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					Terms and conditions of use agreement for portal, Financial Reports section

The access, browse and use of portal and the information included in it imply total
acceptance of the terms and conditions of use agreement.

Definitions. For better understanding the terms and conditions of use agreement, the below terms will be
used with the following meaning:
         User – any person accessing the portal.
         IBP Service/ Projects – information supply for users on portal platform.

General framework:
International Business Promotion SRL (IBP) is one of the first Romanian companies to develop business-to-
business communication multimedia systems.

Besides Romanian Business Digest, Major Companies in Romania, Company News, Business News, IBP
Real Estate, IBP Conferences sections, IBP offers portal users a new section -
Rapoarte Financiare/ Financial Reports – including identification data, financial information and balance
statements throughout 1999-2007 for companies activation in Romania.

Users’ obligations:
    The portal user is required to comply with all applicable laws when accessing
       and using the information included in the portal.
    When accessing the information included in the portal, the user has to:
           o Do not publish, multiply, grant licenses, make secondary or similar products, transfer or sell
                any information or service obtained from or because of this portal;
           o Do not develop (and allow) cracking or hacking activities, or “Denial of Service” attacks. The
                users violating the security of systems or networks are liable of civil and criminal charges.
    The user agrees not to be responsible or directly summon in court International Business Promotion
       (IBP) enterprise, its shareholders or managers, both due to any third party claim arisen from using
       the service and the Internet by the User, and due to any loss (direct, indirect, consequential or of
       other nature), cost prices, actions, law suits, claims, expenses (including legal trial expenses) or
       other liability, underwent caused in any way or directly by IBP as a consequence of violating or
       overlooking of these terms and conditions by the User.

Limited liability
The user deliberately declares that he/she understands and agrees with the following statements:
1. The service use is on one’s own responsibility. IBP is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused
    by using the information included in the portal.
2. IBP is not and cannot be made liable for the information included in the portal and offers its users no
    guarantee regarding:
    If data presented on the portal are up to date or correct; if the portal is available of functional 24
        hours per day;
    If any programming error or dysfunction is solved.
3. Data supplied by IBP is obtained from public websites/ sources that offer public interest information
    regarding the registering of taxpayer business and public institutions, tax statements (VAT, excises,
    gambling games), companies’ balance sheets during 1999-2007 and operative evidences regarding
    outstanding obligations to the state budget. IBP, its sources and suppliers of information will not/are not
    liable for the use and correctness of supplied information.

IBP intends to supply to portal users correct and complete information. However, due
to extended data of detailed information, their processing and as this information is selected from sources
that are not supervised by IBP. Thus, the information cannot be always verified and mistakes/errors are
possible. IBP does not guarantee the correctness of information and will be not considered liable for any
error or omission.

Any information obtained by using the service provided by IBP can be exclusively used on the User own
responsibility. The User is the sole person responsible for any damages resulting by using this information.

Legal framework
The portal is designed, developed and managed by International Business Promotion
SRL. By accessing this site, the User agrees that these terms and any legal dispute concerning them are
governed and interpreted in accordance with Romanian law and the User irrevocably agree that the courts of
Romania have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with
the Agreement. This website can be accessed all over the world. IBP does not give any assurance that the
content of this website complies with other laws besides Romanian law (including copyright laws). If
accessing this website outside Romania, the User assumes his/her own risk and is sole responsible to
comply with the laws of the territory where he/she resides.

IBP does not guarantee that the use of this portal will be private. IBP is not accountable for any damage
suffered by the User or any other person resulting from privacy violation regarding the use of this website by
the User. Any information reveled by the User on the website might not be safe during its transmission on the
Internet. Third parties can intercept the transmissions made by the User when using this website. Some
services accessed by the User allow IBP to receive personal information.

Under the Law no. 677/2001 on the person’s protection regarding the processing of personal data and the
free circulation of these data, modified and completed by Law no 506/2004 regarding the processing of
personal data and protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, IBP has to safely manage,
and only for specific reasons, the personal data you provide about yourselves, a family member of any other

The reasons behind collecting data:
     Maintaining the online access accounts, members and clients situation.
     Offering you the products and/or services of site members
     Replying your questions, requests, proposals and suggestions
     Processing your orders and requests
     Issuing of invoicing documents
     Assigning or offering of possible rewards, discounts or benefits

Registered private information is meant for the use of IBP and its business partners. Private data are not
available for the public excepting data included in official documents according to the law and data
accessible to site members.

Under Law no 677/2001, you benefit of access rights, data changes, the right of not being liable to individual
decision and the right to recur to law courts. Furthermore, you have the right to oppose the processing of
your personal data and to ask for their removal. To exercise these rights, you can submit IBP a written
request, signed and dated. Moreover, you have the right to resort to law courts. If some of your data is
incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.

    Any individual has the right to oppose for justified reasons the processing of his/her personal data.
       This opposition right can be excluded for certain processing required by the law (such as processing
       done by financial and fiscal bodies, police, law courts, social security). Thus, this mention cannot
       stand if the processing is compulsory. Also, free of charge and without any justification, any person
       has the right to oppose the processing of his/hers personal data for direct marketing purposes.
    Law no 677/2001 does not apply to companies.

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