Samsung Galaxy Note: Motion Controls

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Samsung Galaxy Note: Motion Controls
You must first activate the motion recognition feature in order to perform gestures with your
hands or performing actions by moving your Galaxy Note. Go to Settings  Motion  Motion
activation to enable the motion controls.

Shake your device to scan for near-by Bluetooth-enabled devices

Palm sweep
Sweep your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot. You can view the captured
screenshot in Gallery. While using a camera or playing a video, this motion cannot be

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Palm touch
Put your palm on the screen to pause media playback or mute the radio.

Tap and Twist
Touch the screen with your finger and then twist it to rotate an image.

Tilt Zoom
Tap and hold at two points on the screen then tilt the device back and forth to zoom in or out.
You can perform this motion while browsing a website or viewing an image in Gallery.

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Pinch Zoom
While browsing a website or viewing an image, tapping the screen with two fingers and then
swiping them in opposite directions to reduced or enlarge screen. This motion also can be
recognized in idle screen, application list, S Planner and S Memo.

In idle screen or application list, tap and hold an icon on the screen, and then move the device
to the left or right to reposition it to another page.

Double tap the device to enable voice recognition during Voice talk activated mode. To do this,
you must first enable the Wake-up motion feature. Go to Voice talk  Menu key          
Settings  Wake-up Motion to turn it on.

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Turn over
Place the device face down to mute incoming calls and playing sounds.


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