go_green_manufacturing_operationsheet by gegeshandong


									                                        OPERATION SHEET
Operation Number:             O-16                                       Product: Lounge Chair
Operation Name:               Joint better edge                     Worked on by:
Previous Station:                                                    Next Station:
Part Name:                    Part 2            Drawing of Major Details of Operation:
Part Number:
Quantity:                      100
Material or Stock:          White Oak

Tools/Equipment:              Jointer



Step                                                    Fixtures          Materials                 Tools and
 No.                Description of Step                or Gauges          or Stock       Supplies   Equipment
       1    Use proper PPE                                                               goggles
       2    Inspect stock for better face                                White oak
       3    Set infeed table to desired depth         Depth gauge                                    jointer
       4    Set fence to correct location                scale
       5    Turn on duct collector
       6    Open dust collector vent
       7    Turn on jointer
       8    Joint edge of board
       9    Turn off jointer

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