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                                             MAY 2009                                                          VOL. 44, NO. 3

  A quarterly publication of the Manchester Historical Society, Inc. / 106 Hartford Road / Manchester, Connecticut 06040 / (860) 647-9983

         Historic                                                               Manchester Streets
   Case Brothers District                                                                        by Sandie Bursey

                          by Susan Barlow                                       FIRST IN A SERIES BY TOWN HISTORIAN
     The Highland Park                                                                    VIVIAN FERGUSON
section of Manchester was                                                       Have you ever wondered about the significance of certain
recently recognized as a                                                  streets in town? Manchester resident and Society member Vivian
historic area by                                                          Ferguson will be compiling information on various streets that
Connecticut’s Historic                                                    will eventually be published in booklet form for the Historical
Preservation Board. The                                                   Society and the Town.
board approved a nomina-                                                        Fittingly, Vivian provides commentary on our choice of the
tion of “The Case                                                         first street in this series—FERGUSON ROAD which was named
Brothers Historic District”                                               by E.J. Holl, a local developer of quality homes. This was done
as a listing on the                                                       out of respect for Vivian’s late husband’s grand-father, Thomas
National Register of                                                      Ferguson, publisher of the Manchester Herald. E.J. greatly
Historic Places. Next, the                                                admired Mr. Ferguson for his integrity and honesty. “That is how
nomination goes to the                                                    you have streets named for you,” said Vivian.
National Park Service for                                                      Vivian would appreciate any and all assistance in compiling
review and possible                                                       the info on the streets. If you have something you think would be
approval. The Society                                                     of interest, please contact Vivian Ferguson at 649-6416.
worked with the town on
                                   A. Willard and A. Wells Case
the research for the nomi-
                                                c. 1860
nation form, supported the          [Photo courtesy of the Case family]                  New Name
listing, and sent a letter to
the state’s Preservation Officer, endorsing the proposal.                              for Center Park
     The District, located near exit four off I-384, along Spring
Street, Glen Road, and Gardner Street in the southeast corner of             WILL BE RENAMED CENTER MEMORIAL PARK
town, includes the town’s 640-acre Case Mountain Recreation                    Center Park, the seven acres of green near Mary Cheney
Area, three mansions, a summer lodge in the woods, and miles of           Library, will be renamed Center Memorial Park. This change was
trails and carriage paths.                                                spearheaded by Historical Society member Dr. Fred Spaulding,
     The District is named after the Case Brothers, who lived and         who is also chairperson of the Friends of Center Memorial Park.
worked in the village of Highland Park during the nineteenth and          Fred notes that the Cheneys gave this park to the town, and that
twentieth centuries.                                                      its name has been Center Memorial Park in the past. Veterans
     The Historical Society has conducted history walks in the area       groups and the Manchester Historical Society supported this
and filmed a Highland Park television show, available at Mary             change.
Cheney Library. Member Ed Richardson of Glastonbury, who                       There are three war memorials in the park (Revolutionary,
grew up in Highland Park, participated in the television show,            Spanish American, and Civil War), as well as the Dancing Bear
describing the former village, with its own water company, mills,         fountain, given in memory of Frank Cheney (1817-1904), and the
company houses, community club and summer camp for children.              Bicentennial Tree and monument. On May 9, Fred will partici-
Ed also recorded his memories of the old days, including having           pate in a ceremony recognizing the 100th anniversary of the
dinner at one of the Case mansions, in our oral history program.          Cheney family gift of the bear sculpture. More information about
                                                                          that event is included in the calendar on page 7.

      Art Gala a                                  Murder in Manchester
    Huge Success!                                 STORY OF THE GREAT CHENEY BROTHERS
                                                             SILK ROBBERY
A great big “THANK YOU” to all the
donors and volunteers who made the March
                                                   Local history buff and author Walter Scadden has                                 MURDER
28th Art Gala such a success, and to our
                                               written a book entitled “Murder in Manchester.” Walt spent             in Manchester
                                                                                                                     The Great Cheney Brothers Silk Robbery
                                               several years researching the book, which chronicles the leg-
members and friends whose participation                                                                                       WALTER SCADDEN
                                               end and facts of the 1919 Great Cheney Brothers Silk Mill
supported the efforts of the Society. It was
                                               Robbery. Amid gunfire, a gang of New Jersey hoodlums had
truly a wonderful event that featured works
                                               attempted to hijack a shipment of silk from the Cheney Mills
of local artists and raised about $4,000 for
                                               in Manchester. They murdered Security Supervisor William
the loom exhibit at the History Center.
                                               Madden. The crime was front-page news for weeks in the
                                               Hartford and Manchester news-papers. Don’t miss this interesting chapter in
                                               Manchester’s history. Walt’s book is available at the History Center store for $14.95

                                                  Celebrate Children’s Book Week:
                                                             May 11–17
                                                   Did you know that we have an interesting collection of children’s books at the
                                               History Center and the museum? We are featuring “The Beauty of Silk” compiled and
                                               written by Carole Walden and other volunteers The book describes the metamorphosis
 Gena Glickman and her husband, Joachim        of the silkworm which produced the fine silk used by the Cheney silk mills.
  Bullacher, with Sandie Bursey at the Art
 Gala. Gena is the President of Manchester         THE BEAUTY OF SILK BY SOCIETY MEMBER CAROLE WALDON
            Community College.                     What could be more in keeping with Manchester history
                                               and its image as the “Silk City” than raising silkworms in
                                               the Manchester History Center as a summer project? As it
              The Courier                      turns out, I wasn’t the only one who thought of that. The
           A newsletter of the                 project had been attempted several years ago, but the
       Manchester Historical Society           results were disastrous…all the silkworms died before a
      Web page:          single silk thread was spun. I figured I had no way to go
    E-mail:         but up!
                                                   Despite predictions of gloom and doom and almost
          John Dormer, President               certain failure, I persuaded the Historical Society to pay
        Dave Smith, Vice President             $14.25 for 25 silkworm eggs to be sent through the mail to
         Anne Beechler, Treasurer              the History Center. Of course, the timing had to be right.
         Sandra Bursey, Secretary              It had to be early summer, when leaves were forming on
            Ezequiel Alejandro                 mulberry trees, that were conveniently located
               Susan Barlow                    so I could easily pick fresh leaves every day on my way to
             Marsha Gunther
                 Jill Mack                     work. With the help of Carol Sutcliffe, Rob Laughlin and
               Edward Rowe                     Pat Brindamour, I learned what mulberry trees looked like and they showed me where to
                                               find them as well. Turns out, they are all over the place—even on the roadside near my
               Marian Camp                     house.
                                                   The eggs arrived, they hatched and grew into big, ugly worms, and they munched
                                               their way through tons of leaves over a period of little more than a month. The excite-
             Douglas Edwards
               Edward Wait                     ment of watching them spin a cocoon and emerge as white moths was well worth the
                                               tedious custodial care of cleaning “droppings” and shredding fresh leaves every day.
                                                   I photographed the process from beginning to end with my little digital camera and
          Eileen Jacobs Sweeney
                                               wrote it all down in a booklet called “The Beauty of Silk” for the benefit of the children
               NEWSLETTER                      who participate in the school tours at the History Center each spring. The school tours
            Sandra Bursey, Editor              are an inspiration to those of us who have experienced the wide-eyed wonder of the
           Contributing Writers:               children as they hear the story of Manchester and the history of the silk mills. When they
        Susan Barlow, Sandie Bursey,           see the looms and how silk is woven into beautiful fabric that they can touch they come
       Vivian Carlson, Brenda Paullo,
        Dave Smith, Carole Walden              to the realization that all this comes from a worm and a cocoon.
    Design & Printing: Grames Printing, Inc.      Carole’s booklet, “Discovering Silk” is available at the History Center store for $5.00

                    Woodland Gardens                                                              New Members!
                       70 YEARS…AND STILL GROWING
                                                                                               The Society welcomes the following
    It has been 70 years since John Zapadka                                                     new members who joined between
began to build his vision of Woodland                                                         October 14, 2008 and March 18, 2009.
Gardens. In the 1930s, John and his wife,                                                           FROM MANCHESTER
Anita, started growing pansies in what is                                                             Barbara Armentano
now the parking lot of Woodland Gardens.                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Allen Bergeren
Folks would walk through the field and                                                             Michael & Bonnie Cappucci
select the plants they wished to purchase,                                                                Lorelei Cote
and the “Woody” children would dig them                                                               and JoAnn Peterson
up. In the beginning, John also furthered                                                               Samuel Dunlop
the company by creating an innovative solu-                                                             Lynn Flanagan
tion to the lack of availability of seeds for              Woodland Gardens c. 1954                   and Ernest Marquez
retail sale. John weighed, packaged and sold                                                           Ann & Dan Kibbe
                                                                                                        David K. Picard
seeds door-to-door; he was so successful that Woodland Gardens still sells the seeds
                                                                                                     Charles E. Thomas, Jr.
through the “WoodGard” brand. And thus Woodland Gardens was born.
                                                                                                          Helen Vilga
    In the 1940s John and Anita made additions to the family as well as the business.                    Celeste Vissoc
Future owner Leon was born as well as daughter Diane and sons Richard and Phil. Two                   Margarete Wasilieff
glass greenhouses and coldframes were added and the nursery became more popular                           Mary Wynn
throughout Manchester and the surrounding area offering more plants and services.
                                                                                                      FROM ELSEWHERE
    The 1950s answered customers’ requests with further growth in the areas of vegetable     Sylvia Collinson        Waukegan, Ill.
gardens, flowers, and landscaping. Now, 50 years later, they continue to be summer best      Joseph H. Green           Glastonbury
sellers. John became known as a teacher and expert to his children and customers.            Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Martin Bolton
    During the 1960s and 1970s, Woodland Gardens grew from two greenhouses to 15.            Janice Obuchowski        McLean, Va.
John’s passion for plants was contagious. During these years all four Zapadka “kids”         Earl Parent, Jr.               Vernon
worked with their parents. In the late 1970s, Leon became the official owner.                Tom Reed                  E. Hampton
    Leon and Diane continued to work alongside their father through the 1980s and            Richard Spiess            E. Hampton
Woodland Gardens continued to thrive. 1991 saw the passing of John, and Leon officially
                                                                                                     NEW LIFE MEMBERS
took over his father’s share of the “farming.” He wasn’t alone however. At that point one
of his three daughters, Bethany, and son Luke, became an integral part of the business.      Robert & Susan Beach         Glastonbury
    Now in its 70th year, Woodland Gardens is home to an expansive variety of plants and     Kathleen Sinnamon            Manchester
activities. The staff continually strive to educate themselves so they can be as much help
to their customers as possible. After years of “putting people and plants together,”
Woodland Gardens stands as a memory of one man’s powerful and undying love for plants.
Woodland Gardens continues to provide their customers with the plants and knowledge
they’ve come to expect, and to remember John with love.
 Woodland Gardens…Growing for You & Helping You Grow for Yourselves Since 1939
    168 Woodland St., Manchester ~ 860-643-8474 ~
                         Open 7 Days a Week Year-Round

                                                                                                 June is Leave A Legacy month. Leave
 Sign of Spring: School Tours Time                                                           A Legacy Connecticut assists organiza-
                                                                                             tions such as the Manchester Historical
      Each year every third grade class in
                                                                                             Society by encouraging individuals to
the Manchester school system has the
opportunity to visit the Cheney Homestead,                                                   include contributions to their favorite
History Center and Old Manchester                                                            charities in their wills. You can make an
Museum. At each site, the children learn                                                     impact on future generations in
about how people lived during different                                                      Manchester and ensure that the Society’s
periods of history. The scheduling involves                                                  important work will continue by leaving a
over 100 volunteers to guide and assist                                                      legacy to the Manchester Historical
with this undertaking. (There is no charge                                                   Society. For more information, please
to the students or schools for this service—
                                                                                             contact Anne Beechler at the Society at
it is the Historical Society performing its
vision.) Each student is given a cocoon        2007 photo of Washington Schools students     860-647-9983, or the Leave A Legacy
and the story of how it emerges.                 visiting the Old Manchester Museum.         Foundation at 860-525-6052.

                          We Give Thanks to Our Donors
T   he Historical Society has hundreds of reasons to be thankful. During our last fiscal year, October 2007 through September 2008,
    many donations were made to the Society’s various programs. Without this help we would not be able to continue our efforts to
educate others about and showcase Manchester’s rich history. In gratitude to our donors we are delighted to honor them by listing their
names here. These donations were made through the Annual Fund Drive, membership renewals, and individually throughout the year.
Please continue—or consider increasing—your generosity.
    Although we strive to ensure complete accuracy, sometimes in creating a list such as this we may unintentionally omit the name of
a donor or otherwise make an error. If so, please let us know so that we may correct it in our next issue. Please accept our apologies!

ANNUAL FUND                       Gayle Juliani                      Tanyss and David Shapiro           LOOM EXHIBIT
Up to $49                         Vilma and Frank Kopcha             Suzanne Shorts                     Up to $99
Henry Becker                      Bettye Kramer                      Kate Sinnamon                      Anonymous
Dorothy Bindamour                 Merle and Arthur Lassow            Robert Smith                       Susan and Malcolm Barlow
Norma Burchette                   Robert Lazerini                    Richard Southgate                  Robert Hewey
June Eccher                       Fred Lea                           Joanne and Phil Susag              Rita McKinnon
Martha Fowle                      Wynona Lopes                       Charles Swallow                    Patricia and Tom Tomkunas
David Garnes                      George Lundberg                    Crawford Westbrook
                                                                                                        LOOM EXHIBIT
Gerry Green                       Judy and Pierre Marteney
                                                                     ANNUAL FUND                        Over $100
David Gregorski                   Howell Martyn
                                                                     $500–$999                          Sally McKinnon
Sue Hadge                         Jon Marx
                                                                     Susan and Malcolm Barlow           Fred Nader
Robert Harrison                   Ray McGugan
Melanie Ho                                                           Harold Slater
                                  David McKenna                                                         MATCHING GIFTS
                                                                     David Smith
Maria Hurst                       Rita McParland                                                        Aetna Foundation
Craig Johnson                     Anne Miller Real Estate            ANNUAL FUND                        Hartford Courant
Gene Johnson                      Joseph Niznik                      Over $1000                         United Technologies Corp.
Florence Johnson                  David Nutter                       Anne Beechler
Monica Katkavich                  Donald Paine                       John Dormer                        MEMORIAL DONATIONS
Richard Klein                     Donald Plank                       Susan and Austin Smith             Donations were received
John E. Kjellson                  John Porter                        Frances Smith                      in memory of the following:
Jean and Lou Kocsis               Donald Richter                     Betty and John Spaulding           Olga Sullivan
Martha LaFranchise                Ed Ristau                                                             Mark Sutcliffe
Brenda LaTorre                    Edward Rowe                        BUILDING FUND                      Norman Grimason
Anna Litke                        Wes Sargent                        Up to $99                          Marianne Hamstra
Mildred Maxwell                   Claire Schamback                   James Darling                      Mr. Johnson
Cathleen McElligott                                                  Clara Gruszkiewicz                 Althea Roberts
                                  Doris and Ed Timbrell
Helen McHugh                                                         John Higgins                       Mr. & Mrs. Horace Bushnell
                                  Patricia and Tom Tomkunas
                                                                     Craig Johnson                      Learned
Todd Metcalf                      Allan Turner
                                                                     E. John Kjellson                   Anonymous
Hunter Passmore                   Vic Vincze
                                                                     Richard Klein                      Susan Barlow
Dorothy Pethybridge               Roger Woodbury                                                        Anne Beechler
Richard Pitkin                                                       Mildred Kos
                                  ANNUAL FUND                        Gregg Schuyler                     Elaine Charendoff
Caroline Quish                                                                                          Linda Cherry
Mary Raimo                        $100–$499                          Ellen Strano
                                  Frances Anderson                   Betty Thibeau                      Hope Cheney Learned Colt
Edward Richardson                                                                                       Jean Crum
Ronald Schack                     Aaron Bayer
                                  Mary and Fred Blish                BUILDING FUND                      Lynn Crum
Rachel Singer                                                        $1000 or more                      Helene Dumas
Shirley and Ed Swain              Terry and Lee Bogli
                                  Robert Brindamour                  Anonymous                          Robert Ferron
Arthur Tinsz                                                                                            Margaret Geyer
Carole Walden                     Thomas Chappell                    HOMESTEAD FUND
                                  Carol Cheney                                                          Frank Grimason
Ed Wait                                                              Up to $99
                                  Joseph Danyliw                                                        Frances Hetu
Gloria and Robert Weiss                                              Anonymous
                                  Mary and Robert Dunne                                                 Valerie Jencks
Marilyn Wilson                                                       Anne Beechler
                                  Frances Forde                                                         Edwin Koski
Anne Yankura                                                         Jacqueline and James Britton       Richard Kristoff
                                  Bernice T. Frattaroli              Sandra Bursey
ANNUAL FUND                       Dorothy Hartzog                                                       Sandra L. Lassen
                                                                     James Bushby                       Earl McCann
$50–$99                           John Humpstone                     Hope S. Childs
Fred Baker                        Rudy Kissman                                                          Ray McGugan
                                                                     Eric Cheney                        C. Sumner Roberts
Doris Bartz                       Jean and Marshall Lamenzo          Christa Perkins
Elizabeth Blevins                                                                                       Raymond & Cynthia Robinson
                                  Mary Ann and Joseph Lawler         Gregg Schuyler                     Ruth Scheibenpflug
Ray Brown                         Patricia and C. Victor LeGeyt      Mark Sutcliffe                     Susan and Robert Shanbaum
Elizabeth Buckley                 Lillian Marlow
                                                                     HOMESTEAD FUND                     Jack Slifer
Sandra Bursey                     Earl McCann
                                                                     $100–$500                          David Smith
Mary Byron                        Matilda Millard                                                       Frances Smith
Mary Anne Chew                    Anne Miller Real Estate            Susan and Robert Shanbaum
                                                                     Cheney Cemetery Association        James Tierney
Hope S. Childs                    Katherine Morey                                                       Joanne Vance
Patrick Clancy                    Margaret Newton                    John Fiske
                                                                                                        Ed Wait
James Darling                     Ruth Olsen                         HOMESTEAD FUND                     Jean Weiss
Ruth and Ken Herbele              Lisa and Colin O’Neill             $1000 or more                      Gabriela Ferreria & Robert Weiss
Ann Hirth                         James Patsalides                   Learned Preston Foundation
Elinore Howard                    Bruce Perry                                                           RESTRICTED DONATIONS
Wells Jacobson                    Edith Ingleside Poor               KEENEY SCHOOLHOUSE                 Milton Adams
Robert E. Jarvis                  Lois-Jean Roberts                  FUND                               Ted Cummings
Richard Jenkins                   Judith Rutherford                  Gregg Schuyler                     Leslie Hunter

SOCIETY FUND                          UNRESTRICTED                          Pauline Johnson                       Geraldine Lemelin
Shoreline Care                        DONATIONS                             Gayle Juliani                         Carol Lyons
Orford Village Commons                $100-$500                             Joan Kalat                            Jon Marx
Raymond Johnson                       Nathan Agostinelli                    Jean Kelsey                           Joan and Geoffrey Naab
Gregg Schuyler                        Buick Club of America                 Barbara King                          Dorothy Olcott
Manchester Senior Center              Susan Holley                          Richard Klein                         Donald Richter
                                      Joseph King                           Elizabeth Larson                      Genevieve Robb
STORE SET-UP                          Gerry Lupacchino                      Lillian Legier                        Claire Schamback
IN-KIND DONATIONS                     Manchester Fire Department            Dianne Lenti                          Carol Sutcliffe
Paula and Tony Viscogliosi            MARC, Inc.                            Dorothy Hall                          Charles Swallow
UNRESTRICTED                          Dale Schuetz                          Judy and Pierre Marteney              Carol Urbanetti
DONATIONS                             Fred Spaulding                        Pat Matrick
                                                                            Jeanine McConnell                     WINDOW FUND
Up to $99                             UNRESTRICTED                                                                Over $1000
Anonymous                                                                   Anne Miller Real Estate
                                      DONATIONS                             Virginia Narkon                       Ann Beechler
Charles Adams                         $1000 or more                                                               John Dormer
Christine Berta                                                             Joan Pavano
                                      Anonymous                             Doris Prentice                        Dorothy Hartzog
Elizabeth Buckley                     Dorothy Miller                                                              David Smith
Mary Byron                                                                  Suzanne Reed
                                                                            Edward Richardson                     Frances Smith
Richard Chwalek Niche Dental          WINDOW FUND                                                                 Francie Smith
John Cooney                           Up to $100                            Edward Rowe
                                                                            Wes Sargent                           Julie and Ken Smith
Paul Hillen                           Edward Ackerman
Susan Jones                           William Adams                         Suzanne Shorts                        WOODBRIDGE
Doris Kennedy                         Lillian Amadeo                        Margaret Wasilieff                    FARMSTEAD
Bernie Limoges                        Barbara Anderson                      WINDOW FUND                           Up to $1000
Anne Miller Real Estate               Mary and Fred Blish                   $100 - $999                           Terry and Lee Bogli
Katherine Morey                       Shirley Buckley                       Susan and Malcolm Barlow              Gregg Schuyler
Ruth Olsen                            Linda Eckblom                         Mary Byron                            Constance Walker
Karl Reichelt                         Vivian Ferguson                       Patrick Clancy
Robert Richmond                       Frances Forde                                                               WOODBRIDGE
                                                                            John Fiske                            FARMSTEAD
Charles Swallow                       Eleanor Gartside                      Florence Johnson
Althea Wojcik                         Marie Gibson                                                                Over $1000
                                                                            John Johnson                          Thelma Woodbridge
                                      Clara Bruszkiewicz                    Vilma and Frank Kopcha
                                      Sylvia Hadge                          Mary Ann and Joseph Lawler
                                      Elisabeth Healy

        Fireside Patriots Plan Children’s Living History
             Weekends at the Cheney Homestead
                                                               by Vivian Carlson
     The Fireside Patriots are a group of mid-19th century living          more members of the Cheney family, either in the home or else-
historians who provide first person impressions for a variety of           where on the grounds where they may sit in their parlor, work in
organizations and events. They will offer                                                              the kitchen, play checkers, help with
two living history weekends this summer at                                                             chores, learn current military skills or talk
the Cheney Homestead, in collaboration                                                                 about the Civil War issues of the day. In
with the Manchester Historical Society.                                                                support of the Historical Society, the
     Participating children age 9–14 will                                                              Fireside Patriots will also be assisting with
have the opportunity to experience life in                                                             the school tours for Manchester third grade
Manchester during the 1860s. Boys will                                                                 students. Throughout Heritage Day week-
be recruited into the 16th Connecticut                                                                 end, the Fireside Patriots will be encamped
Volunteer Regiment led by Lt. Col. Frank                                                               on the grounds of the Homestead.
Cheney and girls will participate in the                                                                   In keeping with Governor Rell’s “stay-
Loyal Ladies Society of South Manchester.          Travel back in time: Learn about our                cation” initiative, two Civil War living his-
     During their appearances at the Cheney                 history by living it!                      tory weekends will be held this summer
Homestead, the Fireside Patriots portray                    [Photos courtesy of the Fireside Patriots] with a full day session on Saturday and a
fictional as well as actual characters based                                                           half-day on Sunday. Skills and experiences
on historical data from the Cheney family                                                              will include period correct military drill
and the town of Manchester. Through these                                                              and battle tactics, campfire cooking, school
portrayals, visitors are exposed to the                                                                lessons, sewing, knitting, and preparation
social, political, religious and military                                                              of materials for the soldiers. Period games
backgrounds of many of the Cheney family                                                               and recreation activities will provide addi-
members. Visitors are encouraged to inter-                                                             tional fun. Call Brenda Paullo at 643-2413
act with the interpreters and their surround-                                                          or Sandie Bursey at 649-9085 for details
ings. For example, a visitor to the Cheney                                                             and registration information, or visit
Homestead may be greeted by any one or                                                       

Did You Know…                                             Two Eagle Scout Projects
    There are companies in the area that                  Benefit Historical Society
match donations given by their employ-                                                by Dave Smith
ees, retirees, and sometimes employees’
spouses to non-profit organizations. The            Eagle Scout candidates Baldev                  The room is a large one, with 12-foot
Manchester Historical Society recently          Sandhu of Manchester Boy Scout Troop           high walls, where the Society’s collection
received two such employee-matched              47 and Matt Ferrigno of Manchester             of looms will be displayed. It was neces-
donations totaling $225 from United             Boy Scout Troop 25 recently completed          sary to calculate the amount of supplies
Technologies. A very pleasant surprise!         projects which will benefit the Society for    needed and find the appropriate paint.
    Matching gift programs are offered by       years to come.                                 After some experimentation, the color
many companies as affordable employee               Baldev, a senior at Manchester High        scheme of off-white on the upper walls
benefits, and to increase visibility in their   School, came to us last year asking if we      and dark green on the lower 5 ft of the
respective communities. Most will match         had a need for help that would at the same     walls was settled on. This was a common
at a ratio of 1-1. This means that a non-       time provide him with an opportunity to        color combination in textile mills and
profit organization such as the Historical      work on the requirements for Eagle Scout       other industrial buildings many years ago
Society can receive up to twice the dollar      rank. His project consisted of building a      and the original colors used by Cheney
amount given by the donor. Anyone               new footbridge with handrail across the        Brothers were closely matched.
wishing to have their donations matched         Bigelow Brook, which runs behind the
should check with their employer about          Woodbridge house, and moving an exist-
the availability of such a plan, and request    ing bridge deck to a new location on the
a matching gift form at the time of the         Woodbridge Farmstead.
    We encourage you to take advantage
of any matching gift programs offered by
your employer or former employer.
Participa-tion in these programs will
enhance your donation to the Manchester
Historical Society. The following is a
partial listing of companies in the area
that may offer matching gift programs.
        Aid Association of Lutherans                 Baldev Sandhu with Dave Smith
         Allstate • Charles Schwab                    at the Woodbridge Farmstead.
        CL&P • Darden Restaurants                                                                  Matt Ferrigno works on his project
               Ensign Bickford                       After consulting with us, Baldev                    at the History Center.
        Federated Department Stores             planned the project and estimated what             A team of fellow scouts and family
         Hartford Insurance Group               materials would be needed. He organized        members provided the labor force for this
        Home Depot • J.C. Penney                a team of workers consisting of fellow         project, which required over a month to
               Macy’s • Pfizer                  scouts and fathers from Troop 47. The          complete. FMI Paint & Chemical Corp.
    Prudential Insurance • Stanley Works        project used pressure treated wood for the     of East Hartford donated the primer and
            Travelers Companies                 carrying beams under the bridge deck and       off-white paint and Paul’s Paint supplied
      United Technologies • Wal-Mart            for the deck itself. A handrail was            some of the green. In all, three coats were
                                                installed along the east side of the bridge.   applied to cover the bare brick and other
                                                In order to build the bridge at this loca-     odd colors which had been applied over
        Newest                                  tion, an existing 6 ft. wide wood bridge       the years.
                                                was removed in one piece and relocated             The Society is very appreciative of the
      Century Club                              about 75 ft. downstream, where an old          efforts that went into both of these proj-
                                                stone farm bridge used to be.                  ects. Their successful outcome is attribut-
        Member                                       Matt Ferrigno, a senior at East           able to the hard work and planning of both
     By virtue of having attained the age       Catholic High School, approached us last       of the Eagle Scout candidates. The
      of 100 years, and being a life-long       fall for ideas for his Eagle Scout project.    Society thanks Baldev and Matt and their
     Manchester resident, Magda Neznik          After some discussion it was decided that      supporters, and FMI Paint Corp. and
             was recently elected               his project would be to clean and paint the    Paul’s Paint for two jobs well done.
     Century Club Honorary Member               walls and columns in the future Loom
    by The Manchester Historical Society.       Exhibit Room, on the ground floor of the
           Congratulations Magda!
                                                History Center building.
               CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                                   We Will Miss…
                                                                                                      DEATH TAKES FIRST WINNER
Unless noted, admission to lectures and walking tours is $1 for members and $3 for non-mem-
bers. Most lectures and events take place at the Manchester History Center, 175 Pine Street, or      OF MANCHESTER ROAD RACE
as noted. Information about upcoming events is available online at         John E. McCluskey, M.D., of
Saturday, May 2, 2009, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. TAG SALE                                                  Duxbury, MA, winner of the first
At the History Center, 175 Pine Street. Come shop and socialize! Items for every-                 Manchester Road Race, died on March 7,
one! Free admission Saturday; PREVIEW the previous evening, Friday, May 1 from                    2009. He would have been 100 years old
5:30 to 8:00 p.m. ($5 admission).                                                                 in April. Dr. McCluskey was born and
                                                                                                  raised in Manchester, CT. He attended
Saturday, May 9, 2009, 1 p.m.
                                                                                                  Manchester schools and competed in the
History Walk Celebrating 100th Anniversary of the Dancing Bear Fountain
Meet at the front steps of the Town Hall, 41 Center Street (park in lot behind the                Road Race in 1927, its first year, winning
Town Hall), and walk to Center Park to view the famous dancing bear sculpture,                    in 29 minutes 46 seconds against eight
which was donated to the public in 1909 by the family of Frank Cheney (1817-                      other runners. His younger brother Joe
1904). If weather permits, we will walk along Downtown Main Street to the house                   McCluskey (1911-2002) also won the
where Frank Cheney lived and back to the park, about 1-1/4 miles. Led by Susan                    local Thanksgiving Day race, and went on
Barlow. $1 for members, $3 for non-members, free for children under age 16.                       to compete in national and international
Saturday, May 9, 2009, 10 a.m.                                                                    events.
The Old Manchester Museum at 126 Cedar Street will reopen                                             Dr. McCluskey practiced medicine in
Featuring three new displays that will entertain and educate: (1) An exhibit of                   the Brockton, MA, area for many years.
antique and not-so-old dolls from around the world, from the collection of Society                After his retirement, he worked as a doctor
member Vivian Carlson; (2) A display celebrating the 70th anniversary of our own                  at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital. He
local Woodland Gardens, now in its third generation of management; and (3) A dis-                 was active in international charities with
play of Spanish American War flags, pictures, and documents, noting some of the                   various Catholic associations.
Manchester men who participated in this short-lived war. If questions about the                       Dr. McCluskey granted several inter-
exhibit or about using the research library, please phone the curator at 860-647-9742.            views about the first Road Race, and
Monday, June 8, 2009, 5:30 p.m.                                                                   wrote letters describing the early days of
Free Walking Tour of West Cemetery, Manchester’s Oldest Cemetery                                  this famous event.
Ruth Shapleigh-Brown, Executive Director of the Connecticut Gravestone Network,                       The McCluskey family has donated
will lead this one-hour walk with commentary about the Revolutionary War-era                      many trophies and memorabilia to the
gravestones and stories about some of the famous families buried here. The tour,                  Manchester Historical Society. The
sponsored by the Manchester Historical Society, is held in conjunction with                       Historical Society extends its sympathy to
Manchester Pride Week, and will take place rain or shine. Participants should park in             his family.
the commuter lot, and meet at the back of the cemetery. The cemetery is across from                        JAMES E. DARLING
the Wendy’s Restaurant at 250 Spencer Street.                                                     James Darling was an active member of
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. MANCHESTER HERITAGE DAY                                the American Legion and Army and Navy
Cheney Hall at 177 Hartford Road. Dozens of FREE activities, celebrating                          clubs as well as the Historical Society.
Manchester’s history and diversity take place throughout the day at locations within              Mr. Darling was the crafter of the Cheney
the 175-acre Cheney Landmark District. Free events are open to the public: Opening                Brothers plaques on the handrail to the
ceremony at Cheney Hall at 10:30 a.m., slide shows about the Cheneys and their                    History Center at 175 Pine Street.
mills, booths displaying information about our town’s past and its culture, entertain-                     RAYMOND J. DAVIS
ment, horse-and-carriage rides in the historic district with commentary by local his-             Ray Davis taught physics and served as
torians, bus tours of Manchester’s historic sights (free, but sign up at the information          head of the science department at
booth), Civil-War era re-enactors portraying Cheney family members, a “History
                                                                                                  Rockville High School for over 30 years.
Hunt” sponsored by the South Manchester Arts, Recreation, History, and Education
                                                                                                  He retired recently and regularly attended
group (S.H.A.R.E.), which will host free activities throughout South Manchester,
including at Downtown Main Street, the Lutz Children's Museum, Mary Cheney                        our walking tours and history hikes.
Library, the Arts Association, and the historic distric. Free copies of the History                 MARY E. (FRYER) FLETCHER
Hunt at Cheney Hall. Free tours of the Cheney Homestead, Keeney Schoolhouse,                      A former Society docent, Mary was active
Old Manchester Museum and History Center. Heritage Day wraps up Pride in                          in many town organizations. She was a
Manchester week, an annual celebration of community spirit, starting with a concert               teacher, quilter and cook.
June 6 in Center Memorial Park on Main Street.                                                              JAMES R. MCKAY
Saturday, June 27, 1 p.m. Free Cheney Railroad History Walk                                       James McKay was a member of the
An easy, but bumpy, walk along the former railroad, built in 1869 to connect the                  Society and former Deputy Chief of the
Cheney silk mills to the main rail line in the North End. At 2.5 miles, it was the                Fire Department, retiring after 28 years of
longest private railroad in the United States. Children are especially welcome, and               service.
will receive a vintage Pennsylvania Railroad patch. We will hike along the one-mile
portion owned by the Manchester Land Conservation Trust, and possibly farther                              RAYMOND E. MERZ
south to Center Springs Park (approx. 1-3/4 hours round trip). Phone hike leader                  Ray Merz owned and operated Merz
Susan Barlow (860-643-9776) if questions. There are no restrooms along the route.                 Electric in Manchester for over 38 years
Meet at north end of Main Street in Manchester, behind Farr's Sporting Goods, 2                   before retiring in December 2008. Ray
Main Street. Important to park at the nearby shopping plaza or Eighth Utilities office            loved the outdoors, hiking, and skiing,
building. No dogs, please.                                                                        and was a member of the Appalachian
                                                                                                  Mountain Club.
                         The Manchester Historical Society                                                              U.S. Postage
                         106 Hartford Road                                                                                  PAID
                         Manchester, Connecticut 06040                                                                 Manchester, CT
                                                                                                                       Permit No. 212

                         ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

            100 Years Ago…                                                  There’s Still Time
                  From the Hartford Courant                            To make a donation to the Society’s Annual Fund which pays for
            $120,000 FIRE IN SOUTH MANCHESTER                          operating expenses such as the ever-increasing expenses includ-
House and Hale Block Entirely Destroyed. Whole of Main Street          ing utility, heating, phone, insurance bills, taxes, postage and
Threatened at One Time. Many Buildings on Fire Caused Intense          general maintenance of our properties. If you haven’t already
Excitement. Block Set on Fire by Burning Barrels.    —4/13/09          done so, we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible gift to
           DEATH OF COLONEL FRANK W. CHENEY                            our Annual Fund.
His End Came Peacefully and Suddenly. Head of Great Silk
Mills in South Manchester. Veteran of The War and Active in                      Please indicate amount of donation $_______
Many Ways.                                             —5/27/09                  and return this form with a check payable to
           MANCHESTER SCHOOL ESTIMATE $63,550                                           Manchester Historical Society
It will cost $63,550 to conduct the public schools next year. This          and mail to 106 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT 06040
will mean that the schools will cost $7,350 more than last year.
The total cost for running the schools next year will mean about                Pay with check, or: I Visa      I MasterCard
$21 for each child enumerated in town, as there are about 3,000        Name:________________________________________________
children of school age. About 1,700 are residents of the Ninth
District.                                                  —6/17/09    Address: ______________________________________________
                     GIRLS MUST KEEP OUT                               City/State/Zip: _________________________________________
The swimming pool at Globe Hollow is for men and boys only.
Sunday morning about 6:45 a.m., four girls, or young women,            Credit Card #: _________________________________________
came down to the pond from the west. They were attired in
                                                                       Name on Card:_________________________________________
bathing suits. Woman-like, they sought out the most dangerous
place in the pond for new beginners to bathe. Captain J.D.             Card Exp. Date: ________________________________________
Cheney saw them and informed them that it was not a good place
to go bathing, thinking that this would be hint enough to keep                           Thank you for your support!
away, but it wasn’t . One of the girls asked if it was alright to
bathe on the other side of the pond and was then informed that
girls would not be allowed to swim in the pond at all.      —6/29/09

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