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Ideas Page Lesson plan


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									       Lesson 6 and 7- Museum Artefact Task
Focus of lesson To consolidate understanding of evacuees and role-play characters.

Key Questions

What was your artefact used for?
Which artefacts should be included to show aspects of life in wartime?
History Objectives: K1,K2,E1,E2,H1,O1,O2

Using the Activity
Mystery Artefact game- give each group a mystery artefact, develop a short drama to
show how they think it should be used.
Watch dramas. Explain what the objects were used for.
Talk through a few more key artefacts.
Pupils have to make a choice of three artefacts to write up for their class museum.

About the Source
Original and replica artefacts e.g. tins of dried egg, ration books, warden’s armbands,
black out visors for car lamps etc.

Further activities
Pupils draw and write up entries for a class museum guide.

Literacy Activities
Pupils draw and write up entries for a class museum guide.
D1, U1, U2, UE3re, H2, C2, D2

Numeracy Activities

Cross curricular Opportunities

Resources (25 words)
Loans Box “Bailiffgate Museum Alnwick.”

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