Creating an E-mail Template If you have a general message that by gegeshandong


									                                        Creating an E-mail Template
If you have a general message that you send often with just a few details changed, you might consider creating an E-mail template.
You will need to activate the Developer tab to bring up the "Choose Form" icon or you may add the "Choose Form" icon to your
current ribbon tab

Creating the Template:
    1.   Open a new message
    2.   Type in a subject and the basic E-mail message in the body of the message.
    3.   Click on File tab – Save As, choose Outlook Template (*.oft)

Adding the "Choose Form" icon to the ribbon:
    1.   Right click anywhere on the ribbon and choose "Customize the Ribbon"
    2.   On the left side, choose the tab and group where you want to add the icon. Hint: Create a custom group on the Home tab
         and place it there. It will be at the far right of the Home tab in the empty space after Send/Receive All Folders.
    3.   On the right side, change the Choose commands from to All Commands.
    4.   Select Choose Form… then click on the add button in the middle to add it to the location you already selected in step 2.


Sending an E-mail using your template:
    1.   When ready to send the general message, click on Choose
    2.   Choose the Form from the User Templates in File System →
    3.   After choosing, click on Open. The template will open as a
         new E-mail message.
    4.   Make the changes you need to customize the E-mail for this
         instance of sending. EXAMPLE: Change dates, E-mail
         addresses, etc.
    5.   Click on Send
    6.   Changes will be on this message, but the template will
         remain the same.
    7.   IF you want to change the template, make changes after
         opening the template and choose save as template to
         overwrite the original template.

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