Healthy Tips for Alcohol By Robert Fetters

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					                                            A part of ISU Employee
                                                   Wellness Program
                                                                                                                  •   Issue 4
                                                                                                                  •   April 2009

Inside this issue:             Healthy Tips for Alcohol By Robert Fetters
Healthy Tips for Alco-     1
Facts About Alcohol        2

Calories from Alcohol      2

Alcohol and Women          3

Teens and Alcohol          3

                                        We’ve all heard the rumor that               with    a    not-so-full-but-not-empty
                                                                                     stomach and to enjoy something
                               a glass of wine a day is good for us, well,           harder. Harder stuff tends to have
                               that’s not necessarily the case. It isn’t the         more calories per ounce, but also a
National Employee Health       wine that’s important, it’s the grape, and            lot more alcohol, meaning you’ll get
and Fitness Day, May 20        that grape is only grown in Europe. That              to your destination a lot quicker.
                               basically rules out the only real health
                               benefits of alcohol, but most of you al-          •   Mmm, doughnuts -- Try to avoid
Wellness Workshop:             ready knew it wasn’t as healthy as a                  making poor food choices if you
Summer Survival Guide,         nice big glass of water. Well, here’s a               decide to drink. It’s really just adding
March 29th, Curtiss Hall       few tips to help ease the pain from the               insult to injury. It’s like being a dia-
8, at noon                     wine fact:                                            betic and eating a bag of Teddy
                                                                                     Grahams, then polishing those off
                               •   Light is alright – Most people will               with a slurpee.
Blood Pressure and                 agree, light beers just aren’t as good
Postural Screening                 as their full-flavored, full-calorie          •   Beware of your surroundings – This
April 8th, 11am-12                 brethren, BUT there’s over 300 light              article is aimed at adults and it
College of Design, Lobby           beers in circulation, over 30 of them             shouldn’t have to be said, but
                                   at our local Hy-vee alone! So you                 please drink responsibly. No drinking
                                   can find something!                               and driving, no heavy drinking
                                                                                     alone, no drinking while under the
                               •   Time is of the essence – This rule not            influence of ANY sedative.
                                   only applies for dieting, but also for
                                   alcohol. Do NOT consume carbohy-                      These tips are simple and hope-
                                   drates (such as wheat products, like          fully make your drinking experience
                                   bread) after 7 PM unless you plan on          more enjoyable. For more information
                                   burning them off before you go to             on    healthy    drinking,  check   out
                               •   To feel it – If your goal is to feel it, go

                A part of ISU Employee Wellness Program
                                                                                                         •     Issue 4
                                                               •     April 2009

Facts About Alcohol Abuse By Katelin Blasingame
    As many of us know one of the most com-           •   More than
                                                     100,000 people die
monly used drugs in today’s society is alcohol. How-
                                                     every year by exces-
ever, what many of us don’t know are the affects
                                                     sive alcohol con-
alcohol consumption can cause. Both direct and
• Alcohol in drinks of either low alcohol content    • Nearly 14 million
                                                     Americans meet the
(below 15%) or high alcohol content (over 30%)
                                                     criteria for an alcohol
tend to be absorbed into the body more slowly.
• Low to moderate doses of alcohol can increase
the incidence of a variety of aggressive acts        • Problem drinkers
                                                          spend an aver-
• Males are four times as likely as females to be         age of four times
heavy drinkers
                                                          as many days in
• Effects of moderate alcohol intake include dizzi-       the hospital as
ness and talkativeness                                    nondrinkers
• There is no cure for a hangover
                                                          Now that you know some of the
• Sudden cessation of long term, extensive alco- alcohol consumption take a second facts about
                                                                                            to think about
hol intake can produce withdrawal symptoms, in-
                                                     if you are making the right choice. Remember, it
cluding severe anxiety, tremors, hallucinations, and
                                                     only takes one drink to lose your inhibitions.
•   Impairment begins with the first drink            (, http://
•  The body metabolizes alcohol at the rate of
about one drink per hour
•   Time, and only time can sober a person up

Calories from Alcohol By Christina Washington
        M  any people probably do not think about the calorie content in that alcoholic beverage they
normally consume. Alcohol can be a hidden cause of being overweight or obese, many do not think of
what they drink containing any calories that harm their body. Here are some common alcoholic bever-
ages caloric content. A bottle represents 12 fl. Oz.

•   1 bottle of Bud Light = 110 calories
•   1 bottle of Budweiser= 145 calories
•   1 bottle of Miller Lite = 96 calories
•   1 bottle of Heineken= 150 calories
•   1 bottle of Michelob ultra= 95 calories
•   1 strawberry margarita (Red Robin) = 277 calories!
•   1 bottle of Smirnoff’s Triple Black= 253 calories
•   1 shot of Grey Goose Vodka= 69 calories
•   1 shot of Jack Daniels= 69 calories
•   1 wallaby darned (Outback steakhouse)= 582 calories!
•   1 “perfect margarita”(Applebees)= 243 calories

   These are only a few of many drinks that the public enjoys on a regular basis. Most people do not only
consume one of these beverages at a time either. So next time you decide to have a drink, possibly think
of the calories you are consuming and keep it to a minimum!
                    A part of ISU Employee Wellness Program
                                                                                               •   Issue 4
                                                     •   April 2009

                                                               Alcohol and Women
                                                                                        By Dani Berry

                                               Let’s face it women. Men can drink more than we
                                   can. Even if women and men drink the same amount of
                                   alcohol, women will experience impairment faster. It has
                                   been proven through many scientific studies. There are
                                   many different factors that play a role in alcohol consump-
                                   tion. One factor for both sexes is how much food a person
                                   has had to eat before they start drinking. The more a person
                                   eats before they drink, the longer they will stay sober. It also
                                   depends on the substance of the food. If you’re going out
                                   drinking for the night, it would be smarter to eat a sandwich
                                   compared to a salad. One of the biggest pieces of the puz-
                                   zle is how much body fat a person has. Women tend to
                                   carry much more body fat then men do. Body fat contains
                                   little to no water therefore there is nothing to dilute the alco-
                                   hol. A second reason of faster impairment in women is be-
                                   cause we are normally smaller than men. A third reason is
                                   because of an enzyme called Alcohol dehydrogenase. This
                                   metabolizing enzyme helps the body get alcohol out of its
system. Men have more of this enzyme than women do.
       One last interesting fact about why women are impaired faster than men is that fluctu-
ating hormone levels in women means that the intoxicating effects of alcohol will set in faster
when their estrogen levels are higher, premenstrual. Hopefully this article will inform women
about drinking, and hopefully they won’t try to out drink all the guys at VEISHA this year!

Teens and Alcohol By Alejandro Hughes
         Teenagers using alcohol may be old news, but many parents
do not realize how young their children are when they begin to ex-
periment with alcohol. In fact, a 2007 survey showed that 39% of 8th
graders have tried alcohol, with that number rising to 62% by 10th
grade. Even more worrisome is a survey given by the Weekly Reader,
which showed that 30% of 4th-6th graders have been pressured to
drink. Not only are teens trying alcohol at such young ages, they are
consuming it in large amounts. 41% of 10th graders report having
been “drunk” at least once. These behaviors can cause severe con-
sequences down the road, over 40% of people who drink before 15
develop some type of alcohol problem in their lives.

Tips for parents:
•   Keep alcohol in secure locations
•   Arrange supervision if you will be gone for an extended period of time
•   Get to know your children’s friends and their parents
•   Express to your children why they should not be drinking

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