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					At the Meeting                           Contact the Cyber                  M i s s S yd n e y’ s
                                         Police if you are a                       C la s s
                                         victim of cyber
                                         bullying, phishing,
                                         identity theft, online
We will be going over the ten internet
                                         predators, frauds,
safety tips at the meeting in more
                                         scams or pirating.
Internet safety is important to teach
students at a young age. Hopefully by

coming to this meeting, students will

learn what is safe on the internet and

what they should avoid. Parents will

learn how to safely guard their

computers. There are many ways to

lock certain websites from the

computer. Keep your home, computer,

and children safe from unwanted
websites.                                                                   Safety
                                                Be Safe

                                                                            Do you know what your
                                                 Deerfield Elementary       kids do on t he internet?
                                                 4353 Harvey Boulevard
                                                 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
                                                 (801) 796-3141
There are even ways to
safely use the internet on
your phone.
                                                                              Tel: 801 555 8059
10 Tips to
                                          Key Note Speaker:
                                          Keith Dunn
 1.   Never give out personal


 2.   Do not set up a “user profile”

 3.   Be sure you are dealing with

      someone who you and your

      parents know and trust              Keith Dunn, KDCOP, has been warning

                                          and training parents, teachers, law
 4.   Never respond to messages
                                          enforcement and other community
      that seem inappropriate
                                          organizations nationwide about online
 5.   Tell your parents                   dangers since 1999. KDCOP has worked

                                          closely with Federal, State and Local            If you have any questions, or
 6.   Be careful when someone                                                                 would like a professional
                                          Law Enforcement as well as public and             KDCOP to come and set up
      offers you something for                                                              an internet safety block, call
                                          private investigative teams along the            the number below. Or email.
      nothing                                                                                   Or even write a letter.
                                          East Coast.
 7.   Never arrange a face-to-face
                                          The KDCOP Foundation, a NJ Nonprofit
      meeting without telling your
                                          Corporation, was created to provide little
      parent of guardian
                                          or no cost cyber safe assemblies to
 8.   Don’t tell your friends your                                                       C on t a c t f or
                                          schools in order to keep their students
      username or password                                                                   H e lp
                                          safe in the digital world.

 9.   Remember that people online                                                      P.O. Box 111 Martinsville, NJ
      may not be who they seem
                                                                                       Phone: 877-860-7233
 10. Don’t be afraid to call the police

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