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Ending Child and Family Homelessness in Virginia


									Helping communities
SHIFT from short-term
responses to LONG-TERM
0 State Funding and Policy

0 1,000 Homes for 1,000 Virginians

0 Ending Child and Family Homelessness in Virginia – a
 public-private partnership announced by Governor
 Bob McDonnell in November 2011
       State Policy and Funding
0 $ for Homeless Programs
   0 Governor’s biennial budget included $1 million for
     permanent supportive housing and $500,000 for rapid
     re-housing for FY2013
  0 Budget amendment in House and Senate to provide $1.5
    million for FY2014 with bipartisan support

  0 Budget amendment for $700,000 in FY2013 to provide
    community-based supportive services for chronically
    homeless individuals who are not Medicaid eligible to
    be served in permanent supportive housing.
          Next Steps:
   State Policy and Funding
  0 Continue to build relationships with legislators and
    through use of Action Alerts engage field in contacting
    their legislators to request support for the PSH/RRH
    and Supportive Services budget amendments.

  PSH/RRH Amendment                    Supportive Services Amendment

Economic Development                    Health and Human Resources
    subcommittee                                subcommittee

              House Appropriations and Senate Finance

                   2/19/12: Final Report on Budget
              Key Legislators
0 House Appropriations
   0 Delegate Tata (R- Virginia Beach)
   0 Delegate Jones (R-Chesapeake and Suffolk)**
   0 Delegate Joannou (D-Portsmouth)
   0 Delegate Howell (D-Norfolk)
   0 Delegate BaCote (D-Hampton and Newport News)*

0 Senate Finance
   0 Senator Normant, Senate Majority Leader (R-Williamsburg)
   0 Senator Miller (D-Norfolk)**
   0 Senator Lucas (D-Portsmouth)*
   0 Senator Wagner (R-Virginia Beach)*
            THANK YOU TO:
0 Senator Wagner
0 Delegate Tata
0 Delegate Villanueva

0 Item 108#2s: Senate Chief Patron: Howell (D); Co-
  Patron(s): Edwards (D), Wagner (R), Watkins (R)
   0 Will go before Senate Finance Economic Development
0 Item 108#1h: House Chief Patron: Lingamfelter (R); Co-
  Patron(s): Anderson(R), Carr (D), Comstock (R), Head (R),
  Herring (D), Loupassi (R), McClellan (D), Tata (R),
  Villanueva (R)
   State Policy and Funding
0 Virginia Housing Trust Fund
   0 HB 121/HB 1100 - Creates a new housing trust fund &
   0 HB 790 - Amends the VA Housing Partnership Fund into
     a Housing Trust Fund
       Housing the Critically Ill
High rates of mental
illness and substance        Living on street
abuse                        or in emergency
Chronic health
conditions or other
disabling conditions
                         Frequent          arrest and /
Increased risk of
                          visits to             or
premature death
                        emergency         incarceration
   The Numbers by Locality

0 In Arlington County:
   0 119 inpatient hospitalizations in the past year, at an
     estimated annual cost of $2.5 million. This assumes an
     average of $21,000 per admission for a 3 day medical
     stay at an Arlington hospital.
   0 183 ER visits in the last 3 months, for an estimated
     annual cost of $732,000. This assumes an average of
     $1,000 per ER visit at an Arlington Hospital.
   0 The estimated annual inpatient and ER costs
     combine for a total of $3.2 million annually.

  Scott – Now has a Home


Housed through 1000 Homes for
1000 Virginians – Richmond Campaign   After
1,000 Homes for 1,000 Virginians
 0 Step 1: Identify the most vulnerable
    0 Registry Week
    0 Outcome: Community Data on the most vulnerable who aren’t
      getting the services they need and are costing multiple
 0 Step 2: House the most vulnerable
    0 Targeting current resources
    0 Leveraging partnerships
    0 Accessing new resources
 0 Step 3: Keep the most vulnerable housed
 0 Step 4: Engage the community in the solution to
Project Goal
                    for children
                      and their
                   families by 15
                     percent by

 Increase access         Rapid
  to affordable        Re-Housing
   housing of
  their own for
  with children
Why Rapid Re-Housing?

    Why Rapid Re-Housing?
                Example of Cost Effectiveness of
                  Interventions for Families
                 $14,184                                      $14,651
$15,000                                 $12,474
 $5,000    $2,468       $2,283                $2,939$2,797

                     $/exit                       $/ph exit
      Shelter    Transitional Housing   Rapid Re-Housing       SSO
      Why Rapid Re-Housing?
                   Return to Homelessness

25%                  24%



10%                                           9%
         7%                    7%
5%                                      3%

      Systemwide   Shelters    TH      HPRP   SO
    Why Rapid Re-Housing?
                Example of Cost Effectiveness of
                  Interventions for Families
$25,000                                      $22,785 $21,531
$15,000               $12,338
             $4,714                                             $3,595
 $5,000                         $2,737
                      $/exit                        $/ph exit
          Shelter     Transitional Housing     Rapid Re-Housing
0 Get involved with the           0 Join VCEH as a member!
  Southwide or Peninsula
  1,000 Homes initiative.
0 Participate in a local
  meeting on rapid re-            Phyllis Chamberlain
  housing.                        703-861-0102
0 Are you a funder?, an 
  employer?, a landlord?, a
  housing authority?, a           Join Today!

  housing provider?
Phyllis Chamberlain
Executive Director
Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness
(703) 861-0102

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