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Presentation by:   Haobo Zhou
                   David Snuijf
An overview of Grid Portals
   Definition
   History
   Now
   Definition
   Different implementations
Open Grid Computing Environment
What do we need from YOU!
             What is Portal?
“A portal is a web based
application that commonly
provides personalization, single
sign on, content aggregation
from different sources and it
hosts the presentation layer of
Information Systems”(JSR 168)
Grid Portals build upon the
familiar Web portal model, such
as Yahoo or Amazon, to deliver
the benefits of Grid computing to
virtual communities of users,
providing a single access point to
Grid services and resources
     The State of Grid Portals
A Portal is only as good as the underlying deployed
Portlet development often involves debugging underlying
Most portals are stovepipe solutions that provide a complete
solution with very little customization capabilities.
    Separation of presentation and login
    Generally hard coding of underlying Grid infrastructure details and
     the codebase
Lack of real usability has made it difficult to test and evaluate
user interfaces.
Web application development still remains a tedious task with
little in the way of reusable components, forcing developers to
constantly “re-invent” the wheel.
          Web Frameworks
Key features that a portal framework should
provide are:
   Support for the separation of users, groups and roles
   Support for various authorization schemes
   Core set of useful components for users
   Support for user customization and configuration
   The ability to administer the portal at runtime
   A clear development model to provide new
       Clean separation of logic and presentation
       Support for persistence
       Value added classes, libraries, utilities
       Reusable core components
    Early Grid Portal Projects
   Perl based framework developed by Mary Thomas
    and Steve Mock at San-Diego Supercomputing
    Center (SDSC)
Grid Portal Development Toolkit (GPDK):
   Developed by Jason Novotny at Lawrence Berkeley
    National Laboratories (LBNL)
Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory
   Developed by Michael Russell at University of
    Chicago, now lead by Greg Daues of National
    Super-Computing Alliance (NCSA)
      What is a portlet?
A portlet is a Java technology based web
It is managed by a portlet container
Processes requests and generates dynamic
Portlets are used by portals as pluggable user
interface components
Provide a presentation layer to Information
(or Grid) Systems
What is a portlet container? (1)
  A Portlet Container
     Runs portlets and provides them with the required runtime
     Contains portlets and manages their lifecycle
     Provides persistent storage for portlet preferences
  A container receives requests from the portal to
  execute requests on the portlets hosted by it
  Content generated by a portlet is also called a
     Markup (e.g. HTML, XHTML, WML) adhering to certain rules
      and can be aggregated with other fragments to form a
      complete document
What is a portlet container? (2)
  The content of a portlet is normally aggregated with
  the content of other portlets to form the portal page
     The lifecycle of a portlet is managed by the portlet container
  Web clients interact with portlets via a
  request/response paradigm implemented by the
     Normally, users interact with content produced by portlets,
      for example by following links or submitting forms, resulting
      in portlet actions being received by the portal, which are
      forwarded by it to the portlets targeted by the user's
  The content generated by a portlet may vary from
  one user to another depending on the user
  configuration for the portlet
Elements of a Portal
An example of a portal page
      Portlet Implementations

 Plenty of “portlet based portals” exist
     Jakarta Jetspeed
     IBM WebSphere
     GridSphere
     OGCE

Which one to choose? …
       Jakarta Jetspeed

Open source Java portlet project
Jetspeed is both a framework and
reference implementation
Defines portlets, portal service APIs
(login, authorization, customization, etc.)
          IBM WebSphere
WebSphere Portal for Multi platforms
Comprehensive portal offerings for successful business-to-
employee (B2E), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-
consumer (B2C) portals.
WebSphere Portal - Express for Multi platforms
Helps small and mid-size businesses easily deploy
sophisticated portals for employees, trading partners, and
customers. Now includes support for Windows, Linux and
iSeries servers.
WebSphere Portal Enable for iSeries
Powerful portal solution built for a server platform that
simplifies the complexity of an on demand world.
WebSphere Portal for z/OS and OS/390
Portal solution for enterprise customers needing the highest
performance and reliability.
WebSphere Commerce Portal
Expand your portal initiatives with industry leading
capabilities for selling, buying and channel management

Hundred percent JSR 168 compliant
Flexible XML based portal presentation
description can be easily modified to
create customized portal layouts
             Our Choice!

Open Grid Computing Environment
   Based on Portlet ( Jetspeed )
   Open source
   Easy to deploy
   Lots of portlets are available
Big Picture


    Portal Server                  and group

    Portlet   Portlet   Portlet    Directory
      1         2         3
                                   & index
    Portlet   Portlet   Portlet
      4         5         6


                                  Event and
                  OGCE User Portlets
Portal Capabilities                Description
Grid Proxy Certificate Manager     Get MyProxy certs after logging in
Schedule                           Interactive individual and group calendars
Discussion                         Persistent topic-based discussion for groups
Chat                               Live chat services and interfaces
Document managers                  WEBDav based document system for group file sharing

LDAP Browsers                      Basic Globus MDS browsing and navigating
GridContext Portlets               Access context services for managing metadata
GRAM Job Submission                Run simple executables on remote hosts

GridFTP                            Upload, download, crossload remote files
GPIR Portlets                      View, interact with HPC status, job, etc information

Newsgroups and citation portlets   Post topics to newsgroup, manage group references and
                                   citations with access controls
    MyProxy Certificate Manager
    The MyProxy Manager
     The user contacts the portal              User “Beth”
      server and asks it to do “grid”
      things on behalf of the user.
                                                    1. Load my
     To make this possible the server              Proxy
      needs a “Proxy Certificate”                   Certificate!

     1.   The user has previously stored a                         Portal Server
          proxy certificate in a secure                             MyProxy
          MyProxy Server stored with a                               Portlet
          temporary password.
                                                                          3.     I am
     2.   User gives the portal server the          2. Give me                  Beth’s
                                                    Beth’s proxy
          password and the portal server
          contacts the proxy server and
          loads the proxy.
     3.   The portal server will hold the                            MyProxy
          proxy for the user for a “short                             Server
          amount of time” in the user’s
          session state.
                                             CoG is a Java Commodity Grid Kit
             File Management
GridFTP portlet– Allow User to
manage remote file spaces                    User “Beth”
   Uses stored proxy for
   Upload and download files
   Third party file transfer                              Portal Server
      Request that GridFTP server A                         GridFTP
       send a file to GridFTP server B                        Portlet

      Does not involve traffic through
       portal server
                                          Server A             GridFTP
                                                               Server B
            LDAP Browser

A Lightweight
Directory Access
   An interface for the
    management, so the
    user does not have to
    cope with the
    logistics and location
    of the files
          Submit Jobs
                      User “Beth”
A portlet interface
to the different
servers.                            Portal Server
                                 Grid        Grid      Grid
                                Portlet     Portlet   Portlet

                       Condor                               CSF
                         G                                 Server
  Join and participate
  in different topic

  This will be an
  combined function
  with the VOMServer
     So that user can
      register to one VO
      through this portlet.
In the schedule the
user can see an
agenda. A
members can add
appointments, such
as (class)meetings,
activities, deadlines
and assignments.
Users can upload
documents and
links on their
   You can see it as a
    portable harddisk
        What will we do?
We will develop the following portlets:
   VO registration

   Monitoring
    MonaLisa and Ganglia
        What will we do?
We will develop the following portlets:
   VO registration

   Monitoring
    MonaLisa and Ganglia
What do we want from you?
We will talk to the
following individual
   Resource Management
      condor, GRAM, CSF
   Information Service
      Monalisa, Ganglia,
   Security
      VOMS registration

  Leiden University Campus Grid

       Thank you for listening 

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