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					                                                                                   8th Grade State Analytical Writing Rubric                                                                       April 24, 2008
                                                                                                  State Writing Assessment
IDEAS (X 2) 40%                                           ORGANIZATION (X 1) 20%                                 STYLE (X 1) 20%                                         CONVENTIONS (X 1) 20%
*Consistent focus on assigned topic & purpose.            *Organizing strategy is appropriate to the             *Sentence carefully crafted to create a tone or         *Clear and correct simple, complex, and
*Fully developed controlling idea addresses                writer’s topic and assigned genre.                     “voice” suitable for the writer’s purpose and           compound sentences with correct end
  all aspects of writing task.                            *Logical and appropriate sequencing of ideas            intended audience.                                      punctuation.
*Supporting ideas and elaborations are relevant            within paragraphs and across parts of paper.          *Varied, precise, engaging language is                  *Variety of subordination and coordination.
  to the writer’s topic, genre, and audience.             *Introduction engages and sets the stage, and            appropriate for writer’s topic and audience.          *Correct word usage in a variety of contexts:
*Supporting ideas are fully elaborated                     conclusion provides a sense of closure.               *Figurative or technical “content specific”             sub-verb agreement, word forms, nouns, adjectives,
 throughout paper w/ logical examples & details.          *Both introduction and conclusion fit purpose.          language to help reader make meaning, or for           adverbs, pronoun-antecedent agreement.
*Response contains specific examples and                  *Related ideas are grouped in a logical manner          rhetorical effect.                                     *Correct mechanics: spelling, punctuation,
 details that fully address reader concerns and            within paragraphs.                                    *Evocative or authoritative voice is sustained.          paragraph breaks, and capitalization.
 perspective.                                             *Uses effective and varied transitional elements       *Extensive variety of sentence lengths,                 *Infrequent, if any, errors.
*Uses genre-appropriate strategies to develop              to link ideas, paragraphs, & sentences.                 structures, & beginnings.
  writer’s ideas.(Expository or Persuasive strategies)    *Transitions extend beyond the use of                  *A variety of genre-appropriate strategies used
                                                      5    transitional words and phrases.               5        to engage the reader.                       5                                                         5

*Consistent focus on assigned topic and purpose.          *Overall organizational strategy or structure is       *Language/tone is consistent with writer’s topic,       *Correct simple, complex & compound sentences
*Well-developed controlling ideas addresses task.          appropriate to the writer’s ideas and purpose.         purpose, & genre.                                       with correct end punctuation & few errors.
*Supporting ideas and elaboration are relevant and        *Structure guides reader through the text.             *Word choice is consistently precise and engaging.      *Correct usage with few errors.
  logical to the development of the writer’s topic.       *Logical sequencing of ideas.                          *Attention to audience is consistent throughout.        *Correct mechanics with few errors.
*Supporting ideas are developed with specific             *Introduction set the stage, and conclusion ends       *Consistent, distinctive voice.                         *Errors are generally minor and do not interfere
 examples and details.                                     the piece of writing without repetition.              *Sentences vary in length/structure/beginnings.          with meaning.
*Response contains specific examples and details          *Logical grouping of ideas within paragraphs.          *Some genre-appropriate strategies engage reader.
 that address reader concerns and perspectives.           *Varied transitions link ideas & paragraph.

                                                  4                                                          4                                                   4                                                     4
*Generally consistent focus on topic and purpose.         *Organizational strategy is generally appropriate to   *Language /tone generally consistent with writer’s      *Sentences & end punctuation generally correct.
*Developed controlling idea addresses the task.             the writer’s ideas and purpose of the genre.          purpose and appropriate to assigned genre.             *Some errors in complex & compound sentences;
*Most supporting ideas and elaborations relevant.         *Generally clear sequencing of ideas.                  *Word choice is generally engaging with                  few simple sentence errors.
*Supporting ideas are developed with some                 *Introduction is clear; conclusion provides closure.     occasional lapses into simple & ordinary language     *Some sentence fragments/run-ons.
 examples and details; some parts of paper are well       *Related ideas are generally grouped together.         *Some awareness of audience, mostly in                  *Generally correct word usage, but some errors.
 developed, others are only partially developed.          *Varied transitions link parts of the paper.            introduction / conclusion.                             *Generally correct mechanics, some errors.
*Response contains sufficient information to                                                                     *Writer’s voice is clear and appropriate.               *Few errors interfere with meaning.
 address the topic and some reader concerns.                                                                     *Some variation in sentence length,
                                                                                                                  structure, & beginnings.
                                                      3                                                      3                                                       3                                                   3
*Limited focus on the assigned topic and purpose.         *Organizing strategy is formulaic / inappropriate.     *Language /tone are uneven. Appropriate in some         *Simple sentences formed correctly, but other
*Minimally developed controlling idea.                    *Minimal evidence of sequencing.                        parts , but flat throughout most of response.           sentences may be incomplete or overloaded.
*Supporting ideas are vague, general, and/or              *Introduction lacking or ineffective.                  *Word choice is simple, ordinary & repetitive            *Sentence structure is awkward &/or end
  underdeveloped (partially developed or listed).         *Conclusion lacking or ineffective.                    *Limited awareness of audience.                           punctuation may be missing or incorrect.
*Response lacks sufficient information (due to brevity    *Lacks meaningful order of ideas inside paragraphs.    *Minimal, inconsistent, or indistinct voice.            *May have frequent errors in usage & mechanics
 and/or repetition) to provide a sense of completeness.   *Limited use of transitions.                           *Little variation in sentence length/structure.         *Some errors interfere with meaning.
*Some points and details may be irrelevant or             *Competence limited by brevity of response.            *Competence limited by brevity of response.             *Competence limited by the brevity of response.
  inappropriate for topic, audience, and genre 2                                                             2                                                   2                                                      2
*Lack of focus on the assigned topic and purpose.         *No evidence of organization.                          *Language and tone are flat and/or inappropriate.       *Frequent fragments, run-ons; incorrect sentences
*Lack of a controlling idea.                              *Unclear sequence of ideas.                            *Word choice is inaccurate, imprecise/confusing.        *End punctuation is incorrect or lacking.
*Absence of supporting ideas (or unclear).                *Lacks an introduction/conclusion.                     *Little/no attention to audience.                       *May contain frequent/severe errors in
*Development is lacking due to brevity/repetition.        *Unrelated ideas included within paragraphs.           *Writer’s voice is not apparent.                         usage/mechanics.
*Lacks completeness & fails to address concerns.          *Lack of or inappropriate transitions.                 *Lack of sentence variety.                              *Errors interfere with obscure meaning.
*Majority of details are irrelevant.                      *Insufficient student writing.                         *Insufficient student writing.                          *Insufficient student writing.
*Insufficient student writing.                       1                                                       1                                                     1                                                    1

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