The 23rd Annual Alumni Dinner The 23rd Annual Alumni Dinner by xiangpeng


									VOL. 60, NO. 3   SPRING 2011

                    The    23rd
                    Annual Alumni Dinner
                               The Band Connection
                               The Bond of Music from
                               Rev. Canning F. Harrison
                               to Bill Watts ‘40 to
                               this Year’s Honoree -
                               Greg Normandin ‘78
Editor in Chief:                              VOL. 60, NO. 3                                                                                                  Spring 2011
Rev. Raymond Paramo, C.S.B.
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Principal - Rev. John Huber, C.S.B., Ed.D.                         Joseph R. Sgroi ‘98 - Named by DBMagazine “30 in their 30s”                                                                      11
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for the 2002 New Year’s Day Parade.
                  Advancement NEWS
                   Dear Alumni and Friends,
                   In the last 60 years, Catholic Central’s wonderful band and music
                   program has had only two directors. The late Mr. William Watt’s ’40
                   led it for 31 years from 1951-82. He was succeeded by his student,
                   Mr. Greg Normandin ’78 who has now completed 29 years in that
                   post. If you want to know what it looks like after all these years,
                   I suggest you look at one of the revolving photos on the homepage
                   of our website. There you will see the band lined up for a picture in
                   the shadow of the classic London skyline, where they were invited
                   to participate in London’s New Year’s Day Parade. The number of the band’s firsts
                   in state competitions and even international invitations has brought the name of
                   Catholic Central to literally millions of people.
                   These two Alumni have created a lifelong memory for hundreds of our Alumni, so
                   it is fitting that we honor Greg Normandin as our Alumnus of the Year in this issue
                   and at the annual Alumni Dinner. In my roles in the administration of CC, I can tell
thank you!

                   you how proud I have felt to be represented by Greg and his musicians. The honor is
                   On another topic, you may have read about an increasing number of teen suicides
                   in the Detroit area. It hasn’t happened to us in a long time, but it is always a
                   possibility. Bullying, put-downs and derision come all too easily to teenagers, and
                   the results can be devastating. In 2003, the recently retired Mr. Bill Hayes founded
                   the Brothers’ Club to emphasize the brotherhood that has long been a hallmark of
                   CC. We want Catholic Central to be a safe place, where students are comfortable
                   that ethnic put-downs, gay put-downs and fear of any kind have no place. As
                   challenging as the teen years have always been, students today are surrounded
                   by examples of intolerance that make the past seem very tame. We pray that the
                   Brothers’ Club will continue to keep CC that safe place.
                   Finally, I have received a number of inquiries asking how the new girl’s Catholic
                   Central is coming. The answer is there is no girl’s Catholic Central. I can understand
                   the confusion. A number of our parents who have daughters have established a
                   new girl’s school, and Fr. Elmer, our former Principal and President, has acted as
                   their principal for this present year as a personal project, but there
                   is no Basilian or Catholic Central connection with the school. We
                   have always had good relationships with Mercy, Ladywood and
                   other Catholic girl’s schools. We wish anyone seeking to provide
                   Catholic educational opportunities the best, but the only Basilian-
                   sponsored schools in the Detroit archdiocese are Detroit Catholic
                   Central and Detroit Cristo Rey.
                   Sincerely in Christ,

                   Fr. Richard Ranalletti, C.S.B.

   2   A D V A N C E M E N T N E W S • S P R I N G 2 011
                                                                            Staying Connected With Your Classmates

THE SWELL ’40s                                                                Mystery Photo Identified
                                                                              L-R: James Wellman ’55, Ernest Zuccato ’55,
1944 – JOHN CARRIVEAU and WILLIAM MINANDO live in California and              Kenneth Pallach ’57 FB Player: Tom McAuliffe ’55
are both San Diego Chargers fans. William has been a season ticket holder
                                                                              Thanks in part to Ray Billinghurst ’55, Ray Brennan
since 1967. Recently, they and their families got together and tailgated      ’55, John Cottrell ’55, Dick Cuchetti ’55, Chuck
before a Chargers game.                                                       Grade ’56, and Richard Radowicz ’57.

                                               Help Solve Another                       Mystery!
                                                    Do you recognize anyone in this photo?
                                         Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (248) 596-3838.

                                                                                          C H A T T E R B O X • S P R I N G 2 011   3
1947 - THOMAS E. BRENNAN reports
that last fall he and Marty Brennan ’52
(no relation) took on Pat Costello and
Bill Heisel, “a pair of unreconstructed
University of Detroit High School
graduates” in a Ryder Cup competition
at Harbor Point Gold Club hear Harbor
Springs, Michigan.

 “To heighten the excitement, we agreed
upon a wager which would benefit the Alma
Mater of the winning team.

 “The Brennan boys upheld the honor of
the Shamrock Nation, and I am pleased to
enclose two checks totaling $100 from the
                                              John Smoltz ’60 and his German Polka Band.
vanquished Cubbies.”

THE NIFTY ’50s                                THE PSYCHEDELIC ’60s
1959 – BRIAN “BOMBER”                                                                          1962 – FRANK KOONTZ retired on
                                              1960 – JOHN SMOLTZ returned from
RICHARDSON recently met Rudy                                                                   June 1, 2010, after an 18-year stint as an
                                              Arizona for his 50th High School
Reuttiger of Notre Dame fame at an                                                             editor of Cooperative Extension Service
                                              Reunion over Boys’ Bowl Weekend and
event in South Bend, Indiana. Brian                                                            publication at Purdue University in
                                              attended the Boys’ Bowl game against
himself attended the University of                                                             West Lafayette, Indiana. Previously, he
                                              De LaSalle. John is very proud that
Notre Dame and was a member of                                                                 was a newspaper reporter and editor
                                              his daughter, Bernadette Ault, drives
their boxing team.                                                                             in Saginaw, Michigan and Lafayette,
                                              his grandsons, Robert and Daniel, to
                                                                                               Indiana. He and his wife of 45 years,
                                              Catholic Central everyday from Lansing.
                                                                                               Judy, have two daughters and five
                                              Robert is a junior at CC and is a member
                                              of the Varsity football and hockey teams.
                                              Daniel is a freshman at CC and plays
                                              in the band. John himself played in the
                                              band for four years. John now plays the
                                                                                               THE RADICAL ’70s
                                              accordion in a German Polka band.
                                                                                               1974 - DAVE MCCALL is a chemistry
                                                                                               Ph.D. working for Master Chemical
                                                                                               Corporation, but his avid hobby is
                                                                                               fast-pitch softball. He doesn’t play it,
                                                                                               he coaches it very successfully. Last
                                                                                               spring, his team beat Cass Tech High
                                                                                               School to notch its sixth consecutive
                                                                                               city championship. The team has now
Brian“Bomber” Richardson ‘59 and Rudy
                                                                                               claimed the city title 11 times in the last
Reuttiger of Notre Dame fame.
                                                                                               13 seasons.

                                                                                               The team hasn’t lost very often, but Dave
                                              John Smoltz ’60 with (left) grandson Daniel
                                              Ault ’14 and (right) grandson Robert Ault ’12.   always brags first about the academic

4   C H A T T E R B O X • S P R I N G 2 011
  ALUMNI                                                                    Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition
                                                                                Congratulations to senior Robert Cernak who
  In stressful but
                                                                            finished in the Top 200 in the State of Michigan in the
  tactically rich racing,
  Tom O’Rourke ’52                                                          54th Annual Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition.
  won the match                                                                 Also, the following students finished in the Top 2%
  sprint races for
                                                                            of the Stat on Part I and qualified to take Part II of
  another gold
  medal at the UCI                                                          the exam. They are among the top 1,000 students
  World Championships in Anadia, Portugal, bringing his                     from among 7,000 students who took Part I.
  medal count to four again this year including three golds
  in all. Placing third in the qualifier, Tom out-sprinted
  Aussie Brian Kennedy in the quarterfinals. Then, matched                      Nic Baumgartner ’11          Nick McGovern ’12
  against American Delroy Walters in the semifinals, he                         Josh Bindon ’11              Kevin Piotrowski ’11
  pulled out another win, leading to a sprint final against
                                                                                Robert Cernak ’11            Eric Rettig ’11
  another American, Luigi Fabbri. Tom took on his second
  countryman in a row and out-sprinted him for his third gold.                  Evan Joseph ’12              Kevin Wegienka ’11
  Congratulations to Tom with his, once again, impressive                                                    Logan Whitehead ’13
                                                                                Nick Koelzer ’11
  performance against the world’s best! His dedication to his
  training and racing is to be complimented.

prowess of the players. There is always       The team has high hopes that they will
one, or more, academic all-state players      bring another city championship to 6565
on the team. Recently, all 5 seniors on       W. Outer Drive. Mere architecture may
the team were recognized by the city for      not be the cause of winning, but attitude
maintaining a cumulative GPA in excess        and effort certainly are.
of 3.7 for their entire four year high
school career.                                1978 - KEITH CAUGHLIN reports, “I
                                              have been a low-profile alum in the last 32
Who is this team? The answer is the           years,” Keith admits in a recent note to Fr.
answer to the question: “What ever            Paramo. “After graduating from Notre Dame
happened to 6565 West Outer Drive?”           in 1982 and then Notre Dame Law School
The answer is the girls’ softball team of     in 1985, I served in the U.S. Army JAG
Renaissance High School.                      Corps for 5 years. I was stationed at Fort
                                              Drum near Watertown, New York, where my
Pictured here is the 2010 girls’ soft ball    wife and I have settled and raised two fine
team last June after winning their district   boys, Timothy Jude (19) and Dennis Patrick
title. David is at the front, second from     (16). I came back to the Detroit area for
the right. The building in the background     Thanksgiving, and I saw Coach Tony Magni          Keith Caughlin ‘78 and Coach Tony Magni at
is the old CC building–now known as           at the Canton, Michigan Turkey Trot.”             the Canton, Michigan Turkey Trot.
FLICS (Foreign Language Immersion and
Cultural School).                             “My son Dennis and I ran the 5 K. He came
                                              in second. Suffice it to say that I finished.
                                              Afterwards I returned a CC cross country
                                              jersey which Coach Magni had given me at
                                              my high school graduation party in 1978.
                                              This striped old-style top was not what the
                                              1978 team wore. It was a relic even then, but
                                              it was a fond memory of CC.”

                                               “Thanks to you and the Aluminator team
                                              for putting out a great magazine. My
                                              condolences on the death of Fr. Donoher with
Dave McCall ’74, is the second from the       my prayers for a peaceful 2011.”                  Keith and Mr. Magni and students at Canton
right on the front row.                                                                         Turkey Trot.

                                                                                                    C H A T T E R B O X • S P R I N G 2 011   5
THE TECHNO ’80s                                1986 - TODD SULLIVAN has been

                                               named a North Carolina Super Lawyer               Register On The Alumni
                                               for 2011. This is his third consecutive
President and owner of R.S. Thomas &           election to this list of the top attorneys in     Website It’s Easy As 1-2-3!
Associates, Inc, a real estate appraisal       the state as selected by his peers. Todd is
firm located in Livonia, Michigan, was         a partner/member of the 500-attorney law
awarded the 2010 Professional of the
                                                                                                 1. Go to
                                               firm Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice
Year award from the Michigan Chapter           and has a nationally recognized practice in          which is CC’s Home Page
of the International Right of Way              the area of employee defection litigation.        2. Click on “Alumni” at the top
Association. He has also been appointed        Todd is a 1994 graduate of Cornell Law
the Region 5 Valuation Committee Chair         School. He is a frequent lecturer and             3. “Login” or “Register”
involving Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, West       author on the topics of covenant, not to
Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin.               compete agreements, and trade secret              More information is coming your
                                               misappropriation.                                 way via the Alumni Website.
1984 - CHRIS KNORP, his wife, Tracey,
and their two daughters, Mackenzie Shea                                                          To stay connected with fellow
(15) and Madison Ray (12) have been                                                              alums, receive the Shamrock News
living in Naperville, Illinois, for the past   THE VIRTUAL ’00s                                  E-newsletter, keep current with
ten years.                                                                                       activities and events, as well as
                                               2005 – CHRISTOPHER SZYBISTY
He has been in the exhibit and event                                                             to update your personal profile,
                                               is currently teaching mathematics at
industry for the past 23 years, building       Matoaca High School in Chesterfield,              login/register today!
tradeshow exhibits, launching new              Virginia.
corporate products and creating brand                                                            If you haven’t already done so, it’s easy
identity for companies around the globe.       2005 – BRADFORD ZYGMONTOWICZ                      to do, and it’s free. It’s simple to join
He works for ML International Expo             earned a Bachelors Degree in Business             other Alumni with online information.
Logistics and says he really enjoys it.        Management from the University of
                                               Arizona. He is currently living in
Sadly, his mother, Margorie Jean               Irving, Texas and working for Tango               Just update your profile, mark any
Knorp, died last November (See In              Management Consulting, LLC.                       information that you want unpublished
Memoriam), but his dad still lives in the
                                                                                                 as “Private” with a check mark, and
Detroit area (Livonia) as do eight of his      2006 – GAVIN AMBROSI started his first
siblings. He asks his fellow alumni for        year of Medical School at Michigan State
                                                                                                 change “NetCommunity” to “Yes.”
prayers for his mother.                        University in August, 2010.

          Norman G. Thomas ’80 (left) receives award from Jeffrey Jones,
        Vice Chair of Region 5 of the International Right of Way Association.                  This tribute to Robert B. Rosowski ‘58
                                                                                               appeared in the October 25, 2010 issue
                                                                                               of Crain’s Detroit Business.

6   C H A T T E R B O X • S P R I N G 2 011
                                                                                                              Serving Our Country

Marine Major Bryan Smylie ‘89
is currently deployed to Helmand
Province, Afghanistan as part of
Regional Command (South West)
in support of Operation Enduring
Freedom. He is scheduled to return
in Spring 2011.

                                               Brendan Cox ’09 graduated from Marine Boot Camp           L-R: Caitlin Cox, Clare Cox,
                                               in Paris Island, South Carolina last September. His       Janine Cox, Brendan Cox ‘09,
                                               family attended the ceremony and took a picture in        Hon. Sean Cox ‘75,
                                               front of the Iwo Jima Memorial. Currently, Brendan        Patrick Cox ’16, John Cox ‘06,
                                               is going through pre-deployment training. He is a         Dr. Jerry Cutcher ‘50
                                               rifleman with the 2nd Marine Division based in Camp
                                               Lejeune, North Carolina.

                                                            St. Basil Distributes
  Calling All Veterans!                                     Another $10,000
  Catholic Central has a proud                              Recently the Superior General
                                                            of the Congregation of St. Basil
  history of its Alumni serving in                          (Basilian Fathers), Rev. George
                                                            Smith, visited missions in
  all branches of the armed forces.                         Colombia. Upon his return he
  There have been many attempts                             stated that without Saint Basil
                                                            Coffee’s distributions several
  to form a group for these veterans, and now is            projects would have been
                                                            discontinued. He gave thanks
  the time. Jim Muir ’65 has led the charge in              to all who support the coffee
  forming a Veterans Group within the CC Alumni             ministry.
  Association. We met in January to discuss the             In Cali, Colombia, money from
  direction of such a group. There has been a               Saint Basil Coffee provides
                                                            two meals a day to 300 poor
  very good response for the Veterans Group thus            children. In Medellin, Colombia,
                                                            money from Saint Basil Coffee
  far. However, moving forward, we would like to            is used to pay a doctor and
  identify all of the CC Alumni who are veterans.           expenses of a medical clinic.

  You can download a form by clicking the link              Last week Saint Basil Coffee
                                                            distributed another $10,000
  in the monthly e-newsletter, or you can e-mail            to our Catholic Missions in
  the information. We would like you to submit              Colombia. To date your total
                                                            distributions have exceeded
  that information to or       $300,000.

                                                                                                 C H A T T E R B O X • S P R I N G 2 011   7
            YOUNG                     ALUMNI
Getting To Know Alumni Association Members


The Ansara brothers are third generation      From the Burgz website: “Our story really     and tossed out what they didn’t. The
restaurateurs who have opened a new           begins as the tale of four brothers who       result is a simple, pure way to enjoy a
burger restaurant in Rochester Hills.         set out on a cross-country mission to         type of food that is so good they named
Michael 02, Anthony ’02, Victor ’05,          find the best burger and help eliminate       the restaurant after it!”
and Nicolas ’08 Ansara are all working        the epidemic of burger FADS. As third
                                                                                            The burgz Mission Statement
together under the umbrella of Ansara         generation restaurateurs, they were on
                                                                                            At burgrz, our mission is to create and
Concepts Inc.                                 a quest to develop a new way to enjoy
                                                                                            serve delicious gourmet burgers at a
                                              a food group they love while helping
Their new restaurant, Burgrz, opened                                                        reasonable price and to cure the growing
                                              hungry people everywhere. They traveled
in 2009 and is one of the hottest new                                                       number of people afflicted with FADS.
                                              from Chicago to New York, Denver to
places to eat in Rochester Hills. Their
                                              Phoenix, Los Angeles to Detroit. In each      To read more about burgz burgers, visit
menu allows each person to assemble
                                              city and town they jotted down what they
the perfect burger by their own
                                              liked about the burger joints they visited,   of-rochester-hills-is-now-open/

Three Generations of Restaurateurs

Top photo: Michael 02, Anthony ’02,
Victor ’05, and Nicolas ’08 Ansara

3204 Walton Boulevard
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309
Phone (248) 375-3060

8   C C P R O F I L E S • S P R I N G 2 011
                           CC          PROFILES
Spotlighting Alumni & Members of Our CC Family

1961 – Louis Argenta
Endangered lizard is helped by technique from WFU research
By Mary Giunca, JOURNAL Reporter

Yoko, a Komodo dragon, has extremely           But, as far as Argenta knows, this is         zero risk of infection,” Oh said in a
delicate skin that is prone to infection. So   the first time that it has been used on a     news release.
when she suffered an injury in Singapore,      lizard. “I think this being an endangered
                                                                                             Argenta said that he has lectured in
the search was on to find a method to          species, they were doing everything
                                                                                             Singapore a few times and that VAC
treat the wound before it could turn into      they could to save it,” he said of the
                                                                                             therapy is often used in that island
a life-threatening infection. That search      dragon. Yoko was the mother of the first
                                                                                             country because of accidents between
led halfway around the world
                                                                                                         motorists and people riding
to a device developed by
                                                                                                         motorcycles and scooters.
two doctors at Wake Forest
                                                                                                         Amputation rates are high,
University Baptist Medical
                                                                                                         he said, and VAC therapy
Center. And today, Yoko, one
                                                                                                         has helped reduce such
of three Komodo dragons at
                                                                                                         operations. Argenta said he
the Singapore Zoo, is healed,
                                                                                                         never had any conversations
alive and well.
                                                                                                         with anyone at the 69-acre
In 1990, Drs. Louis Argenta ’61                                                                          zoo, but he said he believes
and Michael Morykwas,                                                                                    that zoo officials may have
researchers in the plastic-                                                                              heard of his work from the use
and-reconstructive-surgery                                                                               of VAC therapy on accident
department, developed the                                                                                victims.
Vacuum-Assisted Closure
                                                                                                         Dr. Lee Shu Jin, a consultant
device, or VAC, for treating
                                                                                                         with the division of plastic,
difficult-to-heal wounds.
                                                                                                         reconstructive and aesthetic
The device has been used                                                                                 surgery at National University
on about 3.5 million people                                                                              Hospital in Singapore, said
worldwide, Argenta said. It is                                                                           that the treatment was a
used to treat diabetic wounds                                                                            success. “Reptiles normally
and those caused by trauma,                                                                              heal very slowly, but we are
such as gunshots. The system                                                                             very happy to report that Yoko
uses a vacuum to pull infected fluid away      successfully hatched Komodo dragon            made great progress in her recovery with
from a wound and to draw the edges of          bred in Asia. Last November, she was          VAC therapy,” Jin said. “She was also
the wound together.                            laying a second batch of eggs in her          eating and moving normally throughout
                                               underground burrow when she wedged            the entire process.”
About 400 of the devices were sent to
Haiti after the magnitude-7 earthquake         herself into a crevice and hurt the skin on   Argenta said that even though he never
struck in January, Argenta said. They          her back.                                     had any contact with the zoo or anyone
were used on people who had been               Serena Oh, the assistant director in the      who treated the lizard, he wouldn’t rule
crushed by collapsing buildings. The           veterinary department at the Wildlife         out the possibility of a house call at some
VAC device has been used on cows and           Reserves Singapore, which manages the         point to meet Yoko. “I’d love to go see
horses in Winston-Salem, and a turtle on       zoo, said that the dragon’s skin is very      it,” he said.
the North Carolina coast that had its shell    difficult to treat. “We needed a solution     Reprinted with permission. Published July 22, 2010,
cracked by a boat.                             to generate tissue growth quickly with        Winston-Salem Journal

10   C C P R O F I L E S • S P R I N G 2 011
Joseph R. Sgroi ’98 named by DBusiness Magazine in its “30 in their 30s”
Press Release 14. Sep. 2010

                                                           named one of DBusiness               by DBusiness for his involvement as a
                                                           Magazine’s “30 in Their 30s.”        member of the Honigman team working
                                                           [Detroit Business Magazine           in coordination with General Motors (GM)
                                                           Sept./October 2010 issue]            Purchasing in the establishment of General
                                                           The DBusiness honorees               Motor’s supplier response team during
                                                           were selected for the notable        its historic bankruptcy last year, which
                                                           success they have achieved           allowed GM to maintain product flow from
                                                           thus far in their careers. Sgroi     its suppliers throughout the bankruptcy
                                                           is featured in the magazine’s        proceedings.
                                                           September/October issue.
                                                                                                He has also been recognized as a “Rising
                                                            Sgroi represents clients in         Star” in Michigan Super Lawyers in 2009
                                                            connection with their supply        and 2010.
                                                            chain management and related
                                                                                                He earned his J.D. from the University
                                                            disputes. He also represents
Joseph R. Sgroi ‘98                                                                             of Michigan Law School and his B.A. in
                                                            debtors, creditors’ committees,
                                                                                                Political Science from the University of
                                                            customers, suppliers and
Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn                                                               Michigan. While at U. of M., Sgroi was
                                               lenders in matters such as commercial
LLP (Hongiman) is pleased to announce                                                           a linebacker and long snapper for the
                                               bankruptcies, reorganization proceedings,
that Joseph R. Sgroi, a Partner in the                                                          Wolverines football team.
                                               financial restructurings, liquidations
firm’s Commercial Law, Bankruptcy and
                                               and out-of-court workouts throughout
Reorganization Department, was recently
                                               the United States. Sgroi was selected            Reprinted with permission.

   Earl Rasmussen ‘51 | Book Review The Guard Murders
   Excerpt from The Guard Murders back cover

   Scrambling down the bank, Gapinski slipped and almost toppled           the dots and bring down
   into the fast-moving water. Ice-cold chills went up his spine           the operatives before more
   as he moved slowly along the tree toward the floating figure.           blood is shed?
   Grabbing the arm, he tugged at the body, moving it toward the
                                                                           The author, Earl
   bank. Slowly the weight of the torso as it emerged from the
                                                                           Rasmussen is a retired
   liquid began to strain the forty-year-old beat cop.
                                                                           Air Force Air Traffic
   When Patrolman John Gapinski finds a dead body floating in              Controller who spent
   the river, he has no idea that it is only the tip of the iceberg.       eleven years on active
   Civil Detective Brian Donnley and National Guard Captain                duty and sixteen
   Dave Brokowsky investigate the murder and discover that the             years in the Air
   mysterious body is Sergeant Bascom. Bascom isn’t the only               National Guard.
   member of the guard that has turned up dead. The connections            Earl was inspired
   begin to become clear as they embark on a thrilling investigative       by real-life events
   chase. But even they aren’t prepared for the level of corruption        in the 1960s, when his clerk
   they encounter when they stumble upon a drug smuggling                  was found murdered and their commander was
   operation by rogue CIA personnel. Will they be able to connect          accused of selling military equipment for his own profit.

                                                                                                    C C P R O F I L E S • S P R I N G 2 011   11
                                                               Fellow Alumni,
            from the ALUMNI
                                                               I have always been inspired by the relationships that have been
          BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                   made possible as CC Alumni. There have been countless other
            Alumni Association                                 times when my CC roots have helped me in every facet of my life.
            Mission Statement                                  It relates back to how blessed we have been to have Basilians
                                                               teaching and living our motto: “Teach me Goodness, Discipline,
                The mission of the                             and Knowledge”. This motto is validated daily as we see Alumni
      Catholic Central Alumni Association                      involved helping new generations of Shamrocks enter adult life.
       is to provide services, benefits and
            activities of interest to the                      This year the Alumni Association has been very active. Many of the committees
          Alumni and foster an Alumni                          have completed their yearly projects, and I would like to take this opportunity to
           body which is interested and                        personally thank all of the chairmen and their committee members. New or
      involved in the affairs and functions                    expanding committees are in need of an increase in manpower and ideas. For
       of the school, and to provide such                      example, the “Silent Majority/Out of State Committee” is organizing CC Alumni
                                                               across the country. Jim Muir is organizing an official “CC Veterans” group.
            assistance to the school as
                  may from time                                This year’s “Annual Alumni Association Dinner” will be held at the Embassy
            to time be requested of it.                        Suites in Livonia on Thursday, March 31st. Greg Normandin ’78 will be this
                                                               year’s honoree. It is a great evening for CC alumni to share camaraderie,
                                                               dinner and renew old friendships.
      Let The CC Archive Department
                                                               We are also adding a poker charity gaming event to our activities. It will be
                                                               held June 27th through June 29th at Northville Downs. This event is open to
                                                               the public. CC Alumni are encouraged to attend and to help our cause.
      Recycle Your Memories                                    Catholic Central is the designated charity and will share in the profits. Our
     The Archive Department at Catholic Central                job will be to handle all of the money transfers for buying and redeeming
     needs old memorabilia you might otherwise                 poker chips. Proceeds from this event contribute to funding the Alumni
     consider discarding. We welcome just about                Association’s events as well as the Scholarship Fund. Alumni are needed to
        any kind of souvenir: everything from                  volunteer to fill the slots to make this event a success. Information for all
      old programs and photographs, to sports                  of these events is available on our web site.
        items, etc., and especially yearbooks.
           Many items may find themselves                      I would like to thank all of the Alumni for continued support to CC.
           on display at our campus in Novi.                   I also thank the Alumni Office for all of the exceptional service and help
                                                               that they provide. May God bless you and have a great summer!
        To make arrangements for pick-up or
        delivery of your items, please contact:
         Dan Collins ’84 at (248) 596-3834
         Mike Carrier ’06 at (248) 596-3844                    Stanley J. Targosz Jr. ‘67
                         President, Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                            Every Photo
                                                                                                                                            Tells A
6” x 37” - $85                     Each sale helps Catholic Central. 40% of all proceeds go directly to CC.

12     A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011
Fellow Alumni,
                                                                                                 Catholic Central
As the school year nears its end, I can’t help but look                                         Alumni Association
back at the wonderful things that we were able to                                                   Meetings
accomplish. I am amazed at the continuous dedication                                           All Alumni are Welcome
and generosity that the Alumni show toward Catholic Central
and her students.                                                                        All graduates of CC are members
                                                                                             of the Alumni Association.
I am often asked to sum up the CC experience and explain                                    Please join us as we discuss
what makes CC so special. I have to admit that the task is                                the current year for the Alumni
a bit overwhelming at first. However, as I complete my first                                 Association and the school.
year as Director of Alumni Relations, I can honestly say that
the answer is very simple: lasting brotherhood. My job is proof                           We Look Forward to Seeing You!
that CC offers something unique upon graduation.
                                                                                              Dates May 5, 2011
The thousands of Alumni who have given so much to the school                               Location Embassy Suites, Livonia
and continue to do so are proof of a lasting bond between CC                                   Mass 6:00 p.m.
and her Alumni. Furthermore, the yearly and monthly reunions                                  Dinner 6:30 p.m.
that so many of our graduation classes hold are proof that we                               Meeting 7:00 p.m.
have brothers for life, no matter what life throws at us.

I am impressed, humbled, and proud to be right at the center
of all that the Alumni do. I know that we all share those feelings
about CC. Let us continue to feel the Spirit of Catholic Central…
and embrace it!

                                                                                              Pray With Us!
                                                                                         …in the Catholic Central Chapel
Mike Carrier ‘06
Director of Alumni Relations                                                                        Mass                                                                  Every morning
                                                                                          Monday - Friday at 7:30 a. m.
                                                                                           Every Tuesday at 2:50 p.m.

What a great way to display some
CC Spirit! Each letter is a work of art
itself, photographed from items around
the school – framed prints spell out
“Catholic Central” and “CC Shamrocks.”                To order, please visit                      6” x 27” - $65

                                                                             A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011   13
2011 Alumni Association Committees & Chairs
Any Alumnus who is interested in one or more of the committees listed below is encouraged to contact the chairperson associated with a particular
committee. If you are interested in participating in other areas or have any questions, please contact the Advancement Office at (248) 596-3838.

ALUMNI DINNER - Promote, organize,                   COMMUNICATIONS - Develop and                       NOMINATING - Determine the qualifications
and conduct the Annual Alumni Dinner                 implement the means – including the                for membership in the Alumni Board of
and designate the honoree for the annual             Internet – by which to effectively inform          Directors; identify and nominate for Board
Fr. Harrison Distinguished Alumnus Award.            the Alumni of Alumni and school activities,        membership Alumni who will actively
Bob Forte ’69                                        events and developments. The committee is          participate in Board activities; recommend                                 expected to provide content on an ongoing          members for advisory member status;
                                                     basis to the Alumni Association section of the     nominate officers.
BOYS’ BOWL ALUMNI MASS & BREAkFAST -                 Aluminator, the Alumni page of the Catholic        Bob Barnes Sr. ’56
Promote, organize and conduct the Boys’ Bowl         Central website, and any other modes of      
Alumni Mass and Breakfast as a zero-cost             communication which are implemented.
event for Alumni and their families to show          Dante Cerroni ’96                                  SHAMROCk CLUB - Identify and implement
our appreciation.                                                         events, programs and activities which will
Jack Rajkovich ’67                                                                                      foster business and career networking.                             EARLY INVOLVEMENT - Develop and                    Stan Targosz III ’92
                                                     implement events, programs, activities       
CAREER GUIDANCE - In cooperation with                and strategies which will engage and retain the
the administration of the school, implement          interest and participation of graduating seniors   SILENT MAjORITY/OUT OF STATE -
and conduct career-guidance programs with            and recent Alumni.                                 Develop and implement events, programs
the assistance of Alumni. Such programs              Scott Hauncher ’89                                 activities and strategies specifically intended
would include career-day trips, a speakers’                         to attract and engage those Alumni who have
bureau featuring selected professions and                                                               not been meaningfully involved in the affairs
occupations, and other similar projects.             EXECUTIVE - Comprised of the Alumni                of the school and the Alumni Association,
Jeff McGowan ’84                                     Association President, Vice President,             including those who reside outside of the                    Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past            southeastern Michigan area.
                                                     President to manage committees of the              John Rioux Sr. ’61
CC AMBASSADORS - A group of Alumni                   Alumni Association Board of Directors.       
who are committed to Catholic Central                Stan Targosz ’67 - President
High School in support of Institutional                                    SPIRITUALITY & VOCATIONS -
Advancement.                                         Carmine Palombo ’70 - Vice President               Develop and implement events, programs,
Dennis Antoniotti ’68                                             and activities to provide for the spiritual                         John Foley ’73 - Secretary                         enrichment of Alumni; identify events,
                                                                       programs, activities and strategies which may
                                                     Scott Hauncher ’89 - Treasurer                     be recommended to the administration of
CHARITY GAMING - Promote and organize         
charity gaming events for the Alumni                                                                    the school with the objective of increasing
                                                     Bill Galvin ’85 - Past President                   religious vocations.
Stan Targosz Jr. ’67                                                                                    Carmine Palombo ’70                                                                            
                                                     IDENTITY - Promote the image and identity
                                                     of the Alumni Association.
                                                     John Ronayne III ’64

This may be the time to remind you…
When you send us pictures to be included, they should be of the highest possible quality and size, whether digital or on photo paper.
Please see credits page for submission information. – Editor

14   A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011
                     Shamrocks Across The Country

                                                                                                    Show Your CC Spirit!
1995 Reunion                                                                                     Alumni Items – Going Fast!
The 1995 Reunion was included in the winter issue of the Aluminator, but no picture
was included. Below is the photo of members of the Class of 1995 who gathered at                                  Blue, six-panel, flex-fit
Gus O’Connors over Boys’ Bowl Weekend last fall. Andy Gignac ’95 organized the                                    low-profile cap with white
                                                                                                                  embroidery; matching color
event for his class.                                                                                              under visor; 96% cotton
                                                                                                                  4% spandex - $20

                                                                                                                  Hooded pullover      Limited
                                                                                                                  sweatshirt in
                                                                                                                  oxford gray with blue
                                                                                                                  type; heavyweight
                                                                                                                  50/50 blend with draw cord
                                                                                                                  and front pocket - $30

                                                                                                    Striped blue tie
                                                                                                    has interlocking
                                                                                                      “CC” logo - $35

                                                                                                Premium 100%
               Bottom row holding pennant: John Murphy ‘95.                                     acrylic knit
                                                                                                blanket in blue
               Middle Row: Jeff Gajewski ‘95, Bob Beckman ‘95, Craig Wasen ‘95,                 and white;
               Dan McArthur ‘95, Ryan Kato ‘95, Eric Gregory ‘95, Chris Nagarah ‘95.            54” x 80” - $99
               Back Row: Andy Gignac ‘95, Brian Duffy ‘95, Dan Kogut ‘95,
               John Kraynek ‘95, Gabe O’Keefe ‘95.                                                   Visit Our Online Store:
HOCKEY Alumni Game
On Sunday, January 2, 2011, the Alumni of our historic hockey program laced up the skates
and played a game at Compuware Arena. Mike Giordano, the General Manager of Catholic
Central Hockey, organized the annual Alumni Game as a way to bring back the Alumni upon
which the program was founded. The continued success of the hockey team is a direct
reflection of the high expectations set by the Alumni who have played since 1934.

The rosters of the White and Blue teams were
completely filled with Alumni from as early as
1961 to as recent as 2008. The White Team
won the game 5-1. A great time was had by all,
especially after the game at CJ’s!

Any Alumni who wish to become involved with
hockey events should contact
Mike Giordano at

                                                                                       A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011   15
 Christmas Reunions
 This past Christmas season was a memorable one for many of our fine graduation
 classes. Many classes hosted Christmas parties and luncheons to celebrate the
 holiday season and spend time with one another.

                                                                                                  The Class of 1957
                                                                                                  met for Mass and lunch at the Huron River
                                                                                                  Hunting and Fishing Club in Farmington
                                                                                                  on December 15, 2010. Fr. Bob McGrath ’57
                                                                                                  and Fr. john Wheeler, C.S.B. ’57
                                                                                                  co-celebrated Mass before lunch.

                                                                                                  The Class of 1960
                                                                                                  met for lunch at Moe’s on Ten Mile on
                                                                                                  December 17, 2010. George Smrtka ’60
                                                                                                  and the rest of the 1960 Reunion Committee
                                                                                                  organized the lunch.

                                                                                                   The Class of 1965
                                                                                                  met for cocktails and dinner at Buddy’s Pizza
                                                                                                  in Farmington Hills on December 15, 2010.
                                                                                                  Mike Harrison ’65 organized this gathering for
                  Above L-R: Pat Devine ’65, Deacon. Bob Schikora ’65, Mike Harrsion ‘65.         the group now known as “656565.” Deacon
                                                                                                  Bob Schikora ’65 came back to town for the

                                                                                                   The Class of 1983
                                                                                                  met for their annual Nemos/Red Wings
                                                                                                  gathering on December 10, 2010. It is the
                                                                                                  annual class of 1983 “winter reunion.” The
                                                                                                  guys meet at Nemo’s Bar in Detroit before
                                                                                                  and after a Friday night Red Wings game
                                                                                                  as close to the Christmas season as the
                                                                                                  Wings schedule allows. Some guys go to the
                                                                                                  hockey game; others just remain at Nemo’s
                                                                                                  to reconnect with classmates. This has been
                                                                                                  an annual event for about the last 25 years
                                                                                                  and continues to grow in popularity each
                                                                                                  year! For more information on this and
                                                                                                  other potential class of 1983 events contact
                                                                                                  Nick Merucci ‘83 at
                                                                                                  or 248-882-0748.

     Front row seated: Dave McPhail ’83, Brian Peck ’83, Pat Michel ’83, Chris Schrot ’83, Bob Orlowski ’83.
     Standing L-R: Nick Merucci ’83, Dave Martin ’83, Craig Gleeson ’83, Frank Murphy ’83, Tom Zakrewski ’83, Phil Schmidt ’83,
     Devon Tucker ’83, Dave Lerg ’83, Paul Seewald ’83, John Eads ’83, Mike Gianetti ’83 (barely visible between Ewald and Eads),
     Ed Ewald ’83, Pete Poirier ’83 (behind Gianetti), Jeff Gatt ’83, Jeff Holscher ’83, Kelly Ronayne ’83, Bob Elwell ’83, Eric McPherson ’83,
     Mike Kelly ’83, Todd Forfinski ’83, Kevin Martinuzzi ’83, Paul Micallef ’83, Mike Meister ’83, Steve Kolhoff ’83.
     Present, but not in photo: Pat Bagley ’83, Pat Cherry ’83, Greg Sala ’83, Mark Holowicki ’83, Mat Raedle ’83, Steve McCormack ’83,
     Rick Mularoni ’83, Ron Raftery ’83, Mark Kueber ’83.

16   A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011
Turkey Bowl 2009
kevin A. johnson ‘81
“Football, cleats,
gloves, and Ibuprofen
were all in my athletic
bag as I prepared
to head out on a frigid
November morning.
                                               L-R: Chris Kopicko ‘81, Tom Leonard ‘81, Tim Gallagher ‘82, Tom Hominga ‘82,
Yes, it was time once again for our
                                               Mike Hackert ‘83, Kevin Johnson ‘81, Russ Navarre ‘82, Kevin Hackert ‘86.
annual Turkey Bowl football game over          Others who joined us for game or party include: Richard Bartos ‘81,
Thanksgiving weekend with my Catholic          Mark Diponio ‘82, and Tim Granzotto ‘81.
Central alumni friends. We’ve played
every year since our high school days,
with this year being our 31st annual
After a spirited game Tom and Maureen
Leonard generously opened their home
for all to celebrate another year’s
milestone with family and friends joining
in throughout the evening.                      L-R: Tom Hominga ‘82, Kevin Johnson ‘81,   L-R: Chris Kopicko ‘81, Russ Navarre ‘82,
                                               Mike Hackert ‘83, Mark Diponio ‘82,         Tim Gallagher ‘82.
                                               Tom Leonard ‘81.

Turkey Bowl 2010

                                               Front Row: Dan Mulvihill ’96, Mike Smiley ’96, Jack Smiley ’25, Eric Gilbo ‘96.
                                               Back Row: Tom Valenti ’96, Justin Church, Tom Smiley ’96, Mike Bowen ’97,
                                               David Brock ’96, James McFarlane ’96, Rich Deptula ’97, Joel Rioux ’96, and
                                               Dave Schroder.
                                               Not Pictured: Jim Smiley ’92, Mike Sharpe ’97, Travis Miller ’96, and Patrick
Jack Smiley’s Touchdown Dance, Class of 2025
                                               Smiley ’28 (Tom Smiley’s Son).
(Mike Smiley’s Son).

                                                                                 A L u M N I A S S O C I A T I O N • S P R I N G 2 011   17
                                      23rd                     Annual Catholic Central Alumni Dinner

                                                               At the first annual Alumni Dinner in April 1989, approximately 300 Alumni
                                                               and friends gathered to share memories and laughs and enjoy the keynote
                                                               speaker, Al McGuire. It was a huge success. To build off of the success
                                                               of the first dinner, Alumni Association President Frank Jonna ’67 and the
                                                               Special Events Committee established the Fr. Canning F. Harrison Award.
                                                               The award is named for Fr. Canning F. Harrison C.S.B. who served as the first
                                                               Director of the Alumni Association, and is given each year to a Basilian and/
                                                               or alumnus who exemplifies, to a great degree, the philosophy and mission
                                                               of Catholic Central High School. Frs. Norbert Clemens and Edward Donoher
                                                               were the first recipients of the award in 1990.

                                                               Over the years, many prominent Alumni and Basilian Fathers have been
                                                               honored at the Alumni Dinner. Priests, teachers, coaches, judges, doctors,
                                                               lawyers, and businessmen alike have had the honor bestowed upon them
                                                               not only for success in their careers, but for the continuous support and
The annual Alumni Dinner has been a staple at                  dedication they have shown for Catholic Central. Frs. Enright, Martin, French,
Catholic Central since the spring of 1989. When                Barnes, Hathaway, Elmer, Menner, and Paramo are the Basilian Fathers who
the CC Alumni Association re-established a Board               have been honored with the award since Frs. Clemens and Donoher received
of Directors in 1988, one of the main objectives               the first awards in 1990. Their longtime commitment to the students of CC
was to help the Development Office raise funds.                and their lasting impact on the school’s tradition are evident.
It was decided that an annual dinner could be very
helpful in doing so. The Alumni Dinner has been
hosted annually since the spring of 1989.

Above: Greg Normandin ‘78 and Detroit Catholic Central Marching Band in London for the 2011 New Year’s Day Parade.

18   2 3 R D A N N u A L C C A L u M N I D I N N E R • S P R I N G 2 011
They are the constant example of the
Basilian Fathers who founded CC in
1928. They continue to guide Catholic
Central and all of her young men.

In addition, 20 lay alumni have received
the Fr. Harrison Award over the years.
Men like Judge Jim Ryan ’50,
Al Moran ’57, Dr. John Ronayne ’37,
Bob Santello ’58, and Lou Yeager ’50         Mr. Greg Normandin ’78 being presented an award in London, England.
have shown a deep commitment to
Mary, Alma Mater and an overwhelming         Mr. Greg Normandin ’78 is the 2011 recipient. Greg has been
understanding of the Spirit of CC.           a music teacher and band director at his Alma Mater since the
                                             fall of 1982. Greg succeeded his mentor and past honoree,
The Fr. Harrison Distinguished
                                             Bill Watts ’40, as the band director at CC.
Alumnus/Basilian Award will continue
to be presented each spring by the
                                             For almost 30 years, Greg has taken the already prominent
Alumni Association. Each year, the
                                             program to new heights. His bands have won countless awards
Alumni Dinner Committee of the
                                             at parades and festivals. They have taken home numerous
Alumni Association Board of Directors
                                             first division ratings. They have even marched internationally in
nominates and selects one or two
                                             London, England, several times.
recipients well deserving of the honor.

We thank the men who have been
honored with the Fr. Canning Harrison
Award and look forward to those who
will be honored in the future. Their
dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for
Catholic Central are a constant example
of what all Alumni seek to have. May
their generosity and leadership inspire
all Alumni to be stewards of the Spirit
of Catholic Central. The Goodness,
Discipline, and Knowledge that they
display is proof of the power of CC and
Mary, Alma Mater.
                                           Mr. Greg Normandin ’78
                                           teaching - then and now.

                                                      2 3 R D A N N u A L C C A L u M N I D I N N E R • S P R I N G 2 011   19
                                                                             A Pictorial Retrospective on

               Left to right, each row:

     1990     Rev. Edward W. Donoher C.S.B.
              Rev. H. Norbert Clemens C.S.B.
     1991     Mr. Patrick A. McDonald ’54
     1992     The Hon. James L. Ryan ’50
     1993     Mr. William B. Watts ’40
     1994     Mr. John J. McHale ’39

     1995     Mr. William S. Foley ’42
              *Dr. John J. Ronayne ’37
     1996     Rev. James O. Enright C.S.B.
             *Rev. James E. Martin C.S.B.
     1997     Mr. Regis D. Bowers ’42
             *Rev. J. Gerard French C.S.B.

     1998  Mr. Alan R. Moran ’57
     1999  Dr. Louis C. Argenta ’61
           Dr. Robert A. Forte ’69
     2000 Mr. Robert A. Santello ’58
          *Rev. Joseph G. Barnes C.S.B. ’49
     2001  Rev. Arthur T. Hathaway C.S.B. ’44

     2002     The Hon. Thomas E. Brennan ’47
     2003     Mr. Thomas P. Moore II ’54
     2004     Rev. Richard J. Elmer C.S.B. ’46
     2005     Mr. Robert B. Rosowski ’58
     2006     Mr. Patrick M. Nesbitt ’62
     2007     Mr. John P. Argenta ’58

     2008     Mr. John J. Ronayne III ’64
     2009     Mr. Louis E. Yeager ’50
              *Rev. John H. Menner C.S.B.
     2010     Mr. Drew P. Sharp ’78
              Rev. Raymond Paramo C.S.B.
     2011     Mr. Gregory E. Normandin ’78

              *Honored Posthumously

20     2 3 R D A N N u A L C C A L u M N I D I N N E R • S P R I N G 2 011
Previous Rev. Canning F. Harrison Award Recipients

                               2 3 R D A N N u A L C C A L u M N I D I N N E R • S P R I N G 2 011   21
 Spotlighting Catholic Central Connections

The Band Connection from the Beginning
Our honoree this year is Greg Normandin ’78. Greg is the band director at
Catholic Central, and has been since the fall of 1982. Prior to graduation from
CC in 1978, Greg was a four-year bandsman under legendary director, the late
Bill Watts ’40. He has since taken the reigns and developed the band into the
world-renown band it is today. Numerous first division ratings and awards,
many trips overseas to London, and yearly concerts in front of capacity crowds
                                                                                    Bill Wattts ‘40 and Greg Normandin ‘78 - Catholic Central Band Leaders.
are just a few of the credentials. Greg has also developed the band into four
parts: the Concert Band, Symphony Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra.

Bill Watt’s was also honored by the Alumni Association as the Distinguished
Alumnus of the Year in 1993. Bill, like Greg, was a four-year bandsman at
Catholic Central. He began in the fall of 1936 as a member of the very first
band. Rev. Bernard Regan, C.S.B. and Mr. J.T. Bredau were its directors.
Mr. Watts returned to CC in 1950 to take over direction of the band. His
leadership propelled the band to new heights. In the 60’s, he enrolled the
band in the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association – making
Catholic Central the first private school allowed in the Association. He
remained in charge of the band until the fall of 1982 when his pupil,
Greg Normandin, succeeded him.

It is ironic that both Bill and Greg have been bestowed with the Fr. Canning
F. Harrison Distinguished Alumnus Award. Fr. Canning Harrsion, C.S.B. was
the moderator of the band during his tenure at CC. He was a huge supporter
and fundraiser for the program. During that time, Bill was the director of
the band, and Greg played in the band. So from the very beginning, the
Distinguished Alumnus Award, given annually by the Alumni Association,
has tie-ins with the CC Band. The award that Bill and Greg have both received
                                                                                    Band Council 1956
was named for one of the most avid supporters of the Catholic Central Band.         Fr. Harrison, Walter Green ‘56, Bill Watts ‘40, and Robert Battista ‘57.

                                       Rev. Canning F. Harrison C.S.B. Biography
                                       Fr. Harrison came to Catholic Central in the fall of 1952 from Assumption College School in
                                       Windsor. It is of interest that Fr. Harrison, for all the years he was at CC, was the enthusiastic
                                       moderator of the band. This enthusiasm was passed on to Bill Watts ‘40 and this year’s recipient,
                                       Greg Normandin ‘78. He also taught religion, foreign language, and music. In 1973, Fr. Harrison
                                       accepted a new position as the Director of the Alumni Association. He would hold that position
                                       until his retirement in 1987, organizing class reunions, publishing the Aluminator, and keeping tabs
                                       on every alumnus. Alumni knew that if he met them in the halls or elsewhere, he would collar them
                                       and get information about them for his files. These were colorful, anecdotal files, years before the
     Rev. Canning F. Harrison C.S.B.   advent of computers. Fr. Harrison passed away in January 1991.

22     C C C O N N E C T I O N S • S P R I N G 2 011
                                                                                  ANNUAL                       DRIVE
                                                                                  Fundraising Theme for 2011: “Movies”

Drive Catholic Central 2011 - Fundraising Results
                                                 It’s a week (or more) that’s homework free, full of wackiness and over-the-top spirit.
                                            This year’s theme, Movies, provided ample inspiration for students to sell enough tickets
                                            to boost the School’s tuition assistance budget by $362,099.13 and earn twelve free days.
                                                 The senior class was victorious in this year’s DRIVE, surpassing the freshman class on
                                            the last day by bringing in 394.7% of their quota. Many students, teachers, and staff were
                                            involved in all of the decorations and excitement that go into making the DRIVE so special.
                                                This year, the energy and spirit were as noticeable as ever. As Fr. Huber pointed out to
                                            the student body, Fr. Donoher’s memory lives on in the DRIVE, and he continues to influence
                                            the lives of each student at CC.

2011 DRIVE Results - Total $ Raised
Daily    Results             Cumulative
Day 1 $80,315.13             $ 80,315.13
Day 2 $48,527.00             $128,842.13
Day 3 $41,746.00             $170,588.13
Day 4 $38,840.00             $209,428.13
Day 5 $39,671.00             $249,099.13
Day 6 $113,000.00            $362,099.13
Grand Total                  $362,099.13

Top Salesman
Rank/Name                   Cumulative
1 Mike Ferrantino ’11       $6,828.00
2 Matt Messana ’11          $5,446.00
3 Tom Myler ’14             $4,451.00
4 Jacob Connell ’13         $4,130.00
5 Michael Ronayne ’14       $3,800.00
6 David Ciccarelli ’11      $3,015.00
7 Sergio Troiani ’12        $3,012.00
8 R.J. Plawecki ’13         $2,400.00
9 Jonathan Sheesley ’14     $2,393.00
10 Nick Ferrantino ’13      $2,300.00

Rank by Grade Level - $ Raised % of Quota
Rank/Grade Cumulative         % of Quota
1 Seniors      $ 90,181.00 394.70%
2 Freshmen $100,277.13 385.44%
3 Sophomores $ 91,277.00 358.79%
4 Juniors      $ 80,364.00 336.19%

Total DRIVE Holidays Earned = 12

                                                                                        C C A N N u A L D R I V E • S P R I N G 2 011   23
                        THE                BELLS
Sharing News of Alumni Weddings & Births


2000 – RYAN ROMANCzUk married
Melissa Morgan on September 24, 2010,
at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in
Sterling Heights. The reception followed
at the San Marino Club in Troy.
Many Shamrocks were in attendance.

USMC married the former Kimberly
Maiuro on October 16, 2010, at the
Memorial Chapel at the Pensacola Naval
Air Station. Ryan is stationed at the
                                                          Back Row: Sean Devlin ’00, Brandon Kaleniecki ’00, Tom Volman ’01,
New River Marine Airbase, Jacksonville,
                                                          Anthony Coratti ’01, Michael Morris ’00, Robert Morris ’65, Jeff Caruana ’99,
North Carolina, where he is a crew chief
                                                          Dennis Goebel, Nick Goebel ’00, Jeff Potts ’00, Dan Smith ’70, Brian Farkas ’99,
on the new Marine Huey UH-1Y (Yankee)
                                                          Eric Wynalek ’00, Charlie Rozum ’00, Tom Kwiatkowski ’75, Al Bridges ’71.
                                                          Front Row: Patrick Hayes ’01, Abe Leon ’01, Ryan Romanczuk ’00, Melissa Romanczuk,
                                                          Mike Wilk ’00, Tom Alberty ’00, John Kava ’00, Ryan Morrison ’00, Matt LoPiccolo ’01.
Kim is a flight attendant with AirTran
Airlines. The couple met five years ago
at the Marine Birthday Ball when Ryan
was stationed in Pensacola.

                                                               The family photo includes from left to right: Ryan’s Dad Greg, Christopher, Erin, Kim,
Staff Sergeant Ryan Masel, USMC ’03 and bride Kimberly.        Ryan, Paula, and Ryan’s Mom Donna.

24   T H E B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011

2003 – jEFF WIGGINS and Jennifer
Loomis were married on May 29,
2010, and currently reside in Livonia.
Jeff works part-time at the Michigan
Attorney General’s office and is in his
3rd year of law school at the University
of Detroit Mercy, where he is the
President of the Federalist Society.

Photo includes: John Mulroy ’03, Aaron
Surma ’03, Mike Martinico ’03, Zack Wiggins
’10, Jason Rose ’03, Kevin Obad ’01, Kevin
Russom ’03, Dave Baxter ’03, Kyle Posluszny ’03,
Daryl Bridges ’01, Erik Whalen ’03, Mike
Blaskey ’03, Chris Derrig ’01, Jeff McMichael
’03, Scott Obad ’03, Scott Jewett ’03, Mike
Mach ’03, Jeff and Jennifer Wiggins.


                                         1992 – THOMAS EPPERSON and his wife, Ann,
                                         welcomed their first child, daughter, Ella Aubree,
                                         born on December 22, 2009. (photo left)

                                         1996 – MICHAEL AMBROzIAk and his wife, Megan,
                                         welcomed Alexander Joseph Ambroziak, born
                                         November 28, 2010. Alexander weighed 8 pounds
    Ella Aubree Epperson (above)         6 ounces. (photo left)
  Alexander Joseph Ambroziak (below)
    Luciano Charles Rozum (bottom)       1997 – MATTHEW WEISS and his wife, Maureen,
                                         joyfully welcomed their first child, daughter, Maeve        Maeve Catherine Weiss (above)
                                                                                                       The Fanco children (below)
                                         Catherine, on July 26, 2010. Timothy Weiss ‘99 is
                                         Maeve’s godfather. (photo right)

                                         1998 – jEFF FANCO and his wife Elizabeth welcomed
                                         their 6th child on July 15, 2010. Timothy Gordon
                                         Fanco joins his siblings Margaret, Theodore,
                                         Antoinette, Francesca, and Broderick. (photo right)

                                         2000 – CHARLIE ROzUM and his wife, Lori, welcomed
                                         their first child, Luciano Charles, on July 15, 2010.
                                         (photo left)

                                                                                                 T H E B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011   25
i     n              M           e M o r i a M
The following members of the Catholic Central Family have passed from this life to the next.
Please remember them in your Masses and other prayers. Our sincere condolences are extended to their loved ones.
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.

ALUMNI                                         C.S.B. at Transfiguration Catholic Church,              ROBERT E. LEE ’47 -
                                               Southfield, Mich.                                       October 17, 2010. He is survived
            REV. MSGR. FERDINAND J.                                                                    by eight children and 11
            DeCNEUDT ’31 - November                      HON. WILLIAM J.                               grandchildren. He is preceded
            21, 2010. He is survived by                  HATHAWAY ’42 -                                in death by his wife, Mary Lou.
            many grand nieces and nephews                December 9, 2010. He is             Robert is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. The
            and great-grand nieces and                   survived by his seven children,     Memorial Mass was celebrated at St. Anne
nephews. Msgr. DeCneudt was ordained                     including William ’65, Hon.         Catholic Church, Detroit, Mich.
a priest for the Archdiocese of Detroit in     Richard ’68, Edward ’70 and Matthew
1939. He was a very active CC alumnus          ’75, 16 grandchildren, three great-                     ROBERT D. WILLIAMS ’48 -
during his life and attended the annual        grandchildren, many nephews, including                  October 26, 2010.
Harper-Belmont Reunion every year              James ’63, Thomas ’65, Arthur ’67, Robert
of its existence. The Funeral Mass was         ’69, Daniel ’70, Paul ’70, Francis ’71 and
                                               Robert ’91 and brothers, Charles ’37,                    PAUL F. CARRIER ’51 -
celebrated by the Most Reverend Allen
                                               Robert ’43 and Rev. Arthur, C.S.B. ’44.                  November 26, 2010. He is
Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit, at Our
                                               He was preceded in death by his wife,                    survived by his wife, Marianne,
Lady Queen of All Saints Catholic Church,
                                               Kathryn and brothers, James ’36 and John                 his children, Molly, Paul ’81 and
Fraser, Mich.
                                               ’39. The Funeral Mass was celebrated at                  John ’83, five grandchildren,
          EDWIN D. SECORD ’36 -                St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic Church,      including Paul Hamilton ’13, three
          May 30, 2010. He is survived by      Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.                     siblings, including Donald ’46. He was
          five children, 14 grandchildren                                                    preceded in death by his brother, James
          and seven great-grandchildren.                 LAWRENCE J. CRONIN ’43 -            ’43. The Memorial Mass was celebrated
He served as a captain in WWII and                       December 26, 2010. He is            at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Brighton,
participated in the Battle of the Bulge.                 survived by his wife of 55 years,   Mich.
The Funeral Mass was celebrated at Our                   Helen, two children including
                                                         Lawrence ’74, five grandchildren              RICHARD F. KENDALL
Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church,
                                               and two brothers. Larry is a veteran of                 (KULCZYNSKI) ’52 -
Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.
                                               the U.S. Navy. The Memorial Mass was                    April 5, 2010.
           VINCENT J. BANONIS SR. ’38 -        celebrated at St. Genevieve Catholic
                                                                                                       WILLIAM E. RAYMOND ’52 -
           October 23, 2010. He is             Church, Livonia, Mich.
                                                                                                       January 22, 2011. He is survived
           survived by his wife, Marilyn,
                                                        ALAN E. CUMMING ’45 -                          by his wife, Carol, four children
           and his daughter, Carolyn. He
                                                        August 6, 2010. He is survived                 and four grandchildren. The
           was preceded in death by his
                                                        by his wife, Delores, three                    Funeral Mass was celebrated
three sons, Vincent Jr. ’68, James ’73,
                                                        children, nine grandchildren and     at St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church,
and Stephen ’77, and his two brothers,
                                                        three great-grandchildren. The       Warren, Mich.
Alphonse ’34 and Victor ’46. Vince will
forever be known for his tremendous            Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Anne
                                                                                                       EDWARD J. JAMISON ’53 -
athletic achievements. He was an All-          Church, Ortonville, Mich.
                                                                                                       November 9, 2010. He is
American football player at the University                                                             survived by his wife of 49 years,
of Detroit, and he played professional                   RONALD BRISKEY ’47 -
                                                         January 24, 2011. He is                       Barbara, and three children.
football winning world championships
in 1947 with the Chicago Cardinals and                   survived by his wife, Patricia,
                                                                                                       GERALD E. HARRIS ’54 -
in 1952 and 1953 with the Detroit Lions.                 four children, including Robert
                                                                                                       October 28, 2010.
Vince also served as a Lieutenant in                     ’72, and eleven grandchildren.
the Navy during World War II. He is a          Ronald was a member of the St. Basil
member of the Catholic Central, College        Legacy Society. The Funeral Mass was
                                                                                                       MICHAEL J. KILAR ’55 -
Football and Michigan Sports Halls of          celebrated at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic
                                                                                                       September 25, 2010. The
Fame. The Funeral Mass was celebrated          Church, Madison Heights, Mich.
                                                                                                       Funeral was celebrated in
by Rev. John Wheeler, C.S.B. ’57 and                                                                   Crossville, Tenn.
co-celebrated by Rev. Richard Ranalletti,

26   I N M E M O R I A M • S P R I N G 2 011
ALUMNI                                        children, and two siblings. The Funeral      EXTENDED FAMILY
                                              Mass was celebrated at St. Mary of the
          THOMAS M. RICHART ’55 -             Hills Catholic Church, Rochester Hills,      DONALD J. COVERY -
          September 23, 2010. He is           Mich.                                        November 3, 2010. Father of Brian ’84.
          survived by his wife, Carol, five
                                                      PAUL R. SOWERBY ESQ. ’61 -           MARGARET M. CURTIN -
          children, six grandchildren,
                                                      November 30, 2010. He is             October 17, 2010. Mother of John ’64,
          many nieces and nephews, a                                                       Mark ’68, Christopher ’72 and Brian ’76.
sister and a brother. The Funeral Mass                survived by many relatives
was celebrated at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel              including his brother, Frederick     CHARLES F. HERBERT - June 16, 2010.
Catholic Church, Darien, Illinois.                    ’60. He was the president of         Father of Frank ’83 and J. Scott ’89.
                                              Community Health Foundation and
          JAMES E. FITZGERALD ’55 -           Mohave Bar Association.                      JOHN F. JAKUBIK - March 16, 2010.
          November 19, 2010. He is                                                         Father of Paul ‘79 and Grandfather of
          survived by his wife, Pat, three             GERARD DREWEK ’68 -                 John ‘10, Steven ‘12, and Christopher ‘17.
          children, six grandchildren,                 July 4, 2010. He is survived by
                                                                                           MARJORIE J. KNORP - November 4,
          three siblings, including his                his wife, Janice, two daughters
                                                                                           2010. Mother of Christopher ’84.
brother Robert ’58, and many nieces and                and one granddaughter.
nephews, including Daniel ’80 and Jamie                                                    MARY F. O’DEA - September 8, 2010.
’93. Jim was a veteran of the U.S. Army.                EUGENE C. HILLEBRAND ’68 -         Mother of Michael ’70.
A Memorial Mass was celebrated at St.                   January 9, 2011. He is survived
Aloysius Catholic Church, Fife Lake, Mich.              by his wife, Debbie, two           KATHLEEN L. ROGOWSKI -
                                                        children, three grandchildren,     December 22, 2010. Mother of Casey ’99
         THOMAS M. KRAL ’56 -                           his mother and four siblings,      and Ryan ’02. Sister of Tim Kelley ’75.
                                              including Thomas ’71. He was preceded        Sister-in-law of Bob Moreau ’75. Aunt of
         November 2, 2010. He is
                                              in death by his father. The Funeral Mass     Matt Kelley ’06.
         survived by his wife, Judy,
         children Kevin ’83 and Karen,        was celebrated at St. Robert Bellarmine      STANLEY ROGULSKI -
         and two siblings. The Funeral        Catholic Church, Redford, Mich.              January 13, 2011. Father of David
Mass was celebrated at Our Lady of Good                                                    Rogulski ’78. Grandfather of Kevin
Counsel Catholic Church, Plymouth, Mich.                SAM E. SCALICI ’73 -               Obad ’01 and Scott Obad ’03.
                                                        December 1, 2010. He is
          WILLIAM J. SELLHORN ’56 -                     survived by his wife, Sally, two   ALOIS A. SAUTER - November 12, 2010.
          November 20, 2010. He is                      children, two grandchildren and    Father of James ’64 and John ’72.
          survived by his wife, Peggy, five             his sister. He is preceded in
                                              death by his parents. The Funeral Service    MARY V. SMITH - January 2011.
          children, three siblings, seven                                                  Mother of Jack ’67 and Thomas ’75.
          grandchildren, and two great-       was held at Fry-Bross & Spidle, Kearney,
grandchildren. The Funeral Mass was           Missouri.                                    JACOB L. SNYDER - November 11, 2010.
celebrated at St. Paul Catholic Church,                                                    Son of Jay ’78. Nephew of the
New Bern, North Carolina.                                CONSTANTINO DEL                   late James ’66, Joseph ’68, Jerry ’73,
                                                         SIGNORE ’81 - October 26,         Jonathon ’74, Jeffrey ’77, Jack ’80, Judd ’86,
          JAMES T. SULLIVAN ’57 -                        2010. He is survived by his       Justin ’88, and Mike Kelley ’70. Cousin of
          December 9, 2010. He is                        wife Lynn, son Giovanni,          James Snyder ’06 and Joe Snyder ’10.
          survived by four children                      parents John and Lina, three
                                              siblings, and many nieces and nephews.       JAMES T. SULLIVAN -
          and his nephew, Kevin ’74.
                                              The Funeral Mass was celebrated by           December 9, 2010. Uncle of Kevin ’74.
          He was preceded in death
by his wife, Judith.                          Rev. Franklin Mizzi, C.S.B. at St. Aidan     RAFFAELE TOPPI - October 20, 2010.
                                              Catholic Church, Livonia, Mich.              Grandfather of Angelo ’13.
         RICHARD J. POEHLMAN ’58 -
         November 20, 2010. He is                      THOMAS D. SCALLEN ’86 -             RICHARD WALDIS - October 29, 2009.
         survived by his wife, Gloria, two             January 5, 2011. He is survived     Father-in-law of Paul ‘79 and Grandfather
         children, two siblings, and two               by his wife, Theresa, son Daniel,   of John ‘10, Steven ‘12, and Christopher ‘17.
         nephews.                                      and parents Daniel and Alice
                                                       and two siblings. The Funeral       JOAN K. ZALIAGIRIS - January 23, 2011.
         BRIAN J. TROSHYNSKI ’59 -                                                         Mother of John ’79 and the late
                                              Mass was celebrated at St. Gerard Catholic
                                                                                           Thomas ’74.
         November 28, 2010. He is             Church, Lansing, Mich.
         survived by his wife, Kathleen,                                                   PATTY ZAPTON - November 17, 2010.
         three children, six grand                                                         Wife of the late James ’65.

                                                                                            I N M E M O R I A M • S P R I N G 2 011     27
i     n              M           e M o r i a M

on December 20, 2010 at the age of 86.
Fr. Enright was born on October 14, 1924       REV. EDWARD W. DONOHER, C.S.B. died on
and was ordained a Basilian priest on          December 11, 2010 at the age of 87. Fr. Ned Donoher,
June 29, 1951. He made a tremendous            C.S.B. was born on December 18, 1923 and was ordained a
contribution to Catholic Central, teaching
                                               Basilian priest on December 17, 1949. Fr. Ned devoted the
theology and English, and chairing the
English Department.
                                               majority of his life to Catholic Central, teaching here for over
                                               fifty years. During that half century, Fr. Ned became perhaps
A Basilian priest for almost 60 years, he      the most well known Basilian because of the generations
is especially remembered for coaching
                                               of students he was able to teach. He is the personification of the “Spirit of Catholic
hockey and baseball, and for heading the
Public Relations Department when it first
                                               Central.” He lived to serve the Blessed Virgin, Mary, Alma Mater, and her students.
began. “Fr. Punch,” so nicknamed after
                                               His legacy lives on in the many CC cheers and songs he wrote, especially the Alma
former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Punch
Imlach, also conducted an extensive
                                               Mater and Brothers’ Club songs. His passion was introducing each freshman class to
oratorical program, co-authored two books      the CC culture. Fr. Ned was honored as the first recipient of the Fr. Canning Harrison
of poetry, and founded the Michigan            Distinguished Alumnus Award, even though he wasn’t an alumnus. He was also
Metro High School Hockey League. He            enshrined in the Catholic Central Athletic Hall of Fame for his school spirit and endless
coached hockey in 1948 and again from          praying during sporting events.
1954 until 1973. His teams won three
state championships in 1959, 1961 and          There is no doubt that his legacy will live long in the Spirit of Catholic Central. The
1968. Fr. Enright left CC in 1981 to work      Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Fabian Catholic Church, the parish that he served for
at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.    over thirty years.
He was honored with the Fr. Canning
Harrison Distinguished Basilian Award in
1996. He was a member of the Catholic                               Give a Gift in Memory of a CC Legend
League, Michigan Hockey and the CC
Athletic Halls of Fame.                             Catholic Central has established Memorial Scholarship Funds in memory of both
                                                         Fr. Donoher and Fr. Enright. The Fr. Edward Donoher, CSB Memorial
A memorial Mass was celebrated on                  Scholarship Fund and the Fr. James Enright, CSB Memorial Scholarship Fund
January 15, 2011, at the CC chapel. Later          will assist students with financial need and provide them the opportunity to realize
that night his memory was honored with                            the dream of a Catholic Central High School education.
Fr. Enright Night when the varsity hockey
team played Cranbrook at Compuware              If you are interested in making a gift to either fund, please contact Dan Collins ‘84,
Arena.                                              Director of Advancement at 9248) 596-3838 or

28   I N M E M O R I A M • S P R I N G 2 011
                                         CATHOLIC CENTRAL

                                2011 Calendar of Events

                            March                                                           May
  31      23rd Annual Alumni Dinner – 6:00 pm                   1        Legacy Mass & Breakfast – 10:00 am

                                                                         Spring Band Concert – 6:30 pm

                             April                              2        31st Annual Athletic Golf Outing

  8-9       Fine Arts Weekend                                            – Walnut Creek Country Club

  10        Mothers’ Club Fashion Show – 11:00 am               5        Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                         – Embassy Suites at 6:00 pm
  11        Dads’ Club General Meeting – 6:00 pm
                                                                9        Dads’ Club General Meeting – 6:00 pm
  12        Shamrock Bar Association – Mass at 6:00 pm
                                                                22       Senior Graduation – Hill Auditorium at 2:00 pm
  14        Academic Awards Banquet – 6:30 pm

  18-25     Easter Recess
  26        Classes Resume
                                                                13       Legacy Luncheon
                                                                         (Formerly known as “Harper/Belmont”)

                         Alumni Association Charity Gaming Fundraiser
                                 June 27-29, 2011        Northville Downs Racetrack

           The Alumni Association has arranged for Catholic Central to be a charity in the Charity Gaming Room at
Northville Downs Racetrack in Northville. The charity will be open from Monday, June 27th, through Wednesday, June 29th.
                The Alumni Association would like to encourage everyone to participate over the three days.
                Also, the Alumni Association would like to ask our alumni to help us during those three days.

                  For more information, contact Stan Targosz Jr. ’67 at

                                                                            C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S • S P R I N G 2 011   29
SCHOOL                           BELLS
 Current Events at Catholic Central

                                                         Science Fair Winners
     Academic Team                                       The projects of the annual Catholic
     Named 2010 Division III Fall
     KMO NATIONAL CHAMPIONS                              Central Science Fair were on display in
                                                         the Media Center during the month of
        On Wednesday, December 8th, thirty-
     nine members of the Catholic Central                January. The following awards were
     Academic Teams assembled to compete                 presented in early February:
     against 627 other schools from five
     countries and 47 states in the Knowledge
     Master Open Academic Tournament.
                                                         1st Brandon Roach ‘13
          In this tournament, team members work          Chirality: The Relationship Between
                                                                                                        Sophomore student Garrett Moores before
     together to answer questions on a variety           Angle of Rotation and Concentration            his presentation.
     of academic subjects including history,
     literature, mathematics, and science.
                                                         2nd Matt Confer ‘13
     Competing teams are awarded points                  Thermal Density of Fuel
     for both the accuracy and speed of their
                                                         3rd Conner McDowell ‘13
     responses to those questions.
         At the end of the competition, Detroit
                                                         Preventing Colony Collapse
     Catholic Central answered 198 out of 200            4th Dan Vargovick ‘13
     questions correctly and earned a final score
                                                         Fan in Electric Car
     of 1,756 out of a possible 2,000 points, 603
     above the national mean score.                      5th Michael Makarewicz ‘13
         The team’s performance earned them              Solar Flair                                    Some of the projects displayed in the school
     the Division III National Championship.                                                            media center.
     Division III includes all schools with an
     enrollment between 1,000 and 1,500
                                                         Mr. Steven Lemieux has taken over
     students. The team also garnered a 1st              the work of organizing the fair since
     place for all Michigan schools competing            Mr. Alan Barker moved to the counseling
     and 3rd place finish overall in the
     competition. No school in the competition
                                                         department after working with Science
     had a higher accuracy rating than Catholic          Fair from 1995 to 2010. Mr. Barker
     Central’s 99%.                                      was named Teacher of the Year
         The team is coached by Jason Jones,
                                                         by the Detroit Science Fair for his
     Ben Herman ’98 and Christopher Gismondi ’00.
     Also, in case you haven’t heard, the                many successes in previous Detroit
     Academic A and B Teams took first and               Science Fairs.                                 Sophomore student Nicholas Malzone before
     second place respectively in the NAQT State                                                        his presentation.
     Championship Tournament in March.

     Mea Culpa
     In the last issue of the Aluminator
     we highlighted the Advanced
     Placement (AP) Scholars for the
     2009-2010 school year. We
     accidentally excluded Matthew Nicholas ’10,
     who was named a National AP Scholar.
     Matthew earned this distinction by scoring a
     4 or higher on nine total AP Exams. Matthew
     is currently attending the University of Michigan
                                                         Mr. Lemieux and his 8th Period Honors Chemistry Class.
     in Ann Arbor.
                                                         All of which completed a science fair project.

30     S C H O O L B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011
Signing Day
On February 4th, fifteen senior student-athletes signed Letters of Intent, formally committing to their Colleges and Universities.

Mike Birney              University of Detroit Mercy       Lacrosse        Justin Messner          Northwood University            Football
Joe Brinkman             University of the Cumberlands     Swimming        Stone Monarch           University of Toledo            Football
Nico Colucci             Saginaw Valley State University   Golf            Andrew Nelson           Cornell University              Football
Justin D’Agostino        Hillsdale College                 Football        Jake Spuller            Air Force Academy               Track
Andrew Garcia-Garrison Buckell University                  Cross Country   Brandon Sullivan        Northwood University            Football
Mitchell Gatt            Hillsdale College                 Baseball        Brandon Tammaro         University at Buffalo           Football
Alex Lang                Olivet College                    Soccer          Michael Tibbits         College of the Holy Cross       Baseball
John Lawless             Kalamazoo College                 Football

L-R: Brandon Tammaro, Brandon Sullivan, John Lawless, Nico Colucci, Stone Monarch, Mitchell Gatt, Justin D’Agostino, Andrew Nelson,
Mike Birney, Jake Spuller, Andrew Garcia-Garrison, Michael Tibbits, Joe Brinkman, Alex Lang. *Not pictured: Justin Messner.

Alumni Career Guidance
Speaker Series                                                                 Also scheduled are programs on engineering and architecture,
                                                                           featuring john Argenta ’58 and Paul Micallef ’83; medicine,
    On separate Wednesdays in January, CC Alumni returned                  with Dr. Bob Forte ’69 and Dr. Steven Antone ’93; concluding
to their Alma Mater to provide current students perspectives on            with john Bebes ’83 and Mike Dewan ’85 covering business and
future career possibilities.                                               entrepreneurship.
    Dennis Barnes ’79 and Sean Cowley ’00 discussed their law                  There will also be a talk regarding vocations to the priesthood,
careers on January 12th. The students appreciated the informal             with a speaker to be determined.
nature of the discussion, particularly the opportunity to ask a lot        Career Guidance Committee members who help identify and
of questions. One sophomore echoed the comments of his fellow              schedule the Alumni speakers include Bill Matthews ’58, john
classmates when he said that the presentation was “not like a              Argenta ’58, Bob Rosowski ’58, and chairman jeff McGowan ’84.
                                                                               Thank you to all the Alumni who help make these sessions a
   On January 26th, perennial favorites Drew Sharp ’78 of the              success, and special thanks to Shawn Mather and Brian Chaney ’91
Detroit Free Press and Tom Grace ’80, author of The Secret                 of the Guidance Department. As one student put it, “I liked …
Cardinal, visited the students. Once again, they entertained               the many opportunities that are open to you after Catholic Central.
questions about their careers in arts and communications.                  This made me realize that there are so many paths open to me.”

                                                                                                     S C H O O L B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011    31
Department Updates
Welcome to the Guidance department                                                      Science department

The Department is very active and believes it is important to prepare our students      All of our science rooms are equipped with laser projection,
and keep our parents informed. The Department schedules parent presentations            surround-sound and wireless wifi. Each lab is equipped with
for each grade level as follows:                                                        eight computers and Pasco Data Studio data loggers, handheld
                                                                                        computers that record data from 27 different types of sensors.
• Senior Parent Info Night – Clarifying the College Application Process: August
                                                                                        We now do labs in DNA electrophoresis (DNA fingerprinting),
• Freshman Parent Info Night: November
                                                                                        bacterial transformation, isolation of GFP protein and DNA
• Junior Parent Info Night - Senior Year Preview: January
                                                                                        extraction. We are exploring the possibility of incorporating
• Sophomore College Planning Night: March
                                                                                        digital curricula.
This past school year, the Guidance Department implemented a 4-year education
                                                                                        Currently our extracurricular activities include Science
plan for each of our new freshman students. This process will continue with each
                                                                                        Olympiad, Robotics and the Outdoor Club. The Outdoor
new freshman class and the Department hopes to expand this process to include
                                                                                        Club also offers sport shooting for the first time this school
interest and career exploration. Standardized testing is an important component in
                                                                                        year. The department is also exploring digital curriculum.
the academic life of a CC student.

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are tested annually during the month of               Mr. Alan Barker, who until this year taught chemistry but has
October as follows:                                                                     moved to the Guidance Department, was named Science Fair
• Freshmen: EXPLORE                                                                     Teacher of the year by the Detroit Science Fair. Our own CC
• Sophomores: PSAT and PLAN                                                             Science Fair was held in January (See page 30.)
• Juniors: PSAT

The Guidance Department recommends that the juniors take the ACT during
their 6th semester, in April and again in June. From January through April, our
sophomore students are enlightened about the different career areas through our
Career Conferences: Arts & Communications, Business, Engineering/Architecture,
Health Sciences/Medical, Law, and Religious Life. Presentations are made by CC
alumni, coordinated through the Career Guidance Committee.

This school year, the Guidance Department scheduled 52 college visits (September        Mr. Alan Barker at the CC Science Fair.
– January) from numerous colleges/universities across the country. Representatives
                                                                                        theoloGY department
from the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and West Point also visit CC.
These college visits are held during the junior and senior Homeroom periods.            The Theology Department continues to seek ways to
                                                                                        reinforce that the Christian Service Project should be a natural
Throughout the year, the counselors continuously monitor student grades and
                                                                                        response to the faith of our students, rather than merely
progress. The counselors meet with each of their students numerous times,
                                                                                        performing good works for the well-being of the community.
providing encouragement and/or praise, personal counseling, help with course
                                                                                        Theology teacher, Robert Klesko, has created a Volunteer
selections, assistance with the college selection/ application process, and arranging
                                                                                        Corps drawing on his own service experience with the Order
extra support such as tutoring, if needed. Tutoring is available one-on-one with a
                                                                                        of St. Lazarus. The Order of St. Lazarus was an order of
National Honor Society student or on a “drop-in” basis through the Brothers’ Club.
                                                                                        knights founded back in the 12th century whose primary task
In the spring, the counselors meet with their juniors, one-on-one, for the Junior       was to care for lepers in the Holy Land. The modern Order
Interview. Each junior is taken through the entire college selection/application        of St. Lazarus works on many charitable projects in Africa.
process: searching college websites, requesting letters of recommendation,
                                                                                        Mr. Klesko’s volunteer corps is bringing the service closer to
choosing/writing college essays, etc. This year, we implemented an electronic
                                                                                        home. The goal of the St. Lazarus Volunteer Corps is to bring
process for requesting and sending transcripts. There has been a steady increase in
                                                                                        the ethos of the Order of St. Lazarus into the service of our
the number of applications – approximately 950 applications were processed this
                                                                                        community at large. The goal is to integrate spiritual growth
past fall for a senior class of 239.
                                                                                        with service of neighbor. The Theology Department hopes
                                                                                        that Christian Service will become a vehicle for holiness and
                                                                                        personal growth.

32   S C H O O L B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011
                           Catholic Central Welcomes New Faculty
Brian Chaney ’91 – Guidance Councelor           certificate at Grand Valley State University      and to have the opportunity to help form the
                                                and became a certified high school math           students of today.
            Brian Chaney is our newest
                                                teacher in May 2003. Mike has taught in the
            guidance counselor at Catholic                                                        Erin Sharkey – Math Teacher
                                                Grand Rapids Public School and Wyoming
            Central. Brian graduated from
                                                Public School districts. Mike also coached                     Erin Sharkey is one of our
            Eastern Michigan University
                                                football, basketball and baseball at St. John                  new math teachers. She is
            with a degree in Social Work.
                                                Vianney while working in the Grand Rapids                      currently teaching Algebra 2 to
            He then graduated from Wayne
                                                area. In 2009, Mike completed his Masters                      the juniors. Erin was born in
State University in 2000 with a Masters in
                                                in secondary education at Grand Valley State                   Thousand Oaks, California and
Social Work. Before coming to CC, Brian
                                                University.                                                    moved to Glasgow, Montana
worked in public and charter schools, most
                                                                                                  when she was seven years old. After high
recently serving as a social worker in the      Mike and his wife, Lisa, have three
                                                                                                  school, she received an appointment to
Pontiac Public School System. He is also a      wonderful children. His two sons, Collin and
                                                                                                  the US Military Academy at West Point.
former All-State football player and coach at   Corey, are very active in school and athletics.
                                                                                                  After being commissioned as a second
CC. Brian and his wife, Phillina, have two      His daughter, Haley, is very active in dance.
                                                                                                  lieutenant, Erin spent five years in the Army
children, Stone and River.                      Mike really enjoys teaching, coaching,
                                                                                                  as a transportation officer reaching the
                                                golfing, and camping with his family and
Anthony Cornish – Latin Teacher                                                                   rank of captain. Her primary duty station
                                                friends. He feels very blessed to be working
                                                                                                  was at Fort Lewis, Washington. Erin met
             Anthony is a University of         at CC.
                                                                                                  her husband, Christopher (son of Janice
             Michigan graduate where he
                                                Jason Jackett ’99 – Theology Teacher              Sharkey), while in the Army and they moved
             received his BA in Latin and
                                                                                                  to Cincinnati, Ohio when they left the
             Classical Archaeology. He is                    Jason Jackett is our newest
                                                                                                  service. In Cincinnati, Erin and Christopher
             currently working on his Masters                Theology teacher at CC, teaching
                                                                                                  started their family and she taught math at a
degree in the same field. Before coming to                   Church History and Social
                                                                                                  co-ed Catholic high school in Cincinnati for
CC he worked at Divine Child in Dearborn                     Justice. After graduating from
                                                                                                  five years. This past summer, Erin moved to
and at Greenhills in Ann Arbor. Anthony                      Catholic Central in 1999, Jason
                                                                                                  Michigan and accepted the position at CC.
is in charge of the Latin Club and has been                  attended Franciscan University
contributing his knowledge to the chess club.   of Steubenville in Ohio where he studied          Jim Walrad – English Teacher
Latin is his passion, and Catholic Central      Mathematics, Theology, and Philosophy.
                                                                                                               Jim Walrad is a new teacher
has turned out to be a perfect fit for him.     Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                               in the English Department at
He has been married for seven years and         in 2003, he felt called to give back to society
                                                                                                               Catholic Central. Jim is from
has one two-and-a-half year old son named       in thanksgiving for the great education
                                                                                                               Allen Park and graduated from
Elijah. He and his wife are expecting twins     he had been blessed with in high school,
                                                                                                               Cabrini High School in 2004.
in March. Anthony looks forward to hearing      college, and even before; so Jason spent two
                                                                                                  He then graduated from the University of
from alumni about their experiences with the    years in Belize, Central America, teaching
                                                                                                  Michigan-Dearborn in 2008. Jim is also an
previous legendary Latin teachers.              high school mathematics and serving in the
                                                                                                  assistant coach of the JV football team and
                                                apostolic works of the missionary parish
Mike Gustad – Math Teacher                                                                        will be the new head coach of the freshman
                                                there. During his second year in Belize,
                                                                                                  baseball team in the spring.
            Mike Gustad is our newest math      Jason joined the religious community who
            teacher at Catholic Central. He     staffed the mission. His formation with           Dan Waterstradt ’04 – Director of
            is currently teaching geometry      the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy          Admissions and Public Relations
            and trigonometry. He is             Trinity took him to Colorado, North Dakota,
                                                                                                              Dan is the brand new Director of
            also a coach of the Freshman        Texas, Indiana, and Rome over the past six
                                                                                                              Admissions and Public Relations.
            Football Team. He graduated         years. After completing a Sacred Bachelor
                                                                                                              He returns to CC after playing
from Manistee High School and spent four        in Theology this past June at the Angelicum
                                                                                                              a couple years of professional
seasons at Michigan Technological University    in Rome, Jason felt God calling him back
                                                                                                              basketball in Europe. Dan was
where he also played football. Mike then        to Detroit to live and work. Once arriving
                                                                                                              an All-State basketball player at
transferred to Michigan State University        home, it was obvious that God was inviting
                                                                                                  while at CC and went on to play four years
where he obtained a degree in Financial         him to come back to his Alma Mater when
                                                                                                  of Division 1 college basketball at Rutgers
Administration. After working in corporate      a position opened up in the Theology
                                                                                                  University and Oakland University. Dan
accounting for about ten years, Mike finally    Department at Catholic Central. He finds it
                                                                                                  has two brothers who also graduated from
decided to pursue his passion to teach. He      a joy and an honor to be back in the school
                                                                                                  Catholic Central: Jason ’00 and Brandon ’09.
completed the requirements for a teaching       to which he owes so much for his formation,

                                                                                                   S C H O O L B E L L S • S P R I N G 2 011    33
        SPORTS                       BREAK
Keeping Up with Catholic Central Athletes

Basketball                                                            Hockey
The Varsity Basketball                                                The Varsity Hockey Team finished the season with an overall
Team finished the                                                     record of 16-8-1-1. They ended their season in the second round
season with an overall                                                of the playoffs to local rival, Novi. This year’s team was young
record of 16-9, losing                                                and full of great talent. There was a lot of excitement throughout
49-48 in the Regional                                                 the season as the Shamrock Icers scored 95 goals. They are
Final to Orchard Lake                                                 coached by Todd Johnson ’87.
St. Mary’s. Coach Bill
Dyer had a dynamic                                                                                                       Left: Mitchell
                                                                                                                         Gatt ‘11 against
team led by seniors                                                                                                      Cranbrook.
Charlie Horka ’11,
Shea Kettner ’11,
Mike Tibbits ’11 and
                             Above: Shea Kettner ‘11 against
Brandon Tammaro ’11.
                             O.L. St. Mary’s.
The team had many
exciting victories this season, most notably defeating Orchard
Lake St. Mary’s 55-54 on a half-court buzzer beater by Shea
Kettner, winning the District Championship over Canton, upsetting
top-ranked Ann Arbor Huron in the regional semifinal , and            Ski
defeating Brother Rice three times.                                   The Varsity Ski Team finished the season by qualifying for their
                                                                      fourth consecutive trip to the state finals and finished 7th in the
Congratulations to the Freshman Basketball Team on winning the
                                                                      State. Coach Tom Gable’s team was young, but experienced,
both the Central Division and CHSL Tournament championships.
                                                                      and was led by lone senior captain James Herzog ’11. They
They are coached by Anthony Pulcini and Jason Jackett ’99.
                                                                      won the Catholic League Championship and finished 2nd in
                                                                      the Regional. This season certainly proves the Shamrocks are
Bowling                                                               going nowhere and will compete hard next year to move up the
The Varsity Bowling Team finished the season in the semifinal         standings all the way to the top of the state.
round of the state finals. The team lost to the eventual state
runner-up, Westland John Glenn. The team was led by Head              Right: Jim Herzog ‘11
                                                                      Below: State Champion
Coach Al Bridges ’71 and captains by Scott Kujawa ’11 and
                                                                      Damon Rottermond ‘12
Thomas Zahari ’11. They won the division championship and
                                                                      Below right: Tom Gable,
finished second in the CHSL. After placing third in the MHSAA         who was named CHSL &
Regional, the team qualified for the state finals once again. Also,   Regional Coach of the Year.
Matt Nugent ’11, Tom Zahari ’11 and Eric Pavlov ’12 qualified
for the individual state finals. Matt Nugent advanced to the
Round of 16, while Eric Pavlov lost in the quarterfinals.

2011 Varsity Bowling Team. L-R: Kenny O’Connor ’12,
Eric Pavlov ’12, Scott Kujawa ’11, Matt Nugent ’11,
Tom Zahari ’11, Jeff Conflitti ’12, Josh Morin ’11.

34   S P O R T S B R E A K • S P R I N G 2 011
                                                                                                            Basketball ~ All-Catholic
                                                                                                                Kyle Cooper ’12

                                                                                                             Basketball ~ All-League
Swimming & Diving                                                                                               Matt Doneth ’12
                                                                                                                Shea Kettner ’11
The Swimming & Diving Team completed their
season by sending nine swimmers to the Individual                                                         Bowling ~ Perfect 300 Game
State Meet at Oakland University. Coach Shannon                                                                 Eric Pavlov ’12
Dunworth is continuing to build the Shamrock                                                                Bowling ~ All-Conference
program back to a state contender. The Team                                                                     Jeff Conflitti ’12
once again finished second in the Catholic                                                                     Scott Kujawa ’11
                                                  Above: Joe Brinkman ’11
                                                                                                                   Eric Pavlov
League. They also swan to a tenth place finish
                                                                                                                 Tom Zahari ’11
at the Oakland County Tournament, sixth place
at the Warrior Relays and second at the Schack                                                               Bowling ~ All-Catholic
                                                                                                                 Scott Kujawa
Invitational.                                                                                                     Eric Pavlov

                                                                                                        Bowling ~ Academic All-Catholic
Wrestling                                                                                                        Tom Zahari
The Varsity Wrestling Team finished the season                                                                Wrestling ~ All-State
as State Runner-up, losing to Oxford 26-25 in the      Above: Logan Marcicki ‘14                          Malick Amine ’14 – 5th Place
Team State Finals. Coach Mitch Hancock ’00 led                                                            Nick Mason ’12 – 5th Place
the Shamrock Grapplers to a 23-3 dual meet record                                                        Andrew Garcia ’14 – 2nd Place
this season. Furthermore, they won every regular                                                         Kevin Beazley ’12 – 2nd Place
                                                                                                         Miles Trealout ’11 – 2nd Place
season tournament they entered except one.
                                                                                                        Ken Bade ’13 - State Champions
Led by captains Miles Trealout ’11 and Andy                                                          Logan Marcicki ’14 - State Champions
                                                                                                     Alec Mooradian ’12 - State Champions
Erickson ’11, the Shamrocks have been ranked as
high as 35th in the nation. 13 Wrestlers qualified for                                                         Skiing ~ All-State
the Individual State Finals at the Palace of Auburn    Above: Alec Mooradian ‘12                       Damon Rottermond ’12 – 1st Team
                                                                                                           Ian Pierce ’12 – 2nd Team
Hills. Eight came away earning All-State honors.                                                      Jim Herzog ’11 – Honorable Mention
Congratulations to the three men who won                                                                Skiing ~ All-Catholic & All-Region
individual State Championships: Ken Bade ’13,                                                                      Jim Herzog
Logan Marcicki ’14 and Alec Mooradian ’12.                                                                          Ian Pierce
Also, the B-Team finished the season with a 26-6                                                               Damon Rottermond

record and won both the CHSL dual meet and                                                               Skiing ~ Individual Giant Slalom
tournament championships. The team is led by                                                                     State Champion
                                                                                                               Damon Rottermond
Coach Kevin Griffin ’96.                               Above: Ken Bade ‘13

  Profile | Tennis - Joe Dubé
  Joe Dubé ’11 recently earned SEMTA’s (Southeast Michigan District of the U.S. Tennis
  Association) Hoxie Award given to the top junior male player in Southeast Michigan. Joe was
  recognized for his achievements both on and off the court. Dubé, who posted a career record
  of 131-8 with the Shamrock Varsity Tennis Team, was the MHSAA Division 1 No.2 Singles
  Champion as a freshman and was runner-up at No.1 singles his sophomore, junior and senior
  years. Joe was also a captain on the 2010 State Champion Tennis Team. In U.S. Tennis
  Association play, Dubé was the Boys 16 SEMTA Junior Qualifier champion in 2008 and 2009 and was ranked No.1 in Southeast Michigan
  and No.4 in the Midwest. Joe carries a 3.99 G.P.A. and is a member of the Gabriel Richard Club. His community service includes volunteer
  work at the Marycrest Manor, St. Genevieve Parish and the Livonia Family YMCA. He will continue his tennis career on a scholarship to
  Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

                                                                                                   S P O R T S B R E A K • S P R I N G 2 011   35
SPORTS                         SCHEDULE
                       Supporting our Young Athletes

Varsity Lacrosse                                                                           Tues/April 12      O.L. St. Mary’s                 Away      7:00pm
Thur/March 24     Holt                            Home        7:00pm                       Sat/April 16       Brighton                        Away      1:00pm
Sat/March 26      East Grand Rapids               Away        4:00pm                       Tues/April 19      DeLaSalle                       Home      7:00pm
Mon/March 28      Troy Athens                     Away        7:00pm                       Tues/April 26      U of D                          Home      7:00pm
Thur/March 31     Northville                      Home        7:00pm                       Sat/April 30       Forest Hills Central            Home      6:00pm
Sat/April 2       Western Reserve Academy (OH) Away           2:00pm                       Tues/May 3         Brother Rice                    Away      6:00pm
Sat/April 9       Culver Military Academy (IN)    Away        5:00pm                       Sat/May 7          Toledo St. John’s               Away      TBA
Sun/April 10      St. Joseph’s High School (IN) Away          3:00pm                       Tues/May 10        CHSL Semi-Final                 TBA       TBA
                  Univ. of Notre Dame-Arlotta Stadium                                      Sat/May 14         CHSL Championship       Notre Dame Prep   TBA

Varsity Baseball
                                                                                           Wed/Apr 27     Bishop Foley                  Away    DH    4:00pm
Fri/March 25      Walled Lake Western        Home      DH     4:00pm                       Sat/Apr 30     O.L. St. Mary’s               Home    DH    11:00am
Mon/March 28      Detroit Western            Home      S      4:30pm                       Wed/May 4      U of D                        Away    DH    4:00pm
Wed/Mar 30        DeLaSalle                  Away      DH     4:00pm                       Thur/May 5     Walled Lake Central           Away    S     4:00pm
Sat/Apr 2         Divine Child               Home      DH     11:00am                      Sat/May 7      Brother Rice                  Home    DH    11:00am
Wed/Apr 6         O.L. St. Mary’s            Away      DH     4:00pm                       May 10-13      CHSL Quarter-Finals           TBA
Thu/Apr 7         Livonia Stevenson          Away      S      4:30pm                       Sat/May 14     CHSL Semi-Finals              Madonna University
Sat/Apr 9         U of D                     Home      DH     2:00pm                       May 19 or 20 CHSL Final                      Comerica Park
Wed/Apr 13        Brother Rice               Away      DH     4:00pm                       May 31, June 3-4 State District
Thur/Apr 14       Fenton                     Home      S      4:30pm                       Sat/June 11    State Regional
Fri/Apr 15        Edsel Ford                 Home      S      4:30pm                       Tues/June 14 State Quarterfinal
Sat/Apr 16        DeLaSalle                  Home      DH     11:00am                      Fri/June 17    State Semi-Final              Battle Creek
Tue/Apr 19        Divine Child               Away      DH     4:00pm                       Sat/June 18    State Final                   Battle Creek
Mon/Apr 25        University Liggett         Away      DH     4:00pm

Varsity Golf                                                                      Mon/May 9         Cranbrook - TBA                                         3:30pm
Thur/April 14   DeLaSalle - Cattails                               3:30pm         Mon/May 9         Lutheran North - Cattails                               3:30pm
Sat/April 16    U of D Shootout - Fox Hills                        12:00pm        Fri/May 13        Bob Urschalitz Memorial Invite - Cascades Golf Course   9:30am
Sun/April 17    Milliken Millwork Invitational - Indianwood        12:00pm        Fri/May 13        Detroit Golf Club Invitational - Detroit Golf Club      9:00am
Mon/April 18    Milliken Millwork Invitational - Indianwood        10:00am        Fri/May 13        O.L. St. Mary’s - Cattails                              3:30pm
Mon/April 18    Huron Valley Invitational - Prestwick              12:30pm        Tues/May 17       Catholic League Championship - U of M                   TBA
Mon/April 25    The Country Club Classic - Oakland Hills (North)   12:00pm        Wed/May 18        Oakland County Tournament - Pontiac Country Club        9:00am
Thur/April 28   Brother Rice - Cattails                            3:30pm         Mon/May 23        Grosse Ile Invitational - West Shore Country Club       8:00am
Sat/April 30    Pinckney’s Golf Invitational - Rush Lake Hills     9:00am         Mon/May 23        Forest Hills Invitational - Egypt Valley Country Club   8:30am
Mon/May 2       Seaholm Invite - Orchard Lake Country Club         12:15pm        Wed/May 25        Chelsea Invitational - Reddeman Farms                   8:30am
Mon/May 2       Notre Dame Prep - TBA                              3:30pm         June 2, 3, or 4   State District
Wed/May 4       U of D - Detroit Golf Club                         4:00pm         Thur/June 9       State Regional - Lyon Oaks                              8:30am
Thur/May 5      Divine Child - TBA                                 3:30pm         June 17, 18       State Final

Varsity Track & Field                                                             Sat/May 7         Observerland Relays - Canton HS                         3:00pm
Sat/March 26 54th Kermit N. Ambrose Huron Relays (i) - EMU 11:00am                Mon/May 9         DeLaSalle - Lutheran North                              5:00pm
Wed/March 30 Ypsilanti HS Indoor Invitational (i) - EMU      5:00pm               Sat/May 14        AA Huron Last Chance Invitational - AA Huron HS         10:00am
Fri/April 8  Dakota 9th/10th Grade Invite - Away             12:00pm              Mon/May 16        O.L. St. Mary’s - Catholic Central HS                   4:00pm
Sat/April 9  AA Pioneer Indoor Invitational (i) - EMU        10:00am              Fri/May 20        State Regional Championship - Milford HS                2:00pm
Mon/April 11 Brother Rice - Catholic Central HS              4:00pm               Sun/May 22        Shamrock Freshmen Invitational - Catholic Central HS    10:00am
Sat/April 16 Dearborn Elks Relays - Dearborn HS              11:00am              Tues/May 24       CHSL Championship - Ladywood HS                         2:00pm
Mon/April 18 U of D - U of D Jesuit HS                       4:00pm               Fri/May 27        Oakland County Championship - Milford HS                3:00pm
Sat/April 23 Inter-Squad 12&10 vs 11&9 - Catholic Central HS 9:00am               Sat/May 28        Oakland Country Freshmen Championship - Milford HS      10:00am
Fri/April 29 Jackson HS Invitational - Jackson HS            3:00pm               Tues/May 31       Kermit Ambrose Relays - Farmington HS                   4:30pm
Tues/May 3   Divine Child - Divine Child HS                  4:00pm               Sat/June 4        State Final Championship - Rockford HS                  10:00am
Fri/May 6    Harrison 9th/10th Grade Relays - Harrison HS 4:00pm

Note: Home games are shown in bold. Schedules are correct as of March 15, 2011, and are subject to change.
      For updated information, please consult our website ( or call the Athletics Office hotline at 248-596-3830 (Press “1”).

36   S P O R T S S C H E D u L E • S P R I N G 2 011
Detroit Catholic Central High School
The Aluminator
27225 Wixom Road
Novi, MI 48374

Don’t Miss the 31st Annual Athletic Department Golf Outing!

                                         Monday, May 2, 2011
                                       Walnut Creek Country Club

                                               5-Man Scramble
                                           Shotgun Start: 12:30 p.m.

                                                For more information:
                                                  (248) 596-3829

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