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					Mary Louise McEwen, Superintendent
250 Arsenal Street, 11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04332-0011
(207) 624-3900

Role of Riverview Psychiatric Center
Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC) operates under laws established by the Maine
                                                                                            Table of Contents
Legislature to provide care and treatment for both voluntary and court committed            Strategic Objectives                  1
patients as well as outpatients. The hospital has its own Advisory Board with by-laws
covering organization, purpose, duties, appointment process, committees and                 Hospital Metrics                      2
relationship to the Medical Staff. The Advisory Board is chaired by Commissioner
Mary Mayhew.                                                                                Our Finances                          3
RPC is part of a comprehensive mental health system of services in Maine which              What’s Next?                          4
includes community mental health centers with multiple branch offices, private
psychiatric and community hospitals and private providers. In addition to the inpatient
services, RPC provides outpatient services for clients who require such support in order    Mission
to transition to, or remain in, the community.
                                                                                            Riverview Psychiatric Center
Organization                                                                                provides state of the art care to
Riverview Psychiatric Center was built in 2003 and occupied in June 2004. Prior to          individuals with serious and
Riverview, state inpatient psychiatric care for the southern part of the state was          persistent mental illness in Maine.
provided by the Augusta Mental Health Institute (AMHI). AMHI was established in
1840 as the Maine Insane Hospital and was the only public mental hospital in Maine
until the second hospital was built in Bangor in 1901. The name was changed in 1913
from Maine Insane Hospital to Augusta Mental Health Institute and then Riverview            Vision
Psychiatric Center in 2004.
                                                                                            The Riverview Psychiatric Center, in
The hospital received its first accreditation under the Joint Commission in 1958 and has    collaboration with the community,
continued to be accredited. It is fully licensed as a hospital of the Maine Department of   will be a center for best practice,
Health and Human Services and is certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid         treatment education and research for
Services (CMS) to provide acute psychiatric care.                                           individuals with serious and
                                                                                            persistent mental illness.
RPC is a 92-bed psychiatric hospital and is organized into major clinical,
administrative, and support service departments. RPC has four inpatient treatment
units, admitting approximately 300 people per year. All four coed units provide an
acute level of care. The Outpatient Program includes a Dental Clinic and a Psychiatric      Values
Medication Clinic for both the adult and geriatric population. RPC is also the State of     R—Respect and Dignity
Maine's only forensic psychiatric hospital providing psychiatric services to clients from
the Maine criminal justice system and the Maine courts.                                     P—Patients First
                                                                                            C—Caring and Compassion
Riverview Psychiatric Center is licensed and accredited by the Department of Health
and Human Services Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services, the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission.

                                                      The Joint Commission
 Hospital Metrics
                                        Riverview Psychiatric Center

                                                                                       Average Length of Stay

FY11 At a Glance
Admissions - 281
Discharges - 288                                                   40
Inpatient Days - 28,953                                            20
Outpatient Services - 7,197                                            0
Average Length of Stay - 89 days                                                       2006                    2007                    2008                     2009                    2010                  2011
Average Daily Census - 79                                                                                                                           Year
Patient Age Range from 18 to 70
Male to Female Ratio is 2:1
                                                                                                Average Daily Census
Inpatient Origins                                      100
30% from Cumberland County
21% from Kennebec                                             80
25% from York, Androscoggin & Knox                            60

24% from other Maine Counties & away

Top Diagnosis
     1. Schizoaffective Disorder,                             -



                                                                                                               Oct -10

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ma y-11

                                                                                                                                                                           Mar- 11
                                                                                                                                       Dec- 10

                                                                                                                                                    Ja n-11

        Unspecified (295.7)
     2. Bipolar Disorder, Unspecified
        (296.8)                                                                                                            Civil                 Forens ic
     3. Psychosis NOS (298.9)

Top Medical Diagnosis                                                  Outpatient Services Provided
     1. Exogenous Obesity
     2. Hyperlipidemia
                                          Count of Services

     3. Hypertension
Additional statistical information is                         100
published quarterly by the Riverview
Psychiatric Center in the Performance                              0




                                                                                                                                                                              Mar- 11
                                                                                                                                          Dec- 10

Report. These reports can be accessed
through the RPC website at:
quarterly-report/index.html                                                                            Preble Street                                  Cap itol Clinic
                                                                                    Our Finances
                                                                                         Fiscal year 2011


     Personal Services vs. All Other                   All Other by Category
              $33,571,837                                   $13,233,876

Source of Funds
                                                    History of Reimbursement Revenues
         Expenditures by Fund

         General Fund

                        Dispro Share


                                                     The Department of Health and Human Services Cost Allocation Plan transfers
                                                     revenues from non-General Fund accounts to support work performed by the
                                                     Department. Details of the Cost Allocation Plan and its methodology are available
                                                     from the DHHS Service Center.

   Independent Audit
   Annual audits of the State of Maine are performed by the Department of Audit. Audit
   reports can be found online at http://www.maine.gov/audit/reports.htm.
   The Riverview Psychiatric Center also submits an annual Medicare Cost Report to the
   Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

 Riverview Psychiatric Center                                                                                                            3
   What’s Next
                           Key Initiatives

                                                 Future Challenges
                                                 During the fall of 2011, staff from the Riverview and Dorothea Dix, the Office of
                                                 Adult Mental Health, the Department of Health and Human Services and members of
                                                 the adult mental health community will focus on the future and structure of the
                                                 Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center. Public Law 2011, Chapter 380, Part NN directed
                                                 the Commissioner of DHHS to convene this work group and report back to the
                                                 Legislature by December 1, 2011 with recommendations. In addition, the biennial
                                                 budget also reduces the budget for DDPC in fiscal year 2013 by $2.5 million.
                                                 Economic conditions in Maine and the US continue to impact the State budget and the
                                                 psychiatric centers. The State of Maine Biennial Budget for fiscal years 2012 and
We want to hear from you.                        2013 includes a retirement incentive. As positions are vacated the budget requires the
Do you like this report?                         positions remain frozen for two years to generate savings. Both hospitals face large
                                                 numbers of staff with more than 25 years of services; as of July 2011, twenty-six staff
Would you like to see other information?         at RPC and forty at DDPC have more than 25 years with the State of Maine. Many of
                                                 these staff work directly with our patients as Nurses and Mental Health Workers. The
Please let us know by contacting Jenny Boy-      impact of retirements could prove to be a challenge as we must continue to
den at Jenny.Boyden@maine.gov. For more          appropriately staff the hospitals.
information on our services, visit our website
 http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/                      Future Opportunities
                                                 The psychiatric centers continue to evaluate processes in all aspects of hospital
Riverview Superintendents Office                 functions in order to maximize efficiency and offer patients treatment that is
                                                 evidenced based and focused on personal recovery. During the first session of the
Mary Louise McEwen, Superintendent
                                                 125th Legislature, a bill was proposed to allow the psychiatric centers to operate as one
250 Arsenal Street, 11 State House Station       hospital with two campuses. This would facilitate continued collaboration between
Augusta, ME 04332-0011                           the hospitals, especially in terms of staffing. In light of the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric
(207) 624-3900                                   Center working group created by the biennial budget, this bill was not voted on by the
MaryLouise.McEwen@maine.gov                      Legislature.
index.shtml                                      The Office of Adult Mental Health has launched an initiative to prioritize the
                                                 development of a system of recovery-oriented care and support. In this collaborative
                                                 process, the Office will look at what recovery-oriented care looks like and how that
Office of Adult Mental Health
                                                 vision affects policy, contracts, program development and evaluation. As we
                                                 understand more clearly what it means to have a system of recovery-oriented care, we
Ron Welch, Director                              will develop processes to evaluate how services support recovery. Part of this recovery
Blossom Lane, 11 State House Station             initiative is an outcomes project that utilizes a toolkit, which includes the OQ
Augusta, ME 04332-0011                           Measures and the RAS (Recovery Assessment Scale), to measure individual change
(207) 624-3900                                   and for program evaluation to assess aspects of recovery. Using gathered data and
Ron.Welch@maine.gov                              subsequent understanding and knowledge, we will work towards continuously
http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mh                     improving our mental health system of care.

                                                 Continued Collaboration
Department of Health & Human Services            The administration and staff of the Department of Health and Human Services, the
                                                 Office of Adult Mental Health, the Riverview Psychiatric Center and the Dorothea Dix
Mary C. Mayhew, Commissioner
                                                 Psychiatric Center appreciate the financial stresses of the State and continue their
211 State Street, 11 State House Station
                                                 efforts to find efficiencies within their organizations. The state’s two psychiatric
Augusta, ME 04332-0011
                                                 centers have a collaborative approach management. For the last three years the two
(207) 287-4223
                                                 state psychiatric hospitals have been working to create efficiencies by sharing and
Mary.Mayhew@maine.gov                            integrating services and functions where feasible. To date the following positions
                                                 have been shared: Chief Financial Officer, Integrated Quality Director, Performance
                                                 Improvement Manager, Clinical Risk Manager and Facilities Director. The hospitals
                                                 also share resources for the business office, risk management, survey readiness and
  4                                              occupational therapy.

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