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Evaluating Portal Market for My UW-Madison

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					PeopleSoft vs Epicentric
      Portal Engines
  for My UW-Madison

Jack Duwe and Dirk Herr-Hoyman
 University of Wisconsin-Madison
         January 10, 2000
       PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal
• New standalone product
• PS Student/Finance/HR applications will use it
• We studied the PS Portal for several weeks
     – Visited the PS home office for a day
• Installed the first release the first day (Dec 15)
• Brought up key functional examples
• Developed a comparative analysis

1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review    2
            How did we get here?
• 1999 Portal Study
     – Presented to JA-SIG
     – Chose Epicentric infrastructure
•   Apr, 2000: Constructed prototype
•   Aug, 2000: Released pilot to 500 students
•   Jan, 2001: Expand to 5,000 students
•   Mar, 2001: Expand to 20,000 students
•   Jun, 2001: Release to all students
1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review   3
  New Functions Planned for June
• Web registration (from PeopleSoft)
  – to complement current Touch-Tone system
• Web email
• Web calendar (including campus events calendar)

 1/10/2001         PeopleSoft Portal Review   4
     Why look at other frameworks?
• Generally satisfied with Epicentric
  – Somewhat pricey, depending on configuration
• Not yet rolled out widely on campus
• PS offers potential of better integration with
  administrative systems
• uPortal continues to be interesting
• UW-System considering portals at every campus
  – Also System-wide license for Student and Finance
  1/10/2001         PeopleSoft Portal Review       5
  UW-Madison Portal Evaluation
• Draft distributed at CSG
• Compares Epicentric, PeopleSoft, and
• Interested in your feedback

1/10/2001       PeopleSoft Portal Review   6
  Gartner Portal Market Evalation
• Many vendors, noone is “there” yet
• Key criteria include
     – Search across structured and unstructured
     – Taxonomy
     – Content aggregation
     – Personalization
     – Application integration and development

1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review      7
       Epicentric experience in My
• 12 months of use beginning Jan 2000
• See
• Rapid deployment of live demo, helped in
  campus discussions of MUM
• Started with dev/test/production and demo

1/10/2001        PeopleSoft Portal Review     8
            Epicentric Positives
• No professional services help from Epicentric, we
  did our own integration
• Complete control of look and feel
• Java, XML/XSL, RSS support
• Need to pay attention to standards
• LDAP interface using JNDI for authentication
• NT desktop for dev env, Solaris for test/prod

1/10/2001          PeopleSoft Portal Review           9
            Epicentric Positives con’t
• Web content aggregation, low hanging fruit
• Web admin interface
• Delegated admin, sub-portal (3.0)

1/10/2001           PeopleSoft Portal Review   10
            Epicentric Negatives
•   Licensing cost
•   Had to build our own tabbed interface
•   Hard to move db data from dev to test to prod
•   Groups not dynamic, no ACLs
•   No SSO in product
•   No taxonomy
•   No messaging technology (could use JMS)
•   Hard techie questions not answered quickly
1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review       11
            Epicentric Negatives
• GoCampus saga: Do they care about the
  higher ed market?
• Integration with PS apps
• Partnerships with any app vendors we use

1/10/2001         PeopleSoft Portal Review   12
            Epicentric derivatives
• GoCampus
     – ASP portal
     – Fizzled about April 00
• Blackboard
     – A single tab only
     – Not a partner, stuck on 2.x release

1/10/2001             PeopleSoft Portal Review   13
    PeopleSoft Portal demo of My
• Rough, based on 5 days’ work by PS
• Shows examples of content aggregation
     – Web
     – Database
     – PeopleTools
• LDAP authentication

1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review   14
            PS Portal Positives
•   Integration to PS apps
•   Java servlet web server
•   SSO within product (domain cookie)
•   Taxonomy and search
•   Breadcrumbs
•   Integrated dev tools (PeopleTools)
•   Rule based roles (dynamic groups), Permission
    lists (ACLs)
1/10/2001            PeopleSoft Portal Review       15
            PS Portal Negatives
• No sub-portal with delegated admin (tabs)
• Relies on PS technology for content
• Does not directly support JSP/servlets for
• Integration with non-PS apps will pose
• Only basic XML support
1/10/2001        PeopleSoft Portal Review      16
            PS Portal Negatives
•   PS messaging only, no JMS support
•   New product
•   PS bad reputation on campus
•   Timing for My UW-Madison
•   Wait and see attitude on standards

1/10/2001         PeopleSoft Portal Review   17
             uPortal Positives
•   Higher ed focus
•   Licensing
•   Java
•   Open Source, not tied to any vendor

1/10/2001          PeopleSoft Portal Review   18
            uPortal Negatives
•   Time to market, 1-2 years behind Epicentric
•   Long term support
•   No web aggregation
•   Just starting on groups and admin interface

1/10/2001          PeopleSoft Portal Review   19
            Summary Analysis
• Epicentric here today and portal framework
  only product
• PS has many resources and fuller vision
• uPortal may look good in 2-3 years
• SSO and Groups/ACLs are key architectural
• 5-10 years before portal market has defined
  standards and market leaders (if ever)
1/10/2001        PeopleSoft Portal Review   20

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