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					Zoë Sullivan
April 29, 09
              I am Zoë Sullivan
I am Zoë Sullivan
I run Sullivan‘s ICE CREAM STORE,
there are flavors in my freezer
you have never seen before,
five divine creations
too delicious to resist,
why not do yourself a favor,
try the flavors on my list:
Mint chocolate chip.
I am Zoë Sullivan,
I run Sullivan's ICE CREAM STORE,
taste a flavor from my freezer,
you will surely ask for more.
        My real name
     My real name is Zoë.
   Yesterday my name was Kin.
    Today my name is Sakura.
Tomorrow my name will be Devon.
 In my dreams my name is Hinata.
There once was a Duck
There once was a duck named rose.
    Who ate nothing but clothes.
      But the clothes ran away,
  Because they would have to pay.
       They were in the hose.
    Yes that’s me
                Yes, that’s me
               Look and you’ll see
             My hair is dirty blond.
                My eyes are blue.
          My arms long and skinny.
       My hands are big and beautiful.
    My heart is a big as a hippopotamus.
                I’m one great vet.
           I never lie to my parents.
  My friends are Whitney, Devon, and Alex.
            I live in a white house.
          I hope I live until I'm 100.
      I dream that I will become a vet.
             It’s all clear as can be.
That’s positively, absolutely me
         Bio Poem
          I wish I was a vet.
        Like Dr. Emily Hope.
And I dream about helping animals.
       I am helping like a pro.
 I used to inject stuffed animals.
    But now I help real animals.
   I seem to help a lot.
     But I'm really just me.

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