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How a ____ becomes a


									                          How a ____ becomes a                     ? (__________ Version)

House of Representatives               -        A           idea may be introduced by any
but                                             only a member of the House may propose legislation.


Step             : Bill is introduced by a                                  of the House of Representatives.

Step Two:                                    is given a                        and assigned to a
to begin the                                     legislation process.

                             (                       - and the number it was received in)

               Three:        After the bill has been                           to a committee, the committee has


                                       B)                                                          (Most common)

                                       C)                                                            onto the full
House for

Step Four:                   Bill is                        on the House Floor if the                             of
the House                                       wants to consider the bill for a                      vote. Once that
decision is made, the                                   House can

                                                A)        ______________________________

                                                B)        ______________________________

*       Note that the Senate process is the same for Steps 1-4 but that any “____________________”
        must originate in the _________________________________.


Step Five:                   The House version of the bill and the Senate version of the bill must be sent to a
                                                                               to revise the bill and then
resubmit the bills to both
                             chambers for                               .

                             If there are                               in the two                   of the bill,
the                                                       must go back to the House and the Senate for
. Bills with                                              support will be revised and voted upon
by the two houses.

                             However, if one of the two houses is                           on the bill or the
                             is, the bill may be sent back to a                                     for revisions.
Step Six:                   Revisions are made if needed and then the               houses must vote on the
                            __________ bill now                       in form for each chambers

*         In order for a bill to              , only a                               of members                            is
needed. Only if                     it is a                             or other type of “                           ”
legislation must it be by                                                      votes in both chambers.

Step Seven:                 The                    approved by both                           is now sent onto the
________                                        where either:

                                                A)       The __________________ signs the bill and it
                                                         becomes               .

                                                B)       The                             does not                        the
bill and
                                                                                    is          session for
days and
                                                         the bill                            becomes


                                                C)       The President                               the bill thereby
                                                                                  the                      process.

                                                D)       The                              does not                       the
bill and
                                                         Congress is                                 for 10 days and
                                                         bill is automatically                               and thus, it
                                                         dead.      (                                            )

If the bill is                 , the two chambers have                            options:

                  A)                                                the bill to meet the President’s
                                    or                                   .

                  B)                                                              , put in back into the
,                                               and try again later or next                                  .

                  C)                Attempt an                                       of the President’s

However, any                              must have at least a                                majority to be

Note that overrides are not very                            especially if the                        and the
________________are of the same                     party as the                  .

If the ___________________ is of a different party than the            , an             attempt is
more likely but there may be                              on future bills they submit to the
or the Senate so an                     is not very likely.

                          are not very                   at the                       level.

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