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									Art has been part of our
life. Nowadays, many
people put emphasis on
art when they decorate
their rooms. As is known
to all, art can beautify our
daily life.
Lots of people were
hurt in the earthquake
while more than 60
thousand of people
were killed. Let’s bless
them and help them
rebuild their homes.
China is a country of long
history and it boasts various
cultures. For instance,
calligraphy, paper-cut, drama,
China is the biggest developing
country. Great changes have taken
place in the past saveral years.
Life’s getting better has witnessed
the great development in China,
especially in some big cities like
Beijing, Shanghai and so on.
The earthquake happened in
12th,May,2008 was destructive to
Sichuan. Almost all the buildings were
destroyed and a lot of people were hurt
or even killed unfortunately. What they
need is not only our sympathize but our
There are many
Chinese festivals
such as the Spring
Festival. These
festivals are also part
of Chinese culture.
We get-together and
enjoy ourselves
during the festivals.
The Great Wall was built
thousands of years ago. It
embodies Chinese people’s
wisdom and hardworking though
most of them might be forced to do
so. It is one of the world’s wonders.
For the sake of a better life,
        we should make efforts
        to establish
        a harmonious society.
With China’s accession to WTO,
it becomes the fastest growing
economics. More and more
international grand gatherings
have been held or will be held in
China. China has become the
focus off attention of the whole
Jade is strictly speaking a
generic term for two different
gems, nephrite and jadeite. Jade
can be used to make finger
rings, necklaces or decorations.
There are also some myths of
jade. Some people considerate
jade as an apotropaion.
Kite was invited very
early in China.Then it
became a popular game
amang children. But
when we grow up, we fly
kites seldomly. It is said
by some experts that
kiteflying is helpful to
our necks.
Chinese beautiful
landscapes are well-
known all over the world.
Its natural scenery, scenic
spots and historical sites
are all with a Chinese
As we all know, Shanghai is
an modern international
metropolis. It bosts many
kinds of cultures and a great
deal of advanced technology.
Life in Shanghai is busy but
Panda is a large bearlike animal
with black and white fur, originally
from China. It is considered as one
of the Chinese national treasures.
Its lovely behaviour and figure
attracks a sea of tourists all over
the world.
The Olympic Games will take place in
Beijing ,China this August. The three
themes are Green Olympics, Hi-tech
Olympics and People’s Olymics. The
government has taken a lot of
measures to make it as splendid as
possible. The measures involve many
aspects such as environmental
problems, structures and Mental
To strive for a better life, we must
put more emphasis on
environmental protection.
Environmental protection is an
eye-catching problem in current
international community. We
should implement the policy of
returning cultivated land to forest
and pasture faithfully.
Qomolangma Mount is the highest
mountain in the world. It’s hight
measured in 2007 was about
8844.43 meters. Global warming
speeds up the glaciers’ melting in
it. If they all melted, the global sea
level would grow by about 60
meters, according to the scientists.
There’s a saying that ‘All work and no
play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Since we
are always busy with our study or work,
we really need enough relaxation. It is
not necessary to go travelling all
around the world. We can stay at home
and listen to music or just appreciate
the nature.
The history of sinogram dates back
to about eight thousand years ago.
According to incomplete statistics,
there are nearly 100,000 sinograms.
Sinograms are usually easy to be
understood because they are from
China is one of the major tourist
destinations. Its fascinating
landscapes and unique cultures
invites a mass of tourists from
home and abroad. People from all
walks of life come to appreciate
this beautiful country.
Limited by unfavorable financial
conditions, many people were not able
to go to the university. With the
development of socialist education
system, more and more people have
the chance to accept higher education.
But I think it will be better if quality-
oriented education takes the place of
exam-oriented education.
Almost everyone is under great
pressures no matter he is a
student, a worker or a manager.
Because our life is full of
competition. To keep ourselves
heathy, vacation is very necessary.
The best destinations are those
where can be called nature.
The Great Wall, the four
great inventions, the
National Grand Theater
together with other works
well embody the wisdom
of Chinese people.
Due to the
internationalization of
China, we begin to
celebrate not only Chinese
festivals but also foreign
festivals. X mas is the
most typical one. We
decorate our Christmas
tree and send presents to
each other.
The gesture of these two
fingers looks like the letter
‘V’, it origionally stands for
victory. But now, it is used
as many different means.
We generally use this
gesture when we say
‘Yeah!’ or even when we
take photos.
Every thing starts from zero. I think
it is a special number. It represents
for nothing as well as anything. It
looks like a circle, what Chinese
people use to express
consummation and reunion.

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