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                                       T HE N EWSLETTER OF THE B ERKELEY C ITY C LUB
                                       FEBRUARY 2012 Vol. 54, No. 2
                                       2315 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704
The pool is back in full swing!
                                       Phone (510) 848-7800 Fax (510) 848-5900
Come join our Aquatics Class
on Mondays and Wednesdays
from 4:00pm - 5:00pm for some          IN THIS ISSUE
great low impact exercise in our       PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE .................................................................................................. 2
newly renovated pool.                  LETTER FROM YOUR GENERAL MANAGER ......................................................... 2
                                       TREASURER'S REPORT ................................................................................................... 5
Every 4th Thursday January             BCC RASPBERRY VINAGRETTE DRESSING RECIPE ........................................... 6
through October. Call Sarah            BOOK CLUB .......................................................................................................................... 6
Gill at (510) 540-0444 or Betsy
Smith at (510) 843-1643                A REPORT FROM THE GRAPEVINE ........................................................................... 6
                                       TAI CHI .................................................................................................................................. 7
Meets Mondays at 1:00pm                BURNS NIGHT..................................................................................................................... 7
To attend, call Esther Dickel          PLAY READERS ................................................................................................................... 7
(510) 841-8017 or JoAnn Lorber
(510) 848-0702.
                                       LOVELY REVIEWS ON THE POOL ............................................................................... 8
                                       SUGGESTION BOX............................................................................................................. 8
DINING RESERVATIONS                    TRIVIA NIGHT .................................................................................................................... 8
Call (510) 848-7800 24 hours
prior.                                 A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR ......................................................................................... 8
                                       CENTRAL WORKS PRESENTS MESMERIC REVELATION ................................ 8
2nd Wednesday every other              CITY COMMONS CLUB ................................................................................................... 9
month at 7:00pm. Email                 BCC FOOD POLICY .......................................................................................................... 10
Emmett Eiland:              EVENT FLYERS................................................................................................................... 11
                                       A GLIMPSE INTO THE BCC PHOTO ARCHIVES................................................... 12
OPEN MIC NIGHT                         ADVERTISEMENTS ..........................................................................................................13
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each
month, 8:00 –11:00pm in the            LANDMARK HERITAGE FOUNDATION ..................................................................13
Drawing Room                           FEBRUARY 2012 EVENT CALENDAR ........................................................................ 14
TRIVIA NIGHT                           MARCH 2012 EVENT CALENDAR .............................................................................. 15
Every 4th Tuesday at 6:00 pm           BCC & LHF PROJECT COMPLETION CELEBRATION........................................ 16
In the Drawing Room

2nd Tuesday of every month.
Contact Carley Angell (510) 428-1240
or Leslie Egashira (510) 534-8468

Contact Esther Dickel to report BCC Member
News 510 (841-8017)
  THE RECORD – PAGE 2                                                                    FEBRUARY 2012

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                      offsetting some of our needed investments in other
                                                         areas of the Club--whether circling back to meet our
It's been about a year since Bonnie Stiles stepped in
                                                         legal and ethical obligations, sponsoring
as General Manager, and then we brought Laura
                                                         membership events, or carefully repairing the lobby
Bourret on full-time. And what a number of changes
                                                         and other public rooms. We have a long backlog of
around the Club! I remember so clearly seeing my
                                                         needed repairs and improvements to the building,
first "Wi-Fi Hot Spot" sign. Not only did the signs
                                                         but we now have a much more thoughtful and
acknowledge and resolve a persistent frustration
                                                         strategic approach to the Club--who we are and
from members and their guests alike, but they did so
                                                         what we do. And I thank Bonnie, Laura, the Board,
in an effective way. The "come hither!" signs
                                                         and the staff for that.
eliminated our complaining, and the sense of
powerlessness about the issue among the staff. We
                                                         In the next couple of months, we'll be searching for
don't have consistent Wi-Fi around the building--
                                                         new board members to take the seats of those who
and that's still important for a number of reasons--
                                                         are cycling off the board. We'll be looking for
but I'm happy rather than cranky when I dodge into
                                                         insights around what you want from the Club, what
the Club to manage paperwork when travelling
                                                         you appreciate about the Club, and what would
between Berkeley and Oakland.
                                                         encourage you to bring your friends to the Club.
                                                         Please help us ensure that the forward motion of the
The computer keyboards are now "normal" and our
                                                         past year continues in coming years by volunteering
typing doesn't make us look like we're on vacation
                                                         to join a committee or serve on the board. Email me
in Prague rather than Berkeley. Signage around the
                                                         at Kennedy@MaureenKennedy.Net.
Club is now more attractive, and event flyers are
consistent and professional. Our personnel records       ~Maureen Kennedy, President
are coming into compliance with state and federal
law. Our bar license is up to date. Our insurance
coverage is under review. Our staff has undergone        LETTER FROM YOUR
training, and performance expectations are               GENERAL MANAGER
increasingly clear. Our staff know what to do when
a fire is reported, or when a theft is reported, and     The beginning of 2012 started with an abundance of
demonstrated that understanding in recent false          gratitude from members and guests that were
alarm and security events. We know our inventory         delighted that our pool project finished on time as
of assets--from sheets to forks--and we know to          promised.
plan ahead for a big wedding that is likely to tax our
supply of salad-sized plates. We're partnering with      Berkeley City Club valued member, Mary Breunig
other venues and hotels to meet the needs of those       led the pool filtration project for Landmark Heritage
planning events in Berkeley. We understand the           Foundation. Mary ensured that the contractors that
critical path. We, together with our partner             demolished the old tanks and replaced the tanks
organization the Landmark Heritage Foundation,           with a new filter system stayed on schedule. Mary
successfully planned and executed the very complex       deserves great accolades as a project manager and
renovation project in the pool area, and we're           dedicated member. The water clarity in the historic
hearing kudos from all corners.                          pool is clearer than it has ever been. The pool now
                                                         recycles the water three times per day on the
You are seeing the professionalization of the            average. The patch of broken tiles in the pool were
operations of the Club, and it shows in our bottom       repaired by tile historian Riley Doty and some
line. As intended, the hotel side of the Club is         swimmers have mentioned that the scar that once
generating more and more revenue through careful         existed at the bottom of the pool is hard to notice
management and optimization. That revenue is             now. Riley also freshened up tiles where the diving
  THE RECORD – PAGE 3                                                                      FEBRUARY 2012

board once existed. His artisan dedication to the         extremely pleased that our team had the fortitude to
Berkeley City Club is so appreciated.                     complete this project in such a tight timeline. I have
                                                          enormous gratitude for everyone being their word
                                                          and completing this project with accountability and
A special thank you to the Board of Directors who
                                                          integrity on time. We came together to finish our
chose to release funds in the middle of our slow
                                                          first renovation project together with ease and we
season in order to do a mini-renovation of the locker
                                                          are sincerely proud of the results. The positive
room. This challenging choice was made in order to
                                                          accolades our staff has received really has lifted the
address the well-voiced concerns of our large
                                                          spirits of the staff of the Berkeley City Club and
swimmer group who use this part of the club most
                                                          shifted the energy into a positive direction for the
often. The Board of Directors support of our
                                                          New Year. We hope you choose to bring prospective
management’s intention to take care of glaring
                                                          members to the club for a swim and help us in our
operational issues that impact our member and
                                                          continued efforts to fund the restoration of this very
guest experience of the club is extremely valued by
                                                          special building.
our entire team.

                                                          Landmark Heritage Foundation has the front door
Our dedicated maintenance team lead by Ed
                                                          of the pool locker room with an expert craftsman to
Hunkele spent six weeks scraping away layers of
                                                          restore and we hope to return it soon. The new lock
paint from years past. We removed the snake like
                                                          is much easier to use and the password is available
padded pipe coverings in the locker room that were
                                                          at the front desk. We will complete the signage
not actually assisting in keeping the water warm.
                                                          plan for the pool locker room as funds allow.
The broken tiles that were collapsing in the actual
shower floors were repaired. The leaking shower
heads were replaced and proper shower valve               Our hotel division finished at 49% occupancy at a
mixers were installed to ensure the safety measures       $95.96 average daily rate in January 2012. In 2011
are managed and that that no one experiences of           the hotel finished at 44.4% occupancy with a $97.00
flash of too much heat while showering. We ensured        average daily rate. This marginal increase is in
that the heating unit and large winding duct system       keeping with the regional occupancy growth and
near the ceiling that had not worked in over 18 years     the slowdown in tourism that the hospitality
was dismantled and removed. We repaired light             industry is known for in January of every year in
fixtures and the glass windows. We replaced the           Northern California. We are taking a deep breath
toilets that were known not to flush well with low        and holding on to the cyclical calendar restoring us
flow toilets that are environmentally appropriate.        to profit this spring.
The locker room that was once peach in color -
received several coats of a fresh off-white paint that
                                                          The events department produced 102 events in the
was more in keeping with the other powder rooms
                                                          month of January. Many of these were civic
in the club. The concrete floor was the biggest
                                                          community events, club member and club activity
challenge and took an enormous amount of time to
                                                          events, theatrical events, music performances and
peel off the peeling layers of blue epoxy paint that
                                                          community networking events. Each event detail is
was not properly applied in the past. The floor was
                                                          planned and executed by our events team regardless
power blasted down to the concrete foundation.
                                                          of the size of the event. During our slow season
The concrete was patched and evened out and the
                                                          these small yet continuous stream of events do not
staff put a few coats of paint on the concrete floor as
                                                          bring in an income stream that is profitable and
a temporary solution. Our Housekeeping team lead
                                                          greatly impacts the clubs overall financial
by Trevor Johnson did an incredible job of cleaning
                                                          performance. It is in the spirit of the club to be
up all the dust and preparing the pool and locker
                                                          available to the public and to our members year
room for the club members and guests use. I am
  THE RECORD – PAGE 4                                                                      FEBRUARY 2012

round and so we request that you consider                A gorgeous buffet dinner commenced. Member Bob
recommending the Berkeley City Club for large            Hamilton introduced a distinguished guest by the
social events that have the potential to bring a         name of Dr. Matt Scullin, Founder/CEO of Alphabet
positive revenue stream to our operations as well.       Energy, Inc. Dr. Matt Scullin’s speech was based on
                                                         Scotsman James Watt’s legacy for expanding the
                                                         versatility of the steam engine. Errol Mauchlan read
One of the highlighted events for January was the
                                                         the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns. A toast of
opening of the Berkeley City Club’s monthly Trivia
                                                         the Lassies was presented by Shane Mackenzie who
Night. Approximately 40 members and their guests
                                                         kindly donated the Superior Lamb served at the
joined up into teams when they arrived at the club.
                                                         dinner. The evening concluded with the event
The teams enjoyed a nightclub atmosphere and a
                                                         attendees singing songs written by Robert Burns
delightful bar menu with cocktails. Each team
                                                         lead by Fred Rutledge of St. Andrew’s Society. The
worked privately together to come up with the
                                                         classic song Auld Lang Syne united the room hand
answers to broad categories and challenging
                                                         by hand and it was the perfect end to a wonderful
questions as a group. The event is low pressure and
                                                         evening. A special thank you to Rosemary Mucklow
fun because each member contributes their own
                                                         for her inspiration in sharing her heritage and
strength in categories that they know well or they
                                                         resources by solidifying donations for Superior
simply cheer for their team if they seem to be on to a
                                                         Lamb, Evergood Sausage for the Bangers and for
correct guess. Trivia Night is held on the fourth
                                                         encouraging members to share their musical talents
Tuesday of the month from 6:00pm-8:00pm. It is
                                                         and their single Malt Scotch. Rosemary’s hard work
free to members and $5.00 for public guests. The
                                                         and deep commitment into organizing this special
charming Jeopardy show winner - Bob Canter, CEO
                                                         event is so valued as it contributes to the viability of
of the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, hosts the
                                                         the club in a deeply meaningful way.
Trivia Night evening.

                                                         In January our team completed reconfiguration of
Another highlighted event was the Berkeley
                                                         our computer network drives to ease in the sharing
Chamber Performances hosted by Joanne De
                                                         of information between team members. We
Phillips. On January 24th the Israeli Chamber
                                                         completed an installation of a point of sale system in
Project graced the stage in the Berkeley City Club
                                                         the Venetian Bar so members can charge drinks to
ballroom. This aspiring group of international artists
                                                         their member accounts and guests can now use
presented an eclectic program at the highest level of
                                                         debit or credit cards. We have completed an audit
performance. The young and dynamic Israeli
                                                         for our human resource files and HR processes for
musicians performed in a variety of configurations
                                                         compliancy purposes. We completed revision on
featuring clarinet, harp, strings and piano.
                                                         several key job descriptions. All of our food and
                                                         beverage employees and kitchen staff completed
Another highlighted event was the Berkeley City          training in safe food handling and are now
Club’s eighth annual Burns Night in honor of Robert      registered in the State of California. We completed a
Burns hosted by member, Rosemary Mucklow. It             first draft of our emergency response manual. We
has now become a club tradition and a member             audited all of our radiators in the building to
favorite. A reception was held in the Venetian Room      determine the functionality and parts needed to
and the Piping of the Haggis began. Ned Garrett          restore them appropriately. The Chef has been
played the bagpipes and Chef Robert Wong carried         costing out all of his menus so that we can align the
the Haggis, and the scotch was carried by Errol          pricing structure of our menus to our competitive
Mauchlan from the Venetian Room into the Dining          set. Our management team is beginning IT training
Room. Errol Mauchlan presented the Ode to the            so the core competencies of our staff are aligned
Haggis. Rosemary Mucklow led the toast and grace.        with standard business practices. We completed
  THE RECORD – PAGE 5                                                                     FEBRUARY 2012

end of the year inventories and are evaluating par       the Record. If you are interested in volunteering for
levels of China, Glassware, Silverware, Linen,           this role please contact me at your earliest
Sheets, Towels and supplies so we are prepared           convenience. This is a volunteer membership
going into our budget processes. The last few            opportunity that does not include compensation or
months have been all about laying the foundation         trade.
based in sound business protocol and standard            Wishing you health, happiness, and fulfillment in
operating procedures. The change management              your life and membership at Berkeley City Club.
processes that we are undertaking are varied and are
                                                         Warm regards,
often behind the scenes – however we are
                                                         Laura Bourret
accomplishing great strides month to month. We
look forward to concentrating on the dining room         General Manager
and our food and beverage service this spring and
continue to thank you for your patience. I have been
interviewing for a Controller and an Events Director
and hope to have a few candidates solidified for         TREASURERS REPORT
consideration soon.
                                                         Last month the news did not look strong for a
                                                         positive December. As it turns out revenue from
The Berkeley City Club is looking for a member           membership, commercial activity, and events were
volunteer to take over the role of volunteer editor of   all slightly above budget. Hotel room revenue was
the monthly member newsletter “The Record”. The          lower than expected, but only marginally.
Record has always been produced by members for           Occupancy at 59% was considerably higher than
members. The living history of this member               December 2010. Promotions with on line booking
newsletter needs to be preserved in the same spirit.     sites like Groupon increased occupancy, but yielded
The Record is a key document that archives the           lower revenue per room. In other words overall total
Club social activities and captures the timeline         revenue after direct expenses was close to
history of the lives of our members. The Berkeley        budget. This is very good news, as it appeared at this
City Club team has taken over The Record                 time last month that December would be a low
temporarily until another member volunteers to           activity month.
manage the production and editing of this monthly
newsletter. The ideal member candidate would be
                                                         Overall expenses for the month turned out to be
technology savvy and skilled in Microsoft Office
                                                         disproportionately high as expenses associated with
Word 2010 and Adobe InDesign. The editor needs to
                                                         the pool filter and pool repairs were recorded, as
be comfortable formatting text and placing digital
                                                         well as the recognition of higher than usual payroll
photography in the newsletter with ease. The ideal
                                                         expense due to holiday bonuses to staff. Bonuses
candidate would be able to reserve up to 20 hours
                                                         were funded by member contributions and from
per month and be flexible at the end of the month on
                                                         Club monthly revenue. At December’s end expenses
an annual basis. The ideal volunteer candidate
                                                         were higher than revenue. The month ended with a
would have grammatical expertise and prior editing
                                                         loss of approximately $16,000, reducing our year to
experience. The member editor would be
                                                         date profit to slightly over $146,000.
responsible for the proper collection of materials,
soliciting member suggestions and feedback,
interviewing members for articles, fact–checking the     January’s financial activity does appear as low as
details, verification of event details, editing the      was feared. Occupancy on the hotel side will be
content and soliciting advertisement. The candidate      49% with hotel revenue coming in below budget.
must be neutral in their reporting, courteous and        Similarly, Events activity will be below budget. Last
not reveal a personal bias in the content created for    year, February 2011 began to show improvement in
  THE RECORD – PAGE 6                                                                          FEBRUARY 2012

the Club’s financial status and it was the Club’s first    Blend on emulsify speed or medium speed till
monthly profit after a series of monthly losses. Early     combined; add honey, salt & pepper to taste.
data for February 2012 shows a similar promise. It         That’s it! Enjoy with your fresh mixed green salad!
certainly is too soon to declare that we are out of the
                                                           Executive Chef Robert Wong ~ Berkeley City Club
woods though.
December and January’s high expenses for the pool          BOOK CLUB
and monthly losses have significantly impacted our
                                                           “Out Stealing Horses” by Per Petterson, is the Book
cash position. The reserve (savings) is down to
                                                           Club’s choice for February. Nick Baloff, who will
$100,000, but we continue to be current with
                                                           lead the discussion, quotes the New Yorker’s review:
suppliers. Additional hotel promotions should help
                                                           “Petterson’s spare and deliberate prose has
revenue in this critical area and return the club to
                                                           astonishing force.” The story is told by an aging
monthly profitability as the Club enters the more
                                                           widower, Trond Sander, living in a simple cabin in
active spring and summer season. At this point the
                                                           the remote forests of eastern Norway. A chance
Club is projected to close the fiscal year at the end of
                                                           encounter with a neighbor causes him to ruminate
March with a profit with a lot to show in
                                                           on the events of the summer of 1948, a period of time
improvements to our building.
                                                           that would bring great sorrow to the young Trond.
                                                           The book, called “a tale of love, forgiveness, and the
The budget building process now begins for the             nature of evil” by Bookmarks Magazine, has won
fiscal year April 2012 – March 2013. Next month’s          four prestigious literary awards.
report will have more on this topic. ~Richard West         The Book Club will meet on Thursday, February 26,
                                                           at 7:30 p.m. at the Berkeley City Club. All members
                                                           and their guests are welcome to attend and
BCC RASPBERRY VINAGRETTE                                   participate in the discussion. You are also welcome
DRESSING                                                   to attend dinner with Book Club members in the
                                                           Berkeley City Club Dining Room at 6 p.m. before
Treat yourself at home to Chef Robert’s delicious
                                                           the meeting. Just call the club at 510-848-7800 and
raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Make the large
                                                           ask to be seated at the Book Club table. ~Sarah Gill
batch and consider putting it in pretty glass bottles
as gifts for friends.

                                                           A REPORT FROM THE
Makes about 1Qt. of dressing:                              GRAPEVINE
1 cup raspberry vinegar
                                                           Twenty-three people from the Berkeley City Club’s
¼ cup fresh or frozen raspberries                          wine tasting group gathered on January 11th for a
2 cups canola oil                                          blind tasting of Argentine Malbec. Not long ago,
                                                           Malbec played a bit part in the wine world as a
¼ cup orange juice fresh or concentrate
                                                           minor component of Bordeaux blends. But along the
1/8 cup of granulated sugar                                way, it was found that Malbec thrives in the soil and
¼ teaspoon dry tarragon                                    climate of Argentina’s wine region. Most of us who
1 pc shallot                                               tasted these wines at the Grapevine tasting enjoyed
                                                           them and found them worthy.
Honey to taste
                                                           It is worth noting, however, that of the 23 wines the
Salt & pepper to taste
                                                           group sampled, at least three of them were corked.
                                                           “Corked” refers to cork taint, a condition that
Put all ingredients into your blender                      originates in the cork and spoils the taste of wine,
                                                           especially for those sensitive to it.
  THE RECORD – PAGE 7                                                                   FEBRUARY 2012

                                                       PLAY READERS
Learn more about wine. Enjoy relaxed, convivial
                                                       The Berkeley City Club Play Readers took on a
evenings at the Club. All BCC members may attend
                                                       classic at their January meeting and made it fly.
and you may invite guests. The next tasting will be
                                                       The play’s content is timely – it’s Aristophanes’
on March 14th, when we will taste Syrah. For more
                                                       anti-war farce, “ Lysistrata” – and it has been
information or to be included in the Grapevine email
                                                       revived a number of times on the national stage
list, email Emmett Eiland at
                                                       during our recent wars. It took first prize at its ~Emmett Eiland
                                                       maiden performance in Athens in 411 B.C.E. at a
                                                       time when the two main city-states of Greece,
TAI CHI                                                Athens and Sparta, found themselves unable to
Are you looking to mix up your fitness routine and     end their devastating struggle for leadership of the
meet some new Members? Tai Chi may be a great          Greek world. Aristophanes came up with a
option for you! Join us Thursdays at 4:30pm, for a     solution that, in the patriarchal world of the
great way to reduce stress and relax body & mind.      Greeks where women had no vote and could not
                                                       own property, amazed and delighted everyone by
                                                       its fantasy: the women of Greece would save their
You can practice Tai Chi regardless of your age or
                                                       husbands by refusing to sleep with them until
physical ability, as it emphasizes technique over
                                                       they made peace. Needless to say, the women, led
strength. In fact, because Tai Chi is low impact, it
                                                       by Lysistrata and her Athenian and Spartan
may be wonderfully suitable if you are an adult who
                                                       women friends, succeed brilliantly, and the play
does not exercise on a regular basis.
                                                       ends with peace being established while men and
BURNS NIGHT                                            women are reconciled amid much singing and

                                                       Robin Shourie made a strong Lysistrata.
                                                       Lysistrata’s Athenian friends, Calonice and
                                                       Myrrhine, were convincingly played by Lindy
                                                       Sinclair and Kate West. Kate also took on the
                                                       brief but important role of the Goddess
                                                       Reconciliation. Leslie Egashira splendidly
                                                       performed the Spartan dialect parts required by
                                                       Lampito, a Spartan woman and all the other
                                                       Spartans. Dick Bagwell delightfully played the
                                                       stuffy Athenian Magistrate. Angelo Solis, who also
                                                       brilliantly acted the confused husband of
                                                       Myrrhine, led the Chorus of Old Men. Sarah Gill
                                                       played Startles, the leader of the Women’s
                                                       Chorus. In the absence of Carley Angell, who
                                                       usually leads the Play Readers, and was much
                                                       missed, Sarah also read the Stage Directions.

                                                       Berkeley City Club Play Readers meet every
                                                       second Tuesday at 7:00 pm after optional cocktails
                                                       at 5:30 pm and dinner at the Club at 6:00 pm. Be
                                                       sure to call the Berkeley City Club at (510) 848-
  THE RECORD – PAGE 8                                                                       FEBRUARY 2012

7800 to reserve your place at the Play Readers           month’s Record, we’ll include the suggestions that
table. The next Play Readers meeting will be             were submitted and a reply.
Tuesday, February 14, 2012. All Club members and
their guests are welcome to participate. For
further information, call Carley Angell at (510)         TRIVIA NIGHT
540-8666 or Leslie Egashira at (510) 534-8468.
                                                         Come join Berkeley City Club members and friends
~Sarah Gill
                                                         for Trivia Night every fourth Tuesday of the month
LOVELY REVIEWS ON THE                                    at 6:00 pm!

                                                         We will divide up into teams of three to six people.
The re-opening of the pool came with much
                                                         Simply come and join a team. A variety of Trivia
excitement from our members. Take some time out
                                                         topics will be expanded on each month. Just show
of your schedule to enjoy the fresh pool and locker
                                                         up to share what you know. It might surprise you!
room. Here are a few notes from members that
reflect many of the verbal comments our staff
enjoyed hearing:                                         A tasty bar food and drink menu will be available to
                                                         order from your team table. Free admission for
“Dear Laura: I want to thank you and everyone else       members. Open to the public for $5.00 at the door.
who had a hand in the renovation of the locker room      For more information contact the front desk at (510)
and pool filters. The results are strikingly             848-7800 or
wonderful. The locker room has really been
transformed and the pool water is very clear. Kudos
to everyone”. ~Nicholas Baloff
                                                         A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
“Hi Laura: On behalf of the swimmers, our thanks         Dear Readers, I wanted to take the opportunity to
and congratulations on the repaired pool and the         introduce myself as the interim Editor of The
remodeled locker room. They did a wonderful job of       Record. I am excited for this opportunity to carry on
patching the bad tile repair---literally can't be seen   the legacy of this newsletter. It has been so neat to
anymore!!! And I was pleasantly surprised at how         pore through past issues in the history room dating
much a lot of paint and a few new plumbing fixtures      back to early part of the 20th century and see how
did to enhance the locker room; and adding the           much times have changed. Be it 1950 or 2012, we all
small amenities is a nice touch. I expect your input     are similar in that we desire fulfilling relationships, a
                                                         place to unwind, and to be able to culturally
was very much a part of this”. ~Douglas J. Hill
                                                         diversify ourselves with the myriad of events
                                                         happening at the Club. It was an absolute joy to see
                                                         vintage pictures, read about life back then, and
SUGGESTION BOX                                           imagine the good times and great memories that
Berkeley City Club welcomes any suggestions you          happened in this same building all that time ago. I
may have – whether it’s a way to better the Club, a      am committed to continue providing you all with a
new idea or event to bring Members together, or          wealth of information about the Club, and having it
simply a helpful bit of information that would allow     be just what you need it to – a timeout from your
others to see things from a fresh perspective.           busy day, a resource of information, or just a way to
                                                         feel more connected to such a special place. Feel free
                                                         to email me if you
If you have a suggestion, send it to
                                                         have any thoughts or you just want to say hello. and we will make
sure the appropriate person gets receives it. In next    ~Melissa Guillory
  THE RECORD – PAGE 9                                                                       FEBRUARY 2012

CENTRAL WORKS PRESENTS                                    architectural renderings for what will soon be the
                                                          new Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
MESMERIC REVELATION                                       building. This project will integrate a repurposed
This new play takes its name from a story by that         building—the former UC Berkeley printing plant, at
master of the metaphysical, Edgar Allen Poe. Set in       the corner of Oxford and Center Streets—with a
Paris, 1785, on the eve of the Revolution, the most       dramatic new structure. Mr. Binder will also discuss
learned men in the world gather at the World              how BAM/PFA aims to inspire the imagination and
Academy of Science. Antoine Lavoisier, esteemed           ignite critical dialogue through contemporary and
director of the Academy, leads an inquiry into the        historical art and film. It is one of the largest
latest craze sweeping through French Society. The         university art museums in the USA, with some 15 art
scandalous Dr. Anton Mesmer claims he can cure            exhibitions and 450 film programs presented each
any patient of any illness by "mesmerizing" them –        year.
placing them in a mysterious trance-like state. Can
such a claim be proven scientifically? Antoine, the       Friday, February 10, 2012      Noon Luncheon
"Father of Modern Chemistry," faces off against
Anton, the "Wizard of Vienna," in a fiery clash of        Dr. Luanne Linnard-Palmer, Prof. of Nursing,
science and mysticism.                                    Dominican University; Former Nursing Dept
The play opens February 18th at the Berkeley City
Club and runs through March 18th. Shows are               “The Significant Impact of Medical and
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00pm &             Medication Errors in the USA”
Sundays at 5:00pm.
                                                          Dr. Linnard-Palmer, who has taught nursing for
                                                          more than 20 years at Dominican University, is a
Tickets are $20-25. For reservations and information
                                                          pediatric oncology specialist. She is also a nurse at
call 510-558-1381 or visit for
                                                          California Pacific Medical Center. She has written
                                                          four books for nurses as well as lay people. Dr.
                                                          Linnard-Palmer will discuss some of the major
                                                          reasons for medical and medication errors, how they
                                                          can be prevented by medical professionals, and the
Pre-meeting coffee, soft drinks, wine, and
                                                          estimated costs of such errors in lives and in dollars.
conversation from 11:20 am in the Venetian Room.
                                                          A highlight of the presentation will be specific
Lunch served from 11:45 am to 12:15 pm. Lunch is
                                                          suggestions for ways patients can protect
$17.00; coffee only is $1.00. Speaker begins at 12:30
                                                          themselves while undergoing medical care and
pm and meeting adjourns at 1:30 pm. Visitors are
                                                          medical procedures.
welcome: please call for lunch reservations by noon
the day before the Friday meeting: (510) 845-8055.
                                                          Friday, February 17, 2012      Noon Luncheon
Friday, February 3, 2012      Noon Luncheon
                                                          Prof. Robert S. Lane, Prof. Emeritus, Medical
                                                          Entomology, Dept of Environmental Science;
Mr. Lawrence Robert Rinder, Director, Berkeley
Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC-Berkeley
                                                          “Unwelcome Encounters: The ‘Lymey’ Ticks of
“Exciting New Horizons for The Berkeley Art
Museum/Pacific Film Archive”
                                                          Bob Lane has spent countless days in chaparral,
Mr. Rinder, one of America’s most distinguished art
                                                          grasslands, woodlands, and recently, in public
curators, art educators, and art critics, will show the
  THE RECORD – PAGE 10                                                                          FEBRUARY 2012

gardens studying ticks that attach to people and           to extend their hospitable nature in preparing a nice
wildlife and the disease agents they transmit,             pot-luck style meal or a simple plate of cookies for
particularly Lyme disease which is the most                other members to share during Club activities, Club
commonly reported infectious disease transmitted           meetings or social engagements at the Club. The
to people by ticks in the US. Bob will share some of       management of the Berkeley City Club is not trying
the novel and occasionally surprising findings             to hamper this generosity of spirit – however the
gleaned over the years. He will conclude with a            California Health Code simply does not permit it.
practical discussion of personal-protective measures
we can all use to reduce our risk of exposure to
                                                           It is the Berkeley City Club’s policy and
                                                           fundamental responsibility to ensure the safe food
                                                           handling of all food and beverages served in the
Friday, February 24, 2012       Noon Luncheon
                                                           Berkeley City Club by adherence to the safe
                                                           preparation, storage, transportation and service of
Eric Klinenberg, PhD, Prof. of Sociology &
                                                           all food and beverages.
Director of Graduate Studies, New York
                                                           Pursuant to SB 602 enacted into law in 2010 and SB 303
“Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and                    in 2011, Health and Safety Code 113790 et seq.,
Surprising Appeal of Living Alone”                         [“California Food Handler Card Law”], food handlers as
                                                           defined, are required to obtain a food handler card after
In his latest book, published this month by Penguin        taking food safety training courses and passing an
Press, sociologist and author Eric Klinenberg              assessment. Food handlers are defined as individuals
explores the dramatic rise of solo living. In this talk,   involved in the preparation, storage or service of food in a
Prof. Klinenberg will examine the seismic impact it's      restaurant, hotel or food service facility. The law requires
having on our culture, business, and politics.             that all food handlers are trained in (1.) food-borne
Conventional wisdom tells us that living by oneself        illness, including terms associates with food-borne
leads to loneliness and isolation, but, as Klinenberg      illness, micro-organisms, hepatitis A and toxins that can
shows in his book, most solo dwellers are deeply           contaminate food and the illness that can be associated
engaged in social and civic life. Compared with            with contamination, definition and recognition of
many of their married counterparts, they are more          potentially hazardous foods. (2.) The relationship
likely to eat out and exercise, go to art and music        between time & temperature with respect to food-borne
classes, attend public events and lectures, and            illness and proper monitoring of food temperatures. (3.)
volunteer.                                                 The relationship between personal hygiene and food
                                                           safety, including the association of hand contact, personal
For information about City Commons:                        habits and behaviors. (4.) Methods of preventing food or call (510) 845-8055             contamination in all stages of food handling, including
or (510) 428-0222.                                         terms associated with contamination during delivery. (5)
                                                           Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and
                                                           utensils in the preparation and service of food and
                                                           beverages. (6.) Problems and potential solutions
BCC FOOD POLICY                                            associated with temperature control, preventing cross-
                                                           contamination, housekeeping and maintenance.
The Berkeley City Club receives numerous requests
from members & guests who want to bring in pot-
luck style meals, cookies and desserts, non-alcoholic      Since the Berkeley City Club cannot in any way
beverages and alcoholic beverages to the Club. We          substantiate that food prepared outside of the Club
truly do understand that our members simply desire         was made, transported or stored properly in
  THE RECORD – PAGE 11                                FEBRUARY 2012

accordance with the strict guidelines that our food
& beverage license requires – we must say ‘no thank
you’. All food and beverages served on site must be
provided by a trusted purveyor and prepared under
the direct supervision of our Chef and our licensed
food handlers.

Please contact our Events Department to find an
affordable option for your planned activity, Club
meeting or event. We have many affordable menu
options for your consideration.
--Laura Bourret, General Manager
THE RECORD – PAGE 12                                                                 FEBRUARY 2012

             It’s always a good time at Berkeley City Club! How adorable is this picture?
Come on over and create your own special memories and meet new friends. Check out our February and
  March Events calendars and find ways to become involved. There’s a little something for everyone.
THE RECORD – PAGE 13                                                                   FEBRUARY 2012

Have you ever had a bad encounter with a stylist?
Were you mortified by the end result and scared
to let another stylist touch your hair? You need to
see Dale Oxley! As a specialist in color, Dale
attends various hair shows from Las Vegas to Los
Angeles and is committed to knowing the new
trends for his clients. For over two decades, Dale
has been transforming ordinary hair into sleek,
stylish and trendy works of art. He has been
dedicated to locals around the Berkeley area for
over 14 years. Dale does it all: color, haircuts,
perms, special occasion hair, and even specializes     LANDMARK HERITAGE
in cutting and coloring wigs. If you want top-of-
the-line service, come see Dale and he will            FOUNDATION:
guarantee that you will leave feeling refreshed and    Preserving Julia Morgan's “Little Castle”
confident. And in the process you will have
                                                       Your help is needed to preserve this important
gained a new friend!
                                                       Berkeley landmark. The most urgent needs:
Tuesday through Saturday,
                                                            The unrestricted and endowment funds.
10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
                                                            Donations towards furniture and leaded
(510) 843-6241
                                                             glass windows
                                                            Pool locker room restoration.
STUDIO ABASI!                                          Your gift to the LHF endowment will help us sustain
       Skin Care & Acne Treatment                     the landmark in the coming years. LHF accepts gifts of
       Makeup Services                                stocks, real estate, or cash. Send your fully tax-
       Waxing Services                                deductible gift to:
       Skin Care Products                                     LHF, 2315 Durant Avenue #306,
Located at the BCC Mezzanine Level:                            Berkeley, CA 94704. Phone: (510) 883-9710 Email:        (510) 665-5544             or on the web:
                            My philosophy at         
                            Studio Abasi is to work
                            with my clients by
                            listening to each
                            individual's concerns,
                            ideas, and questions in
                            order to help them
                            achieve optimum
                            results. I strive to end
                            every session with my
                            clients feeling more
                            knowledgeable and
confident. I offer a wide array of skin care
solutions and spa services.
  THE RECORD – PAGE 14                                                      FEBRUARY 2012

FEBRUARY 2012                  Friday, February 10
                                                                 Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
                                                                 Tuesday, February 21
                               Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am       Kiwanis, 12-2pm
WEEK ONE                       City Commons Club, 11:30am
Wednesday, February 1                                            Wednesday, February 22
Aquatics Exercise, 4pm         Saturday, February 11             Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
Dancers’ Den, 6pm                                                Dancers’ Den, 6pm
Open Mic Night, 8pm            WEEK THREE                        Pool Closed, 7-10pm
Pool Closed, 7-10pm            Sunday, February 12
                                                                 Thursday, February 23
Thursday, February 2           Monday, February 13               BNI Chapter of Berkeley, 7pm
BNI Chapter of Berkeley, 7am   Bridge, 1pm                       Lions, 12pm
Lions, 12pm                    Aquatics Exercise, 4pm            Tai Chi, 4:30pm
Tai Chi, 4:30pm                                                  BCC Book Club, 7:30pm
Outlook Club, 5:30pm           Tuesday, February 14              Central Works, 8pm
                               Kiwanis, 12-2pm
Friday, February 3             Colophon Club, 6pm                Friday, February 24
Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am    Play Readers, 7pm                 Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am
City Commons Club, 11:30am                                       City Commons Club, 11:30am
                               Wednesday, February 15            CCHE Celebration, 7pm
Saturday, February 4           Aquatics Exercise, 4pm            Central Works, 8pm
                               Dancers’ Den, 6pm
WEEK TWO                       Open Mic Night, 8pm               Saturday, February 25
Sunday, February 5             Pool Closed, 7-10pm               Central Works, 8pm

Monday, February 6             Thursday, February 16             WEEK FIVE
Bridge, 1pm                    BNI Chapter of Berkeley, 6:30am   Sunday, February 26
Aquatics Exercise, 4pm         Biz-erkeley Book Club, 9am        LHF Docent Led Tours, 1-4pm
Actors Reading Writers, 7pm    Lions, 12pm                       Central Works, 8pm
                               Tai Chi, 4:30pm
Tuesday, February 7            Outlook Club, 5:30pm              Monday, February 27
Kiwanis, 12-2pm                                                  Bridge, 1pm
Zonta International, 5:30pm    Friday, February 17               Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
                               City Commons Club, 11:30am
Wednesday, February 8                                            Tuesday, February 28`
Aquatics Exercise, 4pm         Saturday, February 18             Kiwanis, 12-2pm
Dancers’ Den, 6pm              Central Works, 8pm                Trivia Night, 5pm
Pool Closed, 7-10pm                                              Berkeley Chamber Performances,
                               WEEK FOUR                         7pm
Thursday, February 9           Sunday, February 19
BNI Chapter of Berkeley, 7am   Central Works, 5pm                Wednesday February 29
Lions, 12pm                                                      Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
Tai Chi Class, 4:30pm          Monday, February 20               Pool Closed, 7-10pm
BCC Board Meeting, 7pm         Bridge, 1pm
  THE RECORD – PAGE 15                                                   FEBRUARY 2012

MARCH 2012                     City Commons Club, 11:30am     Monday, March 19
                               Central Works, 8pm             Bridge, 1pm
WEEK ONE                                                      Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
Thursday, March 1              Saturday, March 10
BNI Berkeley Chapter, 6:30am   Central Works, 8pm             Tuesday, March 20
Lions Club, 12pm                                              Kiwanis, 12-2pm
Tai Chi, 4:30pm                WEEK THREE
Outlook Club, 5:30pm           Sunday, March 11               Wednesday, March 21
Central Works, 8pm             Central Works, 8 pm            Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
                                                              Dancers’ Den, 6pm
Friday, March 2                Monday, March 12               Open Mic Night, 8pm
BNI Berkeley Chapter, 7am      Bridge, 1pm                    Pool Closed, 7-10pm
Lions, 12pm                    Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
Tai Chi, 4:30pm                                               Thursday, March 22
Outlook Club, 5:30pm           Tuesday, March 13              BNI Berkeley Chapter, 7pm
                               Kiwanis, 12-2pm                Lions Club, 12pm
Saturday, March 3              Breakfast Club Board, 5pm      Tai Chi, 4:30pm
Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am    Colophon Club, 6pm             BCC Book Club, 7:30pm
City Commons Club, 11:30am     Play Readers, 7pm
                                                              Friday, March 23
WEEK TWO                       Wednesday, March 14            Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am
Sunday, March 4                Aquatics Exercise, 4pm         City Commons Club, 11:30am
                               Dancers’ Den, 6pm
Monday, March 5                Open Mic, 8pm                  Saturday, March 24
Bridge, 1pm                    Pool Closed, 7-10pm
Aquatics Exercise, 4pm                                        WEEK FIVE
                               Thursday, March 15             Sunday, March 25
Tuesday, March 6               BNI Berkeley Chapter, 6:30am   LHF Docent Led Tours, 1-4pm
Kiwanis, 12-2pm                Biz-erkeley Book Club, 9am
Zonta International, 5:30pm    Lions Club, 12pm               Monday, March 26
                               Tai Chi, 4:30pm                Bridge, 1pm
Wednesday, March 7             Outlook Club, 5:30pm           Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
Aquatics Exercise, 4pm         BCC Board Meeting, 7pm
Berkeley Rotary, 5pm           Central Works, 8pm             Tuesday, March 27
Dancers’ Den, 6pm                                             Kiwanis, 12-2pm
Open Mic Night, 8pm            Friday, March 16               Trivia Night, 6pm
Pool Closed, 7-10pm            Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am
                               City Commons Club, 11:30am     Wednesday, March 28
Thursday, March 8              Central Works, 8pm             Aquatics Exercise, 4pm
BNI Berkeley Chapter, 7am                                     Dancers’ Den, 6pm
Lions, 12pm                    Saturday, March 17             Pool Closed, 7-10pm
Tai Chi Class, 4:30pm          Central Works, 8pm
BCC Board Meeting, 7pm                                        Thursday, March 29
Central Works, 8pm             WEEK FOUR                      BNI Berkeley Chapter, 6:30am
                               Sunday, March 18               Lions Club, 12pm
Friday, March 9                Central Works, 8pm             Tai Chi, 4:30pm
Breakfast Club, 6:30-8:30am
  THE RECORD – PAGE 16                                               FEBRUARY 2012

Friday, March 30                  City Commons, 11:30am   Saturday, March 31
Berkeley Breakfast Club, 6:30am

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