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									The importance of business ethics
For most people, money makes the world go round and business bears that money.
Businessmen will perhaps do anything just to achieve the ultimate goal of having a business,
and that is to earn income. Net profit or income financially means a surplus of sales or
revenues after deducting costs and expenses. Whether you are engage in profession,
occupation, work or trade, you are in business and you speak income. When you earn an
income you suffer taxes, the worst nightmare for every income earners. Income tax is your
punishment of doing well in business. This sounds ridiculous but this is the reality, you pay
when you earn. Because tax is legislative, noncompliance to this would results to crimes.
This thing called income tax had already made billions of liars around the world. Some
governments imposed taxes which are already too much to burden the flow of business.
Others make tax laws that are already beyond the ability of taxpayers. However these facts
must not result in the existence of enormous number of dishonest people in the world.

Ethics in business rarely exists nowadays. Perhaps it is because for most people, profit will
come without the need of business ethics. This, I don’t agree. The word ethics is derived
from the Greek word ethos, which means "character," and from the Latin word mores,
which means "customs." According to the encyclopedia ethics is the branch of philosophy
that defines what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of
obligations, or duties, that people owe themselves and one another. Maybe ethics is not
needed to earn profit if you define profit or income as money. But deeply speaking, business
is not just for money. Yes it is definitely for profit, but profit is not just financial profit. We
need profit that will not just sustain our pocket or our stomach. Significantly, we also need
profits that will feed our hearts and soul. Considering that we are great businessmen, we
should extend our minds to this principle. We need business ethics to earn these high
valued profits. We must be concerned to the virtue of our character and to the common

Your business is not just for the survival of your life on Earth but it can also be your road to
the survival of your soul. If you’re in business and had a company, you can help your
employees by providing them enough salaries and other benefits that will make their lives
better. You can be honest and pay your exact tax for the government who will eventually
use it for your country’s development. (Assuming your government is straight and not
corrupt) But don’t mind them, be honest even others are not. We are talking here your soul
survival and not theirs. You can also serve your customers by providing them their needs
and giving them convenience. Customer care is so important for your customers as also
important for your business to earn public trust and loyalty. If you build infrastructures for
your company you contribute to the development of your place in terms of buildings and
infrastructures. When you got ethics in business you practice fair business competition. Fair
business competition is a challenge for every business to improve the qualities of their
products and services, and the end benefits are to the consumers.
Doing business with clean conscience is doing business with good night sleeps. It is also
doing business with gladness of your heart and soul. Gratitude will come to you and you will
become a stress free businessman if you do business with ethics. These and other spiritual
profits will straightly come to you and the good thing on this is you are not taxed on this
kind of profits. As an extraordinary businessman, you do not only set your long-term goals
for 10 years or for a life time. You must also consider eternity and set goals to achieve
profits that will benefit your soul. You need profits that last forever, profits that will give us
everlasting life and happiness, and profits that will earn us the key to heaven. These profits
will benefits us in the short run, midterm run, long run and eternal run, as God is great from
the beginning and unto the never-ending.

Do business and believe in God. Building our business in God’s place is like building it in
rocks which are in great foundations. Let us be kind and grateful to our employees as they
are our best assets. Let’s give them bread and they will give us a ham sandwich. Let us have
huge care to our customers as they are our best revenue generators. Let’s give them good
price, high quality products and best services and they will give us their respect and loyalty.
Let us be fair to our competitors as they are our great motivators. Let us give them fair
game and they will give us the true meaning of winning. Let us be thankful to our Father
Almighty God as He is our greatest business partner. Let’s serve Him and He will give us joy
and peace of mind.

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