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                                                                                                Inside this issue...
                                                                                       Photos from the Barrio Logan Grand Prix
                                                                                    Race reports from the International Friendship

2010                                                                                                   Games

  Mon                   Tues              Wed              Thurs                      Fri               Sat                  Sun
                                      1              2                         3                4                   5                          6
                     6:30pm Tuesday                      6-8pm Acqua Al 2 Com-
                                                         plimentary Appetizers w/
                     Night Racing @ the                                                             8:30am Club Rides   8:30am Training Ride
                                                         Happy Hour
                     San Diego Velo-

                 7                    8              9                       10                11                  12                     13
6:30 pm BOARD        6:30pm Tuesday                      6-8pm Acqua Al 2 Com-                                          8:30am Training Ride
                                                         plimentary Appetizers w/
MTG                  Night Racing @ the                                                             8:30am Club Rides
                                                         Happy Hour
                     San Diego Velo-

                14                   15             16                       17                18                  19                     20
                     6:30pm Tuesday                      6-8pm Acqua Al 2 Com-                                          8:30am Training Ride
                                                         plimentary Appetizers w/
                     Night Racing @ the                                                             8:30am Club Rides
                                                         Happy Hour
                     San Diego Velo-

                21                   22             23                       24                25                  26                     27
                     6:30pm Tuesday                      6-8pm Acqua Al 2 Com-                      8:30am Club Rides   8:30am Training Ride
                                                         plimentary Appetizers w/
                     Night Racing @ the                                                             8:00am Ride
                                                         Happy Hour
                     San Diego Velo-                                                                Leader Meeting

                28                   29             30                         1                2                   3                          4
                     6:30pm Tuesday                      6-8pm Acqua Al 2 Com-
                                                         plimentary Appetizers w/                                       8:30am Training Ride
                     Night Racing @ the                                                             8:30am Club Rides
                                                         Happy Hour
                     San Diego Velo-

USA Cycling Division I Club of the Year 1998-2000, 2002, 2006 § Overall Best Team Socal Cup 2007 & #1 Elite Category Socal Cup 2007
                  SCNCA SoCal Team Points 2005, 2007 § Competitor Magazine’s Club of the Year 2002, 2003, 2009
                     USA Cycling District 7 Club of the Year 1993-2000 § California USA Cycling Club of the Year 2002
                                Voted Southern California’s (District 7) #1 Racing Club 1993-2000 & 2002
June 2010                                                                              San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter

President’s Page
                  from president Steve Borer
                 The biggest SDBC event of the year, the Barrio Logan Grand Prix, took place on May 1 and was a huge
                 success. This year the BLGP hosted the SCNCA Junior Criterium Championships, which had boys and girls
                 ages 10 to 18 vying for championship jerseys (donated by Pactimo) and the right to call themselves state
                 champions. All in all, it was a day with spectacular weather, great racing and enthusiastic crowds.

The BLGP, now in its fourteenth year, is by all accounts a difficult and technical criterium course set hard against colorful
Chicano Park and the Coronado Bridge. The course was conceived by Ralph Elliott to be everything the all-too-frequent
(read, boring) industrial park crit is not. In other words, a criterium course that puts a premium on equal parts superb fitness,
exceptional bike handling and superior race strategy. If a racer doesn’t possess sufficient amounts of all three he or she has
little chance to become a winner on this truly difficult track.

The event could not have achieved its reputation as a premiere event on the racing calendar without the work of the
many volunteers lead by Linda Webb. As race day director, my job was truly easier and less complicated because of the
outstanding efforts of the volunteers. From course set-up and take-down (headed by Bob Richardson, Fred Nicolet and Ralph
Elliott) to registration (headed by Kathy Justyn) to course marshaling (headed by Eric Lloyd and Michael Kent) to the kid’s
races (headed by Todd Willis) to hospitality (headed by Jodi Borer and Candy Bowman) to countless other tasks, the efforts
clearly demonstrated that many people working together can achieve a remarkable result. And the remarkable result was a
day of exciting racing enjoyed by racers and spectators alike.

Putting on a championship bicycle racing event is a very difficult and time-consuming endeavor that takes tremendous
experience and patience. And no one deserves more credit for the success of BLGP than Ralph Elliott, who has served as
executive race director for the last ten years. Ralph is the BLGP and his skill in running the event is evident on all fronts. So
next time you see Ralph take a moment and thank him for all he has done.

As I mentioned in this column several months ago, watching a bike race is like watching NASCAR. And the BLGP was no
exception. Racers had to navigate eight corners, ride over rough pavement, and in the Pro/1/2 race, dodge a drunken
spectator who wandered onto the course despite the best efforts of course marshals and USA Cycling officials. Unfortunately
for the spectator, his wandering caused him to miss some great racing due to his arrest for, as the cops like to say, “being
unable to care for his safety or the safety of others.” Several of the races had crashes, some with multiple riders, but
(thankfully) no one was seriously hurt, including all the SDBC riders who hit the pavement.

As many of you know, the real purpose of the BLGP is for kids ages three to twelve to have a chance to race. Every racer gets
a free bike helmet, a traditional giveaway each year. The kids rode on every type of bike imaginable and tried their very best
to win, whether the course was 50 yards (for the three and four-year-olds) or two laps around Perkins Elementary School (for
the nine through twelve-year-olds). The kids had a great time, as did their parents, and it really showed.

With the BLGP barely concluded, organized efforts have not yet begun for next year’s event. Nonetheless, it’s not too early
to promise yourself that you’ll step up in 2011 and help out those volunteers who year after year lend a significant hand in
making the BLGP the tremendous event that it is. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience while finding it fun and fulfilling.

  Christian Guitard - Feb. 2, 1997 - May 17, 2010
The San Diego Bicycle Club would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the
Guitard family. Their son Christian lost his battle with adenocarcinoma, a rare
form of cancer of the esophagus, on May 17th. Christian’s father, Ron, has
been a long time member of the San Diego Bicycle Club, and has volunteered
many hours to making our cycling club what it is today. The members of the
Board of Directors, and the many club members who have come to know Ron
and his family share in their loss. We would also like to extend our thanks to
the members who have helped support the Guitard family during this trying
time. If you would still like to help, the family has set up a fund through Wells
Fargo Bank to help pay for their son’s treatment. It is under the name Christian
Thank you, and God Bless                                                                       Michelle, Christian, and Isabella
PAGE 2                                   San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                             June 2010

   The 2010 SDBC Board of Directors
 President                  Steve Borer          619.990.9450

                                                                                                  2010 SDBC BoarD
 Vice-President             Jim Ring             858.505.8097
 Exec Race Dir.             Ralph Elliott        619.239.4321
 Treasurer                  Jim Ring             858.505.8097
 Secretary                  Jon Benson           858.412.5418
 Newsletter                 Jeff Lyons           858.547.4494
 Membership                 Fred Nicolet         619.258.0289
 Fiesta Island Time Trial   Jon Benson           858.866.8335
 Elite Team Manager         Todd Willis               
 Junior Team Manager        Brian / Jean Comer        
 Women’s Team Dir.          Beatrice Dormoy           
 Men’s 3/4/5 Team Dir.      Doug Krutil               
                            Wells Wang
 Master’s Team Dir.         James Kleba          619.559.1151
 Bike Coalition Rep         Serge Issakov             
 Historian                  Ralph Elliot              
 Special Events             Michael Kent              

 SD Velodrome               Sean Russell         858.401.3510
 MTB Director               Jason Butler              
 Club Race Director         Mike Holcomb              

 Clothing & Equipment       Mike Abell                
 Training Director          Mike McLaughlin           
 Sponsorship                Eric Lloyd                
 Public Relations           Sean Russell         858.401.3510
 Webmaster                  Wells Wang                
 Weekly Update              Lane Occhiello            
 Volunteer Director         Linda Webb           619.239.3879
 General Counsel            Steve Borer          619.525.3854

                        SDBC’s Newest Champion!!
           Congratulations to SDBC member Courtney Comer
  Courtney is the winner of the 2010 SCNCA Junior Women 10 – 12 Time Trial Championship.
  We would also like to congratulate Courtney for placing 3rd in the SCNCA Junior Women 10
  – 12 Criterium Championship, and Scott Hammock for placing 3rd in the 2010 SCNCA Men’s
                             Category 1-2 Time Trial Championship

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                PAGE 3
June 2010                                                                                                    San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
 Watch out for club ride                                                                         SDBC clothing Director
     road hazards                                                      The Pactimo Clothing Store is OPEN!!! Please go to the
                                                                   members section to get the password, and be sure check the
        As we all know way too well, the club rides offer many     information on ordering, as the site has changed from last
road hazards that can lead to pinch-flats, launched water          season.
bottles, crashes and any number of circumstances we all                Same pricing for Men’s and Women’s Garments! Custom
want to avoid. Several weeks ago SDBC member Dan Goese             designed Garment Bags with our SDBC logo and lettering.
surveyed the A and B ride route and marked as many of the          Faster turnaround on subsequent orders.
hazards as he could with yellow markings as depicted in the
photo below.                                                       If you miss the order, don’t worry, another will roll out within
                                                                   48 hours. We will continue to have stores open throughout
        As always, riders at the front must call out hazards and   the season, and will leave them open for 3-4 weeks each.
the markings will help those in the front spot and call out the                          ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
hazards earlier. Remember, when you hear someone call out              Prior to ordering clothing from the team store, please be
a hazard make sure you’ve got both hands on the handlebars         sure of the size that you will need. The Pactimo size chart can
and do your very best to stay off the brakes and hold your         be found at
line.                                                              chart Have someone measure you with a tailor’s measuring
                                                                   tape first.
                                                                             SDBC is not responsible for incorrect orders.
                                                                      Another option is to ask other members to allow you to try
                                                                   on their current Pactimo clothing. This option also allows you
                                                                   to inspect the materials, thus ensuring that they meet your
                                                                      In the clothing section of the members area, you will find
                                                                   instructions on how to place your orders. You will also need a
                                                                   special password to enter the store.
                                                                      Check the Weekly Update for current order deadlines. New
                                                                   orders will begin within a few days of an order closing.
                                                                      If you have any issues with your Pactimo clothing, please
                                                                   contact Mike Abell at He will pass
                                                                   your issues onto our Pactimo account representative and if
                                                                   anything needs to be returned, he will arrange to collect and
                                                                   return the garments.

                                                                      Sock Guy socks for the 2010 kit are now on sale.. Two
                                                                   sizes, S/M and L/XL. Cost is $6.00 per pair, exact cash or
                                                                   check, please. Make checks out to SDBC. Mike Abell will sell
                                                                   the socks at the Saturday Club rides, from 7:30 am to 8:15
                                                                   am. To order and pick up socks at his home, please email
                                                                   Mike at

                                                                                                     FRONT                                                                      BACK

                                                                                                 M              N

                                                                   EN OT
                                                                            oas                                         oas             CIN   A            oas                             oas                   A
                                                                           EC A                                                    & CU           EN OT
                                                                                                                                                                                                      & CU
                                                                                  & CU                                      EC A                          EC A
                                                                                                                                                                                               EC A
                                                                                       CIN   A                      EN OT                                        & CU
                                                                                                                                                                                       EN OT
                                                                                                                                                                      CIN   A

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San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                                                June 2010
San Diego Bicycle Club Team Photo                                                          Eric Der photographer

  2010 Barrio Logan Race Director’s Report                                                                by Ralph Elliot

It’s a wrap! The 14th Annual Barrio Logan Grand Prix was a big success! We started the day off right on time even
with having to tow away two cars parked on the course. Thank you San Diego Police Department. We had a good
turnout of Acqua Al 2/SDBC riders racing and a big congratulations goes out our team’s race Winners!

This years Barrio Logan Grand Prix had 524 USCF competitors, including 117 Juniors, racing for $7000 in cash
prizes, $3000 in merchandise, including dinner primes, trophies, jerseys, SCNCA Junior Criterium Championship
and Lance Armstrong junior Olympic Road Race Series Medals, and a chance to win a free Trip to the Nature Valley
Grand Prix!

During the Shimano kid’s Races, SDBC gave away helmets, goody bags, and medals to the 155 children who all
finished as winners.

When the financial dust clears, SDBC will be able to make a nice contribution to the Logan Heights Family Health
Center, our benefactor.

I would like to give a personally THANK YOU to everyone that chipped in and helped out! We couldn’t do it with-
out you, so thanks again!

Remember it’s not whether you win or lose, but it’s how much fun you have in the sport of bicycle racing! I hope
you all had a ball, and let’s do it again next year. So, tell your racing friends, “That a racing cyclists can not live on a
steady diet of Industrial Park Criteriums, you must go Downtown for a real treat!” Where were they anyway?

Ralph W. Elliott
Race Director, 2010 Barrio Logan Grand Prix
San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                                    PAGE 5
June 2010                                         San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
2010 Barrio Logan Grand Prix                   Photos by Dan Goese and Todd Willis

PAGE 6           San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                      June 2010
2010 Barrio Logan Grand Prix                                 Photos by Dan Goese and Todd Willis

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                         PAGE 7
June 2010                                                                                   San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
Devlopment Ride Leaders Donate 1,000 Hours to SDBC
                                                                                                 Mike McLaughlin, Training Director

                                                                                   2010 is shaping up to be another great year for
                                                                                   SDBC and its Saturday Development rides. A
                                                                                   skilled and dedicated team of 13 ride leaders is
                                                                                   coaching and training the thousands of riders
                                                                                   projected to take part in at least one 2010 D-ride.
                                                                                   A preliminary estimate shows the volunteer
                                                                                   leaders will contribute move than 1,000 hours to
                                                                                   the Club and cycling community this year.
                                                                                   Not only do ride leaders take charge of the five
                                                                                   Saturday D-rides and the D-Century training
                                                                                   series held each Spring, they also teach basic
                                                                                   riding skills for brand new cyclists, coach the
                                                                                   more experienced riders on group riding skills,
                                                                                   encourage riders to move up to the advanced
                                                                                   rides when they’ve gained the necessary skills,
                                                                                   and identify and work with would-be racers to
                                                                                   help them into the Club’s racing system.
                                                                               Racing or not, taking part in a D-ride benefits
Front row (left to right) Lee Driver, Linda Webb, Anthony Carroll           the entire cycling community in three ways: First,
Middle row (left to right) Michael Pelkey, Elliott Innes, Mary Strom, Mike Abell
                                                                            D-riders become safer, more confident cyclists less
Back row (left to right) Franco Saspe, Bruce Stromko, Dave Smith, Mike      likely to cause accidents on their bikes. Second, it
McLaughlin                                                                  makes them more aware of cyclists when they’re
driving, and drivers who are more alert to cyclists make all of us safer. And third, the more involved a cyclist is with us the
more likely she or he will become an advocate for cycling among friends and family. All this is nurtured by our team of
experienced ride leaders. Here are brief bio’s of the dedicated men and women, all Club members, who make up our 2010
Saturday D-Ride Training team:
Mike Abell
Some have questioned Mike’s sanity following his record-setting 52 repeats up Torrey Pines last year – that’s 174 miles
and 21,000 feet of climbing in a single day! And then he became SDBC’s Clothing Director for 2010. Not only is Mike an
endurance athlete competing in the Everest Challenge and the King of the Mountain series and is moving into double
centuries, he also is a Cat-5 racer who has done crits, road races, time trials, and stage races.
“I usually finished at the back of the peleton, but I never give up,” he said. Mike has been leading rides for a year-and-a-half.
“Ride leaders helped me to get better, so I wanted to return the favor.”
Mike is a Chef/Instructor for the San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Education program. Saying cycling
“calms his mind,” he offers this advice to new riders, “Listen to others, but set your own goals. Use failure as a training tool
to success. Dream big, since that is the best way to exceed your own expectations.”
Anthony Carroll
Anthony got his first road bike in 2007 and he and his wife Sarah started riding with the Club the next year. Both started with
the D-3’s and now Anthony rides with the B’s and Sarah is racing. He led his first ride in April. “It was a chance to give back
to the Club for all of the encouragement received when I first started in the sport of cycling,” he said.
He also enjoys distance riding that includes the Alpine Challenge (“Terrifically organized ride with phenomenal support and
a great course, all for a good cause.”) and the Tour de Poway. Anthony works in operations and logistic and said the most
influential rider in his life was, “My father-in-law, Dave Bartle, who was instrumental in gently nudging my interest in cycling
along. Never pushy, but always wise in his advice and knowledge.”
That could explain this piece of wisdom from someone relatively new to cycling, “Be predictable! A predictable rider is a safe
rider. Both cars and other cyclists should be able to reasonably anticipate what your actions are going to be.”
Lee Driver
Lee has been cycling for 35+ years and is one of SDBC’s most honored members, winning the Club’s “Cyclist of the Year”
honors and named a “Life Member” for service to the Club. He joined the Club more than 30 years ago when he was looking
PAGE 8                                       San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
June 2010                                                                                San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
Devlopment Ride Leaders                                                                                              continued

for a racing club for his 10-year-old son. “We joined originally as a racing family,” he said. A few years later Lee took up
racing. He raced Masters Men age-graded Cat 3 road and Cat 4 track through his thirties, forties, and fifties.
“I raced for 23 years never winning a race but met a lot of very nice people and had lots of fun. I have taken 5th place at the
Death Valley to Whitney Portals two-day stage race, and placed top 10 in several State Championships. I have raced with
notable racers such as Kenny Fuller (multiple state, national, and world champion), John Howard, and Ron Skarin.”
Lee is a product release engineer who retired from racing six years ago. He created and led the very first D-ride (it was called
the C-ride then). He and Bruce Stromko later expanded the ride options, and created the Training Director position. Lee was
also the Club’s Equipment Manager for two years. And, of course, he still leads rides. “I love introducing riders to the joys of
the sport and seeing the look in their eyes when they first do a rotating pace line,” he said. Coaching with a sense of humor
Lee’s advice to riders is, ”Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.”
Mike McLaughlin
Mike started riding with the Club in 2006 at the urging of his ophthalmologist and SDBC member Mark Warlen. “I’d been
riding solo for a couple years and getting involved in endurance events like the “King of the Mountain’s” (KOM’s) Breathless
Agony, Mulholland, and Heartbreak Hundred centuries. Up until then I had thought of cycling as a solo sport. Joining SDBC
Saturday rides really opened my eyes. Riding my first double rotating paceline with Lee Driver scared the bejeebitz out of
“I’m not a racer, I’m a Clydesdale, but I enjoy spotting riders who have potential, encouraging them to move into the
advanced rides and into racing,” he said. A member of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association and Adventure Cycling, Mike
has completed three UMCA “Year-Rounder” century challenges and two KOM series. He also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in
2006, wearing his SDBC jersey to the summit, and he has the picture to prove it.
Mike is the Director of Marketing and Government Relations at Diane Powers’ Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town. Elected the
Club’s 2010 Training Director, Mike said cycling saved his life twice, first when he lost 55 pounds through biking (“According to
government standards I was obese,” he said), and again when death struck his immediate family “(Cycling kept me sane. It
was the only thing I could control.”)
Michael Pelkey
“It’s my passion, and I’m still in the honeymoon stage,” is how Michael describes cycling adding, ”TGFTB!” He joined SDBC
shortly after getting a road bike in 2005, and started leading rides three years ago to give something back to the Club.
“Challenge yourself” is the advice he gives cyclists, something Michael enjoys doing.
“Of all the rides I do all year Breathless Agony is my favorite because one has to be fit to do well, it is well-supported, there is
spectacular scenery, and it is a real accomplishment. The Alpine Challenge, right here in our back yard, is a close second for
the same reasons,” he said.
Michael is in commercial lighting sales whose cycling pet peeve is “Gas guzzling beastoids and loud motorcycles.” When
asked who’s been the most influential rider in his life, he replied, “Toss up between Lee Driver and Rogelio Ramos because
Lee is a great leader/teacher for cycling in general and my pal Rogelio is Mr. Encouragement.”
Franco Saspe
Franco is a Cat-5 racer who’s been leading rides since January. “Learning the secret handshake is what I’ve enjoyed most
about leading rides,” said Franco, adding, would-be rider leaders should “run while you still can! It’s like the Mafia, once
you’re in, you’re in.” That sense of humor has helped him develop a growing spirit of camaraderie among the D-2 riders,
who he usually leads.
Franco is in real estate management and started riding with the Club three years, and was one of its key riders in the first
D-Century training program. His newly acquired skills were put to the test in the 2008 San Diego Century when temperatures
hit 110 degrees during the climb into Ramona.
The thing he enjoys most about cycling is “having a cool bike I can stare at all day!” His serious advice to other cyclists,
“Always check your tire pressure before every ride.”
Dave Smith
When Dave was a kid and left his bike in the family driveway, his father would hide it in the garage or attic and he’d have
Dave ask the neighbors if they’d seen it. “My dad taught me to ride and take care of my bike; he was the most influential
rider in my life,” he said.

PAGE 9                                     San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                                                       June 2010
Devlopment Ride Leaders                                                                                            continued
“When I ride I feel that all is right with the world,” said the ride leader most likely to lead the D-5 ride. He was recruited four
years ago by Bruce Stromko, back when the rides were called C++, C, C-Minus, and D. Bruce said the “D” stands for “Dave.”
On volunteering to lead rides Dave said, “It seemed logical at the time. I must have had a touch of sunstroke.”
Dave is a computer programmer/systems administrator who has the task of guiding the newest of the newbies; oftentimes
riders who can’t clip-in, shift gears properly, use their water bottles, and sometimes struggle to stay upright. “I like meeting
new people and enjoy the camaraderie of the group. I encourage them to keep after it, telling them it does get easier and
more fun.”
Mary Strom
Mary is a medical insurance benefits administration who has been cycling for 10 years, eight of those with the Club. “My
husband, Dave, rode with the Club when I broke my foot and I was off the bike for about five months. Once healed, I started
riding with SDBC as well.” She’s been leading rides since 2006 after being “drafted by Bruce Stromko when it was the
C-minus ride.”
“Since I usually lead the D-4 or D-5 groups, I get to see people progress from being somewhat awkward slow riders to fairly
confident group cyclists as they make their way up to the more advanced rides -- and I like riding up front!” she said. Her
advice to other cyclists, “Always wear a road ID with your personal and medical information on it.”
While not a racing cyclist, Mary does compete in duathlons (running & bike races) winning a silver medal in her age group at
this year’s Moores UCSD Cancer Center Spring Sprint Duathlon. She also rides in the Bay area’s Cinderella Classic, a women’s-
only event that attracts 3,000 riders.
Bruce Stromko
Bruce has been cycling almost his entire life, which, he says, is beginning to be a rather long time. After moving to San Diego
in 2002 he joined the Club after checking out several others. “I felt SDBC had a nice balance between being aggressive and
recreational. I also found the membership to be very friendly and supportive,” he said.
At that time SDBC had two rides: the main ride, and a development ride. After being with the Club a while Bruce said, “I
began to feel that SDBC should have development rides for lesser experienced cyclists. My thoughts were, if you have a
bicycle and a helmet we have a ride for you. Working with Lee Driver, Mary Strom, and Dave Strom, we added several more
development rides.”
The semi-retired software engineer was also instrumental in having the Saturday ride move to UC Cyclery and establishing
Fitness West as the location for SDBC’s winter spin classes. Bruce has also served on the Board of Directors as the first
Training Director and in 2007 was selected as SDBC “Cyclist of the Year.”
An avid runner, Bruce has completed 30 marathons. On a personal note he says, ”I have never been married, but hope reigns
eternal, as long as she is a cyclist – any level is OK.”
Rod Stubbs
                            “Lee [Driver] sucked me in,” is how Rod said he came to lead SDBC rides. “He asked me if I would
                            just sweep for him and next thing I knew, it was ‘Why don’t you lead next week since I won’t
                            be here?’ I really did enjoy leading so I didn’t mind a bit.” And what does he like most about
                            leading? “I have had a lot of personal satisfaction from helping new riders. Many have moved
                            from that newbie ride up to the A’s and B’s. What a satisfaction to see such improvements. And
                            the people are so good, the friendships are unbeatable.”
                            Rod is an aerospace engineer/program manager whose first bike was his uncle’s 1927 Schwinn
                            that he continued to rebuild and repaint over two decades. However, his real road bike
                            experience started eight years ago. He’s been an SDBC member since 2004.
                            His favorite ride is the Club’s annual Santa Ride. “It’s fun because we all go together and it makes
                            a terrific appearance riding through town. But the real joy is trying to do something, even so
                            minor, for others.”
Elliott Tinnes
The first bike for this Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps was a Batman bike with training wheels. It was stolen and when
it was recovered the training wheels were missing. “It was as good a time as any to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, and I’ve
loved bikes ever since,” said Elliott.
He started riding with the Club eight months ago after being passed one Saturday morning by a group in SDBC kit. “It looked
San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                                          PAGE 10
June 2010                                                                                San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
Devlopment Ride Leaders                                                                                             continued

like more fun than riding alone,” he said. He advanced quickly to the B-ride. “I love the B ride. I think it’s exhilarating to ride
in such close quarters and I look forward to it all week.”
So why did he decide to volunteer to lead rides even though he loves the B-ride? “Everything I learned about cycling has
come from riders in SDBC. Even though I’m still relatively new, I figured it would be a good opportunity to pass it forward to
riders less experienced than myself.”
And he likes the perspective you can only get from a bike, “I’ve experienced the hills, ocean, roads, citrus orchards, etc. in a
way I couldn’t have by driving, jogging, or any other activity. I lived in the Chicago suburbs for 22 years, and yet, because of
cycling, I know San Diego County significantly better in only five months time.”
Charlie Sykes
                           Charlie says he’s strictly a “Cat-6” racer. With that sense of humor Charlie began leading D-4 rides
                           about 18 months ago. It happened one Saturday when he showed up to ride D-3 but Lee Driver
                           and Linda Webb asked him to fill in on the D-4. “I like helping newer riders learn how to use their
                           bikes better and enjoy group rides so they will keep riding.”
                           Charlie is a manager at Mission Federal Credit Union. He became involved with the Club in 2004
                           when his son, Edward, raced as a junior. He ended up directing the SDBC juniors’ program for
                           three years.

                           His cycling pet peeve is: Working for a living gets in the way! And he has excellent advice for his
                           fellow cyclists, “Don’t piss off car drivers unnecessarily, and don’t over-inflate your tires; you won’t
                           go faster! Keep riding even when you are not sure that you can. I suffered a serious herniated
                           disc a few years back. Because I wanted to ride again, I worked hard to strengthen my core and
                           overcome the problem. I still have back pain off and on, but never after a long ride.”
Linda Webb
Linda joined the Club 20 years ago when her children began racing, one of whom won many state and national titles. One
title the Club was honored to bestow on Linda was “Cyclist of the Year” in 2008. She is a kindergarten teacher who started
leading ride three years ago since, “I was always there and helping out anyway. The teacher in me enjoys helping new
riders.” Linda also serves on the Club’s board of directors as Volunteer Director.
She said she loves cycling because, “It makes me feel like a little kid with no worries – and, of course, the company of other
cyclists with very diverse backgrounds.” To new ride leaders she advises, “Share what you know without sounding like the
‘know-it-all.’” Her advice to cyclists, “Be sure your bike fits you. Cycling is hard work and you need to do all you can to make
it more comfortable so you will enjoy it more.”
And if you see a 48-cm pearly yellow DeRosa with blue lettering call Linda right away. “It was a gift when my daughter was
born 26-years ago. Sadly, it was stolen two years later. I will always remember that bike and I still think I’ll see it someday.”

Combine Your Two Favorite Things, Riding & Eating

                           ** Friday Night Dinner Ride June 4th **
                   25 miles around S.D. Bay with Dinner stop and Ferry Ride back home

Leaves @ 6:00pm from Ralph's (1058 22nd st.) Ride around San Diego Bay, dinner at the Coronado
 Ferry Landing, and back to San Diego on the 9:30pm Ferry. Bring money for dinner and the ferry
                   ride, some warm clothes, a bike light, and have a fun time.
         Let me know if you want to go! Ralph E. 619-239-4321 or

PAGE 11                                   San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                                         June 2010
 Recovering Money for an Athlete’s Loss of Enjoyment of Life
                                                                                      By Richard L. Duquette, Esq.

Money is often the only justice an injury victim can receive, as we can’t lock up careless drivers-unless
the act was criminal. One form of recovery is: “loss of enjoyment of life”. By law, this is a non-economic
damage (as opposed to loss of earnings which is a hard damage- an economic loss).

There is no fixed standard by law to determine the amount of such a loss. The law in California says that
it must be a reasonable amount based on the evidence and a juror’s common sense. As an athlete you
must ask yourself how to quantify a loss of enjoyment of life, or said another way, has your ability to fully
enjoy your sport been effected? I would ask you to consider looking at your lifestyle through the eyes of
a non athletic juror, to find a common ground. Some juror’s lifestyles may be less active; nevertheless,
they do understand human behavior, even if they enjoy a different lifestyle to some degree.

So, here’s a starting point, when you are attempting to quantify your lifestyle loss. Ask yourself these

   1. How has the injury affected the delicate balance between your athletic lifestyle, your work, and
      your fun? (Your sense of well being).

   2. How has the injury limited your ability to relate to and to help others as fully as you would like to?
      This includes your family and the limit on your energy or mobility level.

   3. How has the injury affected the benefits of companionship gained by being around other athletes
      in regards to groups and support?

   4. How has the injury affected your sense of adventure, including the sights and smells you experience
      in your life (i.e. swimming in the ocean or riding a bicycle outdoors)?

   5. How long of a time has your lifestyle been affected? How severely?                 Have you been affected

   6. Now ask yourself, how you have tried to adapt to and /or overcome your recent loss of enjoyment
      of lifestyle? The jury will want to see a positive attempt to recover. Tell and show us how.

   7. Finally, make a list of family members, friends, or witnesses who can relate examples of your
      attempts to improve your life (i.e. the good and the bad days). This type of evidence is best told by
      someone other than yourself, in order to maintain your credibility.

   8. Let’s explore this subject when you visit me. Bring photographs, race results, training mileage
      charts (before and after the injury) to help me understand your case.

These are only a starting point. (Feel free to creatively add to this bucket list).


When the trial attorney can walk a mile in your “life style moccasins” it is far easier to make the connection
with jurors (or claims adjusters) who will assess a value on your loses. This will help you reach justice.

                                       Relevant CACI Jury Instructions
1. See section 3905A of the CACI jury instructions entitled, “Physical Pain, Mental Suffering, and Emotional Distress
   (Noneconomic Damage)”.

   3928- Unusually susceptible plaintiff.
   3927- Aggravation of a preexisting condition or disability
   3905A- Physical pain, mental suffering, and emotional distress (non-economic damage).
   3903A- Medical excuses-past and factual (economic damages)
   3903C- Past and future loss of enjoyment (economic damages)
   3902- Economic and non economic damage
   3903- Items of non-economic damage
San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                            PAGE 12
June 2010                                                                             San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
International Friendship Games Racing Team Reports
Women 1-4                                                                                                    by Trina Jacobsen
  Maren Spillane and I rode to the race together, which was a fun adventure through downtown, National City, and
Chula Vista. It was also a great way to get to know her better while getting a great warm-up for a 45 minute race.
There were 11 starters which were mostly Cat 4’s, but I knew to treat this just like any other race; I couldn’t take it
too lightly.
  The course was an out-and-back along a new 3 lane road in both directions. There was a sizable median, so
the 180 degree turns were wide and sweeping. I knew I could exploit my cornering abilities, if needed. My one
concern was the amount of elevation gain as the course was a “V”. Friends who had already been on the course
assured me it was a “big ring course” and I was thankful to have a compact crankset on my bike. As we lined up
at the start, the wind picked up. It would be the course and the wind which
would make this as hard a race as any.
  Right from the start, one of the more experienced riders took off and I
calmly followed. After one lap, she went back to the group. Because of the
wind I didn’t want to be by myself and was ok with a field sprint, so I waited
for the group. Two riders bridged at the start of lap 2 and we quickly put a
big gap on the field then gained about 5 seconds each lap. The 3 of us (Pam
Jorgensen, Alison Maloof, and I) worked together taking pretty equal turns
with the exception of the last 2 laps where we all slowed up at the turn to
try to get the other to take that pull into the wind.
  Even though each time through the finish area I picked my place to start
sprinting, on the last lap I went earlier than planned. I quickly got a gap on
the other two, but it wasn’t pretty after that! I was all over my bike, sitting
down, standing back up, and shifting a lot, but I held the gap and rolled
across the line as winded and tired as any other race!!                           Trina Jacobson - 1st Place, IFC Criterium

Men’s Cat 4                                                                                                     by Doug Krutil
This was a really convenient race to do, I’m disappointed more of the 3/4/5 SDBC team didn’t attend. There were
the usual stumbles expected from running an event for the first time, all the volunteers were still doing their best.
   The course was harder than I expected: it was a nearly symmetrical 1.3 mile out & back course with a dip like the
climb out of Sorrento Valley on the Saturday ride, going both ways. So lap after lap you’d hairpin, go down, climb
up, hairpin, go down climb up, hairpin... rinse wash and repeat. Crazy. No one could ever break away and I think
the course favored power climbers. The road surface was perfect though. I’m still coming back after time off from
the bike so I could really feel the toll of those repeated climbs and accelerations. I did my best to string it out a
little the final lap so Kevin and Peter could position themselves better and I saw they finished top 10, I was back in
the field somewhere. Exhausted.
   But not as exhausted as I was after my stupid idea to ride up Honey Springs road afterward. Man that’s a hard
ride! Ben, Patrick, Michael and I were led by Juan on a ride up the 8 mile long Honey Springs climb to Lyons Valley
and back and it was a bit more than I should have done but it is quite a nice 45 mile ride, highly recommended for
strength training.

Men’s Cat 5                                                                                                      by Mike Burrows
Some of the disorganization was entertaining: like when they were asking if anyone knew how to work the finish cam and
when the generator ran out of gas just before the 4’s came into the bell lap.
  The course didn’t seem that taxing when sitting in. I kept anticipating a move out turn 2, but there were only half hearted
surges; mostly because the field was too far left instead of using full course width to carry momentum. I went wide on turn
1 mid race and moved to the front with no effort. When I sat up no one wanted to pass until the rise into turn 2 when Ben
came by, gave me a nod to get in as he surged and then kept going. I was going to sit in near the front until the final sprint,
but it looked like he had a plan and we carved a really nice turn so I was in. It was short lived, but woke up the race and the
turns were smoother afterward. The guy I marked to follow into the sprint (Major Taylor/Yellow Pinarello) got his bottle out
PAGE 13                                  San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
June 2010                                                                                San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
International Friendship Games                                                                                     continued

to drink as we hit the bottom of the rise to the finish, so I bailed on him and started looking for that pro cat 5 (UCSD kit w/
track sprinter legs who was lecturing someone on “line” earlier). I didn’t find him so I just started channeling Tuesday morn-
ing Fiesta sprints and worked up the left side. It looked like one guy off the front and 2 others up, so I was surprised to hear
my name announced for 3rd as I rolled the line. (Apparently someone was off the back, sweet!)

San Diego Bicycle Club Podiums & Placings
Devil’s Punchbowl RR              1st - Diego Sandoval           Men’s Cat 4                        42nd - Steve Borer
Men’s Cat 3                       7th - Jorge Luis Higuera         20th - Isaac Guerra Marin      Men’s Masters 55+
 3rd - Diego Sandoval             15th - Logan Fielder             44th - Dan Finley                23rd - Steve Borer
Men’s Cat 5A                      19th - Kevin Schible           Men’s Cat 5A                     Men’s Masters 60+
 44th - Spencer Evans             27th - Cael Schwartzman          4th - Benjamin Urich             25th - Don Kimper
Men’s Cat 5B                      29th - Stephen Westwood          14th - Michael Burrows         Women 35+
 33rd - Jan Rodina                                               Men’s Masters 30+ 4-5              5th - Simone Morissette
Junior Women 10-14              Men’s Cat 4                        23rd - Max Affarano            Paramount Criterium
 4th - Courtney Comer             5th - Kevin Schible              43rd - Jonathan Landis         Women Cat 1-3
Junior Men 13-14                  18th - Isaac Guerra Marin      Men’s Masters 35+                  9th - Simone Morissette
 17th - James Higuera             25th - Jonathan Anderson         20th - Tomo Hamasaki           Fiesta Island Time Trial
 21th - Jason Higuera             28th - Bill Ciesielczyk        Men’s Masters 60+                Youth 9 + Under
 24th - Tony Comer                37th - Patrick Sullivan          7th - Don Kimper                 1st - Andrew Comer
Junior Men 15-16                  40th - Patrick Rezzo                                              2nd - Cheyenne Comer
 3rd - Isaac Guerra Marin         41st - Jonathan Landis         Women Cat 3-4                    Junior Boys 13-14
Junior Men 17-18                  45th - Cael Schwartzman          6th - Angelica Frayre            5th - Tony Comer
 8th - Jorge Luis Higuera         50th - Michael O’Neil            10th - Maren Spillane          Women 30-39
Chuck Pontius Crit.             Men’s Cat 5                        21st - Beatrice Dormoy           1st - Kelli Jones
Men’s Cat 5                       5th - Jeff Kravel              Women Masters 45+                Women 50-59
 23rd - Jan Rodina                12th - Jonathan Aguilar          2nd - Susan Cooper               2nd - Adrienne Brian
Women Cat 3                       16th - Doug Sundstrom          Long Beach Grand Prix              3rd - Jill Jones
 6th - Beatrice Dormoy            18th - Benjamin Urich          Men’s Cat 4           Masters 40-49
Men’s Masters 60+                 27th - Michael Burrows           8th - Marcos Morales             8th - Doug Dunn
 16th - Don Kimper                32nd - Thomas Dillof             31st - Jonathan Anderson         13th - Michael Wahlster
SCNCA Junior Criterium            25th - Vincent DeLuca            37th - Agustin Rojas-Munoz     Masters 50-59
Championships                     38th - David Pfannenstiel      Men’s Masters 30+ 4-5              16th - Leon Mack
Junior Women 10-12                40th - Bradley Mills             11th - Jonathan Anderson         18th - Bernard Bogard
 3rd - Courtney Comer             41st - Erik Der                  19th - Agustin Rojas-Munoz     Masters 70+
Junior Men 10-12                  42nd - Michael Wohl              32nd - Jan Rodina                3rd - Bob Bergen
 5th - Jason Higuera            Men’s Masters 60+                Men’s Masters 35+                Men’s Cat 4-5
 8th - Andrew Comer               7th - Don Kimper                 31st - Brian O’Mara              6th - Patrick Sullivan
Junior Men 13-14                Women Cat 3                      Men’s Masters 60+                40K Option
 11th - James Higuera             5th - Beatrice Dormoy            13th - Don Kimper                3rd - Max Affarano
Junior Men 15-16                  6th - Maren Spillane           SCNCA Masters Criterium          SCNCA Individual Time
 10th - Isaac Guerra Marin      Women Cat 4                      Championships                    Trial Championships
Junior Men 17-18                  10th - Sarah Carroll           Men’s Masters 30+ 1-4 Junior Women 10-12
 4th - Jorge Luis Higuera       San Luis Rey Road Race             16th - Chris Bennett             1st - Courtney Comer
 12th - Marcos Morales          Men’s Cat 3                      Men’s Masters 35+                Junior Men 10-12
Barrio Logan Grand Prix           1st - Diego Sandoval             2nd - Chris Bennett              7th - Andrew Comer
Men’s Cat 3-4                     21st - Logan Fielder           Men’s Masters 50+ 1-4 Junior Men 13-14
PAGE 14                                   San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
June 2010                                                                                San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
San Diego Bicycle Club Podiums & Placings
11th - Tony Comer              Men’s Masters 35+                  Men’s Masters 30+ 1-4 UC Santa Cruz
Women Cat 1-2                   3rd - Tomo Hamasaki                7th - Tomo Hamasaki               Conference Champ. –
5th - Kelli Jones               4th - Aaron Quesnell               27th - Stephen Westwood           Road Race
9th - Susan Cooper              6th - Nick Onate                   41st - Chris Bennett              Men’s B
Men’s Cat 1-2                  Men’s Masters 55+                  Men’s Masters 40+ 1-4                Dan Findley
3rd - Scott Hammack             5th - Steve Borer                  43rd - Robert Burdett               Logan Fielder
Men’s Masters 45-49             6th - Fred Nicolet                Women Cat 1-3                      Men’s C
22nd - Doug Dunn                9th - Mark Wisnosky                10th - Trina Jacobson               Mario Bachar
International Friendship Men’s Masters 60+                         22nd - Lisa Young
Games Criterium          3rd - Don Kimper                          27th - Kelli Jones
Women Cat 1-4                  Mt. Whitney Stage Race
1st - Trina Jacobson           General Classification             2010 SDSU Collegiate
8th - Maren Spillane                                              Race Results
                               Men’s Masters 55+
Men’s Cat 2                                                       UC Santa Cruz Conference
                                4th - Peter Dufour
3rd - Chris Bennett                                               Champ. - Criterium
                               Mid-Season Criterium               Men’s A
Men’s Cat 3                    Junior Women 10-12
7th - Alcino Azevedo                                               Eric Landman
                                5th - Courtney Comer              Men’s B
Men’s Cat 4                    Junior Men 10-12
5th - Kevin Schible                                                Dan Findley
                                7th - Jason Higuera                Logan Fiedler
16th - Patrick Rezzo
                               Junior Men 13-14                   Men’s C
19th - Doug Krutil
                                9th - Tony Comer                   Mario Bachar
Men’s Cat 5                     11th - James Higuera
3rd - Michael Burrows
                                18th - Julio Muro, Jr.
9th - Benjamin Urich
                               Junior Men 15-16
14th - Jonathan Aguilar
                                10th - Ryan West DeLuca

                       Fred Nicolet, Don Kimper, and Steve Borer at the Internationlal Friendship Games Crit.

PAGE 15                                  San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                  June 2010

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732    PAGE 16
June 2010                                    San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter

PAGE 17     San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                                                                        June 2010

                 13th Annual Moment Cycle Sport’s
                           Fiesta Island
                               20k Time Trial Series 2010
                                                           Also Sponsored by

                                                 San Diego Bicycle Club,
                           SockGuy, The Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette,
                                                               & Accelerade
                                    Feb 7th, Mar 7th, Apr 11th, May 9th, Sep 12th, Oct 10th
                              – Event Limit 150 Single Riders, Tandems, or HPVs –
           Registration: Same day registration opens at 6:00 am and closes promptly at 6:45. Pre-registration is available on
               Active Networks ( No mail-in registration is available. Registration is located at the entrance to
               Fiesta Island. Juniors under 18 are required to have parent or guardian sign release form. Cost is $30 for individual
               riders, $40 for tandems, & $15 for juniors. Current SDBC members receive $5 off registration. A $5 late fee will be
               applied the final week of registration. Event runs rain or shine. No USCF license required. This event insured by the
               American Bicycle Racing Association. Download and fill out your release form ahead of time to save time at
               registration (
           Start: The event starts promptly at 7:00 am. An air horn at the start line will announce the beginning of the event. Riders
               start every 30 seconds.
           Prizes: SockGuy socks for the winner of each category. Collector edition medals for top three in each category.
           Prize Money: $150 CASH! $150 cash for the single rider on a standard bicycle who can beat the current 24 minutes 36
             seconds course record. $150 cash for the single female rider on a standard bicycle who can beat the current 27
             minutes 04 seconds course record. Official records are found on the website (
           The Course: Fiesta Island is as flat as it gets. There is no more than 10 feet of rise on the course per lap. All riders,
               except young juniors, do three laps on the long course to complete a distance of 20k.
           40K Option: A 40k distance will be available for the March, April, and May events. 10 riders max. First come, first serve.
               No prizes. This is a great opportunity to prepare for state and national races. $50
           Rules: Helmets are always required while on the bike. Absolutely no drafting allowed. If passing another rider,
               announce your intentions. No follow vehicle allowed.
           Juniors: Juniors 12 and under complete 1 lap only. All other juniors complete 3 laps. This fun & safe event for juniors.
           Results: The results are announced as quickly as possible after the last rider completes the event. The results are
               announced at the registration desk located at the entrance to the island. . Results will also posted on
      on as soon as possible.
           Directions: From Interstate I-5, north or south, exit Sea World Drive. Sea World Drive is approximately 5 miles north of
               downtown San Diego. Continue west on Sea World Drive to the first signal. Turn right on Mission Bay Drive and take
               an immediate left to enter of the island. Parking is on the right before you enter the island.
           Info: Please refer to the race website for current information: or

                                                   San Diego’s Race of Truth

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                                                          PAGE 18
June 2010                                                                         San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
  Want To Race More in 2010
 SDBC Cat. 3/4/5                            SDBC Master’s                            SDBC women’s
  Racing Team                                Racing Team                              Racing Team
The SDBC Cat. 4/5 team has joined
                                         Last season, Masters races were          If you are interested in racing in 2010,
  forces with the Cat. 3 team. So,                                                whether you are brand new to road
  if you have years of experience,       offered for Cat. 1-4 riders ages 30      racing or returning after a little (or long)
   or want to try USCF racing for        and up and Cat. 1-5 riders ages 40       break, join us on the SDBC Women’s
  the first time, we have a cycling      and up. Masters crits are typically      Racing Team.
 team that will suit your needs and      smooth, fast and tactical and are a
abilities. Come join the fun, and the    great way to increase your fitness       For Details contact Beatrice at
              camaraderie.               and strategic skills. Extra entries at
                                         most crits only cost $10.
                                                                                         CAlling All
Contact men3/4/        If you are eligible, I highly
                 or                      recommend trying a Masters race as
             an add-on to your next crit day. To      Brian and Jean Comer are the Junior Direc-
                                                                                  tors for 2010. Because of this, we thought
    to be added to the mailing list.     join the Masters mailing list, or to     it would be a good idea to find out who you
                                         simply find out more about Masters       are! Please e-mail Jean at juniordirector@
 This should be a great year and the     racing, please contact me at    ASAP with your name and phone
    first step is to be on the list.               number, e-mail, etc., for yourselves and
Wells Wang & Doug Krutil                 Cheers,
                                                                                  your parents. We would like to arrange a
                                                                                  meeting to get to know you all and what
                                         James Kleba
Team Directors, SDBC Cat 3 Team          Team Director, SDBC Masters
                                                                                  your hopes, dreams and goals are for this
                                                                                  coming racing season and how SDBC can
                                                                                  help you achieve this. Stay safe and have
 Upcoming USCF & CBR Races
6/5             Bakersfield Road Race - Masters Champs                                        Bakersfield
6/6             Bakersfield Road Race - Elite Champs                                          Bakersfield
6/12            Sisquoc Road Race - Junior Champs                                             Sisquoc
6/12-13         Death Valley Stage Race                                                       Big Pine
6/13            La Habra Cyclery Crit                                                         Dominguez Hills
6/19            LAVRA Cup TTs and Omniums                                                     ADT Event Center
6/19            Ontario Airport Crit                                                          Ontario
6/20            San Pedro Grand Prix                                                          San Pedro
6/26            Upgrade/Experience Builder Omniums                                            ADT Event Center
6/27            Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix                                            Manhattan Beach
7/11            Kool N Fit Crit                                                               Dominguez Hills
7/17            Upgrade/Experience Builder Omniums                                            ADT Event Center
7/17            Bicycle John’s Grand Prix                                                     Glendale
7/18            Ontario Grand Prix                                                            Ontario
7/24            LAVRA Cup TTs and Omniums                                                     ADT Event Center
7/25            San Marcos Circuit Race                                                       San Marcos
PAGE 19                                 San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                               June 2010
Karl Strauss Beach To Brewery Festival                             photos by Todd Willis

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                  PAGE 20
June 2010                                                                               San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
 SDBC Velodrome Liaison Report                                                                             by Sean Russell

Adult classes
The San Diego Velodrome adult developmental classes are scheduled to start the third week of March and continue
throughout the summer. Pam, Lisa, Sean, and Jesse will be back to guide you through another year of fun and fitness.
You can sign up for either Monday or Wednesday nights. The cost is $120 for 6 weeks, and includes a rental bike if you
need one. Online registration and more information is available on the SDVA website,

Tuesday night racing
Tuesday Night Racing is back, and will continue through the summer. Races are available for C, B, and A level riders. Race
entry fees are still a low $5 for velodrome members and $10 for non members. If you intend you join the SDVA, all SDBC
members must fill out and sign and return the SDVA membership application and waiver, which can be found on the
SDVA web site, Send a check in the amount of $50 to San Diego Bicycle Club Velodrome Liaison
C/O Sean Russell 3895 Sacramento Drive La Mesa CA 91941. Please make checks payable to the: “San Diego Velodrome
Association”., stay tuned to the SDVA website for more details.

          Weekly Club Rides
Club Training Rides - Saturdays - 8:30 AM
    Meet at La Jolla Village Square Shopping Center, outside UC                 Please Join Us!
Sunday Ride - 8:30 AM                                                         General Membership Meeting
    Meet at La Jolla Village Square Shopping Center, outside UC                   Monday, July 12th @ 6:45pm
Tuesday Morning Sprint Workout - 8:00 AM                                               UC Cyclery Club Night ,
    Every Tuesday at 8:00am starting February 3rd running until         Stay tuned for more details in upcoming Newsletters
    mid summer. Meet at the entrance in the little triangle on
    Fiesta Island. Open to anybody, all levels, as long as you are
                                                                                    and SDBC’s Weekly Update
    comfortable riding in a group. This is a restricted gear sprint
    (small gear, high cadence) led by Paul Rodriguez, it will
    consist of 4 long laps with 3 to 4 sprints per lap and a recovery
    spin in between. Two laps in 53/19 then two in 53/17 ending
    with a one lap practice race with a single finish.                          Number of Cyclists
Wednesday Crit Workout - 6:00 PM
    The Wednesday workout had been cancelled until further
                                                                                  Who Rode in
    notice. The workout may resume in the summer if there is suf-
    ficient interest. If you’re interested in the Wednesday workout
                                                                             SDBC Development Rides in
    returning, please contact Mike McLaughlin at training@sdbc.
    org.                                                                                May: 227
Ride Leaders’ Meeting - Last Saturday of each month
at 8:00 AM
                                                                                        Year to date:
    Please join us for the ride leaders’ meeting. We will discuss the
    scheduling and rotation, new routes and other related business.
    Current and prospective ride leaders as well as any SDBC
    member are encouraged to come. We will meet in the seating
    area next to UC Cyclery. Please contact Mike McLaughlin at
                                                                                 1,081 with questions or comments.
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San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                  June 2010

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732    PAGE 22
     June 2010                                                                                              San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter

               Representing  Bicyclists  is  not  just  my  Job .  

                                               It s  my  Passion!  
                                                 I m  a  member  and  Proud  Sponsor  of  SDBC  and  the  Fiesta  Island  Time  
                                                 Trial   Series.      I   race,   I   ride   and   I   know   how   an   accident   affects   your  
                                                 active  lifestyle.    I ve  been  helping  San  Diego  athletes  since  1983.  

                                                   What  will  we  do  for  you?  
                                                                                                                                  "I'm proud to say that
                                                      Personal  Service  
                                                                                                                                 he [Richard Duquette]
                                                      Hospital-­Home  visits    
                                                                                                                                        is currently
                                                      Deal  with  the  Insurance  Company    
                                                      Help  you  find  the  best  Medical  Care                                   representing me, and
                                                      Photograph  the  Scene,  Injuries  and  Property  damage                        the man TRULY
                                                      Prepare  a  Professional  Settlement  Package                              understands and cares
                                                      Take  your  case  to  Trial  if  required                                      about his fellow
                                                                                                                                   cyclists, their rights,
                                                                                                                                        and safety.
Look for my booth (and me racing) at the Koz series Triathlons,                                                                                             *
Carlsbad Triathlon, Encinitas Sports Festival, Fiesta Island Time                                                                          - Mike B.
Trial Series and more! Be sure to stop by my booth a free
analysis of your insurance policies.                                                                                        

                        (760)  730-­0500              
                                                                                                            *This testi monial does not guarantee you will win your case

     PAGE 23                                             San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                               June 2010
Welcome To The Club!
Welcome New SDBC Members!

      Jeff Bagamaspad
        Jimmy Dicks
      Brian MacDonald
       Catherine Neri
       Olena Terapak
       Mitchell Vamos
      Mitchell Wahlster
      Killian Whitelock
       Huakang Zhou

    renew your sdbc
   membership online!
                                               2010 Clothing For Sale
      Don’t be left out of all the                2010 SDBC Team Clothing manufactured by Pactimo.
                                                                     All clothing new.
     SDBC membership benefits                    Men’s Ascent Jersey Full Zip, size medium, $69.00 each
                                                Men’s Ascent Bibs, sizes x-small, small, medium and large,
   for 2010. You may renew your                                        $75.00 each
                                                  Men’s Ascent Long Sleeve Jersey, small, $79.00 each
    membership online at active.                Arm Warmers, sizes small, medium and large, $19.00 each
                                                Women’s Summit Pro Bib Shorts, size medium, $80.00 each
  com. Tell your friends and riding             Women’s Ascent Jersey Full Zip, size medium, $69.00 each
                                                      Contact Todd Willis at
        buddies. Thank you!                     Frame For Sale

                                                              Looking to build a bike?
                                               I have a 2008 Windsor Bradford Frame with about
                                               200 miles. Aluminum frame with Carbon fork and
                                               *Please contact me at imakemusic123@sbcglobal.
                                               net with your phone number in the subject line.
                                               -Selling for $300
                                                               Contact Andrew Jen at

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June 2010                                    San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter

PAGE 25     San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                                                                         June 2010

                                                 Waiver and Release of Liability

                                        (This is a legal document – read before signing)

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the San Diego Bicycle Club (“SDBC”) and its cycling events and
activities, I __________________________________, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge, understand and agree that:

    1.    The risk of injury from the cycling events and activities involving SDBC is significant, including the potential for
          serious injury and death, and while particular cycling skills, equipment and personal discipline may reduce this risk,
          the risk of serious injury does exist; and,

    2.    I knowingly and voluntarily assume all such risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of
          SDBC or others, and assume full responsibility for my participation; and,

    3.    If I observe any significant hazard during my participation in any SDBC cycling events and activities, I will remove
          myself from participation and bring such to the attention of SDBC members charged with overseeing the events and
          activities; and,

    4.    I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless
          SDBC and its officers, directors, agents and/or employees, sponsors, advertisers, sponsoring agencies (“Releasees”),
          with respect to any and all injury, disability, death or other loss or damage to my person or property arising from my
          participation in cycling events and activities, whether arising from the negligence of SDBC or otherwise, to the fullest
          extent permitted by law.


_________________________________                   Age: ________      Dated: __________________
(Print Name)


                                   PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF MINOR PARTICIPANTS

By signing this Waiver and Release of Liability, I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for this participant, fully understand
and do consent and agree to the terms and conditions as provided above, and for myself, my child and our heirs, assigns, personal
representative and next of kin, I release and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all liabilities arising out of my child’s
involvement or participation in SDBC cycling events and activities whether arising from the negligence of SDBC or otherwise,
to the fullest extent permitted by law.

_________________________________                   Dated: __________________
(Print Name)


San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732                                                             PAGE 26
                                                                                                                                                                          San Diego Bicycle Club

                                                                                                                                                                          Membership Application
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        June 2010

                                                                                                                                                                  January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *: indicates required field

                                                                                                       City:*                                                          State:*                           Zip Code:*

                                                                                                       Phone:* (home)
                                                                      San Diego Bicycle Club
                                                                    winning bicycle races since 1946   Email:
                                                                                                                please include your email if you would like to receive the SDBC weekly e-newsletter

                                                                       USA Cycling Division I Club     Age:                                   Birth year:*                                       Sex:*
                                                                   of the Year 1998-2000, 2002, 2006   Emergency Contact:*
                                                                       USA Cycling District 7 Club
                                                                         of the Year 1993-2000         Emergency Contact Phone:*

                                                                   Sign up online @                    Employer/School:                                                             Position/Grade:

                                                                                 Phone:* (work)

                                                                                                       USA Cycling Class & Category:
                                                                   or mail complete application                     Road:        Junior       Senior      Master       Cat. 1-5 ________ (Women: Cat. 1-4 only)
                                                                   and payment to:                                  Track:       Junior       Senior      Master       Cat. 1-5 ________
                                                                                                        NORBA MTB:               Junior       Senior      Master ________
                                                                                                       Membership Fees:
                                                                   Attn: Membership Director                  Is this a renewal?                    Yes          No         Change of Address?           Yes          No
                                                                   10318 Carefree Drive
                                                                   Santee, CA 92071                             $45        _______      Racing (Eligible to race in USA Cycling/NORBA events, eligible for race reimbursements and other benefits.)
                                                                                                                $45        _______      Supporting
                                                                                                         $45 + $10 x       _______      Family ($10 per additional family member, include non-duplicate information for each family member on separate application)
                                                                                                                $10        _______      Junior (USA Cycling Parental Waiver required. Juniors must be under 18 years old.)
                                                                                                                  $350 _______ Silver Sponsorship
                                                                                                                  $500 _______ Bronze Sponsorship

                                                                                                       Please include the following donation for SDBC teams to my membership:
                                                                                                                     $25                $50                   $75                 $100

                                                                                                       Total Amount Enclosed: ______________

                                                                                 USCF# 0278            Make checks payable to: San Diego Bicycle Club and mail to address listed on the left.

San Diego’s #1 Bicycle Racing Club • • 619-940-5732
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter
San Diego Bicycle Club Newsletter                                          June 2010

                                                                   NONPROFIT ORG
                 Membership Director                               US POSTAGE PAID
                 10318 Carefree Drive                              SAN DIEGO, CA
                 Santee, CA 92071                                  PERMIT NO. 4044

  Change Service Requested

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