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fundraising ideas book by gegeshandong




First of all we’d like to say a big

thank you
for fundraising for The Trussell Trust.

It’s people like you that change lives. Without
you we really couldn’t do very much at all, so
thank you.

This book is full of ideas, tips and know how
to help you make your fundraising as fun, easy
and effective as possible. We think this should
tell you pretty much anything you need to
know, but if we’ve missed something we’re
happy to talk. Just give our events people a
ring on 01722 411244.

    Who will I help?
    The Trussell Trust works in Salisbury, the UK
    and Bulgaria to give people in crisis
    hope, practical help and a brighter future.

    You can fundraise for a specific area of
    our work, or better still, you can raise
    the funds and let us decide which project
    needs them most. Wherever your money
    goes, it will make a big difference:

    >> Foodbanks: With over 13 million
    people living below the poverty line in         This young family found themselves
    the UK, thousands of people struggle to         struggling to eat when redundancy hit just
    feed themselves and their children when a       after baby Rebecca was born. The benefits
    seemingly small crisis hits. Our UK             that the family were entitled to did not
    foodbanks give three days of emergency          come through on time, so receiving
    food and support to people in crisis.           emergency food from Salisbury foodbank
                                                    was a real lifeline.

    The foodbank network provides
    churches and communities across the UK
    with the expertise and training that they
    need to set up foodbanks in their own
    towns. Last year UK foodbanks fed over
    40,000 people nationwide and we hope to
    feed many more people in future.
>> Social enterprise engages and supports
local communities through a variety of
innovative projects that also allow us to raise
much needed funds. We create a totally
inclusive, caring environment in which people
are valued regardless of their situation or

This enables people with mental health,
learning and physical disabilities, to advance
their personal development and lead a full life
within the community, with the support and
friendship of staff and volunteers. The projects
also offer low cost high quality product and
services to our local community.

>> Bulgaria projects: Bulgaria is the
poorest country in the EU and has the highest
number of abandoned children in Europe. Our
projects work with young people leaving state
orphanages at 18 and with poverty-stricken
Roma communities to reduce child
abandonment, poverty and marginalisation.

Our biggest project, the House of Opportunity,
sets up residential training centres for state
care leavers across Bulgaria. Providing life skills   House of Opportunity resident, Iva,
training, employment opportunities and a safe,        has got her first job, is completing
family-style home for two years, House of             qualifications that she missed in her
Opportunity residents are equipped to build           orphanage and recently wrote to tell
                                                      us how much she loves knowing that
bright futures free from crime, prostiution and       people care about her.               5
human trafficking.
Before you start fundraising, please take the time to read the
important sections on money, legal matters, health and safety etc. It
may not be the exciting bit but it will stop you unwittingly breaking
any laws and will help you to maximise the money you make...

     Money, money, money......8

     Legal matters................9

     Health and safety...........10


     Planning your event........14

     Top fundraising ideas.......16

     Your fundraising buys.......31

     Contact details..............32

                                         Let’s get fundraising!
    Money, money, money...
    Gift aid it!

    Make your fundraising go further... Just ask sponsors who are UK taxpayers
    to tick a gift aid box. This enables us to claim an extra 25p per £1 you donate
    at no extra cost to you. A £10 donation will be transformed into £12.50! This
    makes a huge difference and all you need is the person’s name, postcode and
    a tick in the gift aid box (see example sponsor form). Please ask your
    supporters to sign a Gift Aid form if they are eligible to do so.

    Justgiving: collecting money made easy!

    An easy way to handle the money side of things is to set up your own
    Justgiving page. Go to and follow the steps to create an
    online fundraising page where can people sponsor you.

    This way you can ask people to sponsor you by email or on facebook by
    including a link to your justgiving page.

    Donating by cheque or bank transfer?

    All cheques need to be made payable to The Trussell Trust.
    It’s also easy to donate money by bank transfer directly into The Trussell Trust
    charity account. Please call Donor Relations on 01722 411244 for more.

Add 25p to every £1 you raise by getting UK taxpayers to tick the gift aid box!

Legal matters
Whilst we’re sure you won’t break the law on purpose, some fundraisers like
raffles have strict rules about how they are organised and how tickets are sold.
Make sure you check with your local authority before holding a raffle, collecting
money on the streets or holding market stalls.

If you’re not sure whether your event requires a license or special permission have
a look at The Institute of Fundraising’s website:

Health & Safety
Fundraising should be fun! Let’s keep it that way...the best way to avoid any
accidents or mishaps is to apply a good old bit of common sense. If you’re using
any equipment for your fundraising event make sure you follow the manufacturer’s
instructions and guidelines. If your event is going to involve lots of people, make
sure that there are enough people to supervise. If your event involves food
preparation make sure you follow food hygiene rules for safe preparation, storage,
display and cooking of food. If in doubt, seek advice.

The Trussell Trust cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by
you or anyone else as a result of a fundraising event.

 Is your event interesting or unusual? Have you raised a lot of money or got local schools,
 businesses or celebrities involved? Why not contact your local newspaper or radio station about
 what you’re up to?

 Getting your story into the media is a great way to make your fundraising more successful and
 it also helps to raise awareness of The Trussell Trust. You might even encourage more people to
 get fundraising for us too!

 Top tips for contacting the press:

 1. Make sure that you have a story. Think about other fundraising events that make the news to
 give you an idea about what kind of story your local press are looking for. Highlight anything
 interesting or unusual and mention any celebrities, schools, churches or businesses who are
 part of the event. Don’t forget to say when, where and why you are doing your event, including
 a bit of background information on who The Trussell Trust are and why you are supporting us.

 2. Use The Trussell Trust’s press release template to write your piece
 Find this at:

 3. Contact the newsdesk of your local press. Usually you can find their details online or in the
 paper itself. Email the press release then always follow-up with a phonecall to make sure that
 they got it, this also gives you the opportunity to tell them in person why it’s a great story for a
 great cause! For radio, offer interviews with the organiser and/or the Trust too.

 4. Don’t be scared of talking to local press - they need your stories!

 5. Photos: Make sure you take photos of your fundraising and/or invite a press photographer to
 your event. Even if your photo doesn’t make it into the paper we would love to see them!

 6. If you need more information give The Trussell Trust a ring on 01722 411244.

Planning your event

As well as using our handy ideas guide to decide what to do, why not get friends, family,
colleagues together to think up a new and exciting fundraising scheme?

Dates, times etc:

What time of year would be best? What else is happening? If you’re running an event aimed at
the chaps you don’t want to book your event on the same night as a World Cup match! Or are
there other big fundraising events coming up at the same time? Consider any clashes, locally or
nationally, that might make it harder for your event to be a success.

Where’s it going to happen?

Book your event as early as you can, that way you have more time to plan and to publicise. Is it
in a public place? Do you need a special events license?

Check out the practicalities of the venue itself - does it have a kitchen? Toilets? Do you need an
alcohol license? What’s the legal capacity? Do you require disabled access? Also, make sure you
book the venue before printing posters etc.

Promoting your event:

Get anyone and everyone you know to publicise what you’re doing! You can download template
posters from our website. Also, there are lots of free stock photo images on the web that you
can add to your publicity materials (just make sure that are free and not copyrighted first!).
Visit The Trussell Trust events page for poster ideas...

Ask your contacts in schools, businesses, churches etc to help you promote the event. Some may
even have useful links to caterers etc. Why not ask your workplace to match-fund any donations
you get: for every £1 you raise they give you £1 - easy! Lots of local businesses are often happy
to donate prizes for raffles etc too.
Now for
 Vanishing tea party
 It’s a great way to raise money, catch up with old
 friends, meet new people and have fun! Here’s how it
 • Invite 6 friends to a tea party and ask them each to pay £5. Fill them with
 tea and cake and enjoy yourself!

 • Here’s the important part... ask each guest to hold their own tea party, invit-
 ing 5 guests and charging them £5 each

 • Those 5 guests then each go away and have a tea party and invite 4 guests,
 those 4 guests have a tea party and invite 3 guests, and so on until the tea
 party vanishes!

 If each guest carries on the tea party as described, charging each guest £5,
 then over £9,000 can be raised, an amazing achievement from simply having
 your friends round for a cuppa!

 Of course it doesn’t have to be a tea party... why not hold a pizza night, a
 cheese and wine evening, a themed meal, a curry night, a dinner party, a
 fondue, a cocktails and canapés evening, a picnic, a barbeque or whatever
 takes your fancy.

A PE class from Trafalgar School,
Downton, cycled for 3 hours on 4
spin-bikes, covering an amazing 600
miles between them! They even got
their teacher on a bike too...

                                            a great way lives in school, workplace
Our pedal against poverty challenges areTransformto get your Salisbury,
or club involved in Trussell Trust fundraising.
                                              the UK and Bulgaria
You can join one of our events or set up your own Pedal against Poverty challenge...

1. Ask a local gym to lend you 4 or more of their spin bikes with milometers on,
they might even want to get involved with cycling too!

2. Set up the bikes in your school and decide where it is that you want to virtually
cycle to. Perhaps one of the Trussell Trust’s UK foodbanks or to one of our projects
in Bulgaria?

3. Ask your classmates to raise as much sponsorship money as they can, aim for £1
per minute cycled, and then to cycle their socks off on the bikes! People can cycle
anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours, however much they wish. Why not make it a
competition and see which school house can virtually travel the further distance?

Visit to watch a video on how Pedal Against Poverty works
                                          Reg. Charity No. 1110522
                                                                        Reg. Ltd. Co. No. 5434524
                                                                          Reg. in England & Wales
     Dress green day
     We’ve all heard of a dress down day, but what about a dress green day?

     Whether at school, college or work, get everyone to wear something (or
     everything!) Trussell Trust green for the day and ask them to pay £1 for doing so.
     What could be easier!

     Calling all artists and
     Show the world what you can do. Organise an
     exhibition of your work and charge an entry
     fee, ask local artists to show/donate pieces of
     work too. You could donate a percentage of the
     proceeds from any sales and/or hold an auction
     for The Trussell Trust at the end. Have any mu-
     sical friends? Why not make a night of it and ask
     them to play too?

Hold a Bulgaria Film Night
Invite some friends round for a fundraising dinner/tea/drinks party. At the end of
the event show our short film ‘Any & Mimi put you in the Picture’ on our work in
Bulgaria. It’s only 17 minutes long but will help people to see how their fundraising
makes a difference. You could then ask your friends to take the dvd and use it to do
a fundraising supper of their own.
To order your free copy of ‘Any and Mimi put you in the Picture’, made by
award-winning former BBC TV Producer Derek Butler call 01722 427113 or email

Can you sing? Can you
Are you a budding trombonist? Guitarist? Pianist? Do you play in a band?

Why not showcase your talent and put on a concert, battle of the bands or an open
mic night?

Trussell supporter Steve Armstrong-Watkins took his saxophone to an event and
busked in the rain for The Trussell Trust - now that’s dedication to the cause! Could
you use your talent to busk for the Trust? (Make sure you get
permission first!)
     Five easy fundraisers...
      Roll up, roll up!
      It’s a classic and always popular – hold a raffle! (Make sure you check
      whether you need a licence first though)

      Get sponsored!
      Sponsored silence, sponsored walk, sponsored juggle,
      sponsored trampolining, sponsored slim, sponsored sing, sponsored fast for
      the foodbank, the possibilities are endless!

      Put on a Quiz Night and get those grey cells working or ask your local pub
      to run a quiz night for the Trust

      Charity car wash... You could set up at a local church,
      super market or just wash the cars in your street. Why not get scouts,
      brownies, schools or youth groups to help out too?

      Buy one of our Foodbank trolley keyrings for just £1 or buy a stash and
      sell them to your friends. They’re not only useful but help raise funds for
      the Trust and remind people to think about the foodbank when they’re

Could you run a market stall or car boot sale for the Trust?

     Do something

Why not do something extraordinary? Take up the challenge of a lifetime and
raise funds at the same time. We are working with Discover Adventure to
provide you with challenges including:

London to Paris Cycle Ride

Trans Pyrenean Trek

Arctic Survival Challenge in Sweden

Mongolian horse trekking in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan

Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

Sahara Desert Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

Vietnamese Hilltribe Jungle Trek

Costa Rica Coast to Coast Rainforest Trek

New Zealand South Island Cycle

Providers of epic adventures for over 15 years, Discover Adventure are great at
what they do. Whichever challenge you pick, one thing is certain - it’ll be the
experience of a lifetime! Visit for more.

Or you could dream up your own adventure: TT supporters Will and Steve got
sponsored to hitch-hike from Salisbury to Malaysia! Mike did a sponsored skydive
to celebrate his 40th birthday...                                            25
 Green fingered?
 Why not have a plant sale? No need to stop at plants either. You could sell
 chutney, cakes and crafts too.

 Or do you have a beautiful garden you could open to the public, asking for an
 entrance donation?

 You could even do cream teas... mmm.

Easy ideas for work...
  Nominate The Trussell Trust as your company’s Charity of the Year.

  Hold a dress down (or up) day and ask everyone to pay £1.

  Go green for a day - walk or cycle to work and donate the money you
  save to The Trussell Trust. Get the whole office involved. Or if you live far
  away, why not get sponsored to cycle in?

  Donate a day’s wages and ask your employer to match fund your donation.

  Get knitting/baking/making: Sell cakes, tea cosies, cards or whatever else
  you’re good at creating to your colleagues. This works well around
  Christmas. Why not get everyone in your office to bring something in to
  sell and have your very own office Christmas or Easter fair?

Simple ideas for schools,
scouts, youth groups etc...
     Pay to   sponge or gunge your teacher/leader

     Hold a mini-fete. Get people to bake cakes, run stalls, guess the number
     of baked beans in the tin, facepainting etc.

     Start a competition between forms/houses or scout/youth groups.
     Have a football/netball/cricket competition and get each teamplayer to
     pay 50p to enter. You could even sell cakes/popcorn to supporters as they
     watch. Or have an art/photography/writing competition.

     Hold a talent contest or do your very own version of ‘Britain’s Got
     Talent’, X-Factor or Glee. Everyone pays £1 to watch. Even funnier if you
     get the teachers/leaders involved.

     Worm charming: worms are attracted by noise/vibrations. Divide up a
     patch of grass into small plots and ask each competitor to buy a plot for
     £3. See how many worms you can collect in 30mins. It’s best to do this in
     pairs so that one person can charm and the other collect. No digging is
     allowed, but you can use any instruments you like to lure worms to the
     surface (garden forks work well). Make sure you have a prize for the
     winner with the most worms! Return the worms to the soil afterwards...
     Visit for more tips
Food glorious food!
Are you the next Nigella? If cooking’s your thing then get your apron on! Why not
cook a themed dinner or host a curry night and ask your diners to donate? Or
organise a chilli cook off and invite people to come and taste the chillis for a few
pounds? You could even have a chilli-eating contest at the end!

Why not hold a dinner party and cook using ingredients from a foodbox, then show
our foodbank dvd at the end?

Making your own recipe book or cooking up
some jams and chutneys to sell are also great
fundraisers. Giving has never tasted so good!

For the
Get your glad rags on and hold a fashion show or clothes sale! Ask friends and
family to have a clear out and donate unwanted clothes. Or organise a clothes
swap and ask everyone to pay £2 to attend.

TT supporter Inger held ‘The Fashion Upmarket’ – a fantastic sale of designer and
vintage clothes - and raised over £600!

      Why not get your running shoes on and
         do a 5K, 10K or even a marathon in
      aid of the Trust? We often have sports
      events that you could join, just check

         It doesn’t have to be running either -
           cyclists, swimmers, triatheletes and
         ultra-marathon runners do sponsored
         challenges for us. There’s nothing to
     stop you getting your whole sports team
        involved too. Could you host a charity
       tournament or get your rugby team to
       join the marines for a workout? There
          are so many ways to link sports with
      fundraising, if you’d like us to give you
            more ideas call us on 01722 411244

How will your
fundraising help?
£1 pays for a day’s food for an abandoned child in Bulgaria

£10 covers petrol to deliver 3 emergency food boxes to UK families in crisis
living in rural areas

£30 pays for health checks for 15 pregnant Roma women who have no access
to healthcare

£50 pays for a foodbank network intern for one week, helping us to launch
more foodbanks right across the UK

£300 would enable us to set up and run a new local craft project in Salisbury
for nine months, allowing people from all walks of life to build confidence,
learn a new skill and have fun

£1,000 would pay for two months of our vital Women’s Outreach programme
in Stara Zagora

£22,000 runs a House of Opportunity for a year

Find out more about Trussell Trust projects at

 Thank you!
 The Trussell Trust, St. Michael’s Community Centre,
 St. Michael’s Rd, Salisbury SP2 9LE
 t: 01722 411244 e:
 Reg. Charity No. 1110522 - Reg. Ltd. Co. No. 5434524 - Reg. in England & Wales

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