Ideas for Donations for the Silent Auction

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					                        Ideas for Donations for the Silent Auction
                                      HOMEMADE ITEMS

The items that seem to sell the best are homemade one-of-a-kind items, made by you! Have a
special talent? Do you knit, sew, cook, paint? Here are some suggestions:

                    •    Crafts items
                    •    Homemade soap or paper
                    •    Host a dinner or wine tasting
                    •    Homemade baked goods for special events, or for each month or season
                    •    Art items, such as paintings, pottery, or jewelry
                    •    Homemade jams, jellies, wine, beer
                    •    Afghans, scarves, stuffed animals

Do you have a special recipe? Make a gift certificate describing the dish, include a picture and
make it for the lucky winner at a later date.

                                    TICKETS OR SERVICES

Do you have a special relationship with, or are you the owner of a company, shop or restaurant?
are you a decorator, financial planner, contractor, pet sitter? Think about donating a gift
certificate, item or service to the Auction or ask for a donation next time you visit.

•   Tickets to a concert, play, baseball game, or other popular event
•   A gift certificate to a lovely restaurant or day spa
•   Music lessons
•   Tutor sessions
•   Embroidery lessons                                                            Did you receive a Christmas
•   Scrap booking services                                                        gift that you will never use?
•   Summer or sports camps                                                        Donate it to the Silent
•   Private language lessons                                                      Auction.
•   Tennis or dance instruction
•   Babysitting, childcare
•   Home repair services, drywall and plaster, one or two hours of
    plumbing services
•   Gift certificates to your hair dresser, massages, manicures/pedicures
•   Computer services
•   Pro bono tax or legal services
•   Round of Golf at your club or favorite course.

                            TRAVEL, ADVENTURE & GET-A-WAYS

    •   A weekend at the family lake cabin
    •   Use of a beach cottage for a week or weekend
    •   An evening sail or cruise
    •   Tickets to a theme park
    •   Limo services

                                   USE YOUR IMAGINATION

                •   Wine, Wine, and more Wine, it always sells well
                •   Gift Certificates you won’t have the opportunity to use
                •   A painting or photograph
                •   Toys, puzzles, stuffed animals
                •   Put together Large, eye-catching theme baskets (e.g., wine baskets, pet
                    baskets, Margarita basket, BBQ basket)

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