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Service 78 - Second Tier Support for                               Item no: xx
Local Victim Support Services in
Report by:   Sasan Abtahi            Job title:   Policy and Grants Manager

Date:        10 February 2010

Contact      Sasan Abtahi

Telephone:   0207 934 9841           Email:

Summary            This report provides an update on progress made by Victim Support
                   London (the organisation funded under service 78) in the second year of
                   funding and makes recommendations for continued funding for the period
                   1 February 2010 – 31 January 2011.

                   Members are asked to agree the renewal of Victim Support London’s
                   grant under service 78 (grant reference number 4939): £145,824 for the
                   period 1st February 2010 to 31st January 2011.

  1. At its meeting on 11 July 2007, the Grants Committee agreed to fund one organisation –
     Victim Support London - under service 78. The funding was agreed in principle for four
     years (£583,298 in total – full year effect £145,824) starting in August 2007. In the first
     instance, specific approval was given for the first 18 months – 1 August 2007 – 31 January
     2009. The Grants Committee, at its meeting on 14 January 2009 agreed to renew the
     grant for the period 1 February 2009 – 31 January 2010.

  2. This report provides an update on the progress made by Victim Support London in the
     second year of funding and summarises the organisation’s performance against the
     standard outcomes for the service. The period covered in the report is 1 October 2008 –
     30 September 2009

Summary of performance in second year of funding

  3. Victim Support London, funded under service 78, has delivered the following outcomes in
     the second year of funding:

Outcome 1
Provided a range of second tier service to all the victim support offices in London, including
training to some 300 management committee members, staff and volunteers.

Outcome 2
Provided specialist bespoke training to 130 Police Officers and Local Authority staff on Victim
Support and Domestic violence.

Developed in partnership with BAME and Faith Networks across London a new BAME
volunteering programme and recruited and trained some 500 volunteers.

Outcome 4
VSL has also participated in London Wide Forums on issues relating to crime and victim support
including the London Criminal Justice Board (and its sub-groups), the Youth Justice Board, the
Greater London Domestic Violence Forum, Sapphire IAG, the Rape and Convictions Working
Party, Race Crime IAG and Homophobic and Transgender Crime IAG. At a borough level Victim
Support London has participated in all 32 Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs),
28 local Criminal Justice Boards, 30 Court User Groups, 15 MARACs (Multi Agency Risk
Assessment Conferences) and a large number of forums including LGBT, Faith, BME and
Domestic Violence fora.

Outcome 5
Victim Support London has actively promoted equality for disadvantaged groups through the
service delivery, marketing, evaluation and management of the second tier provision funded by
London Councils

Members are asked to agree the renewal of Victim Support London’s grant under service 78
(grant reference number 4939): £145,824 for the period1st February 2010 to 31st January 2011.

Financial Implications for London Councils

  4. The resources required to finance the recommended renewal of grant have been included
     in the Grants Committee’s budget.

Legal Implications for London Councils

  5. This report has no legal implications.

Equalities Implications for London Councils

  6. As part of the annual monitoring process, officers have examined the equalities profiles of
     Victim Support London’s service-users, management committee and staff. Officers have
     also examined organisations’ commitment to access and promotion of equalities.

Background Papers

London Councils Grants       Committee    Report,   11 July 2007 – Service 16 Funding

London Boroughs Grants Committee report – 14 January 2009, Service 16 Renewal of Funding.
Table for website

This table provides information on the progress of individual organisations

Organisation        Summary of performance                                                             Officer Comments

Victom Support      Victim Support London provides a range of second tier services to staff and        Officers are satisfied with the
London              volunteers in the Borough Victim Support Agencies in London by :-Training key      progress made by the organisation,
                    staff and volunteers in London, both within Victim Support and other statutory     Victim Support has continued to
                    and voluntary organisations to deliver high quality, responsive and consistent     make progress in developing the
                    support to anyone affected by crime. Providing an accessible support service to    project and has continued to
                    victims of crime in London, through the provision of a diverse network of Victim   develop second tier support to the
                    Support staff and volunteers, reflective of London's make-up and through raising   Borough agencies, additionally the
                    awareness of support services available, particularly to disadvantaged groups.     organisation has provided training
                    During the six month monitoring period 112 staff and volunteers from Borough       to a range of statutory and
                    Victim Support schemes in London accessed 9 training courses in victim care        voluntary organisations working
                    and awareness, including training in supporting victims of domestic violence,      with victims of crime.
                    homophobic and transphobic crime, racial crime and vulnerable and intimidated
                    witnesses. In addition, Victim Support London also trained 181 people in 11
                    training sessions from statutory and other organisations in victim care and
                    awareness, from organisations including Westminster and West End Central
                    Police, British Transport Police, Lambeth Victim Care Unit, Anti Social
                    Behaviour Officers for Lambeth Council and Sapphire Teams.

                    Victim Support has developed training materials specifically for Victim Support
                    staff and trainers on Community Engagement (based on the 'Community
                    Engagement: One Dialogue on Crime' training package, developed for the
                    London Criminal Justice Board). This two day training package focuses on
                    offering support and recruiting volunteers from under represented communities
                    and has currently been run twice in October, with future training sessions
                    planned. Victim Support has also have started working with the Department of
                    Work and Pensions, with the aim of developing new training courses in
supporting victims with mental health problems, and another for victims with
learning disabilities, which should be ready by February 2010.
Victim Support London has recruited 424 diverse new volunteers reflective of
London's communities (64% of new volunteers are from BAME communities)
including through working in partnership with other organisations such as the
Refugee Council

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