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									Christine Sahagun
February 12, 2007
ICE 234
          What do you know?
What language do they speak?

What are their customs and traditions?

What are their folk dances?

What are their traditional outfits?
     What is their Language?

Tagalog: their first language
English: their second language

How are you: Kumusta?
Thank you: Salamat

Barong Tagalog   Mestiza Dress

You must remove your shoes when you enter someone’s home.

To recognize an elder's presence, a younger person may take the
 elder's hand (usually someone at least 15 years older), bring it
 to forehead and then release it.
Folk Dances:                Tinikling

                Dancers imitate the tikling
                 bird’s legendary grace
                 and speed as they
                 skillfully play, chase each
                 other, run over tree
                 branches, or dodge
                 bamboo traps set by rice
                 farmers. Hence it is named
                 after the bird, tikling. This
                 version of the dance is
                 done between a pair of
                 bamboo poles.
• This colorful and lively
  dance shows off the
  balancing skills of the
  dancers. The glasses
  that the dancers
  gracefully, yet carefully,
  maneuver are half-filled
  with rice wine gracefully
  who whirl and roll on
  the floor.

Custom Information from:

Barong picture from:

Mestiza dress picture from:

Folk Dance information from:
                            ICE/S Lesson Idea for Presentation Exercise
Your Name(s):   Christine Sahagun
Subject Area:   The Filipino Culture
Grade Level:    2
Lesson Title/   “The Philippines”
Web Address

Curriculum-     Geography
Nevada State    2.3.2                  I
Standard:       Identify how language, music, stories, art, and customs express culture.
Objectives:     Students will know what the Filipino culture is.

Instruction-    I will show the students a sample of the traditional Filipino outfits, folkdances, the
Procedures:     language, and their customs to express the Filipino culture.

Assessment-     I will provide different pictures of different cultures and the students will tell me which
How will you    one is the Filipino culture.
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