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					                                                   News Release
                                                  GST SAN Bridges

              GST Announces Bridges for SAN Connectivity


      Attach SAN devices to SCSI type devices
      1 serial port for 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel
      2 slave ports out to SCSI LVD / HVD devices
      Protects investment in legacy SCSI devices
      Desktop or rackmount (2U vertical) configurations
      Plug-and-play auto configuration
      Easy-to-use GUI management software

September 13, 2004 (Lake Forest, California) — GST, Inc., manufacturer of
innovative storage solutions announced their BridgeLink™ family of 2 Gigabit bridges,
engineered to provide an intelligent, high-performance bridge between SCSI devices
and Fibre Channel devices within a SAN. They are optimized to enable a high-speed
Fibre Channel initiator to communicate with slower SCSI target devices. This permits
the use of older backup solutions with SCSI interfaces, which are connected via the
GST Bridge to newer and faster Fibre Channel devices, like a server in a Storage Area
Network (SAN) environment. This capability of GST Bridges helps to protect
investments in legacy backup SCSI tape devices because they can be used following
the installation of a SAN.

SANs use Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity that delivers 2 Gigabit/second speeds. This
currently is the fastest interface available for data storage networks. “Without the
GST Bridge, implementation of a Fibre Channel SAN is an expensive, complex
operation,” reports David Breisacher, Chairman and CEO at GST, Inc. “This is due to
the currently perception that anyone who implements a SAN must invest heavily in
replacing their SCSI infrastructure, including backup devices, in order to achieve
Fibre Channel compatibility. GST’s BridgeLink™ family of bridges permits conversion
to Fibre Channel connectivity without the large investment required to replace all
SCSI devices with FC devices.”

GST’s plug and play bridges automatically configure upon installation. They provide IT
network users Fibre Channel connectivity at affordable prices. The IT organization is spared
the heavy investment of upgrading all devices to Fibre to achieve a compatible network

                      3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663
                   949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • http://www.gstinc.com
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                                                         News Release
                                                        GST SAN Bridges

GST’s Fibre-to-SCSI Bridges are available in four models: Fibre-SCSI LVD and Fibre-to-SCSI
HVD base models; these are all available in desktop and rackmount enclosures:

       1.   Fibre   to   LVD-SCSI Bridge. Desktop.
       2.   Fibre   to   LVD-SCSI Bridge. Rackmount.
       3.   Fibre   to   HVD-SCSI Bridge. Desktop.
       4.   Fibre   to   HVD-SCSI Bridge. Rackmount.

There is room for three bridges in the rackmount enclosures. Options are available for
adding one or two additional bridges to an existing rackmount unit.

Fibre Channel devices can connect to the GST Bridge at a range of speeds,
accommodating the slower HVD SCSI devices as well as faster LVD SCSI devices.

One port of the GST Bridge handles the Fibre Channel 2 Gigabit interface with burst speeds
of 200 Megabytes a second and auto-negotiation between 1- and 2-Gigabit networks. Two
slave ports connect to LVD SCSI with a maximum rate of 160 Megabytes a second, or to
HVD SCSI at rates up to 40 Megabytes a second.

GST Bridges are available in desktop or standard rackmount enclosures. The rackmount
enclosure has a 2U vertical dimension and there is room for six bridges in the rackmount
enclosure. Options are available for adding up to five additional bridges to a single GST
Bridge rackmount unit.

GST chose Bridgeworks Ltd. in the UK to partner with to provide the announced
BridgeLink™ family of GST products. Bridgeworks was selected by GST as their bridge
products partner because Bridgeworks develops the most cost-effective bridge
solutions for storage connectivity that perform at the highest supported speeds
within a SAN.

David Trossell, Managing Director at Bridgeworks, said, “Our engineering know -how
together with GST’s knowledge of the tape environment is the perfect combination for
bringing state-of-the-art bridge products to the server market.”

GST Value Add
Some of the most important benefits and features of GST Bridges are described below.


Plug and Play. Frequent testing with manufacturer’s products assures easy and
automatic installation.

Ma n a ge m en t So ft w a re . Easy to use GUI software provides additional control over
use of the GST Bridge.

                            3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663
                         949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • http://www.gstinc.com
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                                                    News Release
                                                   GST SAN Bridges

Pr ot oco l Co n ve r s i on . Meets the need to convert SCSI-based storage devices to
operate within a Fibre Channel network.

Fu tu r e G r o wt h . Fibre Channel is the accepted protocol for future network
expansion on most medium sized servers. As time passes, accommodates the need to
utilize existing storage devices with fibre networks.

I nv es tm e nt P r ot ec ti on . Permits use of older legacy devices in fibre channel
networks, thus preserving the investment in older tape solutions.


LV D S CS I Su p po rt . One or both slave ports can accommodate LVD/SE (Low
Voltage Differential/Single Ended) SCSI; auto-sensing detects Fast, Narrow, Wide,
Ultra-wide, Ultra 2 and Ultra 160; maximum transfer rate is 160 Mbytes/sec.

H V D S CS I S u pp o r t . One or both slave ports can be configured to accommodate
HVD (High Voltage Differential) with 40 Megabytes/sec transfer rate.

Fi b re C h an n el Pr ot oco l s . FC connectivity to point-to-point, arbitrated loop, or
switched fabric topologies.

Fi b re C h an n el I nt e r f a ce . SFP transceiver support includes copper, multi-mode
and single-mode optical fibre for distances up to 10 kilometers. An independent, full
duplex FC interface is also included.

I nco r po r at e d St a n d ar d s . FC-AL, FC-TAPE, FC-FLA, FC-FS, FC-PLDA, FC-PH, FCP-
SCSI standards are met.

Dave Alrick, IBM Product Specialist at World Data Products, Inc., a GST Partner, reports, “The plug-
and-play simplicity of GST Bridges makes them extremely easy for users to implement, and the
auto-configuration assures they can be put into operation immediately. Our customers will also like
the complete GUI management interface that ensures they’ll have no trouble operating them. With
support for tape subsystems, autoloaders and tape libraries, the range of uses for GST Bridges
covers the gamut of tape devices.”

A variety of support programs provide installation and onsite service. GST’s Accelerated
Ship Program (GASP) permits rapid cross-shipment of replacement units. GASP is included
at no extra cost for GST’s manufacturer warranty period of three years. Extended warranty
coverage is available.

All GST Bridge models are available immediately.

                      3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663
                   949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • http://www.gstinc.com
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                                                    News Release
                                                  GST SAN Bridges

More Information
For more information about GST’s products, see the company’s web site:
http://www.gstinc.com, send inquiry to info@gstinc.com, call 1-949-673-1248 or fax 1-949-

About GST, Inc.

GST Inc. (http://gstinc.com) engineers, manufactures, markets and sells a line of innovative
storage products to meet the need for high-performance, continuous reliability and cost-effective
data storage for a wide variety of servers. GST’s products range from single and dual tape
subsystems, autoloaders and midrange tape libraries, to modular enterprise-wide libraries. Tape
technologies supported include AIT, DAT72, LTO, SAIT, SDLT and SLR. Complete information about
the company, its products and support can be found at the company’s web site.

About World Data Products, Inc.

World Data Products (http://wdpi.com), founded in 1987, has been a leader in providing hardware
solutions for information systems. World Data Products specializes in the reselling and leasing of
new, refurbished and used server, storage, network and telecom equipment. Product lines include
IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Cisco Systems, AVAYA and Nortel. In
addition, the company offers a wide range of services to complement its product offerings,
including technical support, board-level repair, systems management, networking management,
consulting and training. For more information, contact World Data Products at 121 Cheshire Lane,
Minnetonka, MN 55305; telephone 1.800.553.0592; email: info@wdpi.com.

About Bridgeworks Ltd.

Bridgeworks Ltd. (http://www.4bridgeworks.com) operates out of a new state-of-the-art
headquarters in Christchurch, Dorset in the United Kingdom. The company is a global low-cost
leader for data transfer solutions. Bridgeworks solutions are widely adopted within the growing
storage connectivity market, and are designed to enable companies to manage their data archives
with the highest possible degree of performance and reliability. The company prides itself on
offering these solutions at terms that cannot be matched in the industry. For more information
about Bridgeworks, please visit the company’s web site.

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                      3419 Via Lido, Suite 164 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92663
                   949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • http://www.gstinc.com
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                                                  News Release
                                                 GST SAN Bridges

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Photo Links
Photos can be downloaded for GST’s BridgeLink™ product family:
      BridgeLink™ - http://www.gstinc.com/images/108_109.jpg

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                  949.673.1248 • 949.673.3163 Fax • http://www.gstinc.com
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