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Environmental Activity Ideas

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					                            Environmental Activity Ideas
                        Neighborhood Environmental Partners Program

  Environmental Improvement                 Environmental Education                Environmental Mentoring
          Activities                               Activities
  Work with the community to collect        Host or sponsor a neighborhood         Make a presentation to trade
  and recycle abandoned tires in the        tour of a local business that          association or local Chamber on
  neighborhood. Set up collection           explains environmental impacts,        community environmental
  stations at your facility and other       EMS’s, and other issues of             activities, EMS benefits or
  neighborhood areas. Arrange for           environmental significance.            implementation, and/or pollution
  transport and appropriate recycling.                                             prevention.
  Hold an e-waste (electronic               Participate in exchange and            Organize a Community Advisory
  components) collection and recycling      recycling programs with area           Panel in the community to discuss
  day. Recycle e-waste to a re-use          schools                                environmental and health and
  facility.                                                                        safety issues at your facility.
  Fund a local contest to develop           Provide environmental focused          Institute an environmental audit
  community environmental projects.         tours of your operations on Earth      program with the local government
  Award equipment or environmental          Day, P2 Week, MI Manufacturers         (city, township or county)
  expertise from your business to help      Week, etc.
  with implementation.

  Sponsor a neighborhood                    Partner with high schools to offer     Attend County Commission
  beautification project. Plant trees and   science majors the opportunity to      meetings and provide updates or
  flowers and pick-up trash. Coordinate     job-shadow with environmental          lead discussions regarding
  and work with community or local          staff at your facility.                community environmental
  non-profit volunteers to get the job                                             activities.

  Sponsor the beautification of a local     Provide educational information on     Provide environmental assistance
  park with a local community group.        the value of wetlands. Setup and       to local government officials.
  Organize a picnic and promote             sponsor tours of the local wetland     Provide assistance with
  activities that cleanup and beautify      to the community and school kids.      environmental regulation and
  the park.                                                                        applying for grants.

  Station satellite dumpsters or waste      Hold an environmental seminar on       Hold an open house for neighbors
  containers at various locations in the    pollution prevention, water            and neighboring businesses to
  project area, and coordinate/fund         protection, and air or water quality   demonstrate processes and
  trash pickup. Work with the               standards for science teachers         environmental systems.
  community to determine container          from local schools.

  Purchase and donate recycling             Work with local businesses or          Provide tours to local businesses
  equipment (i.e., shredder) to a non-      neighborhood environmental             or non-profit organizations to
  profit agency working with physically     group(s) to hold an environmental      highlight innovative/advance P2
  or mentally-challenged individuals.       awareness day at a local school.       equipment/technology at your
  Transport appropriate recyclables to                                             facility.
  Agency, providing employment for
  clients and income for the Agency.

  Sponsor and conduct a water-              Host a tour and presentation for       Donate your location for an
  sampling event with local middle          university environmental graduates     informal get-together for local
  school students. Work together to         on EMS, P2, and environmental          businesses interested in learning
  craft a plan for water improvements       operations.                            more about environmental audits.
  for the community.

DEQ 7/13/05
   Environmental Improvement                     Environmental Education                 Environmental Mentoring
           Activities                                   Activities
  Work with a local business or                 Hold an expo event where local           Provide voluntary direct assistance
  neighborhood group to build a public          businesses share information about       to a local business to help them
  greenway. Construction might include          their environmental impacts and          achieve compliance regarding
  reconstruction of wetlands and wildlife       procedures, and answer questions         specific processes or permits, and
  habitat.                                      for citizens.                            reduce environmental impacts.

  Work with a local business or                 Work with local business or              Commit staff and/or funding to
  neighborhood group to develop and             neighborhood group to hold an            mentor another business through
  implement a new environmental waste           annual summer environmental              the process of developing and
  reduction program for the                     awareness camp for local kids            implementing an EMS, or maintain
  neighborhood.                                                                          an on-going environmental
                                                                                         mentoring program.
  Host an annual riverfront clean-up with       Sponsor an environmental education       Work with local business or
  community or non-profit group.                workshop for area teachers. Provide      neighborhood group to write
  Sponsor event posters by partnering           environmental speakers and               environmental goals/objectives
  with an environmentally-conscious local       publications. Area businesses could      that commit to a date for
  printer.                                      setup displays and provide               implementing an EMS, commit to
                                                information on their business.           environmental purchasing, or
                                                                                         commit to a level of waste
  Conduct a household waste collection          Sponsor a wetland restoration project    Form a Citizens’ Advisory Panel of
  day for paints, automotive fluids,            and case study. Hold an                  local neighbors and businesses
  batteries, aerosol cans, cardboard, etc.      informational meeting to present to      who meet regularly to discuss and
                                                the community.                           address facility-specific or local
                                                                                         environmental issues.
  Establish a wildlife habitat program          Sponsor and hold annual                  Sponsor representatives from
  (raptor breeding; purple loosestrife          environmental /science scholarship       neighborhood groups or local
  control) that includes employees and          competition for graduates of local       environmental groups at a regional
  local groups.                                 high school.                             environmental roundtable, waste
                                                                                         reduction conference, or energy
                                                                                         efficiency workshop.

  Annually, recycle Christmas trees             Sponsor and hold an annual               Schedule and hold a monthly
  collected by employees, the community,        Environmental Art Contest, working       environmental roundtable at your
  Scout troops. Use to construct brush          with lower, middle, or upper grades in   facility for neighborhood
  pile wildlife shelters on facility grounds.   local school.                            businesses, with a featured
                                                                                         speaker and agenda of shared
                                                                                         environmental issues
  Participate with local birding association    Create a Summer Student on-site          Work with local conservation
  on an annual beach cleanup. Provide           program for college-age children of      groups to develop/maintain critical
  equipment, safety review, meal, and           facility employees. Place Summer         habitat sources based on your
  disposal of collected trash.                  Students in environmental                EMS. Examples: Nature
                                                improvement projects (i.e.,              Conservancy; Garden Club;
                                                environmental lab; ISO 14001 team).      Pheasants Forever.
  Participate in environmental clean-up         Partner with wildlife group(s) and       Volunteer staff to serve on or
  projects in the community, involving          local non-profits to construct, stock,   establish a standing or ad hoc
  employees, employee families, and             and maintain a fish rearing pond on      environmental subcommittee for
  other members of the community. (e.g.,        accessible land. Use to educate          your city, village, or township
  Scout troops, 4-H, etc.)                      community on water protection and        government.

DEQ 7/13/05

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