planning process:
     For transforming Mahagenco into Learning Organization, it is necessary that TSC team,
     TNA Team and FOSTs members start working hand in hand with proper interaction and
     guidance of local power station head.
22   Sparing TNA team members for conducting TNA at KTPS Koradi:
     Please review as to why some TNA team members have not visited KTC Koradi during
     this period. We need to make TNA team strong enough to handle conduct of regular
     TNA independently as a professional expert. As such practical experience shall be
23   Urgent Requirement to ensure availability of TNA Consultant for initial TNA
     exercise planned in TPS Koradi during first week of March 2010:
     Review of capabilities of conducting TNA through TNA team members available in your
     TSC shall now be necessary. We need to develop other members like ISO lead auditors
     to join such TNA exercise.
24   Preparation of Training Calendar and budget for TSC.
     This needs to be expedited timely.
25   Collecting Feedback from all Trainers/ faculties:
     TSC shall maintain list of faculties & record of training conducted by each of them.
26   Compilation & Circulation of Event Analysis Reports to all Power Stations
     As per Sr.No. 18 above
27   Selecting the functional Experts from each section at Head Office:
     As per scheme, there shall be FOST in every section at Head Office of Mahagenco. NTC
     Nasik is expected to depute someone to mobilize the same so as to form functional
     FOSTs for head office also.
28   Ensuring the timely compliance after Internal Audit of TSC ( Enclosures -
     formats for TSC establishments) :
     Every TSC is to ensure compliance of points raised in last audit and send compliance
     report to MTC so as to arrange fresh internal audit exercise to meet the requirement of
     declaration of proper establishment of TSC in all respect as per Long Term Plan of
29   Guidelines for payment of Honorarium to faculties for Training Courses at
     TSCs :
     Accounts of honorarium is to be submitted by TSC to concerned MTC regularly.
30   Exploring the capabilities & availabilities of infrastructure for conducting IL
     Training Batches at TSC considering heavy inflow of new recruitments of
     engineers in near future:
     The compliance of these is necessary from every TSC.
31   Conducting special training courses on “Power Plants Chemistry with Focus
     on Performance Excellence” during 2009-10:
     Every TSC should inform schedule of courses planned for the same.
32   Conducting special training program on “Planning for Performance Excellence
     in Power Plants Overhaul” at all power plants in Mahagenco undergoing
     Annual & Capital overhauls:
     Every TSC should inform date of overhaul in each Unit and schedule of courses
     planned for the same.

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