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EMSB Chorale Newsletter


									                EMSB Chorale Newsletter
                   November 2010
                  Music Brings Us Together - 31st Season of Glorious Music-making

DEAR CHORISTERS AND PARENTS,                            (Thank you, Cate Gregory, for making this venue
       We have made it through auditions, the           possible for us.) This sale of 100% pure beeswax
October mini-concert (well done, everyone!) and         candles – beautiful handcrafted, longlasting tapers
fall camps, and now it is time to look forward to       as well as pyramid and star-shaped pillars – was
reaping the rewards of our labour at our upcoming       very successful for us last year. Anything not sold at
concerts! We want everyone to be well-prepared          the Art Etc. will be available for parents and at the
and healthy so that our performances will be            CBC/McGill Youth Choir Gala on November 28.
memorable ones. Please read on….                        These make wonderful gifts.
                                       - Pat Abbott     CHOCOLATES: Due to circumstances beyond /             anyone’s control, we are distributing these later than
Office: 514-483-7200, ext. 7234 / Home: 514-351-3541    announced. These $1 bars are easy to sell and we
                                                        ask that everyone make their sales reports as soon
THANK YOU, PARENT VOLUNTEERS!                           as possible and no later than Dec. 12. Last year, our
We had very successful senior and junior fall camps     parents’ committee chair and treasurer had to run
at Cap St-Jacques. Much musical work was                after reports and money well into the spring and I
accomplished and we owe a great debt of thanks to       certainly hope this will not happen again. We all
the many parent volunteers, including many new          benefit from the chocolate sale. It is one of the
parents, who gave of their time and talents. Thanks     endeavours that has made it possible not to raise
to their help, we did not lose anyone in the woods      choir fees in more than 10 years.
and we did not have to eat tomato soup all weekend.
 To all who chaperoned, cooked, served, washed
dishes, made popcorn and swept the floor, etc., etc.,
please accept our appreciation and gratitude. We ate
EXTREMELY WELL both weekends and had a                     UPCOMING CONCERTS
great time singing and getting to know each other            ♫ Sunday, Nov. 28 – 4 p.m.
better. Thanks to Anne-Marie Denoncourt and             CBC/McGill Youth Choir Gala at Pollack
Geneviève Jalbert for their work at the piano, and to            Hall (Seniors only)
Marie-Eve for manning the fort at Westmount Park             ♫ Sunday, Dec. 12 – 3 p.m.
both weekends.
                                                             Annual Holiday Concert at
FUNDRAISERS: SALE OF….                                      Mountainside United Church
CANDLES : AS I write this, we are gearing up for               (Juniors and Seniors)
our candle sale at the Montreal West Art Etc. Show.          See over for all the details!!!
AND CONCERT DETAILS                                                 AND CONCERT DETAILS
November 20      Extended rehearsal:                                November 20      Extended rehearsal:
(today)          we start at 10:00 instead of 10:45                 (today)          From 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
                 to rehearse with seniors and The Lyric                              to rehearse with juniors and The Lyric
                 Theatre Singers - Finish at 12 noon p.m.                            Theatre Singers
November 27      Regular rehearsal                                  November 23 Regular Tuesday rehearsal
December 4       Extended rehearsal: we start at 10:00              November 27      CBC Concert rehearsal day:
                 instead of 10:45 to rehearse with Seniors -                         Arrive 9:30 a.m. for 10 a.m. start
                 Finish at 12 noon p.m.                                              McGill Schulich School of Music
December 7       EXTRA PRE-CONCERT                                                   555 Sherbrooke St. W. MMR studio
(Tuesday)        REHEARSAL: from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.                                   in basement of new building
                 with Seniors, Westmount Park School                                 Wear choir t-shirt if you have one, bring
December 11      Dress rehearsal at Mountainside United                              lunch and snacks. We will end no later than
                 Church, 4000 The Boulevard,                                         4 p.m. (possibly before if things go well)
                 Westmount - 9 a.m. to Noon for all                 November 28      CBC/McGill Youth Choir Gala
                 concert dress not required                                          Arrive at Pollack Hall for 11:00 a.m.
HOLIDAY CONCERT DAY                                                                  Our sound check is at 11:30
December 12      Arrive: 2 p.m. arrival for 3 p.m. (Sunday)                          a.m./Massed choir soundcheck at 2:00
                 Holiday Concert at Mountainside                                     p.m. - Bring lunch, book/homework,
                 United Church – Concert dress required                              CONCERT OUTFIT
      ** No more rehearsals until after the Holidays....                             Concert is at 4 p.m., will end 5:30 p.m.
    Winter / Spring 2011 Highlights (Full schedule to be            November 30      Regular Tuesday rehearsal
          distributed with December Newsletter)                     December 4       Extended rehearsal:
        January 8, 2011 Regular rehearsals resume                                    From 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                     to rehearse with juniors
FROM NOW UNTIL THE CONCERT(S)….                                     December 7       PRE-CONCERT REHEARSAL:
1. Review your music frequently. Juniors: Please use your           (Tuesday)        from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. with Juniors, 8-9
practice CD to go over notes and words. If you had to miss fall                      Sr. Westmount Park School
camp, you MUST spend some extra time to catch up.                   December 11      Dress rehearsal at Mountainside United
2. Review Concert etiquette and deportment standards in the                          Church, 4000 The Boulevard, Westmount -
October Newsletter. We want to sound AND look                                        9 a.m. to Noon for all
professional!                                                                        concert dress not required
3. Make sure you have all of your concert outfit together –         HOLIDAY CONCERT DAY
dress or skirt, shirt, vest or jacket, pants, black stockings and   December 12      Arrive: 2 p.m. arrival for 3 p.m. (Sunday)
shoes, necklace or bow tie if required.                                              Holiday Concert at Mountainside United
                                                                                     Church – Concert dress required
ABSENCES                                                                  ** No more rehearsals until after the Holidays....
Attendance at rehearsals is the key to our success. Please note:        Winter / Spring 2011 Highlights (Full schedule to be
Choristers who miss the dress rehearsal will not be allowed to                distributed with December Newsletter)
sing in the concert. If you have a compelling reason or                     January 8, 2011 Regular rehearsals resume
extenuating circumstances for missing, you must clear this
with Pat BEFORE the dress rehearsal.                                HOLIDAY CONCERT INFO FOR GUESTS
                                                                    Our Holiday Concert on Dec. 12 at 3 p.m. requires no
CONCERT RECORDING                                                   tickets to get in – it’s first come, first serve. There will be a
All of our concerts are professionally recorded and we make         collection for the Salvation Army Christmas Campaign. There
this souvenir recording available to you at a cost of $15.          are usually envelopes available for those who would like a tax
Please use the green form to order. So that we capture the          receipt (cash or cheques). Mountainside United Church is at
music in all its glory, please do not take photos while the         4000 The Boulevard, Westmount, corner of Roslyn. Bus
choristers are singing, and refrain from moving around. Flash       routes 66 and 124 stop at the Boulevard entrance to the
pictures are extremely disturbing during a concert.                 church. Arriving from the western direction, the 66 bus runs
                                                                    along Cote St. Luc Road, which becomes the Boulevard on the
TICKET INFO FOR CBC/MCGILL CONCERT                                  east side of Decarie Blvd. The Villa Maria metro station on
Tickets for the CBC/McGill Youth Choir Gala on                      the Decarie service road is a transfer point. There is also a 66
November 28 (4 p.m.) are $15 for adults, $10 for students and       bus transfer point at the Guy metro station to the east of the
seniors, $5 for children 12 and under. They are available at the    church. The 124 bus leaves from Vendome metro station from
Pollack Hall Box Office, 555 Sherbrooke St. West. Pat can           the south, and runs along Victoria Avenue from the north. Bus
pick them up in advance for your parents if you give her the        times can be obtained from AUTOBUS. Tel: 288-6287. The
money and tell her how many tickets you need at which price.        entrance on The Boulevard is wheelchair accessbile. There is a
Pollack Hall is at 555 Sherbrooke St. W. (McGill metro).            parking lot, and also street parking available.
Wheelchair access via street level to the right of the stairs.

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