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					                         Something for                       Advanced Standing for
                         everyone.                           MSW Degree
                                                             All graduate schools of social work (MSW degree) are
                                       With 1800 full-       required by CSWE to give BSW students advanced-
                                       time undergraduate    standing status. Therefore, BSW graduates can usually
                                       students, Castleton   get an MSW degree in 9 to12 months, rather than the
                                       is small enough to    two years required for all other undergraduate majors.
                                       be a community
                                       where individuals
                                       matter, yet
                                                                   Employment Opportunities
                                       large enough
                                                                           Criminal justice programs
                                       to offer more
                                                                     Schools (elementary and secondary)

than 30 academic programs. At Castleton there is an                     Income maintenance programs
understanding of the need for both career preparation                        Legal service agencies
                                                                                Nursing homes
and a liberal arts education. There are 20 varsity sports,

                                                                                                                       Work at Castleton
over 40 student                                                                     Hospitals
clubs and                                                                     Home care agencies
organizations,                                                            Substance abuse programs
                                                                             Mental health services
and rich
                                                             Mental retardation/developmental disabilities services
cultural                                                               Vocational rehabilitation services             BSW’s: The Best Trained
offerings.                                                                   Public health agencies                   Baccalaureate Professionals
                                                                          Community action agencies                   for Social Services Positions
                                                                            Family service agencies
                                                                          Children and youth services
BSW graduates                                                                   Aging services
                                                                        Residential treatment programs
are trained in:                                                         Child and adult day care centers
                                                                          Domestic violence programs
 Assessment                  Problem solving                                   Homeless shelters

 Interviewing                Program evaluation
 Intake/referral             Community outreach              Admissions Office | 800-639-8521 |
                                                                              Professor Lillian Jackson
 Service planning            Advocacy                           
 Case management             Research
 Crisis intervention         Networking
 Service provision
                       Why a Bachelor of Social Work Degree?

                                                 accalaureate social work is the only undergraduate major that educates
                                                 students to be professional social workers. Sociology, psychology, and
                                                 related programs offer degrees that provide generalized preparation for a
                                         number of careers. The undergraduate social work program prepares its graduates
                                         for immediate entry into professional human service positions.

                                         A BSW education combines liberal arts with professional social work foundation
                                         content to prepare graduates for direct services. To ensure professional standards,
                                         BSW programs must meet rigorous academic standards to gain and maintain
                                         accreditation from the National Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).              BSW students must have a minimum of 400 supervised
                                                                                                                               hours of field experience. Through their field practicums,
     Social work’s focus on the “person-in-environment”                                                                        BSW students refine their professional social work skills
     paradigm uniquely prepares BSW graduates to work                                                                          and integrate classroom course content with on-the-job
     effectively with individuals, families, groups,                                                                           experience in service provision, outreach, networking,
     communities, and organizations.                                                                                           and resource development.

                                                                                                                               Students work with experienced social service agency
BSW Curriculum                                                                                                                 personnel, preferably with a BSW or MSW degree. On-
                                                                                                                               site field instruction is provided by a social work faculty
The BSW curriculum provides a professional social
work foundation that is transferable to different settings,                                                                    member with a MSW degree and practice experience.
population groups, and problem areas.                                                                                          Other undergraduate majors who have a field experience
                                                                                                                               usually don’t have formal, professional supervision.
The foundation includes content on:
 Human behavior and the social environment
 Social welfare policy and services
 Social work practice
 Field practicum
 Social work values and ethics
 Human diversity
 Social and economic justice
                                                                   Field Practicum
In addition to foundation courses, elective courses are
also available including social gerontology, family                Students are placed during their senior year in
violence, children and families, human sexuality, social           agency settings which is an integral component of
problems, death and dying, and medical sociology and               the BSW curriculum.
mental illness.

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