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1756 -Seven Years’ War begins, with Austria and France as allies for the first
time. The struggle focuses on the colonial rivalry between France and England and
the fight in Germany between the house of Austria and the rising kingdom of
1760 -Maria Antonia lives a carefree early childhood, and receives a typical
education for a young lady: one that focuses more on religion and moral principles
than on the academic subjects in which their brothers were instructed.
1771 Marie Antoinette despises being dressed by her ladies-in-waiting and eating
meals in front of the public.
1776 Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI live separate lives, his filled with hunting,
eating, and introspection, hers with dancing, nightlife, gambling, and fashion.
1782-Marie Antoinette is accused of ignoring her duties at court by spending all
her time at play in her Trianon retreat.
1783-The growing public hatred of Marie Antoinette is reflected and fed by an
unstoppable supply of pamphlets, which portray the Queen as immoral, ignorant,
extravagant, and adulterous.
December 27: After much public debate, Louis XVI decrees that the Third Estate
will have twice the number of representatives as either of the other two, but that
the Estates General will follow the traditional voting process, with each Estate
only receiving one vote. This meaningless compromise means that 90% of the
French people have the same voting power as the small number of nobles or
 The Third Estate defects from the Estates-General and declares itself The
National Assembly. They urge the other two Orders to join them.---June 20 The
Third Estate is locked out of their meeting hall, so the group (now calling itself the
National Assembly) meets in an abandoned indoor tennis court. They vow not to
disband until a constitution is created and approved. The vow is known as the
Tennis Court Oath.June 23: The Third Estate defies Louis XVI's order that the
three estates continue to meet separately.
1789 - July through August: This period marks the "Great Fear," when peasants
riot throughout France and anticipate the nobles’ revenge
August 26: The National Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man
and of the Citizen, inspired by the American Declaration of Independence of 1776.
1791 - June 20-25: The royal family attempts to flee France, but they are arrested
at Var
ennes and returned to Paris.

Questions. -
1- How is Marie Antoinette living different from the majority of the population?
2- What did Louie XVl do to increase voting privileges for the first and second
estates rather than the third estate ?
3- What are the reasons the third estates rebelled against the monarchy?

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