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									                           The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                  June/July 2010

   Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.                 created and projected by gratitude consider the
                                                              following analogy...
                   ~G.B. Stern
                                                              “Think of yourself as a giant magnet. Whatever
                                                              you are feeling, whether it be love, fear, anger,
            Googling Gratitude                                happiness, joy, gratitude, resistance etc. you are
 Contributed by Myriah Walker, a/k/a Newsletter Elf
                                                              in essence creating a magnetic force that attracts
                                                              and draws to you events, conditions and
Reading the headlines in the newspapers and the               circumstances which are in direct correlation to
net, its becoming apparent that this is not the               what you are feeling. Fear of something creates
New Age, but from the sounds of it, its becoming              a magnetic force that will attract more of what
the age of skepticism, blame, judgment and                    you fear. Expressing Gratitude for any situation
righteous indignation. There is also a lot of fear            projects a magnetic force that draws to you more
due to job losses, budget cut backs, and the                  of what you are expressing gratitude for.” I
seeming evidence of lack in our current shifting              highly recommend the rest of this article and web
economy.                                                      site.
This attitude doesn't do me any favors in creating            So, just for today, look around you – the people
the life I want, nor help ease the day-to-day                 you work with in person and on the phone and
burdens of working and living with others on this             computer, everyone in our agency, the entire
planet. I'm always searching for ways to bring                network of services we are connected with – and
more harmony and peace into my little world, so               think about gratitude, even just one little thing
on a lark I decided to google “gratitude.” I                  you are grateful for about the person or situation
came across a wonderful web site called                       you are quick to grumble about. Erase the
www.abundance-and-happiness.com. From their                   discontent and empower your world with
article 'The Power of Gratitude' I share the                  contentment. Then do it again tomorrow.
                                                              I'm grateful for all of you, for the experiences in
“When you are in a sincere state of gratitude                 my life I'm receiving here, the clients who teach
your energy (vibrational resonance) is one of                 me so much about myself and what is real and
acceptance and harmony. You resonate and as a                 true in the world, and the power of love.
result project a much higher vibrational
frequency which is exactly what attracts to you                 I would maintain that thanks are the highest
to the events, conditions, and circumstances that             form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness
you desire.                                                                doubled by wonder.

“To provide more clarity on the resonance                                         ~G.K. Chesterton
                          The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                 June/July 2010

      Welcome New Staff Members                              Ilias Satouev                         June 22
A big welcome to our latest recruits. Laura                  Laura Ayers                           June 25
Verhulst and Agripina Mora Solorio join the                  Jeanette Mittenzwei                   June 25
Columbine House staff; Gesine Dommer and
Trisha Hughes join the Vail Day Program; and                 Sarah Brotherson                      June 28
Adolf Irvind joins Pitkin house. We hope you                 Laura Verhulst                        June 28
have a long and happy career with us, and look
forward to your contributions.                               Veronica DeLeon                       June 29
                                                             Chavon Ryan                           June 29
                                                             Roxie Roadcap-Kissell                 June 30
  As we express our gratitude, we must never
  forget that the highest appreciation is not to             Marcie Wenzel                         June 30
        utter words, but to live by them.                    Alfred Angelo                         July 2
            ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy                         Heather Reid                          July 2
                                                             Dianne Crowdis                        July 7
                 Birthday Wishes                             Kristina Davis                        July 11
When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk             Erick Zuniga                          July 12
            for a year and a half.
                                                             Donna Collins                         July 16
                   ~Gracie Allen
                                                             Cristina Leon                         July 31

Jennifer Acha                          June 6
                                                                             Staff Anniversaries
John Gastinger                         June 8
                                                              Always bear in mind that your own resolution
Coleen Graves                          June 10
                                                               to succeed is more important than any one
Jennifer Wagner                        June 15
                                                                                ~Abraham Lincoln
Emily Finch                            June 18
Jackie Collins                         June 19
                                                             Phyllis Billmeyer                     20 years
Doris Tom                              June 20
                                                             Francine Wood                         19 years
                          The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                  June/July 2010

Linda Austin-Martin                    15 years              There have been a few staff changes that I
                                                             wanted to share with everyone.
Marcie Wenzel                          15 years
                                                             Sheila Maurer is the Director of Adult Services:
Nancy Hadland                          12 years
                                                             This position overseas all day programs,
Jean Stewart                           11 years              residential homes and the medical office. Sheila
Terry Norris                             8 years             can be contacted at 970-945-2306 x12, or by
                                                             email at Sheila @ mtnvalley.org.
Sarah Brotherson                         6 years
                                                             Amanda Emerson is the director of Enrichment
Claude Burchett                          6 years             services. This position overseas Silt, Carbondale
Paula Burchett                           6 years             and Vail Day Programs. Amanda is focusing on
                                                             making positive changes in the Vail area to
Tina Maddalone                           6 years             mirror the activities and programs in both Silt
Donna Ross                               5 years             and Carbondale. The goal is to have all three
                                                             programs be consistent and have similar daily
Amanda Emerson                           3 years
                                                             activities as well as leverage the strengths of
Georgine Bogovich                        2 years             their individual communities for outings.
Keisha Massarotti                        2 years             We are working on getting calendars out to
Ilias Satouev                            2 years             families so you may participate in day program
Berta Davila                             1 year
                                                             Jennifer Acha is the new Benefit’s Coordinator
Angelique Raffin                         1 year              and that office has been moved to the Glenwood
                                                             office location.
                                                             Barb Donily is now the Residential Coordinator
                                                             over Oakhurst house and all of the Glenwood
  We can only be said to be alive in those                   Apartments.
moments when our hearts are conscious of our
               treasures.                                    Emily Finch has decided to step down to do
                                                             direct care with clients in the apartment
                 ~Thornton Wilder                            program. We are very happy that we still have
                                                             both Barb and Emily with Mountain Valley.
   Staff Changes at Mountain Valley
           Contributed by Sheila Maurer                        Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it
                          The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                 June/July 2010

 must be produced and discharged and used up                 individual are being fulfilled to the best of our
            in order to exist at all.                        ability during the interim. Our front desk staff,
                                                             Janet and Maureen, should be aware of whom to
               ~William Faulkner
                                                             refer questions at all times when we are covering
                                                             a vacant staff position. Supervisory staff are
                                                             responsible for informing them of where to refer
                Staff Turnover
                                                             calls so that families and others needing
         Contributed by Bruce Christensen                    assistance can be connected to someone who can
Mountain Valley strives to provide an enjoyable              help.
and rewarding workplace for its staff and, during             On the other hand, we do want to make sure that
recent years, has been able to greatly reduce staff          involved family members and guardians are
turnover. However, given the size of our                     introduced to new staff who may be a part of
workforce of 130 people, some level of turnover              their family member’s team in a timely manner.
is inevitable. We regularly receive comments                 Key staff (coordinators, case managers, nurses,
from concerned family members who feel that                  program directors, etc.) should send a letter of
they should be notified immediately upon our                 introduction or make telephone contact in a
receipt of notice that a person is going to resign           timely manner following appointment to a
his/her position or when a key member of our                 position. Also, relevant staff changes should be
staff may be leaving for other reasons.                      discussed at subsequent IDT meetings.
Unfortunately, it is really not practical for us to
do this in every case. Additionally, privacy and
labor laws do not allow us to share employment
related information with outside parties.
Whenever possible, however, the departing
person is expected to personally advise family                      Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
members and persons served that they will be                                 ~Jean Baptiste Massieu
leaving. However, we do need to make sure that
families know that we are not able to provide
them with personal notification of every
departing employee.
                                                                   New Computer Network Server
 Mountain Valley’s primary emphasis during
periods of staff vacancy is always to act to fill                            Contributed by Janet Jesse
the vacancy as quickly as possible, as well as to            Mt. Valley is getting a new computer network
assure that the functions of the departing                   server. The installation of the new server is
                           The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                  June/July 2010

scheduled for Friday, July 16 – Monday, July                                    ~Benjamin Disraeli
19th. During this time you will be unable to log
on to the server. If you work at the main agency
building, this also means that you will not have                 GMO's in Food Supply/You Have A
access to the Internet during that time. This will                           Choice
not affect the ability of off-site facilities (group                    www.nongmoshoppingguide.com
homes, day programs, etc.) to use the Internet for
Therap or ADP.                                                According to www.nongmoshoppingguide.com,
                                                              American's have been eating           Genetically
Among other things, our new server will enable                Modified foods since 1996 in most processed
us to have a VPN (virtual personal network) so I              foods. There is no “have I been eating GMO's?”
will be able to better manage all of the computers            The fact is, we all have. There are eight
that we have here at Mt. Valley. I will have the              modified food crops. The five major crops are
ability to log onto remote machines and help                  soy, corn, canola, cotton, and sugar beets.
diagnose a problem, as well as update virus                   These crops have bacterial genes inserted into
                                                              their DNA, which allow the plants to survive an
protection software and other software. This                  otherwise deadly cocktail of weed killer.
means you should no longer have to take your                  Farmers use considerably more herbicides on
computer apart and bring it into me at the agency             these crops, and so the food has a higher content
for repair. This should make everybody’s life                 of of herbicide residues. About 68% of GM
easier. I am sure there will be lots of questions             crops are herbicide tolerant.
after we get the new server but I expect the                  So then, everything that has high fructose corn
transition to go very smoothly. I will make sure              syrup, (not made from organic corn), has been
training is available if necessary; meanwhile if              highly charged with herbicides. Anything with
you have any questions, please feel free to                   non organic sugar. Vegetable protein from soy is
                                                              also introduced in a lot of processed foods. Soy
contact me.
                                                              foods can be okay if they are organic, as well as
Janet Jesse                                                   all the other crops listed. Canola oils are the new
                                                              “it” oil by the food industry, but one to watch out
                                                              for. One must be a wise shopper to read the
945.2306                                                      labels and look for specifically non GMO labels.
                                                              As consumers, we vote at the cash register.
   I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not             Organics are sometimes more expensive, but at
     indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.               the cost of our better health, much more frugal
                           The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                  June/July 2010

and wise in the long run. To download a                       offset the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of
free shopping guide to avoid GMO's go here:                   Mexico by driving 20 percent less.
http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/SG/Dow                     Bicycles are practical and can meet many needs.
nloadtheGuide/index.cfm                                       Throughout the U.S., 40 percent of all car trips
                                                              are less than five miles, the ideal spatial range of
                                                              bicycling, and some argue that 20 percent of all
 If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he
                                                              trips could be made by bicycle if the U.S. built
     isn't likely to be thankful for what he's
                                                              proper infrastructure.
                     going to get.
                                                              Lest you conclude that rationing is some sort of
                ~Frank A. Clark
                                                              communistic plot, recall that after Hurricanes
                                                              Katrina and Rita shut down Gulf of Mexico
                                                              drilling and crippled 50 percent of U.S. refining
The Moral Imperative of the BP Oil
                                                              capacity, President George Bush urged
Spill: Drive 20 Percent Less                                  Americans to be "better conservers" and asked us
Excerpts from article by Jason Henderson                      to avoid non-essential driving. He also asked
Today there is an ecological disaster in the Gulf             federal workers to carpool or take public transit.
of Mexico that stems from the insatiable demand               While this was purely voluntary and amounted to
for oil and for using that oil for driving. Almost            nothing, the point is, an oil man said it. He did
half of the oil used in the US is used for personal           not have to, but Bush's people understood the
driving, and upwards of 68 percent of the oil we              relationship between oil and driving and saw the
use is for all transportation. We can make a                  panicked long lines at gas stations in Houston
substantial dent in our oil dependency, while also            suburbs.
giving the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico                   To      read     the    full   article,   go    to
time to work, by reducing personal driving by 20              http://sf.streetsblog.org/2010/06/14/the-moral-
percent. We do not have the time to wait for a                imperative-of-the-bp-oil-spill-drive-20-percent-
magical "clean" car decades away -- we must act               less/.
                                                               Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues,
Defenders of offshore drilling say that demand                          but the parent of all others.
for oil in the U.S. will still hover around 20
million barrels a day -- every day -- including
during the moratorium, however long it lasts. So
what can be done in the immediate future to
rectify the whole mess? I propose that we can
                                                                       To Contribute to Newsletter
                           The in-house newsletter of Mountain Valley Developmental Services
                                                  June/July 2010

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