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Generally speaking_ how do SSCs improve organisational


									Curriculum Vitae
Calum Robson              14 Derby Road, London E7 8NJ     07961 363753

Nov 2005-date             Freelance Writer

                          Published: Accounting & Business, Student Accountant, Pass, Accountancy,
                          The Actuary, A&B Direct, Payroll World, PQ, Financial Services Review
                          Corporate clients: Hays (recruitment agency), Kaplan Financial (training),
                          ThirtyThree (recruitment advertising), E3 Unlimited (HR consultancy),
                          ACCA (professional membership body), Pure Recruitment Solutions,
                          Waddington Brown (recruitment agency), Merrill Lynch (investment banking)
                          Pass: Monthly feature writing & commissioning, editing letters page, humour
                          & satire page, career advice, interviews/profiles, recruitment news

Jan 1994 – Oct 2005       Hays
                          Specialist Recruitment & HR Services

Jan 2004-Oct 2005         Marketing Manager
                          Brands: Accountancy, Insurance, Financial Services, Banking, Taxation,
                          Public Services, Secretarial, HR, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Legal

                             Managed team of ten; represented team at board meetings
                             Managed division-specific execution of corporate re-brand
                             Wrote all editorial and advertorial for trade journals, local press and
                              online (see next page for full writing experience)
                             Edited and signed off all online marketing content
                             Drafted/ghostwrote copy for CEO and Board’s staff communications;
                              copywriting and editing support for plc annual report
                             Edited regular 28-page careers magazine
                             Negotiated sponsorships with professional bodies and journals

Jun 2000-Dec 2003         Content Manager

                             Planned content for 22 channels for November 2000 launch
                             Recruited and trained team of eight writers; edited all articles and sales
                              pages; represented web team at divisional board meetings
                             Wrote copy for employer microsites, including DTI, KPMG & Barclays

Apr 1996-May 2000         Marketing Manager
                          Brands: Accountancy, Insurance, Financial Services, Banking

Jan 1994-Mar 1995         Advertising Manager
                          Brands: Insurance, Financial Services

Oct 1988-Dec 1993         Brook Street
                          Secretarial, Office Support & Light Industrial Recruitment

                          Marketing Services Executive
T 07961 363753
Writing & Editing Experience (2000 to date)

Published Work             Finance Press
                           Accountancy Age, Accounting & Business, The Actuary, CIMA Network News,
                           Business & Finance Scotland, Corporate Finance,
                           Financial Adviser, In Practice (ACCA), London Accountant,
                           Money Marketing, Pass, PQ, Student Accountant, Tax Journal

                           Public & Not-For-Profit Press
                           GASette (Government Accounting Service), Health Service Journal, Housing
                           Today, Local Government Chronicle


                           (Most of the above can be viewed on

Corporate Editorial        Various printed documents – not sales material – produced to add value to
                           the service provided by recruitment consultants to their clients and

                           Techniques for Successful Recruitment
                           Authored 5000-word, 20-page instructional booklet for employers, covering
                           every aspect of recruiting from drawing up a person specification through
                           assessment techniques to making successful offers
                           (Available on request in Word or PDF, showing text within design)

                           Using the Profession to Leverage Your Career
                           Authored 6000-word, 20-page instructional booklet for newly qualified ACAs
                           & CAs, covering career options available in the major public practice service
                           lines and how each could enhance marketability to potential employers
                           (Available on request in Word or PDF, showing text within design)

                           Guide to Salaries
                           Authored and edited bi-annual employer-focused commentaries and analyses
                           to accompany printed and online salary guides
                           (Various sectors – available on request in Word format)

                           Careers Agenda
                           Edited this half-yearly 28-page finance careers magazine, authoring or
                           commissioning and editing all articles; briefed designer
                           (Most recent issues available on request in low-res PDF format)

                           Market Commentaries
                           Authored numerous commentaries to accompany employment and training-
                           based market research; typical examples:
                              IFRS in the global spotlight (accountancy)
                              Rewarding talent (insurance)
                              What motivates workers? (office support)
                           (These can all be viewed on
 T 07961 363753
Writing & Editing Experience (continued)

PR                         Press Releases

                           Authored releases to promote company activities

                              Office openings and new division launches
                              Innovative service offerings
                              Survey findings, including quotes from industry figures
                              Promotions and director appointments

                           Journalist Support

                              Edited extensive transcript of CEO interview for subsequent publication in
                               Wall Street Journal (available on request)
                              Ghostwrote and supplied quotes attributable to management and
                               directors (usually without sight by manager or director)
                              London Evening Standard – authored several published quotes
                               attributable to directors for business pages (these can all be viewed on

                           Internal PR

                           Authored various employee communications

                              CEO announcements, eg yearly and half-yearly results, acquisitions,
                               Christmas/New Year and financial year end messages
                              Responses to major incidents, eg security scares, bombings, transport
                              Staff promotions and transfers; manager and director profiles
                              Significant business wins
                              Training success stories

Sales                      Advertorial

                              Jobhunting and career planning advertorials for local press and regional
                               job websites
                              Management, recruitment and training advertorials for local Chamber of
                               Commerce journals and newsletters of regional branches of professional


                              Jobseeker-focused corporate adverts
                              Copy for campaigns promoting opportunities and career paths at specific
                               employers – online and offline
                              Themed adverts aimed at employers

                           Corporate Brochures

                              Sector-specific brochures outlining services and quality standards
                              Guidebooks for jobseekers outlining services and expectations

                           Direct Mail

                              Corporate, job-specific and employer-specific printed mailshots
                              Promotional inserts for magazines and journals
                              Postcard mailings to drive traffic to recruitment microsites
T 07961 363753

1987                      University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

                          BSc Technology & Business Studies
                          Major subjects: Accountancy & Biotechnology

1984                      Woodfarm High School, Glasgow

                          Scottish ‘Highers’

                             English             A
                             History             A
                             Mathematics         B
                             Chemistry           B
                             French              C

1983                      Woodfarm High School, Glasgow

                          Scottish ‘O’ Grades

                             English             A
                             History             A
                             Mathematics         A
                             Chemistry           A
                             French              A
                             German              A
                             Arithmetic          A

Interests                 Creative writing (fiction & non-fiction)
                          Reading (politics, philosophy, industrial & imperial history, industry, business,
                          biography, classic fiction)
                          Objectivist philosophy
                          Digital photography
                          Gym, cycling, swimming
T 07961 363753

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