Gap Analysis and Recommendation

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					Gap Analysis and
Recommendation for Higher
education reform in B&H
Prof. dr Mirsad Djonlagić
Tempus JEP “Introduction of the
ECTS at B&H Universities”
Workshop in Porto
22. 02. 2008.
Background of the project
 “Assistance to the Ministry of Civil
  Affairs to improve capacity to
  undertake European integration tasks
  at EHEA and cooperation with the BiH
 BIH Rector conference , German
  Rectors’ Conference, Ministry of Civil
  affairs in BiH, expert groups
Project objectives and aims
 Overall objective: to foster a
  consistent higher education refom
  process in line with Bologna
  Declartion throughout the whole of
  BiH; to increse active participation of
  BiH in the EHEA.

 Strengthening the institutional and
  functionla capacities of RC BIH
Tematic issues
 Role, tasks and structure of a rectors’
 Organisation and financing of the higher
  education sector and higher education
 Bologna process and its implementation
 IT-based information and communication
  management in higher education
Overview of the higher education
system in BiH

 National system of higher education
  is decentralised
 Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH is only
  public administration with
  responsibilities in the field of higher
 8 public universities and 22 private
Reforms in higher education
Major problems are categorised as follow:
1. Funding and financial flexibility
2. Quality of Higher education
3. Teaching and studies
4. Research
5. Governance structure of HEIs
6. Autonomy of HEIs
7. Higher education legislation at the national
Information and data
 A broad range of written material on
  higher education
 Evidence from interviews and
  discussions with actors in higher
  education sector of BiH
Rectors conference, role and tasks
 To provide a forum for inter-
  university cooperation and for the
  formation of joint opinions and policy
 Act as political and public voice of the
 Offer services to its members
 Consult politics and public
Functional model
   FORUM for inter-      SERVICE AGENCY to
university cooperation       members
 and the formation of
    joint opinions

                     RC BiH

  Political and public     CONSULTANT to
  VOICE of the HEIs       politics and public
Gaps and recommendation
1. The systemic environment faced by
   RC BiH and its members
2. Structure of Higher education
   governance in BiH
3. organization of RC
4. Issues of communication
5. commitment
   Financial Resources and responsibilities
   Human resources
   Perceptions of the legal settings
   Political influence on HEIs
   Autonomy of HEIs
   Governance of HEIs
   Change Management at the HEIs
   Organization and functioning of the RC BiH
   Work flow at the RC BiH
   Funding of the RC BiH
   Internal communication and visibility
   External communication and visibility
   Commitment

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