Green-e Marketing Compliance Review by gegeshandong


									Green-e Energy Marketing Compliance Review
Materials Checklist

Compliance Review Period: February 2012
Company Name:
*Certified Product NAME:
Product Type (check one):            Electricity          REC         Green Pricing
Price per kWh:
Product Status:                      Servicing Existing Customers Only
                                     Accepting New Customers
                                     Actively Marketing to Any Customers
Contact Information
Name of Marketing
Compliance Contact:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

*Please complete a separate form for each Green-e certified product

Submit all materials to in PDF or Word format by Wednesday
February 29 subject line: <company name>Feb 2012 MCR

Please continue to page 2 for a list of materials to submit.
     Green-e Energy Marketing Compliance Review Materials Checklist           Page 2 of 2

                               Sampling of Materials to Submit
     Please note the intended use on each of the items submitted (i.e. welcome pack,
     direct mail piece, etc.).

Material                                     Submitted      Reason Why Not Submitted:
                                             yes   no
Customer Welcome Packet, including:
 Prospective Product Content Label
 Price, Terms and Conditions
Materials w/ a Subscription Mechanism
Materials w/o a Subscription Mechanism
NEW: Please list all carbon equivalencies-
providing calculation methodology
including conversions used
Television Spots
Radio Spots
Electronic Media
(other than website)
Sample Copy Customer Bill (If the UDC
sent out your bill, then please supply a
copy of the historical and quarterly fuel
disclosure sent to customers.)

Sign-up Phone Number:
Customer Service Phone Number:
Company Website Address:

Notes or recent changes you have made to be in compliance with the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct :

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