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					          SUNDAY OFFERTORY∙
                                                                                               ∙READINGS∙                 FR. CHARLIE BANKS will be available for Spiritual Direction Tuesday, January 31st. Sign
  Annual Operating Expenses.... $122,000                                                    January 29, 2012              up in the Lobby for 30 minute appointments.
  Weekly Operating Expenses…... $2,346                                                   th
  Weekly Donations through EFTs...... $473                                              4 Sunday in Ordinary Time         DR. TED SRI will speak on the new translation of the Catholic Mass and Theology of the
  Jan 22nd Collection……............. $1,743                                        First Reading: Deuteronomy 18:15-20    Body here in St. Jude’s Chapel this Friday, Feb. 3rd. He appears regularly on EWTN and
  This Week’s Deficit …………….....… $130                                            Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 7:32-35   is the author of several Catholic bestselling books, including The New Rosary in Scripture
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!                                                             Gospel: Mark 1:21-28          and Men, Women and the Mystery of Love. He will speak from 11:00am until Daily Mass at
                                                                                                                          12:30pm. We invite you to stay for Mass after the talk.
                                                                                                                          Students are asked to car pool, ride the bus, or take some other transportation this day in
                                                                                                                          order to free up parking for visitors.
JESUS STILL SPEAKS TO US                                                                                                  HEARING A CALL TO RELIGIOUS OR CONSECRATED LIFE? This is a great time to
“A new teaching with authority!” The authority of Jesus’ teaching refers to the power and                                 be a priest or consecrated sister or brother! Project Andrew and Project Miriam are
dignity with which he spoke. It is a power beyond the right Jesus had to teach in the                                     available to assist in discerning your call. Just as Jesus invited Andrew to “Come and
synagogue. It acknowledges his personal call to offer a ”new teaching.” Jesus clearly has a                               see,” he invites you to “come and see” at St. Mary’s Cathedral:
sense of his authority. He knows who he is and what he is about, and his listeners are                                                Project Andrew (for men)        February 11th, 10:00 – 2:00
amazed When Jesus spoke in the synagogue, it was new, and it was with authority. Today,
         .                                                                                                                            Project Miriam (for women) February 18th, 10:00 – 2:00
Jesus speaks to us in word and sacrament. It is still new – and he still speaks with authority.                           BOBCAT AWAKENING is a fun-filled retreat for students, by students. Have you been
We are blessed.                                                            from Living With Christ                        looking for a way to become involved with the Catholic Student Center community? Join
                                        ---------------------------------------------                                     fellow students Feb. 24th – 26th in a great weekend of shared activities and relationships.
GOSPEL REFLECTION The point of this Gospel story is to affirm our confidence in Jesus as                                  Vacancies fill quickly; apply today! ESPECIALLY MEN !! Applications are on the office door.
a healer and teacher. Do you listen attentively and take to heart the religious instruction you                           For more information, email or contact Karah Childers
receive? If you need healing, seek out the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.                                        (361) 293-0001 or Lauren Gunter (512) 963-7815. Anyone wishing to donate to sponsor a
                                                                                                                          retreatant or food, contact one of the above. In addition, anyone having a laminator
                                                                                                                          available, contact the same.
THE SCHOENSTATT FATHERS send this message: As a Schoenstatt Fathers Community
we would like to thank you for your special interest in remembering Fr. Jonathan with the CSC                             ALTAR SERVERS CCD students who have made their First Communion and who are
Community and celebrating a special Mass in his memory. Please accept our gratitude and                                   interested in becoming altar servers, especially for the 10am Sunday Mass, are asked to
prayers for you and the entire CSC Community. Fr. Jesus Ferras, ISP.                                                      contact Ian Robbins or 210-482-0772, or leave your name and phone
                                                                                                                          number in the sacristy.
FR. BILL BENISH is in hospice care, and we ask for your prayers.
                                                                                                                          LECTOR TRAINING is this Wed., Feb 1st at 6pm. You must attend the training before
PERMANENT COMMUNITY Even if you know you are currently registered at the CSC, will                                        serving. Please contact Ian Robbins, Liturgy Coordinator,
you please take the time to fill out a WHITE registration card? We want to verify our information,
especially emails, is current & complete. Thanks for your cooperation.                                                    MISSION TRIP OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                                             MESCALERO APACHE RESERVATION, New Mexico                      Deacon Pat
STUDENTS please complete a BLUE registration card and return it to the office.                                               SUMMER FOCUS MISSIONS                                         Mike Huelsing
CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS are now available from the office until April 15th. Please                                        Students interested in joining one of these trips can contact the designated individuals.
contact the office if you wish to pick up a statement or have it mailed to you. Parish Pay                                LAMBDA OMEGA ALPHA holds a spiritual event after Adoration every Tuesday. Attend
contributors may download a year end statement directly from Parish Pay.                                                  one of the Interest Meetings Jan. 29, Feb. 1, or Feb 5, all at 7pm. Contact Aaron Reyna
LENTEN BIBLE STUDY “JAMES: Pearls for Wise Living” begins Jan. 29th. Join us before                              or Pete Olivarez for more information.
Sunday Masses at the Italian Garden Restaurant, 9-10am. Next week’s topic (Feb. 5th) is
“Wisdom For Tough Times.” Please sign up in the Lobby. or Contact Charlene 749-0138 for
more information.

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