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patchberry deck for oaf


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Sunday, February 26, 12
                          Adi Dahiya                       Ankit Shah
                          codes, designs, builds           dreams, designs, talks

      built robots throughout high                 debated mock congress bills;
      school; now teaches kids how                 now debates why cardio >
      to do it                                     lifting
      learned front end dev when he                learned about communication
      helped clubs build their sites               habits by thinking too much on
                                                   twitter and tumblr
      stepped it up and did some
      hackathons                                   went to india, built education +
                                                   nourishment program for 50
      wanted to learn full stack, so
      taught himself over the last                 wanted to make things pretty,
      two years                                    so taught himself design with
                                                   pre-made templates on Pages

Sunday, February 26, 12
                                wouldn’t it be nice?
                          if you could find the best content on the web
                          if you knew it was validated by the people you
                          love and respect
                          if you could share great finds from the internet
                          without losing them a few days later

Sunday, February 26, 12
                                           but today
                          content might be shared on twitter or facebook,
                          and it’s not particularly organized, easy to find or
                          you don’t necessarily know who’s sharing the
                          best content about what
                          if you want to get into something new, it’s tough
                          to figure out where to start
                          you’re probably not going to find it if you’re a
                          day too late

Sunday, February 26, 12
                                          you might
                          go to facebook -- find content with sides of
                          status updates, photos, and relationship activity
                          go to twitter -- find great content from the last
                          few hours with musings from the folks you follow
                          go to stumbleupon -- find random content that
                          isn’t sorted or validated by people you know
                          go to tumblr -- find content that’s socially
                          validated but filled with gifs and memes
                          go to pinterest -- find curated, organized
                          pictures and be visually inspired

Sunday, February 26, 12
                             pretty soon, patchberry
                          we’re making it easy to organize and share what
                          you know on the internet.
                          for all of your interests, you follow certain blogs,
                          read great articles, keep up with great twitter
                          feeds, and watch specific videos.
                          then you go out, tell people about your interests,
                          and they are sitting there wondering, “where
                          does this guy find all this stuff?”
                          we are creating a beautiful way to answer that

Sunday, February 26, 12
                          and it’ll look like this

Sunday, February 26, 12
            users will have some superpowers
                          he’s usually the most interesting person in the
                          room -- tons to talk about, grabs everyone’s
                          attention, amazes people with random
                          knowledge about rattle snakes in aussie desserts
                          she lives in 2012, so he probably learned about
                          rattle snakes by reading a rattle snake’s blog
                          she likes sharing, so he will tell everyone she
                          know about the only rattle snake blogger in the

                                         *trying to stay gender neutral here

Sunday, February 26, 12
               and the world will then be super
                          we know there’s awesome content out there, but
                          it’s hard to find it all.
                          our big interests are limited, but that’s not to say
                          our curiosity is too.
                          in time, as more superpowered users curate
                          beautiful patches of the best content in the
                          world, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be able
                          to find it with ease.

Sunday, February 26, 12
         we think the internet will be lovely.
                          we spend a lot of time browsing.
                          because of that, we have a lot of random things
                          to talk about.
                          today, we talked about patchberry, but there’s a
                          lot of other equally awesome stuff out there.
                          and we want to help bring those gems to

Sunday, February 26, 12
                          thanks for listening.

Sunday, February 26, 12

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